Adventure at the Winter Cabin

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First time writer. I don’t really have anyone who I could share this with, so I proofread it myself. I know that is not the best way to do things. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions you guys might have on how to improve the story.


I was woken up by a deep kiss in the middle of the night. Since I’m usually a very heavy sleeper, I was still in the place where you’re half asleep and half awake. It wasn’t normally like my wife to get up in the middle of the night to fool around, but I thought that perhaps being on vacation had put her in the mood. Jess and I had only been married for a couple years, so it’s not like the honeymoon phase was completely over. At first I replied with a light kiss and hoped to go back to sleep, but she was persistent and did not let me go. I could feel her tongue sliding into my mouth to playing with my own and her hands holding mine above my head so that I could not push her away.

At this point I was becoming more and more awake and being able to think more clearly. “I love you Jess,” I managed to whisper during our kiss and she replied by letting out a light moan. I don’t know how long we were in that position, in the midst of the passion of the kiss and I could not move other than kissing her back. Eventually I thought that she might want me to force the next move, so I thought to slowly lift her up and flip her onto the bed. I opened my eyes but was met by complete darkness, not even the moonlight peeking in through the windows. It took me a second to realize that I was blindfolded. Regardless, I though I would still be able to lift her without being able to see. However, I wasn’t able to move my arms or my legs. It turned out she had tied me to the bed. “Wow,” I thought, “She must be in an adventurous mood.”

She pulled her lips back from mine, “Don’t struggle Jack, the fun is just about to start,” and then continued on with the kiss. With that, she moved her hands under the blanket and into my underwear.

I don’t know why, but it didn’t sound like my Jess. This voice different, but it still sounded familiar. Thrown off by the voice, I thought to pull back from the kiss to assess the situation. At the next instant it felt like the time froze and my heart stopped when I realized that there was no way this was Jess, but before I could do anything, my enlarged member was already swallowed by another set of lips sending a chill up my spine and forcing me to inhale deeply.

Perhaps I should rewind and described what exactly was going on.

This year, my in-laws invited us to spend a two-week Christmas vacation with them at their winter cabin up in the mountains. It was a nice three-bedroom place with a detached guesthouse. There were several hiking trails as well as a couple places to go skiing. The skiing didn’t interest me, but I was looking forward to the hiking.

The arrangement was my wife and I would stay in the main house with her two younger sisters and their parents would stay in the guesthouse. This was because the parents usually went to bed early and ‘the kids would be able to party as they want.’ Jess and I weren’t much of the partying type, but the sisters, Sarah and Emily, together were a different story.

Sarah was a recent university graduate and was still looking for her dream job while living with her parents. She is very fun loving and adventurous. She travels any chance she gets, mostly to Europe. If I were to describe her, I would say that she is absolutely gorgeous, even more so than Jess. Of course I would never say that in front of my own wife. She has silky brown hair that goes down to her shoulders and big green eyes that you can get lost into. Her milky soft skin always tempted me to run my fingers against her smooth cheeks, a temptation I resisted with great difficulty every single time I saw her. She always has a smile on her lips that makes her look very inviting and friendly. I hadn’t really gotten a chance to get to know her other than the few times we hung out. The best memory I have of her is of the time when the four of us (Jess, Sarah, Emily, and I) went to a party. We all had a few drinks, I danced with Jess, and to be a gentleman I offered to dance with her sisters as well. Emily was the first one to take me up on that offer, but I’ll come back to her later, and then it was Sarah’s turn. However, when we got to the dance floor the music turned to slow and so did the dance. I tried to keep her an arm’s length apart (like high school style), but she came in and ended up with me holding her closer. We moved rhythmically to the music occasionally looking into each other’s eyes while trying to prevent the situation from becoming awkward, but one can’t deny that there was an incredibly romantic sense about the scene. I don’t know if it was lucky or unlucky that the music stopped just as we were about to sink in to a kiss. Back at our table Jess was very jealous with what she was seeing, and Emily was not helping by teasing her about what was happening.

This brings me to relaxbet güvenilirmi Emily, the sexy little minx. She was a junior in college, and as she would say, ‘still finding herself.’ Emily is the shortest of the three, standing at about 5’4″ with a body with thick thighs, incredible curves, and bigger breasts than her sisters. She is well aware of how sexy she is and she knows perfectly well how to use that to her advantage. I don’t know what her natural hair colour is because she is always changing it. Over the 9 years I have known her, I have seen her with over a couple dozen different hair colours and styles. Emily is extremely flirtatious, and that combined with her sexuality; she is able to able to get whatever she wants, at least most of the time. She never has any trouble getting into clubs and getting free drinks. Similar to Sarah, I didn’t have that close of a relationship with Emily, however we flirted quite often. In my defense, she flirted with me and I responded in kindness. The party I mentioned earlier was due to Emily’s courtesy. I’m fairly sure it was a private event and we did not have an invitation. The party started off a bit slow because we didn’t know anyone there and the rest of the crowd wasn’t exactly in our age group. When Emily and I went up to the dance floor, she did not hold anything back. I remember that she was wearing an elegant green low cut dress and it was very distracting. We danced up close to each other, I tried keeping my hands to myself but she wanted them on her hips. And so, I happily obliged. A number of times she caught me staring at her breast and responded with what I thought (or at least hoped) was an inviting look that said, “Feel free to touch them.” But since she was my then girlfriend’s baby sister, I did not give in. When I was dancing with Sarah, I’m sure she told Jessica some, but not all, of the details of our dancing. Not only was she upset about me slow dancing with Sarah, but also about my dance with Emily.

Last but not least, there is my loving wife Jessica, the oldest of the 3 sisters. She may not be as beautiful or sexy as her sisters but she has an amazing personality, and I’m not using that as a cliché. Jess is the most loving and the smartest of the sisters. I met her in our senior year of university, where we were paired up to assess the worth of some made up company and examine how it would fare as a rival to an actual company. I’m not going to go into details of the project but we ended up spending a lot of time together. At first we just worked on the project, which eventually lead to having coffee together, which lead to having dinner, and it just kept on going. Long story short, seven years later we were married. Jess and I share a lot of interests; we are both career driven, enjoy our charitable work, like the same music, want to start a family when we have our own house, and the list goes on. At 5’11” she is almost as tall as me. She has naturally red cheeks that brighten up her face and made her seem even friendlier that she was.

Getting back to the story at hand, that year my wife’s parents decided to spend Christmas at their winter cabin, and invited the four of us. Jess and I were very excited to take a break from work and have a winter vacation that was different from the usual. We had booked the vacation times at our jobs, gotten out tickets, and were prepared for it over a month in advance. Unfortunately, as things go, a week before we were supposed to depart, Jess was handed a new assignment that interfered with the vacation. After careful considerations and several discussions with her boss, we finally decided that I would go on the vacation as planned and Jess would come a week later. This way we could salvage at least half of our vacation. I was a bit hesitant about being there without Jess, but there would have been extra charges to switch my tickets as well.

Finally the day came and I headed to the airport. The flight wasn’t very excited but it got me to the destination city. The plan was that since I was the first to arrive, I would wait for the others arrive and we would all take a cab to the cabin. Emily was the second one to arrive a couple hours after me. As I had expected she did not want to wait around at the airport for the rest of the family, and with a simple pout of with her full lips she had convinced me take her out to lunch at a near by café. We discussed our daily lives and future plans, and throughout the whole conversation she was as flirtatious as always. We spent the next four hours talking and flirting back and forth, not to forget the several refills of our coffees. Overall, it was a very pleasant lunch date. Eventually, we got a call from Sarah telling us that she had arrived with her parents.

We went back to the airport, met up with the family, and headed to the cabin. The cab took us most of the way but we needed to cover the last bit on foot. The girls and I took the steeper, yet shorter, route while their parents took the easier way. Being the gentleman I offered to relaxbet yeni giriş carry their bags, a task easier said that done.

To be honest, I was expecting it to be an old dusty place with spider webs in almost every corner and very minimum to absolutely no electricity, something like you would expect to see in a horror movie. But thankfully I was proven wrong when we actually got to the cabin. The place was impeccably clean and well equipped with electricity, satellite TV, and even an Internet connection. I’m not even sure how that place was different from a house. Last but not least, there was the indoor hot tub overlooking the mountain.

The girls and I went to the main cabin while their parents went directly to the guesthouse to unpack and rest. Sarah showed me to Jessica’s room and left me to unpack. I couldn’t help but stare into her deep eyes. I think she had taken some advice from Emily and enjoyed teasing me a bit. A few minutes later we gathered in the living room to just hang out. The sisters got caught up while I browsed to the TV channels to see if something good was on. Occasionally they asked me questions about Jess and our lives. To my dread Emily brought up the party we all went to a few years ago, “Jack, be honest, how close were you to kissing Sarah that night?”

“Umm, what are you talking about? I wasn’t going to kiss Sarah, that would have ruined my relationship with Jess,” I replied.

“Com’ on, I was there, I saw everything. The way you held her, the way you looked at her, and Sarah even told me about how you ‘leaned in’.”

I looked over to Sarah; she was blushing and trying to hide her eyes from mine. “First of all, I held her close because we were slow dancing because of the music. And secondly, why would you even bring this up now? It was over three years ago,” I replied a bit flustered.

“Em, just drop it,” Sarah jumped in.

“I just want to bring it all out in the open, ” she went on ignoring Sarah’s comment. “Besides, we could never have this conversation with Jess around. So I thought this would be the perfect time. It’s just the three of us here and we all know what was going on that night.”

I knew this was another one of those moments where she was going to get what she wanted. And so in an attempt to prevent that from happening I tried putting the onus on her. “Well, if we all know what was going on that night, why don’t you go over what happened and Sarah and I will correct any misconceptions you have.” I looked over at Sarah as she looked back me. Our eyes locked at each other and she gave me a slight nod. I knew that this was not the time to be lost in her eyes, it just would have given Emily more ammo. So I quickly responded with a nod and went back to looking at Emily. I think the nod meant that if Emily was going to insinuate something, we would just deny deny deny.

Emily crossed her legs on the couch and sat back. At the moment I realized I had just walked into her perfectly set up trap. “Well, we had gotten into the party because of yours truly., for which I still haven’t received any thank you notes,” she smiled, “And got a round of free drinks. You’re welcome, again. After you danced with Jess, the two of us danced. No funny business there.”

“Whao whao whao,” Sarah interrupted her. “No funny business there? You were all over him. I was there too. Jack kept stepping back to maintain a distance, and you just kept moving in. You even held his hands on your hips,” she went on as if I wasn’t even there.

“Hey, I’m just a passionate dancer,” Emily defended.

Finally Sarah turned to me and said, “You should have seen the look on Jess’ face at that moment.”

I thought it was best for me to speak as little as possible, that way, stuff I said could not be used against me. I was on thin ice, and make each step carefully.

Turning back to Emily she continued, “So before you try to analyze us, let’s put your actions under the microscope.” I wanted to Sarah about getting too defensive but I didn’t want Emily to turn the situation into ‘me coming to her rescue.’

“Okay,” Emily responded, “Yes, we danced up close too, and that was mainly because of me. But like I said, I get passionate when I dance. I liked the song and I liked the way Jack dance, so I got really into it. It was just the heat of the moment.”

I thought it was a surprisingly reasonable argument. Sarah and I both knew that Emily was extremely flirtatious and wasn’t shy about it. I would have brought up the look we shared that night but that would have been throwing gasoline to a fire. Besides, it could have been that I read too much into it or maybe I was just remembering it incorrectly.

“Fine,” Sarah agreed, “But it wasn’t much different between us either, Em.”

“Oh, but I beg to differ dear sis,” she teased. “While I was more passionate, you were more sensual. From where I was sitting it looked like you thought you were dancing with Prince Charming.”

“Hey, in my defence, I am a good dancer,” I added relaxbet giriş because I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh yes you are,” Emily winked at me. By the way the conversation was going I realized that it was more about the two of them and not really about me. I was merely a pawn in their sibling rivalry.

Continuing her argument, she went on, “I’ll agree that you can call my dancing more sexual, but the two of you had chemistry, there’s no denying it.”

“Okay, Em, chill. You’re talking about our sister sister’s husband,” Sarah said calmly. “If you keep talking like this, you can ruin her marriage.”

“You guys do realized that I’m sitting right here,” I interjected only to be ignored.

“If Jess hears any of this, it could lead to a lot of trouble,” she continued. “And besides, we’re here on vacation so drop all this nonsense. We’re here to have a good time, and this interrogation is not helping.”

In a sudden change of tone Emily burst out laughing. “Oh come on, it’s just like an intense version of truth or dare. And besides, I don’t think any of us is stupid enough to blab any of this to Jess. She can get very jealous.” After a small pause she continued, “Fine, if it bothers you so much I’ll drop it.” Another pause, “And just for the record Jack, if the two us had been slow dancing like that, I definitely would have kissed you. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.”

That comment even made me blush. “Okay, I am going to turn the TV back on and pretend this conversation never happened.”

The girls let out a laugh, and turned their attention to the TV as well. It was already too late to go out, so we spent an hour or so switching between random shows to kill the time. Eventually it was time for dinner, for which, their parents came by. We raided the pantry to see what we could prepare for dinner. Unfortunately this place too out of the way to have food delivered, and nobody wanted to walk all the way down and back up again. After a few minutes of rummaging, I found some pasta, pasta sauce, and frozen vegetables. I do enjoy cooking without recipes so I volunteered to make dinner and no one object. I think the rest of the family is too dependent on recipes and possibly helpless to cook without them.

It wasn’t exactly high-end cuisine, but I think everyone appreciated that they weren’t eating tune out of the can. I have nothing against canned tuna, back in my freshman days that was my source of a quick meal, but it just doesn’t seem like something to have for a family dinner.

Dinner went by uneventfully. Luckily the topics of the conversation were appropriate, such as careers, future plans, and recent news. Soon after dinner, I called Jess to check up on her and Emily stole the phone from me to tease her about being stuck at work. By the time I hung up, the parents had gone back to the guesthouse so they could go to bed early and wake up to watch the sunrise. They didn’t have to worry about doing the dishes since they were the ‘adults’, and since I made dinner, the girls had to clean up.

I thought that it was late enough that each of us would retire and go about our own tasks. Thus I decided to go back to my room, search through Jess’ library for something to read, and enjoy it at a nice spot in the living room. It took me a little while before I could settle on something. Most of the books in the room were children’s novels, not really something I’d enjoy unless it held nostalgic value for me as well. Finding a comfortable spot in the living room, however, was a much easier task.

The instant I was able to sit down, Emily walked out of her room in a very small bikini, which left very little to the imagination. She had a yellow top that was mostly just pieces of strings with two lacy patches just small enough to cover her areolas. Her bottom, a thong, matched the top, with similar pieces of strings and another similar patch to cover the folds between her legs. As I saw her, the word “Wow” escaped my lips involuntarily.

“Thank you,” she giggled, “That was the reaction I was hoping for.” She then turned around to give me a full view. From the back I couldn’t even tell if she had a bottom on or not, the string was buried between her cheeks giving the illusion that she didn’t have anything on. “So what do you think?” she asked.

I don’t know if she was teasing me or sincerely asking me, but still I responded with, “I think you already know what I think.” Without realizing it, I had already started to move towards her. “That outfit is a bit risky don’t you think?” By now I right in front of her, with my hands on her hips and my eyes slowly panning from the bottom up. I started off with her feet, which were bare, moving up to her knees and thighs. Getting up to the nether regions, it seemed that the little patch was almost see through (or perhaps that was just wishful thinking). Next, I moved up to her bellybutton and her voluptuous curved, then spent a few moments at her well endowed breasts, and finally looking up at her face. Her peachy hued skin was entirely hairless and felt smooth and inviting. She was looking back at me with a teasing smile, and I’m sure she was enjoying every moment of this, even more so than I was. I hadn’t noticed earlier, but she had lush golden hair that flowed down to her shoulders.

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