Adult Personals – Unexpected Result

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Now, if you’ve read my previous stories on her (and, really, it’s cool if you haven’t), it’s no secret that, for a while, I belonged to an online adult dating site. Well, it was more of a perv site, really. It was based in America and it was pretty uncommon to come across anyone that lived anywhere near me.

Now, I’m pretty happy with my sex life. It’s reasonably adventurous but not mind-blowingly so. Certainly, it’s not as exotic as in my stories. I wrote those stories for some of the women with whom I became friends online, to avoid the usual, boring “you’re so hot…I want to fuck you” shit that passes as conversation on those sites. For someone who, like me, is not really a natural writer, it can be difficult to finish off an erotic story because, well, by the time I get to the punchline I’m kind of aroused and find it hard to write. I hope this story doesn’t alienate the small handful of people who have favourited me.

But I digress.

It’s also no secret, from my profile, that I am just a little bi-curious. For a guy who’s just bi-curious and not an outright bi-sex fiend, it’s easy to be picky about what he likes — not too young, about my age or a little older or younger, tidy cock, circumcised (sincerest apologies to all the uncut studs out there), toned but not ridiculously buff. You know, average.

As I sat on that adult site, talking to women and the occasional guy, I was happy enough to check out the photos, appreciating the sexy bodies of both genders.

As luck would have it, since I was really on there to meet women and appreciate an occasional cock, the first person with whom I struck up a friendship on this website who lived anywhere near me was a gay dude.

At first it was friendly chat like “how’s your luck been on this website?” Stuff like that. Then it graduated to an appreciation of each other’s cocks (yeah, I’m not very good at selfies, so my profile had too many pictures of my cock on it) and discussions about sexual preferences and turn-ons. I admitted to him that I hadn’t ever had sex with a man and was more or less straight. He appreciated my honesty in saying that was what I was there for and an occasional good-looking cock.

His cock was amazing. It was smooth and long. Erect, it pointed upwards but then had a marked downward curve in it to a perfect, enlarged bell-end. From my reckoning, it was maybe ten inches long — longer than mine. I don’t know where he was from originally, but his skin was caramel and he had a kind-of South American look to him, I thought.

My cock is smaller than that — maybe two inches shorter and slightly less girth, pink. And it kind of points down, even when engorged.

I started masturbating to pictures of his cock after a while, wondering what that smooth shaft would taste like, how those balls would feel in my mouth.

Eventually, I admitted to him that I had been wanking to his pictures. He was pleased and admitted he’d done the same. We laughed about it, given that I was ostensibly straight. Then he started asking me what I imagined when I wanked to his photos. I told him that I imagined sucking his cock and balls. He liked that. I eventually told him that I imagined his cock sliding into my anus, that I wondered what that would feel like.

It was a little while before he said that he couldn’t believe we lived so close and hadn’t met yet. I agreed to meet him at a pub in town but I got cold feet at the last minute. My heart was beating hard in my chest as I got ready to go and meet him and I just couldn’t do it.

I think he was angry for a while, but he eventually came back online. Re-introduced himself to me with a private message photo of that amazing cock of his and the words “masturbate to this then tell me what you were thinking.”

We came good and started chatting again. He suggested meeting again and this time we did. We went to the pub on a Saturday afternoon, had a few beers and chatted — no pressure.

There was a dichotomy between the casual chat we had at the pub and the increasingly sexual chat we had online. I was okay with this. The website was a place for that sort of thing, and there were plenty of willing participants for a bit of dirty talk.

Then, on about our fourth pub visit, he eventually said “well, are you interested in mixing our online talk with real life?”

I answered by draining my beer, putting the glass down on the bar and grabbing my car keys.

He followed me in his car back to my house.

Once we got inside, I didn’t know what to do. I offered him a drink, which he declined. He complimented my decor and then we kind of went silent.

Eventually he said “Well, I’ll get us started then.”

He walked over to me and undid my belt and the front of my jeans and pulled them down. My cock was already hard, pressed against my boxers. “Hmm,” he said, simply. He knelt down in front of me and pulled down my boxers. I instinctively pulled my t-shirt off over my head as his tongue emerged and licked süpertotobet yeni giriş the end of my cock. He looked up and said “It’s just like it is in the photos.”

I laughed momentarily and then gasped as he wrapped his lips around the head of my cock. And then I lost myself in my head as I felt his tongue all over my balls and a couple of fingers slide in under them and toy at the outside of my asshole. My cock draped across his face as he massaged my asshole with his fingers. He kept on there, sliding the tip of a finger into my ass as he slid my cock deep into his throat.

I thought that I would cum straight away. It was one of the things that made me hesitant the first time to meet him, but somehow he was skilled enough to keep me on the brink without blowing my load straight down his throat.

I was a little lost in this reverie for a while, my eyes closed as I felt his tongue rolling along the underside of my cock while it slid in and out of his mouth. I don’t even know how long it was, but my mind was full of images of his body from the internet and I soon realised that I wanted to see it in the flesh.

I awoke from my dreamlike state and, perhaps a little too suddenly, pulled my cock from his mouth. The look on his face suggested that he wondered if I was having second thoughts. I grinned to waylay this fear and shuffled over to the couch, where I sat down, removing my runners and socks so I could slide my jeans and boxers off fully. When he made to kneel between my knees, I stopped him and pointed to the middle of the room.

He read my mind. He stood in the middle of the lounge room and kicked off his shoes. Then he slowly slid his t-shirt off over his head. Yep, I was liking this. Buff, but not too buff. Smooth.

Then he undid his belt and the button of his jeans. Slowly, he slid the zipper down and bent down to slide his jeans off. As he rose again to his full height (a good few inches taller than me) he kicked his jeans off and stood there in a tiny pair of briefs that barely covered his engorged manhood.

He was about to pull them down when I stopped him. “No,” I said, “stop there for a second. Now, turn around and spread ’em.”

I only then realised, as he turned around, that his briefs were, in fact, a thong. I couldn’t help but let out an appreciative moan.

I went over to him and knelt down behind him. I reached between his legs from behind and took that huge cock in my hand, rubbing from top to bottom and feeling his balls, usually so loose and pendulous in his photos, constrained inside the tiny fabric. Oh yes, he was endowed.

I stood up, put my hand between his shoulders and pushed him forward. He took hold of his own thighs and slid his hands down his legs as I pushed, coming to a stop just below his knees. I then dropped to my knees again behind him and brought my face closer to his arse.

Sliding my finger under the thing string that ran between his buttocks, I pulled it aside to reveal his brown, puckered asshole. Mmm, I’m gonna have that. My tongue slipped out of my mouth and touched the wrinkled skin of his sphincter. Then more insistently, I began lapping at the tight, puckered hole. He squirmed a little and moaned as I pushed my pointed tongue hard to his asshole. Settling in, I really started working it over, wetting him up good and then slowly sliding my middle finger into his anus.

I finger-fucked him with one finger for a while as I slathered the area with saliva from my watering tongue. I could feel his cock growing, pressing hard against the lycra of his thong. His quiet moans of pleasure also indicated that he was enjoying this. Encouraged, I slid my index finger in next to the middle one. It felt so bad, finger-fucking a guy. Every now and then, I would pull my fingers from his anus and suck then, wetting them up as I tasted the essence of his arse.

I could not believe what I was feeling under my hand, the swelling in that huge cock inside his thong. Meanwhile, the taste and scent of his asshole was driving me wild as well. My cock was swelling like it hadn’t in a long time. My balls felt huge with potential. I needed that cock of his. And just as I thought this, he turned around. My fingers fell from his asshole and his lycra-clad cock was in my face. I couldn’t help but take a playful nip at the huge schlong with my teeth.

I had to have it. I stood up, turned around and headed off down the hall to the bedroom. He followed me at a short distance.

In the bedroom, I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as he came through the door. I leaned back on my hands and spread my legs, my cock unusually pointing straight up.

In his hand, he held one of those little zippered pouches that you get in first-class on an air flight — the ones with the mask and socks in it. It’s an odd detail to remember, but I do. He threw it on the end of the bed and then moved over to me. He moved in between my thighs, pushing in close to me. I sat up straight, süpertotobet giriş his cock encased in lycra in front of me.

I could no longer wait. I took hold of the thin straps around his hips and pulled the thong down. His fat cock swung up and out from behind the garment. Sweet Jesus, that thing was huge. It was smooth and thick. He was hairless. His balls hung like lead weights underneath the thick shaft as I slid the thong off of him.

As I looked up again, the huge thing was in my face. The perfectly-shaped head of his cock actually slid across my lips. In that split second I felt a pulse in it and its warmth. It was irresistible to me. And I was way past anything I’d ever experienced before, so why stop now?

With his cock already resting on my lips, it was a small step to open my mouth and slide my lips over and around that huge and perfectly-shaped cock-head. Then slowly he started sliding his fat cock deeper into my mouth.

Then I pulled back and released his cock from my mouth. I wanted to taste it properly. I ran my tongue in a big circle around the head and then licked, wetly, down the underside of his shaft, taking wet little sucks with my lips, like eating an ice cream. I licked all the way to the point where his balls hung below the shaft, pushed my tongue into that crevice. Then I took one big stroke with my tongue from the base to the tip of this fat cock. Honestly, it was the first time I really understood the link between food and sex — I just wanted to eat this thing.

Then I dropped to my knees in the floor between his thighs and licked back down the shaft. Holding his cock up, I ran my wet tongue all over his pendulous balls. They retracted a little, tightening up in his scrotum.

I wet his balls up good, licking and sucking over them, then under them, licking his perineum, around to his asshole and then back again, taking both balls in my mouth at once. They were huge and I could feel them twitch on my tongue.

Then I ran my tongue back up the length of his cock and took the huge slug into my mouth again. In this vulnerable position, he grabbed my head with two hands and slowly, mercilessly, pushed his fat cock down my throat. It was a hard sell, I gagged a little, but then the huge member descended into my throat. I couldn’t believe what I was capable of!

Just as my nose rested on his smooth skin and his balls hung against my chin, he pulled back slightly, then pushed it back home. And again. He was fucking my throat mercilessly. I made gurgling, moaning noises as he rammed that enormous meat down my throat. I held onto his thighs tightly as he rammed into me.

It was a relief when he eventually pulled his cock from me. It was soaked with my saliva. Some actually dripped from the end of his cock. Then he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to my feet before turning me around roughly.

I was a little apprehensive to say the least, but I knew what he wanted. I climbed onto the bed, on my knees, with my arse pointing in the air. He reached over to the little satchel and unzipped it, pulling out a little tube of lubricant. He squeezed a generous serving onto my asshole and then started massaging it with a finger onto my tight sphincter, pushing some inside. My asshole dilated easily as he pushed a finger inside, lubricating my hole nicely.

Then I felt the finger slide out of me and after a minute felt his knob, like a squash ball, press against my anal sphincter. I reached around, my shoulders dropping to the bed, and pulled my buttocks apart. There was a stretching sensation and a little pain as I felt him press the head of his cock hard against my asshole and then a slight relief as I gaped and the fat knob slid in.

Immediately, my asshole tightened around the rim of his knob. A little more relief. But then he started to push some more and I realised the taper at this end of my cock meant that the shaft was getting fatter as it slid in. Again the stretching and pain but I didn’t think for one second to tell him to stop.

Deeper that fat slug slid, pushing further into my anus. He was very careful, sliding it slowly into me. It seemed to go on forever, but then eventually I felt the warmth of his body pressed against my buttocks and I knew his cock was completely buried in my willing anus.

Then he started to slide back, extracting maybe a third of his cock from my tight asshole before sliding it back into its full depth again. Then out a little further the second time, before ramming it back home. Slowly this repeated, getting a little harder and deeper each time.

With time his cock was sliding in and out of my willing anus hard and pretty fast. Each jab at my prostate sent a ripple through my own cock and I reached back and started stroking it. He slammed and slammed, filling my asshole with his cock, while I slid my hand up and down my own. Any initial trepidation at my first male-male sex was gone by now as I pumped myself.

Then I felt him slow down süpertotobet güvenilirmi the pumping. And then he slowly, very slowly, pulled his fat cock from my asshole. I gripped it tightly with my ass-muscles as he slid it out. There was a momentary pause as the head of his cock reached the opening and then it popped out, leaving my anus feeling empty.

“Turn over on your back,” he said. Of course, I complied.

His cock stood proud and glistening as he took hold of my legs and pushed then back over my head. He moved in closer and I felt that amazing cock-head at the entrance to my anus again. Again, there was the slight pain, tingling and stretching sensation as that fat knob entered my asshole and the glorious stretching as the taper of his fat cock slid into me, filling me.

I grabbed my own cock again as his reached full depth in my anus and I felt his balls against me. Then he began the slow buildup again, sliding his cock just a couple of inches from me before ramming it home, building up to eventually slam-fucking my arse. He was really ramming it into me, pulling it almost all the way out, then slamming it fully into me again. Slamming, slamming. Fuck me, it was magnificent. I pumped my own cock furiously now.

It seemed like a very long time that he was pounding my arse, but my own cock was ready too soon for me. I wanted more, but my cock started dribbling a little pre-cum. Knowing I was about to cum, he pushed my hand aside and took over. Skilfully, as he slammed my arse, he also pumped my cock and inside a minute I blew my load. Now, I’m usually a sprayer rather than a shooter, but in this position, with his fat shaft buried in my anus, I really blew. Two long shots flew up my body and landed in the hollow of my neck. A couple more landed on my chest and then my cock just spewed for a little while. I was covered.

It must have been the catalyst for him, because a few seconds after I had finished he groaned that he was about to cum. He didn’t have to tell me, I could feel his cock swelling and twitching in my arse.

“Do it in me,” I said, causing him to pound a little harder. In a few seconds he threw his head back and I could feel his release in my asshole. I felt three huge spurts of cum enter me and then it just blurred into a feeling of being filled as his cock spewed like a volcano deep inside me. The feeling was indescribable.

Slowly, he retracted his fat cock from me again. This time he left just the head in my anus for a little while, breathing heavily. When he finally pulled out, a strand of his cum stretched from my asshole to the end of his cock momentarily before breaking and dropping to the floor.

I dropped my feet to the floor and he looked down at me. Then he bent over and licked the cum from my cock, from my pubic hair, from my chest and finally from the hollow of my neck. He swirled it around inside his mouth for a second and then swallowed.

And then he just walked around to the other side of the bed and lay down, his cock still standing proudly. After a second he found a remote next to the bed and turned on the TV. There was football on. I straightened up on the bed and watched for a bit before asking him is he wanted a beer.

Then we just lay on the bed watching football for about 45 minutes and drinking beer.

At three-quarter time in the football match, and a few beers down, I looked over. His cock was soft now, but still huge. It still glistened from its time in my anus. I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and grabbed hold of it. It reacted immediately, a slight swelling in my hand. Then I moved down and licked along its length, bottom to top. It smelt and tasted of sweat and arse.

At the top, I took the knob into my mouth and sucked. Slowly I slid it deeper into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the underside of his shaft as it slid into my throat. The feeling of a man’s cock swelling up in my mouth was fantastic. It didn’t take long for him to be fully erect again. As I deep-throated his awesome cock, he held the back of my head, pushing me down on it.

Then I turned myself around and straddled his face, lowering my own cock to his waiting mouth.

We sucked each other’s cocks for a while before I turned and asked him if he wanted me to fuck his arse.

“Plenty of time for that,” he said. “Why don’t you sit back and let me see to you?”

I shuffled around and sat myself up against the wooden frame at the foot of the bed. My cock wet with saliva and fully on-call, I hooked my arms over the high frame and waited for a second. He crawled over to me and took my staff in his hand, dripping some saliva on the end. He slathered the drool around on my cock-head with his tongue then took a grip on it, spreading the eye of my penis open and sliding his pointed tongue into the small hole.

Then he engulfed it. Firmly massaging my balls, he deep-throated my cock, he ran his tongue all over the underside, he sucked, he swallowed. It was amazing. He took me to the edge of cumming and then drew me back. It was amazing how he was able to almost make me cum and then stop me from cumming. He’d slide my cock from his mouth occasionally and suck messily on my balls and then slide my cock back into his mouth. He kissed the shaft, licked it, swallowed it again.

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