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Hello Nifty readers! Here is part two of this story, I hope you enjoy it! Keep those emails coming if you do!

Do whatever you want, copy it, save it or just jerk off while reading it. Please remember, it”s fantasy fiction, you should not try this at home!


Part two

By Fantasy Fiction

The Thursday before his next visitation, the phone rang “Mr. Rogers?”

“Yes” he answered, suspecting it was a sales call. “I hate those calls” he thought to himself.

“This is Ms. Carter, I”m with the State Social Services Office. I”m sorry to have to tell you this over the phone but your wife was involved in a hit and run accident, everyone”s ok, but she left the scene of an accident and will not be allowed custody of your son at this time. We need you to pick him up from our office today.”

Steve listened closely, wrote down the address and told her “I”ll be there in an hour!” Steve signed all the paperwork she gave him and he and Billy got in his car.

“Are you ok, Billy?”

“Yeah Dad, I”m fine. I”m sorry you have to take me, I”ll do my best not to be a bother, I know you didn`t want me living with you.”

“What are you talking about? I tried to get custody of you but your Mother had a better lawyer, no custody and visitation only every other week.” He told his son.

“But Mom told me you didn”t want me, and you were the one who wanted the every other week visits.”

“That”s not how it was Billy, a boy should be with his father, I guess she just wanted custody for the child support money. I don”t want to talk bad about you”re Mother, but that”s the way it is.” he said

“Thanks for telling me the truth. I love you Dad.”

“I love you too, son.”

Steve looked up as they passed the ABS, thinking of all the hard cocks he sucked when he was there. He pushed the thought”s from his mind and concentrated on having a conversation with his son.

“The apartment complex has some two bedroom units, I”ll see if we can move into one, a young man your age needs some privacy. It may take a few days but I”m sure they”ll make it happen.”

“Thanks Dad, but if you can”t afford it, I understand.”

“Hey, don”t you worry about that, you are the most important person in my life and you should have your own room!” Steve told him.

When they got to his apartment, Steve went into the bedroom and quickly put the incest mags from the nightstand and into the drawer so Billy wouldn”t see them. He emptied a dresser drawer and told Billy it was his till he got his own room and they could buy one for him.

“There”s plenty of hangars and space in the closet.” he told his son. School was out for spring break and he said “I”ll have to get you registered for school, I”m in the same school zone we used to be in so you”ll be going to your old school. Will you be ok here alone during spring break while I”m at work?”

“Sure Dad, I have enough video games to keep me busy for a year! I can”t wait to see my friend”s faces when I get back to school, I sure do miss some of them.”

Steve and Billy went out for a fast food dinner, watched some TV and went to bed. Steve was ready to head for work at 6am. Steve kissed his son on the forehead and Billy opened his sleepy eyes. “Gotta go son, I”ll be home a little after 4, love you!”

“OK Dad, see you later, love you too!” Billy said and fell back to sleep. Billy got up at 8am, found some pop-tarts in the kitchen with a note and some cash “You can order take out or go to the burger place for lunch, Love Dad” After he ate pop tarts he settled on the couch to play a video game, time flew by and it was time for lunch. He went to the burger place and brought his food back home. After eating, he decided to explore the apartment. Beer, soda, a piece of leftover pizza; not much in the fridge. There were mostly snacks and coffee in the cabinets, a couple of plates, glasses and coffee mugs.

Billy went into the bathroom, not much there either. The bedroom was next, not many clothes in the closet. He went to the nightstand and pulled the drawer open “Holy Shit!” he exclaimed when he saw the fuck mags and a tube of lube “I guess Dad has to jack off now that”s he”s not married anymore!” Billy pulled them out, but kept them in order so his Dad wouldn”t know he had gone through them. He looked at the titles on the first digest, lot”s of Mom-Son, Brother-Sister, Father-Daughter themes. “Look”s like Dad is really into this incest stuff. The second digest was “Handjobs: Daddy/Boy Stories”. Wondering what it was about he opened to the list of titles inside and saw one called “Watching Porn With Dad” Being a typical 13 year old boy Billy stripped naked and got comfortable on the bed. He turned to the page and started reading.

The story was about a man watching porn late one night and his young son caught him jerking off, naturally the boy wanted to watch too and the father ended sucking his son”s 4″ cock and swallowing all his cum.

Billy was consumed by fuck lust as he read the story, his soft 4″ cock started to grow “Oh fuck, it”s happening” he said out loud. He was embarrassed about the size of his cock, the guys in the gym shower made fun of him which made him very shy. But what embarrassed him was that he was a grow-er, not a show-er, as he read the dirty story his cock grew to a full 9 inches long and it was too thick to get his hand around. He stroked his big cock as he read about the father and son doing all kinds of nasty stuff with each other, and it didn”t take long till he started shooting cum from his long hard boy cock. The first jet flew over his stomach and hit him in the face, he quickly opened his mouth to catch the second and third spurts on his tongue, more cum shot out covering him from his chest to his groin. Billy was also embarrassed about how much cum came out of his balls, he thought he was a freak there was so much.

Billy liked the taste of his cum, he ate it since the first time he ever jacked off over a year ago. By eating his own jizz, he didn”t run out of tissues every week like most boys his age. He scooped up his jizz with his fingers and fed his hungry mouth. When he was done, he carefully replaced the magazines back in the nightstand, took a shower and took a nap on the couch till his Dad got home.

It was after 4 pm when Steve got home, Billy was still asleep on the couch. “Wake up sleepyhead!” his Dad said “I talked to the apartment manager this morning and he said there”s a two bedroom next to us that”s vacant, we can move in next week and he won”t charge us any extra rent for the next two months since they are running a special!

“That”s awesome Dad!” Billy exclaimed.

“How about you, do anything fun today?” Steve asked.

Billy told him about his day, but left out the part of finding the porn and jacking off.

“I talked to Dan this afternoon and told him what happened with your Mom, he said he and Timmy would help us move our stuff next week and invited us over for dinner tonight, he said we can even spend the night if you want to play with Timmy. I told him I would have to talk to you first, what do you think?” Steve asked his son.

“Wow, that would be so cool! Timmy has some of the newly released two player video games we can play!” Billy exclaimed.

“OK, it”s settled, let”s throw a change of clothes in a bag and head out, don”t forget to bring you suit, they have a big swimming pool you and Timmy can play in!”

Steve and Billy got there and rang the bell, Timmy answered the door in his speedo and welcomed them in “I was just heading to the pool, wanna go in with me?” he asked Billy.

“”Hell yeah!” Billy answered!

Timmy took him to his bedroom “You can change in here.” he said. Billy looked around, grabbed his suit and went into the bathroom to change. “He sure is a shy kid, afraid to change in front of me. I”ll have to work on that tonight” he thought to himself as he came up with different plans on how to seduce his new friend.

The two boys headed out to the pool while Dan and Steve went in the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. Dan reached over and squeezed Steve”s cock through his shorts and said “I missed this cock of yours, we”ll have to get to know each other again tonight after the boys go to bed!” Steve squeezed Dan”s cock and gave him a light kiss “Sounds like a plan!” he said and the two men continued getting the evening meal ready.

It was after 7 pm when they finished dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. The boys had already showered and changed into shorts and t-shirts when they got out of the pool.

“Who wants to watch a movie?” Dan asked. They all said they did and went into the Theatre Room and watched another Super Hero movie. It was 10:30 when it ended and Dan said it was time for them to go to bed. It had already been decided that Billy could stay in Timmy”s room. “I know how boys are, you two will be up all night talking! Might as well spend the night together.” Dan told them. The two boys went to Timmy”s room and shut the door so they wouldn”t disturb the grown up”s.

As soon as the door closed, Timmy stripped down to his boxers “I like to sleep in my boxers” he told Billy. “I do too.” Billy said and stripped down, the air was cool on his bare chest and he felt his nipples start to harden.

Timmy whispered, even thought there was no one in the room to hear them “Wanna see some porn?”

Like any typical boy his age Billy said “Sure, that would be cool!”

Timmy sat in the chair in front of his computer and opened a file that he set up just for this night. The screen opened to a picture of a pretty naked girl, he clicked to the next picture, another hot naked girl, on and on he went through the pictures which had started as modeling shots to spread pussies, to girls sucking cocks then girls getting fucked. He clicked the next picture, it showed an adult man on his knees sucking a boys cock, the youth looked about the same age as them.

Timmy clicked past it to a picture of a guy and girl fucking and said “Sorry, I forgot that one was there, don”t mean to offend!”

“Go back” said Billy “Let me see that one again.”

Billy had taken the bait and Timmy clicked back to the picture of the man and boy. Billy moved closer, studying the image. “That guy is really sucking that kid off, he doesn”t even look as old as me, do you have any more like this?” Billy asked his friend.

“Sure do.” Timmy answered and closed the folder, he opened a different folder and clicked on the first picture. It was a close-up of the same man and boy but the boys cock was squirting cum on the mans tongue. Timmy clicked through several more pictures, all featured men and boys in every sex act you could imagine.

“Does this stuff really happen?” Billy asked, do older guys really do stuff with kids our age?”

“Yeah Billy, they do. Lots of older guys would do anything to suck the cock of a young boy, and they love to swallow their cum. Just like in the escort kocaeli pictures!”

“Can I tell you something Timmy, promise you won”t tell?” Timmy promised and Billy told him about the “Handjobs” magazine he found in his Dad”s drawer about a father and son. He confided it was so hot he had to jerk off while reading it. Billy omitted the part about eating his own cum, he didn”t want to freak out his new buddy. “Man, that story was so fucking hot I couldn”t help myself, I jerked off right there on my father”s bed!” Billy said.

“That is so cool!” Timmy exclaimed. “Hey, would it freak you out if I asked you to show me your cock?” he asked “I”ll show you mine if you want.”

“I”m kind of embarrassed about it.” Billy told him “Please don”t think I”m a freak.”

“You shouldn”t be shy about size Billy, most guys your age still have to develop, it doesn”t matter how small it is.”

Billy pulled his soft 5″ cock through the fly of his boxers to show Timmy.

“That”s not as small as some I”ve seen in the pictures, you have nothing to be embarrassed about” Timmy looked in Billy”s eyes and asked permission to touch it.

“Ok, if you really want to.” Billy told him.

Timmy reached out and took Billy”s soft 5″ cock in his hand, it was nice and warm and felt wonderful and he started stroking it, “What the fuck!” he gasped as Billy”s cock started to grow. Timmy kept stroking it, his eyes grew wider as the cock in his hand grew to it”s full 9″ and spread his fingers apart. “Holy fuck! What a huge cock!” he whispered.

Billy almost cried “I”m sorry, I”m sorry, I”m a freak! I never should have let you touch it. Please don”t be mad at me!”

“Fuck man! You have nothing to be sorry about! You have an awesome cock! Grown men would kill to have a cock as big as yours!” said Timmy.

Billy felt better when his friend told him this, all the years of being teased melted away with those kind words.

“Oh Billy, I can”t help myself, I have to feel you cock in my mouth!” Timmy leaned over and slid his lips over Billy”s big cock, he worked his tongue around the head till pre cum started dripping in his mouth.

“Oh Shit!” Billy cried out. He had never felt anything so good in his life, all he had ever done was jack off, now someone was sucking his dick, it didn”t matter it was another boy, and he was glad it was his new friend, someone who didn”t make fun of his big cock but actually wanted to suck it!!

Timmy worked his young mouth up and down Billy”s cock, he had experience with men”s large size cocks in his mouth and did everything he could think of to please his friend. When he pushed harder, he felt his throat open and Billy”s 9″ cock slid all the way down. Timmy deep throated Billy all the way to his balls then pulled back till only the head was between his lips, then down to his balls, again and again!


There was no way Timmy was going to pull off the sweet cock in his mouth, he grabbed Billy by the hips and pulled him closer so he couldn”t pull out, Billy”s big cock was lodged in his throat when it started to shoot, the jizz went straight down his throat and into his belly. Timmy pulled back to get the last spurt in his mouth, swirling the hot slimy boy cum around before swallowing it down.

“OMG, that was awesome!” Billy said “No one has ever touched my cock and you sucked it! I loved it! Thank you, Thank you!”

“No, thank you Billy! What a nice fucking cock you have, I”ll suck it anytime you want!” Timmy told him. “Do you always stay hard after you cum?” Timmy asked, pointing to Billy”s still hard 9″ boy cock.

“A lot of times it stays hard till I jack off again, two times seems to be the trick.” Billy said to his new best buddy.

Timmy got up and pushed Billy to the bed, “Lie down on your back!” He ordered him. Billy lay down and watched as Timmy went to his dresser and pulled out a tube of lube and squirted a glob on Billy”s hard cock.

“You don”t have to jack me off if you don”t want to, I can do it myself.” He was still self conscious, figuring his friend may not want to jack him off after giving him a blowjob.

“I have no intention of jacking you off, I need to feel this monster inside me!” Timmy quickly straddled Billy, lined his cock up with his asshole and slid all the way down till he felt his balls hitting his ass. “OMG! I feel so full! Your cock feel so good in my ass!” Timmy cried out.

Over the next 30 minutes Timmy and Billy fucked. Timmy showed him different positions. Timmy lay on his back while Billy raised his legs over his head and fucked his 9″ cock up his ass, pounding him raw, and Timmy loved it! Then Timmy got down on his elbows with his ass up in the air, offering his little boy hole to Billy”s 9″ hard cock. Billy fucked Timmy till their knees were sore, and still kept fucking his friends ass.


Billy pounded harder, he lasted a long time since he had already cum once. “Get on your back again” Billy said, I want to fuck you while you”re on your back! Timmy pulled his ass off Billy”s cock and got on his back, he held his legs up to give Billy full access to his boy hole. Billy slid his cock back up Timmy”s asshole and started his in and out strokes. He watched Timmy”s hard cock swing back and forth with every lunge in his ass. Billy grabbed Timmy”s hard cock, it was dripping pre cum and he started to jerk it up and down, it was the first cock he ever held and he liked the way it felt, kind of like velvet covered steel.

The feel of Billy”s cock in his ass and his little hand stroking his cock was too much for Timmy “I”M GONNA CUM! OH, FUCK I”M CUMMING!” Timmy cried out, his jizz shot into the air toward Billy”s face, Billy opened his mouth to catch the flying spooge, globs of jizz hit his tongue and he swallowed them down, the taste set him off and he cried out “OH SHIT! I”M CUMMING TOO! I”M CUMMING IN YOUR ASSHOLE! I”M FUCKING CUMMING UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!” he yelled at Timmy.


The two boy”s lay panting, out of breath from their first fuck. The two boys looked into each other”s eyes and kissed, opening their mouths to each other”s tongue”s. They got up after a few more minutes and went in the shower, soaping each other down, rinsing each other off, drying each other then climbing naked into Timmy”s soft bed.

“Billy, what would you think if I told you my Dad and I do sex stuff with each other? Would you think I was bad, that he was bad?” Timmy asked.

“No, I don”t think either of you is bad for loving each other, I wish my Dad loved me as much as your”s loves you.”

“Your Dad does love you as much as my Dad loves me, he wants to have sex with you the same as my Dad and me.” Timmy went on to tell him he had sucked Steve”s cock while acting as if he were Billy. “Your Dad loved it, especially when I called him DADDY!”

The two boy”s kissed again, falling asleep in each other”s arms. Billy”s dreams were filled with images of sucking his father”s cock and fucking him in the ass.

As soon as the boy”s went in Timmy”s bedroom, Dan told Steve to follow him, they went to his home office and Dan turned on his computer. Remember I told you there were camera”s everywhere in the house? There are several in Timmy”s room, want to watch the boys?”

“Is that another trick question?” Steve said “Let”s watch!”

Dan opened the security cameras and clicked on the first one of Timmy”s room. Timmy was in his boxers and Billy came out of the bathroom in his. They watched as Timmy sat at his computer and started showing the porn to Billy. They were both amazed when they saw Billy”s huge cock and Timmy start sucking it. Dan got on his knees and started sucking Steve “Pretend you”re Billy and I”m Timmy” he said. They watched as Billy filled Timmy”s mouth with cum. Steve grunted and shot his load down Dan”s throat, gasping for breath he moaned “Eat it! Eat my fucking load you fucking cock sucker!” to Dan.

“OMG, that was fucking hot!” Dan said “What a fucking cock on your kid!” But the show wasn”t over yet, they were amazed Billy was still hard and even more amazed when Timmy sat all the way down on Billy”s 9″ thick boy cock. Steve got up and bent over the desk, his face in front of the monitor watching the boys and said “Fuck me Dan, fuck my ass like Billy”s fucking Timmy! Fuck my ass and fill me with cock slime!”

Dan lubed up and nudged his cock head against Steve”s ass pucker, he thrust forward and buried his cock all the way to his balls in Steve”s tight asshole. He fucked Steve”s ass, matching each stroke of Billy”s “Yeah Steve, just imagine this is Billy”s cock in your ass, fucking you harder and harder till it fills your insides with hot fucking boy juice!”

Steve groaned out loud, just pretending it was his son”s cock fucking him was making him dizzy with lust. Dan kept fucking him, harder and harder while watching the action on the computer monitor. When he saw Timmy shoot his load he knew Billy would be next and timed it perfectly and he shot ropes of cock spooge in Steve”s ass the same time Billy filled Timmy”s asshole. They watched as the boys took a shower, climbed into bed, kissed and fell asleep.

Dan and Steve did the same, falling asleep right away. Steve dreamed about his son”s big cock.

It was about 6 am when Steve felt a small hand shaking him awake “Steve, wake up. Wake up Steve!” It was Timmy “Get up and go back to sleep in my bed, I”m sure Billy won”t mind.” he told his new friend”s father and climbed in next to his Dad.

Steve got up, went to Timmy”s room and got in bed naked next to his sleeping son. He put one arm around him and just listened to him breath. Billy snuggled against his warm body, partly opening his eyes in the dark bedroom. “You feel so good Timmy” Billy whispered, nice and warm. “I don”t think I ever want to get out of bed.”

The voice that whispered back was not Timmy, it was his Dad. “I don”t want to either, son. I could stay in bed with my boy all day.”

Billy rolled over, he was wide awake and looked in his Dad”s eyes. “Dad… What?…How?” he couldn”t seem to find the words he was looking for.

“It”s ok son. I know what happened last night between you and Timmy, I know Timmy told you all about him and his father, and I know you told him you wanted the same for us. Well, here I am, son. Did you mean what you told Timmy?”

Billy”s eyes welled up, his heart ached “Yes Daddy, yes! I love you and want to be with you just like Timmy and Dan” Billy wrapped his arms around his father”s neck and kissed him on the lips, Steve opened his mouth and Billy slipped his tongue in, searching his father”s hot mouth. The kocaeli anal yapan escort two tongue fucked each other, swapping spit as they dueled with their tongues. Steve reached between them and took Billy”s cock in his hand, it grew to it”s full 9″ while he stroked it and they tongue fucked. Billy put his hand around his father”s hard cock, it was dripping juice and Billy brought his small hand to his mouth and licked the pre cum off.

Steve was consumed with love and lust for his 13 year old son, he threw the sheets off them and started kissing and licking his way down the young boys body till he saw the prize in front of his face. There it was, that beautiful thick 9″ boy cock. He watched as rivulets of pre cum poured out of the tip and down the sides, he leaned in and lapped the boy juice into his mouth, savoring the pearly drops. “My son”s juice” he thought to himself “I”m licking my son”s juice and I love it!” Steve moved his mouth over his son”s big cock and took as much of it into his mouth as he could without choking, he knew it would only be a matter of time for him to learn the art of deep throat so he could swallow his son”s cock all the way down.

Billy was whimpering and moaning as his Dad sucked his cock, he was so happy his father loved him so much and wanted to please him.

Steve pulled his mouth off his son”s cock and said “I want to try something I”ve never done before” he rolled Billy backward to his shoulders, his legs over his head, exposing his pink asshole to his father”s gaze. Steve was on his knees holding Billy in place and lowered his mouth to his son”s asshole, he took a few swipes with his tongue, it didn”t taste bad, actually it tasted pretty good. Steve started licking Billy”s 13 year old asshole like a man possessed, he licked, he sucked, he forced his tongue into his little boys asshole and twisted it around causing Billy to cry out in pleasure. Steve never would have imagined licking a little boys asshole would give him so much pleasure.

Steve pulled his mouth from his son”s asshole and looked at his smiling face, Billy”s 9″ cock was bobbing in front of it. A wild thought ran through Steve”s mind, he grabbed Billy”s cock and aimed it at his little boys mouth.

Billy knew what his Dad was thinking and he opened his mouth, taking 4″ of his boy cock between his lips! “Holy Shit! He has his cock in his mouth!” Steve said to himself.

At first Billy was unsure if he wanted his cock in his mouth, but once he felt his cock head on his tongue he went wild. He ran his tongue all over the portion of cock in his mouth, more turned on by having a cock in his mouth that the feelings he was getting when he started to suck on it. Billy moved his hips forward and another inch slipped in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down on his cock, only stopping to swirl his tongue around the head.

Steve was mesmerized as he watched his son suck his own cock, he had never thought anyone could actually do it and wished he could suck his own cock, he knew he would certainly try too sometime. Steve grabbed the lube from the nightstand, coated his finger and slid it in his son”s ass and heard Billy groan around his cock filled mouth. The groaning from Billy spurred him on and he began finger fucking the 13 year olds little asshole, then he grabbed the base of Billy”s cock and started to jerk it off into his little boys mouth.


Steve could feel Billy”s asshole grip his finger as he talked nasty, he knew Billy was going to cum very soon and kept talking dirty to him


That”s when the first spurt of jizz hit the back of Billy”s throat, his father”s nasty talk and the finger in his ass sent him over the edge. Billy swallowed the first two spurts then pulled his mouth off his cock, he pumped ropes of boy slime on his face, it came out of his cock like a fire hose, completely covering his face with jizz.

Steve was consumed with fuck lust, he moved around to Billy”s face and ran his cock through the boy spooge then shoved his cock in the 13 year olds mouth. Billy sucked his cum from his father”s cock, when the cum was gone he pulled his Dad”s cock from his mouth and ran it over his face, collecting more of his tasty jizz. He sucked it off and did the same thing till most of his spunk was off his face and in his belly. Steve fucked his son”s mouth, pumping his cock in and out till he filled Billy”s mouth with his jizz. Steve leaned down and sucked his spunk from his son”s mouth, swallowing it down and then licked Billy”s face clean of the last remains of boy jizz. He collapsed next to his son, breathing hard, trying to catch his breath.

“Wow Dad! That was fucking unbelievable!” Billy said “I can”t believe we just did that! Fucking awesome!” Billy excitedly told him.

Steve answered, “Yes it was, I wish we could have done this a long time ago!” Steve couldn”t help but notice Billy”s 9″ cock was still hard as a rock. “You”re still hard son, ready for round two?” he asked.

“Sure Dad, what did you have in mind” Billy asked.

There was only one thing Steve had in his mind, he wanted to feel his son”s 9″ cock fucking his ass. “I want you to fuck me son, I want you to fuck me like you fucked Timmy last night, I want to feel you big cock in my ass, I want to feel it in me when it fills my ass with your hot cum.” Steve liked talking dirty to his little boy, it made him hot. Steve got down on his elbows, ass in the air like Timmy had done last night.

Billy squirted a big glob of lube on his father”s asshole, then on his 9″ boy cock and aimed his cock head at his father”s asshole. “Are you sure about this Dad? I don”t want to hurt you.”

“Oh, I”m sure! Now shove that big fucker up daddy”s ass, fuck my ass and fill my guts with your spunk! Fuck me hard, fuck me and flood my ass with your hot fucking boy juice!” cried Steve

Billy did as his Dad asked, no, begged him! His father was begging to get his ass fucked by his big cock! Billy pushed the head in his father”s ass and heard him groan and beg for more. Billy pushed harder, sinking his cock deeper into his father”s asshole till he bottomed out.

“Fuck!” Steve groaned “OMG, it”s so big, so fucking big! I love it Billy, I love your cock in my ass!” then said “Fuck me Billy, fuck Daddy!”

Billy pulled his cock out so just the head was still in his father”s ass then plunged back in all the way to his balls. Over and over Billy pumped his cock in and out of his father”s asshole till he was ready to cum.



Billy flooded his father”s ass with a huge load of his boy spunk, there was so much it flowed out his father”s ass and down his balls. Steve fell forward, Billy”s cock still buried in his ass.

After a few minutes of laying there Steve said they should get up and shower then check on Dan and Timmy.

After their shower they dressed and opened the bedroom door, the smell of strong coffee was in the air, the perfect aroma after a good fuck.

“Morning you two!” Dan greeted them “You guys sleep ok?” he asked with a smile.

“We didn”t get much sleep after 6 am” Steve said “But I”ll bet you already knew that!” he continued talking as he and Billy sat at the table which was filled with plates of cut fruit, scrambled eggs and mounds of thick cut bacon.

As Billy ate, Steve told him everything that happened in the last couple of weeks. He wanted to be honest with his son and didn”t leave anything out. He told him about the ABS where he sucked his first cock, he told him how he saw Dad sucking Timmy”s cock in the changing room, that he had been fucking with both Dan and Timmy and Timmy came up with the plan to get Billy involved. Billy listened to every word, he confessed to his Dad about finding the “Handjobs” magazine and jerking off to the father/son story.

“Dad, I”m glad this all happened, all this time I thought I was a freak because of my big cock and now I realize it was just other kids being mean and jealous. It made me insecure about myself.” he sounded like an adult the way he analyzed everything.

“This has really worked out great!” Dan said to the two of them “It”s wonderful to see a father and son getting along so well!” he continued, “Tomorrow is the Father & Son get together I was telling you about, I”d love for both of you to join us.” Dan went on to explain “It”s not a cookout and football, though we will have plenty of food! It”s about loving father”s and son”s who get together here to share experiences. They share their thoughts, feelings… and each other!

Follow me.” he said and they followed him to the theatre room and sat down. Dan put a DVD in the player and the big screen came to life.

The video was of his backyard, there were at least 30 naked men and boys. The oldest man looked to be in his mid 40″s and the youngest boy couldn”t have been older than 8 years old.

“What I”m saying is, it turns out to be a downright fuckfest, an orgy of men and boys, everyone fucks everyone, not just their own sons.” Dan said as they watched the video.

Dan was telling the truth, they watched men fucking boys, boys fucking men, cock sucking, ass rimming, pretty much anything you could think of. Steve and Billy watched in awe as the little 8 year old lay on a towel, surrounded by 6 men and boys, all were jerking their dripping cocks till they shot their cum loads all over the boy.

“That kid is Bobby, he”s the biggest cum slut you could ever meet and he”s only 8 years old.”

Dan turned off the DVD and looked at them

“What do you think? Would you like to join us? I know everyone that shows up will welcome both of you.”

Steve and Billy looked at each other, Billy nodded his head “Looks like we”ll be here Dan!” Steve said.

“That”s great! Why don”t you and Billy spend another night, everyone starts showing up around 10 in the morning and that way you”ll be here to meet them.”

Steve agreed to spending another night. The four of them spent a low key day together, swimming, eating and they even took a nap. Dan told them he and Timmy usually abstained from any sex the day before their get together so they would be at their peak. Steve and Billy thought it was a good idea so they all went izmit yabancı escort to bed that night without sex, but thinking of what the next day would bring.

Dan, Steve and the boys were up by 7 am, they had breakfast and Dan started getting things ready for the day. He put a stack of plastic bins by the door for clothes since each person would strip when they came in. Steve helped put stacks of beach towels on a table on the patio, along with several bottles of lube and suntan lotion. Beverages were put in coolers and filled with ice. There would be around thirty people showing up today, each person was to bring food for a buffet style lunch, the big fridge on the patio was empty and waiting for what they would bring. The boys put stacks of paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and utensils on the long folding table they set up in the shade on the patio. Everything was ready.

At 10 am the first guests started to arrive, followed by more and more. There was plenty of places to park in the empty lots next to the house. Dan greeted each guest and introduced Steve and Billy. Timmy and Billy took the food they brought and put it in the outside fridge. As expected, each man and boy stripped and put their clothes in a plastic bin, then headed out to the backyard. When he was sure everyone was there, Dan went to the backyard with Steve.

The men and boys were smiling and talking, they hadn”t been together for a month and told each other about stuff going on, mostly just small talk. Steve couldn”t help but notice most of the boys already had erections. He recognized Bobby from the video, the 8 year olds cock was as cute in person as it was in the video. The boys ranged mostly between 10 to 14, the oldest close to 16. Every boy had a clean shaven cock and balls as did most of the men, several of the men were tightly trimmed with clean shaven balls.

Several of the boys headed to the pool and jumped in, a few started playing Frisbee and two were on their knees sucking an adult cock. Steve watched as the two 10 year olds bobbed their heads on the men”s cocks as if in a contest to see who could make them cum first. One of the boys reached up and started pulling on the ball sack of the man he was sucking, he pulled hard and shook the man”s balls while sliding his little mouth faster and faster on the grown up”s cock. The man grabbed him by the head, pushed his cock down the boys throat and filled him with cum. He was the clear winner and the looser had to give up the cock in his mouth to the winner. The little 10 tear old did the same trick with the mans balls and was rewarded with another mouthful of jizz.

Steve was sitting in a chair, he had been intently watching the two men and boys and didn”t see what was going on less than three feet to his left. He saw a black man with a cock that looked to be 12″ long lying on his back on a towel and Billy was squatting over him, lining up the big cock with his asshole! Steve held his breath as he watched Billy sink down on the 12″ cock until his ass cheeks rested on the mans thighs. Steve twisted his chair around to face them, he wanted to give them his full attention. He watched as Billy pulled his ass up till just the head was in him, then drop back down on the huge cock.

“Uh, Uh, Uh” Billy grunted each time he lowered himself “Oh Fuck! Your cock is filling me up, Oh, Fuck! It feels so fucking good! What a big cock you have mister!”

Steve started talking to them, almost yelling “FUCK HIM BILLY! FUCK THAT BIG BLACK COCK! CRAM HIS BIG FUCKER UP YOUR ASSHOLE! FUCK HIM AND MAKE HIM CUM IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE!” Steve cried out, “FUCK HIM MISTER, FUCK HIS ASS! THAT”S MY SON”S ASS YOUR COCK IS BURIED IN! FILL HIM WITH YOUR HOT DADDY JIZZ! FILL HIS ASSHOLE WITH SPUNK!”, Steve moaned. Hearing the boy”s father telling him to fuck his son was all it took for the big black man, he thrust his 12″ cock up to the hilt in Billy”s ass and unloaded his cock slime in the 13 year olds ass.

Billy pulled himself off the big fuck stick and lay back on a towel, panting to catch his breath. The black man was far from finished with Billy. He got between his legs and took that 13 year old 9″ cock in his mouth. The man”s mouth was like a vacuum on Billy”s cock, sucking and slurping, he took Billy”s cock into his throat and stuck his tongue out to lap the young boys balls while deep throating him. Billy grabbed him by the head, thrusting his cock in and out of the man”s mouth till he unleashed his thick boy jizz down his throat. The big black man swallowed every drop, tousled his hair and walked toward the pool.

Billy looked at his Dad “Did you see that Dad? I can”t believe I took his whole cock up my ass, it was so cool!”

“Yeah Billy, you sure did! It”s amazing how much your asshole will stretch when you really want it.” Steve told him. Billy got up and went toward a group of boys, there were two 11 year old twins locked in a 69, sucking each other”s cocks like they had been doing it for years. He saw Timmy was behind the boy on top and had his cock buried in the little boys asshole. Billy sat down and watched his friend fuck the boys” ass, then pull his cock out and move it down so his brother could suck the ass juices off it. Ass to mouth, ass to mouth, Timmy fucked the twins, ass to mouth, ass to mouth! Timmy stiffened, pulled his cock from the 11 year olds ass and shot cum all over the brother”s face, he pumped several loads of hot sticky jizz, completely covering the young boys eyes, face and mouth. The twin brother quickly moved to lick the tasty jizz from his brother”s cum covered face, and the two boys finished by swapping Timmy”s cum from mouth to mouth.

“Hey mister, I like your cock!” Steve looked down and saw Bobby, the 8 year old boy standing next his chair.

“Why, thank you Bobby, I like yours too!” Steve smiled and said to the naked little boy.

“Do you wanna fuck me? Everyone here has fucked me before, except you and your son. I have a nice tight asshole, I know you`ll like it, I promise!” the cute 8 year old said.

“How could I pass up an offer like that!” Steve said “I”d love to fuck your tight little asshole! How do you want to do it?” Steve asked.

“Goody!” Bobby exclaimed “You just sit there!” he said as he picked up a bottle of lube. Steve felt Bobby”s little hands lubing his cock, those small fingers were wonderful and he soon had a raging hard-on.

Bobby climbed up in the chair and pointed Steve”s hard cock at his little asshole, when he felt the cock head at his pucker, he sank all the way down on Steve”s cock. When he felt balls on his ass he reached up and wrapped both arms around Steve”s neck.

“Bobby was telling the truth, he did have a tight little asshole.” Steve thought to himself.

Billy looked over to where his Dad was in the chair and saw the 8 year old riding his cock. He went to them and said to little Bobby “That”s my Dad fucking you, is he fucking you good?”

Bobby looked up at Billy and giggled “He”s not fucking me, I”m fucking him!” as he bounced his little ass up and down Steve”s cock.

Billy laughed and moved his 9″ cock close to their faces “Why don”t you suck on this? It needs some attention!” he said to the two of them, then pushed his cock closer to their lips.

Steve and little Bobby took the big 9″ cock and slid their lips over each side and over the head, when they moved past the big cock head they tongue fucked and Bobby sucked Steve”s fat tongue into his mouth then moved his lips back to Billy”s cock. Bobby took his arms from around Steve”s neck and poured lube in his right hand, he wrapped his left arm back around Steve”s neck then put his lube covered hand between Billy”s legs and pushed two fingers in his asshole.

“OH FUCK! THAT FEELS FUCKING GREAT KID! DO SOME MORE!” Billy cried out while his father and the little boy licked cock.

Bobby”s hand was covered with lube, so he did what Billy asked, “If he wants more, I”ll give him more!” he said to himself “I”ll give him more than he expects!” And with that, Bobby pushed his whole hand up Billy”s asshole!


Bobby and Steve licked and sucked faster and faster, Billy”s cock slid between their lips and into their mouths, fucking his cock down their throats as the 8 year old fist fucked his ass. The pleasure was too much for him and he pulled out and shot his 13 year old spunk in his father”s face. When Steve felt the hot boy slime coating his face he stiffened and filled Bobby”s little 8 year old ass with his Daddy spunk. Bobby pulled his arm from Billy”s asshole, held Steve”s face in both his small hands and licked his face of all the cum. Bobby lifted himself off Steve”s spent cock, and licked his softening cock clean. When he finished he ran to the pool and jumped in.

“Shit Dad, that was fucking awesome!” Billy said “I can”t believe you just fucked an 8 year old boy in the ass while he fist fucked me! I”m worn out!” He said and pulled up a chair next to his Dad, looking at the other men and boys. “Look over there Dad!” he said and pointed to two men standing over a 10 year old boy “Looks like there” gonna jerk off on him!” just as soon as he said that, they saw streams of piss leaving the men”s cocks and spraying the little boy. The 10 year old laughed and giggled as he was drenched from head to toe with hot piss, it seemed as if they would never stop, more and more piss covered the kid and Steve and Billy watched as he opened his little mouth to catch the golden shower and swallow some down. When the men finally stopped pissing, they picked the boy up by his arms and legs, the three of them laughing as they headed to the pool. The two men tossed him in the warm water then jumped in with him.

Things were winding down, everyone had their fill of food and sex and it was time to go. As if on queue, the men and boys took their bins of clothes, got dressed and headed toward the door.

Dan stood at the door, said goodbye and handed each of the men a DVD disc as they left. Steve and Billy were last to leave and Steve asked what was up with the DVD”s.

“Those are video”s I made of last month”s get together, there are close to twenty cameras in the backyard recording everything, I”ll put one together of today”s events and everyone will get a copy next month.”

“Really?” Steve said “I didn”t see any cameras back there.

“Of course you didn”t, that”s my job, remember!” Dan told him and handed him a DVD “This is a special one, the first part is of Billy and Timmy, the second part is you and your son.” he added “Timmy and I can help you guys move your stuff on Tuesday after 5, see you then!”

Steve and Billy got in the car and headed home, both were tired form the sun and sex, and knew they would sleep well tonight.

End of part two!

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