Across the Street

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Mrs Brierly across the street was probably the best looking old woman I knew. She was friendly with my mother and they often used to go out together to the local pubs. For some womanly reason Mrs Brierly still dressed like a younger woman, with thigh high skirts and low cut tops unlike my mother who was a lot more conservative, with her button up blouses and knee length skirts.

I think Mrs Brierly liked to keep up with her oldest daughter who is a chubby little thing who likes to show off her body with tight clothes and lots of jewellery. Lots of people say Mrs Brierly is ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ but she’s still just as fuckable for all that.

Now Mrs Brierly, I’m sure she is at least sixty, but she does have the body for short skirts and low cut tops. Whereas my mother is on the large size and hides her motherly shape but does manage to show it off in the cut and style of her clothes.

Mrs Brierly is one of those ‘over-friendly’ people who likes to get in close when she’s talking to you and loves to embarrass young blokes by catching them staring at her cleavage and commenting loudly about it to all and sundry, I should know, it’s happened to me often enough. ‘Ooh look at your Pete staring at me jugs. You’d think he’d never seen any before’ and I would go crimson and try to leave and she would catch hold of my arm then throw her arms round me and try to pull my head down into her cleavage, always with an audience and always including my mother.

‘Haven’t you stopped breast feeding him yet Marge?’ she would ask my mother ‘Cos he can’t stop staring at mine’ Then she would let go and I would leave hurriedly, go upstairs and fantasise about sliding my cock between her tits then fucking her stupid.

One evening when Mrs Brierly called for my mother to go out for the night, mum wasn’t quite ready and so when she started the usual teasing my mum was headed up the stairs, my dad wasn’t home yet and my sister hadn’t returned from college, so now we were alone together in the living room.

‘Ooh look at him Marge, he can’t get enough of these.’ shaking her chest. I heard mums’ laughter from the top of the stairs. Naturally my face began to redden but knowing we were alone I kept my seat instead of trying to escape this teasing, tantalising woman.

Mrs Brierly noticed no one else was there but the two of us and a change seemed to come over her. Her voice stayed at the same ‘everybody listen’ level but her actions suddenly took a turn for the raunchier. Her loud teasing became interrupted with almost whispered comments in between.

‘YOU’D THINK HE’D NEVER SEEN A PAIR OF JUGS BEFORE’ She cupped them in both hands, holding them high on her chest ‘I bet you’d like to lick ‘em though’ then let them flop back down.

‘LOOK AT HIS LITTLE EYES THEY’RE LIGHTING UP’ She reached into either side of her top and blouse and leant forward pulling open to show me nearly all of her long hanging tits. ‘Do you wank about these? I’ll bet you do’.

‘IS HE STILL A VIRGIN THEN MARGE?’ Straightening up she took hold of the hem of her top and pulled upwards, catching her breasts then letting them flop back and staring into my eyes. ‘I bet you’d like your dick between these eh?’

I stood up from the settee and made as if to move forward, Mrs Brierly covered her tits again and shook her head, glancing towards the ceiling ‘No’. I took hold of my now erect cock and adjusted it to a more comfortable position. Mrs Brierly’s eyes glued to my crotch, she smiled. I smiled and sat down again.

‘HE CAN’T GET ENOUGH CAN HE?’ Then, incredibly, she reached down and took hold of the hem of her short skirt and began inching it upwards, watching my face as I stared at more and more of her stocking clad thighs. My hand strayed to my stiff prick and began stroking slowly. ‘What about this then? You’ll be able to wank about this for a fortnight’ she revealed her stocking tops and the creaminess above and still the skirt rose higher as my breathing became faster and my heart began to race and my aching knob got harder.

‘IS HE STILL BREAST FEEDING THEN MARGE? ‘COS HE LOOKS HUNGRY FOR ‘EM’ Then she stopped as if waiting for a fanfare. ‘Does your mother let you suck her nice titties then Peter?’ I tore my eyes away from Mrs Brierlys’ flesh and stared, alarmed into her eyes. ‘Do you suck your mum’s nipples? I’m sure she’d like it, in fact I know she would’

‘Shut up’

‘Didn’t you know Peter? Your mum would love you to suck her titties. They’re lovely and soft, and she’s got big long nipples when you get her going. I’ll bet she’d even like you to put your cock in between ‘em and fuck ‘em, like you’d like to fuck mine’

‘Shut uuuup’

‘And she doesn’t shave you know like me’ then she pulled her skirt hem to her waist to show me her glorious, knickerless, shaved slit. I almost jumped out of my seat when I looked down from Mrs Brierlys’ face to her clean cunt then began rubbing harder at my now aching knob.

Footsteps sounded on the stairs and Mrs Brierly slowly sahabet güvenilirmi slid her skirt back down her thighs to cover her womanly delight, while I stood to go upstairs. She caught my arm.

As my mother appeared in the doorway made-up and dressed for a night out, Mrs Brierly put her hand behind my head and pulled me down towards her inviting ample charms, this time I didn’t resist, I just pressed my nose deep into that warm cleft. ‘Oh look Marge I must be getting through to him’ as she shook her shoulders, wobbling her mams against my face.

She released my head and I stood up straight. ‘Thankyou Mrs Brierly’

‘You’d best call me Jenny now you naughty beast’

‘Thank you Jenny’

She winked at my mother

‘Come here then’ said mum and pulled me towards her for a peck on the cheek ‘I’ll see you later’ and she turned towards the door.

Jenny pulled me towards her ‘I’ll have one of those too’ she leant in and whispered ‘You can fuck her if you’d like. I know I do’

Then they were gone. What was that supposed to mean? She’d like me to fuck her? She’d like me to fuck my mother? She’d like to fuck my mother? She HAS fucked my mother. Oh bollox

I ran to the front door and watched through the window there, Jenny’s’ arse as she walked down the path. I unzipped and took my cock in my hand and shot spunk all over the front door in three strokes.

Nothing came of it (except me regularly) but I have noticed lately that mum seems to not be quite as bothered about being caught in just a towel or just tying her dressing gown as she crossed the landing. Where before she would run and hide quickly to avoid any embarrassing situations, now she seems to be much more casual.

That was last year, and a lot of my wank fantasies since then have been about me catching Jenny on all fours licking out my mums hairy twat, laid out on the carpet in our front room and me taking my cock out and slipping into Jenny from behind and shagging the arse off her.

Sometimes it would be my girlfriend I’d catch fucking my mum with a strap-on across the kitchen table then I’d imagine fucking my girlfriend up the arse (which she likes) while she fucks my mum. Recently I’ve been imagining catching my sister with her fingers up my girlfriend and I’d just spunk over both their naked bodies. Hmm now, what about catching Jenny licking out my mum while my sister fucks her with a strap-on… Or Jenny’s’ daughter fucking Jenny with a strap-on, my sister fucking Jenny’s arse with a strap-on, my mothers hairy cunt planted across Jenny’s’ daughters’ face and squeezing my sisters lovely juicy tits in her hands… I need a wank.

You get a lot of time to think about these sorts of things when you’re laid up in bed with a leg and an arm in plaster from falling off a building site ladder. It’s just as well that I’ve managed to master the left-hand wank technique, although my girlfriend visits, it’s never often enough.

Now I sit here propped up in bed with my binoculars close to hand like something out of a Hitchcock film. Only I have more modern technology, that is, I have a digital vidcam set-up so I can keep a record of any ‘murders’ or other interesting things in the street or the houses across the road. And I do have a few.

Mrs Brierly for instance; Jenny. She’s in several shorts. Undressing in the bedroom (directly opposite my window) Waking in the late morning and opening her curtains to reveal an untied dressing gown. An afternoon episode of quite forceful shagging with her husband, standing up! Several close ups of her leaning out of the window to address somebody outside and at the same time ‘leaning out’ of her loose fitting top.

My sister, Alicia, is featured in one ‘episode’. A car pulled into the driveway one night and I could make out my sister in the passenger seat with one of her ‘casual girlfriends’ (nothing serious) driving. They sat and chatted for a while, with the other girl twining her fingers in my sister’s hair, looking into her eyes. I turned on the camera just in case, focussed into the car and was glad of the low-lux capability, as they were both clearly visible on my monitor. ‘Now for a slice of girl-girl action’. I was not disappointed.

Alicia and me have a very close relationship, we talk about anything and everything, including amusing each other with our tales of sexual antics. She has given me no end of useful tips about ‘plating’ and finding out how many fingers is too many and she still insists that she is a hetero-virgin. I believe her. We’ve caught each other wanking time and again and I must say that it’s not always accidental on my part. When she catches me she says something like “Put it away ‘til later, I want to ask you something”, when I catch her I just stand and stare and if I catch her at the right time she just carries on ‘til she cums.

Yesterday, like today, was very hot and I was propped against the pillows watching the streets outside and the houses opposite,

Dad was at work, sahabet yeni giriş Mum was sat on the neighbours wall chatting with Mr Brierly and his chubby daughter who was wearing a clinging one piece outfit which showed off her body very well. Jenny (Mrs Brierly) was hanging out of her bedroom window and her dressing gown, joining in the convo, joining in the laughter and my view was delectable.

I had a nice close up of Jenny on the monitor, taking in that lovely pair of tits. She was swaying to some unheard music, swinging those long hanging mams from side to side, backwards and forwards, making me harder and harder. Sometimes she would pause to lean further out to speak to someone and flatten her jugs against the windowsill making a creamy invitation to my knob.

Leaving the camera on Jenny I took the binoculars to have a closer look at her plump daughter, with her broad, flaring hips and high round titties. Leaning across her gate she was also giving me an unconscious? show. Even though the day was very warm I noticed that she had a nice nipple on, very close to the low edge of her flimsy neckline.

Resting the binoculars so as to free my hand to tenderly brush my now throbbing cock I saw that Mr Brierly was shifting about on his feet seemingly uncomfortable with his stance switching his gaze between my mum and his daughter.

What were they talking about?

Mr Brierly turned abruptly to enter the house and I caught a glimpse of the reason for his discomfort sticking far out, tenting his loose fitting trousers.

The chubby girl said something and all three women laughed out loud, jiggling their several bosoms. Mum laughing hard and jiggling most and even without the binoculars I could see what Jenny had told me those months back was very true. She had a nipple on which was long enough to be visible, through her bra, dress and cardigan and from across the street.

With binoculars to my eyes I hungrily took in the site of my mums taught nipples dancing in her dress.

She has got fuckable tits, and big enough to fuck in without lying across her chest. But then she wouldn’t be able to suck my knob end so I’d have to lay it in between and she could squeeze her tits together around my cock sucking on the end of my prick ‘til I spunked in her mouth and all over her face.

I was just reaching towards the camera to adjust the view when I noticed on the monitor that Jenny seemed to be listening to a different tune now because the motion of her long cleavage was only back and forth with a hard insistent beat. Pulling back on the focus I saw that her eyes were closed in concentration, her head also moving in time and further back I could see the cause.

I hit record.

Mr Brierly had decided to relieve his discomfiture in a fitting way and was giving Jenny a good old fucking from the rear. Holding on tight to her hips he was pounding into her as she attempted to appear like nothing was happening to anyone watching from outside.

Flicking my glance back to the two laughing women at the gate I saw them both glancing towards the bedroom window then looking knowingly at each other and bursting into giggles again.

Like a scene from some low budget porn film Mr Brierly pulled out of his wife and pulled her round by the shoulder to face his rampant manhood, when Jenny saw, she sank to her knees and in as good a profile shot as if directed she began wanking and sucking his engorged knob.

Mr Brierly held his wife’s head and fucked her mouth until he suddenly pulled back and shot his load down her throat, into her eyes and over her hair.

Smiling hugely, Mr Brierly stepped forward and wiped his cock on his wife’s’ throat, down her chest and across her hanging jugs before putting it back in his kegs and leaving the room. He appeared moments later at the front gate to talk with his daughter and my mum once more. All three smirking and grinning from ear to ear.

Jenny meanwhile had looked directly into the camera lens licked her lips and a small amount of spunk from her chin, held the pose then left the scene.

I panned the camera to the happy group outside the house to complete the ‘story’.

‘I expect you’ll be needing a wank now?’

I recognised the voice as my sister Jenny moved forward into my bedroom, tension leaving my shoulders as I relaxed a bit.

‘Not half’ I grinned. ‘Did you see that?’

‘Most of it. But I bet you didn’t see Jenny looking at Mum and Rosie nearly all the time while she was getting it’

‘Yeah to see if they could tell’

‘No stupid, ‘cos she was imagining it was them doing it’

‘Give over’

‘Ok. Did I show you what Jenny bought me for my birthday?’ mischief in her eyes.

‘Err, no’

‘Wait here and I’ll show you’

‘Like I could run off’

‘And don’t start wanking’

‘I’ll wait ‘til you get back before I start’

‘You’re just a dirty little slut Peter.’

Jenny was back quickly from her bedroom across sahabet giriş the landing holding her ‘present’ behind her back.

I waited, she waited, teasing. ‘Well show me then.’

From behind her back she brought a large, realistic looking dildo, with straps attached.

‘Jenny bought you that for your birthday?’

‘Yep. And last Thursday night she was in the ‘Vickers’ with mum’

The Vickers is the acknowledged lesbian club in our small town although not exclusively except for Thursday night. Local blokes don’t go in the Vickers on Thursday night.

‘Fuck off’

‘Don’t believe me, I don’t care’

‘Jenny and Mum were in the lezzy club together?’

Hold on, Jenny as much as boasted that she had fucked mum last year on that night. Fucking hell.

‘So is Jenny fucking Mum?’

‘I expect so’

‘Does Dad know?’

‘’Spect so’

‘Fuck me’

‘Not just yet.’

‘??? ‘

‘ I haven’t told you the good part yet.’

‘What? What? Tell me’

‘She asked me if I’d christened her present. I told her not yet. Then she said we could have a double christening’

‘What? What are you on about?’

‘She said I could christen the strap-on and christen her at the same time’


‘Do you want to hear this or not?’

‘Go on. Go on.’

‘She said come over tomorrow afternoon while he’s out and you can show me how it works.’

I just couldn’t believe this.

‘So I went over wearing it cos I was going to give her the old domination bit and just shag her hard and fast and Rosie was there watching a film, she said mum’s upstairs, go up. So up I went.’

‘It felt a bit weird going up the stairs to fuck Rosie’s mum while she was downstairs and I just started trembling. I had this rubber cock hanging down my trouser leg rubbing against my thighs, climbing up the steps to fuck this old woman who’s daughter was downstairs watching telly. It was weird.’

Weird? It was so hot I was going to cum there and then without so much as looking at my straining knob. She continued.

‘Well, as I walked into the bedroom Jenny was stood in front of the wardrobe mirror with just her bra and knickers on, examining her face and such. I don’t know if she’d heard me but she just kept looking in the mirror and she was smoothing the skin on her neck then her hand kept moving down like this’

Alicia demonstrated, with closed eyes moving the palms of her hands down the sides of her neck, across her chest then cupping her breasts in both hands. Her eyes opened and she looked at me looking at her holding up her breasts.

‘Anyway, I just stood there watching and now I could tell she knew I was there ‘cos she started flicking her thumbs across her nipples like this’ Alicia demonstrated again, making her nipples hard as I watched.

‘Then she pretended to notice me and she pulled her hands down.’ Alicia didn’t. ‘and she went “ “ Pretending to be flustered “Er.. Come in.. Rosie” ‘


‘Yep. She stared at me and called me Rosie. I thought “what the fuck” so I said “Sorry mum” and she grinned like a Cheshire cat. Then she says, “I was just thinking. What do you think Rosie? I’m not too bad for 60 am I?” And I thought, “oh it’s like that is it?” so I says “No mum you’ve got a lovely body” and I went over and stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders’

‘She looked at me in the mirror and said “Do you think so?” and I says “You’ve got lovely smooth shoulders” and I put my chin across her shoulder and ran my hands down her back and I says ”Not bad at all for 60 mum” then I ran my hands round her front and lifted her tits up and she shivered against me, so I pressed in so she could feel the dildo against her arse and she went “Mmm”

‘Then she says “They’re not too floppy are they?” and I says “Well, let’s have a look and see” and they’re not too floppy are they Pete?’


‘Jenny’s tits aren’t too floppy are they? Come on. She told me about last year, teasing you while mum was upstairs’

‘No. They’re quite gorgeous actually’

‘That’s what I said to her. I pulled her bra up and let her tits flop down…’

‘How do you mean?’

‘I just pulled her bra up and her tits fell out’

‘I don’t get you’

Alicia gave me that ‘you know what I mean’ look and said ‘I suppose you want me to demonstrate?’

‘Not ‘arf’

And to my great surprise she did exactly that. She pulled open the studs on her shirt then grabbed her bra with her fingers underneath and pulled upwards letting her tits hang loose before my eyes.

I throbbed.

‘Oh right. I didn’t know you could do that’ and my sister Alicia stood there with her jugs hanging in front of me and carried on with her story.

‘So then I held her tits in my hands and wobbled them a bit and says, “No, they’re quite gorgeous actually” and she says, “Do you think so Rosie?” Trying to remind me what the game was so I say “Yes mum you’ve got a fine pair of jugs” then she smiled in the mirror. “Anything else Rosie?” she says. So I let her tits flop down and started twisting her nipples in my fingers and pulling her tits out in front of her and letting ‘em flop back and she goes “Ooh Rosie that’s nice” then “What else Rosie?” ‘

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