About Me Ch. 09

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It was a Saturday, I had fed everybody, and eaten myself, I was clearing the table, he was still in his seat, watching me, his big fat cock throbbing between his legs, the kids were in front of the TV.

I reached for the plates in front of him, he reached for my soaking pussy, under my poor excuse for a robe, a flimsy, translucent piece of silk he had me wear all day; my naked body completely on display. Between my legs he had me fill my ass and my pussy with two toys, a metal, jewel studded but-plug, weighing more than a quarter pounds, and an anatomically designed ‘pussy filler’ that made my pussy drool with arousal constantly.

I froze, I stood next to him letting him get his fill of feeling me up and playing with my wet crotch, the inside of my wet thighs.

Aroused to my wits ends, I could barely stand the feel of his rough fingers playing with my wet folds. He took his time, running the tips of his fingers all around the two toys he had me insert and wear all day around the house in front of him and the children, for his amusement.

My breathing was shallow, I could barely contain myself with the added stimulation that his fingers were bringing on. I stiffened, and waited, if he made me cum, I wasn’t about to fall over.

He played with me, he drew out the slick drool from between my legs and tickled my mercilessly. I held on.

My breathing quickened, it stopped, I had drawn a deep breath and prepared for the worst. He gave a light squeeze of my crotch and withdrew his hand.

I was about to cum, he felt that I was, and he just let me go. I didn’t cum, I held out, I won!

We were alone at the house all day just the four of us, and he played with me like that, testing my resolve, all day. He wore his own housecoat, if it could be called that, short, like mine, the hem just above his big fat shaven cock.

He shaved himself, like he did me, it made his cock look even bigger and more threatening, and so soft and gentle when he drove it up in me. He had it in my face all day, I knew what he was going to do with it, I resisted the thoughts, for it was the day before Sunday, tomorrow was church.

I took the kids, and almost naked as I was, washed and cleaned them for bed. After running around all day, they almost fell asleep in my arms.

Everything done I turned toward our bedroom with a knot in my stomach. I had watched his throbbing cock all day, he did nothing to calm himself, it seemed to get bigger and bigger as night fell, I knew what he was going to do with it, now that we were alone.

My mother had warned me about men, she was right; men are after just one thing, and I was fighting that one thing as hard as I could.

Now at the end of the day, that one thing was waiting for me at the end of the hall.

Over the past years, he had made me do so many variations of that one thing, I’m certain that my mother never knew in her life just how many of ‘those one things’ there actually were, that my husband would be after from me.

At the same time, he did some things for me, he made our room secluded, it was almost soundproof, so at least no one could hear what was doing to me behind the closed doors of our bedroom. He tried to endear himself to me by telling me, over and over, ‘everything was going to be all right, no one will know’, just before he would close the door.

I walked in, he was naked on the bed waiting for me, on the pillow next to him was my skimpy blindfold. Looking at it my heart jumped, I could close my eyes, tie them up and pretend that nothing was happening.

I walked up to the dresser, took off my light robe and walking naked through the dimly light room, kept flinching away from my naked reflections following me in the mirrors I had him install all over the walls.

I took the thin, silk band and tied it around my eyes, at least I didn’t have to watch what he did to me, I could be safe in the dark, behind the mask.

My eyes shut and covered, I stood naked beside our marital bed. His gentle breathing was like the howling wind in my ears. My eyes were closed and, in the darkness, deep within my mind, I waited, my cunt drooling ever more with anticipation of the things that had come before and would certainly come tonight.

I felt droplets of my ooze run down the inside of my thighs, tickling on their way, I stood and waited, resisting the urge to rub my thighs together.

I heard him shift on the bed, my heart skipped a beat, it was beginning!

He walked up behind me, he took my naked shoulders in his hands and kissed them, he kissed the small of my back, he kissed the sides of my neck and face. He took my tits in the palms of his hands, and as if they were his, he knew just how to kneed them, pinching my nipples, making my knees weak. I stifled a breath of arousal.

He played with my crotch; defiantly, I held my head up and my back straight, I wasn’t going to give in.

He cupped my pussy in the palm of his hand and pinched it, pulling me along, leading me to the pinbahis güvenilirmi bathroom, it was time for me to be cleaned and groomed.

He stood me up next to the toilet bowl, he gently liberated my ass and pussy of the intruders he had me wear all day, and to my relief, he sat me down on the seat.

I let go of my pent-up bowels, I let my pee flood out of me, and, I could breathe again!

He waited, when I was done, he wiped me off, kneeling between my legs, he kissed me on the mouth.

I evaded his lips, it wasn’t the time or the place, he insisted, pressing his soft lips against mine, pushing his sweet tongue against them, licking me, I gave in.

He hugged and kissed me, while I still sat on the toilet, with my ass and pussy just inches over the water in the bowl under me. He played with my wet tortured ass and pussy, right there, above the dirty water of the toilet bowl.

I endured.

I heard him run the water in the sink, he was preparing my enema bag. My stomach knotted again.

The soft music was playing, muffled by the sounds of his preparations, drumming in my ears.

He ran the shower.

He took me under an arm and pulled me into the steaming water, sprawling my hands, he leaned me against the wall, pulled my hips back, making me stick out my ass.

The hot water was running all over my back, I held on to the wall, blindfolded, I threw my head back as he inserted the lubed nozzle deep into me, letting the warm sudsy water fill me up.

He took me in his arms, hugged and kissed me under the hot stream falling over us, then he continued to soap and lather me.

He cleaned me well, he washed every nook and cranny, then he had me empty the sudsy water into the toilet, and he made another batch.

He always cleaned me out well, I would never dirty the sheets, no mater what he did to me and my ass.

He had me spread my legs for him to shave me. My blindfold now wet, had slipped down my face, I could see, under the wet rag over my eyes, as he toiled over me, lovingly.

He picked up my leg and placed it on the built-in step of our shower, making room for himself in the space between them, I spied on him as he spread foam over me and shaved my crotch. The nozzle delivering the rinsing solution for another round was up my ass, the tube running behind me up to the bag hanging over the glass door.

With the shower in his hand, he washed the foam off and licked my wet pussy, checking for stubble with his tongue, throwing me for a spin. I slipped lower in his arms with the new sensations of his mouth on my tortured cunt, just for an instant, before I collected myself.

He had me empty the other load from my bowels, and then he soaped and washed me again, this time it wasn’t about cleaning me, it was all about him touching my wet body, caressing my slick soapy skin, he was just playing with me, enjoying himself, I endured.

My cunt throbbed, now empty, I could feel it grab at his fingers as he tickled the smooth lips covering its entrance.

I could feel my ass constrict involuntarily, itself itching for the toy that it had been ‘chewing’ on all day.

It took all my strength to fight his touch, I did all that I could do to keep my body from falling prey to his relentless stimulation.

He shut off the water, he pulled me out of the shower and had me stand wet and naked in the middle of our bathroom.

He took a dry towel, he collected the drops of water on my skin, he took off my wet blindfold and dried me off.

He dried my long hair, he collected it in a nice pony-tail; like a flash-back, I remembered, seeing him fuck me in the ass, in the reflection of the mirrors around our room, while holding me by my hair, my ass constricted.

I reached for the new, dry blindfold, laying on the counter for me. He had everything prepared!

I heard him squirt lotion on his hands, he warmed it up before he rubbed it into my hot skin, after my bath.

Taking his time, like we were the only two people in the world, he rubbed me down with the sweet-smelling lotion he liked me to wear to bed. I was putty in his hands, on the verge of cooing under his expert touch. But I held out.

The little dark room in my mind was just that, small, dark and cramped, I had confined myself to it for so long, evading his touch, that I was going mad.

I had to open the door to that little room at some point, I had opened my eyes, and through the little door, through the darkness clouding my mind, from under the blindfold that I wore, out in the distance, I could see our reflection in the bathroom mirror, as he groomed me, I could see the love in his eyes while he touched my naked skin, toying with me.

I fought with what I saw, with what I felt, and I fought for what my mother had told me was right. I fought with my own body, I fought with my mind; coaxed out by his pleasing touch, I crawled out of my little room, into the darkness around me, thinking about what he pinbahis yeni giriş had told me before, ‘no one knows, no one will know, everything is going to be all right’.

I looked around us, the slight weave of the silk hardly impeding my vision, the lights were dimmed, soft music was playing, the bed was made for a queen; we were alone, no one knew, no one will know, I took a deep breath as he led me to our bed.

He laid me down on the bed, over the pillows and cushions waiting there, he propped me up, face down, ass up. He tied my wrists and ankles to the four posts at the four corners of our bed and threw himself all over my body, kissing and caressing me.

I watched his strong naked body cover mine, I felt him all over my skin, he was like a steamroller, pent-up arousal had him hard ever since I had walked into the room, probably an hour ago, his hard manhood poking me at every turn.

It was time.

He was going to have his way with me, whether I wanted it or not. Tied up, I couldn’t resist, no matter how much I knew that I had to.

He took great pleasure in watching me naked all day, touching me, arousing me, keeping me wound-up; while I, successfully, fought the pleasure that his machinations were delivering to my troubled body and soul, but now, unrestrained, he was going to have one last go at me before bed, to press on the catch that held me so tightly strung.

I was driven out of the safety of my mind by arousal, I was out of my safe little dark room, now watching everything that he was doing to me, feeling his every touch sinfully burning my skin, in the privacy of our bedroom, he told me repeatedly, that I was safe here too.

So, I was watching again, through the silky grain of my blindfold the reflections of our images all around us, like who knows how many times before, while he did whatever he wanted with me.

It was just another Saturday. It was about the middle of the evening now, having been cleaned thoroughly and groomed, I was propped up sidelong, in the middle of our bed, my head was on his side of the bed and my legs and feet were on mine.

Pillows and cushions were all around me, my ass was up in the air propped up on a cushion, my face was on the clean sheet, my arms and legs were spread to each corner of the bed, secured. I had my silky lace blindfold on.

Up my cunt, two small vibrating eggs were purring away and my ass was stuffed with the foot and a half long, double ended black silicone rubber dong. I could tell, that just the bulbous head was poking out, because the ridge of the other crown was pushed up against my sphincter, an Lord was I full!

My breathing was fast and shallow, my head was in a whirl, my pussy was drooling uncontrollably, as a pussy does when it’s all excited like mine was, and I just lay there feeling it all.

He picked up my chin, my mouth opened instinctively, my tongue covered my lower teeth, he placed the tip of his cock on it.

Automatically I licked it, I closed my lips around it and kissed it, drawing the slick sweet juice out of it.

He held his cock in place, while I spread the slippery ooze over the whole crown.

Slowly he pushed it in, sliding it over my tongue and back, I coated it meticulously, he pushed in, I coated, he fucked, I closed my eyes, he went deeper.

He hit my throat, pulled back, I licked frantically, pulling on my straps, bobbing my head, sucking on it, my whole-body throbbing on the bed, he pushed in.

I took him to the hilt. He was breathing hard.

I moaned.

He bent over me, he took the protruding dong by its head and slid it out of me, I whined, I needed it, I wanted it back!

Bent over me, his cock deep in my throat, my nose rubbing his stomach, his balls hitting my chin, he fucked my ass with the long rubber shlong.

I squealed in pleasure. I heard myself squeal; I had that pang deep in my soul.

Our bedroom was a soundproof dungeon. I could scream my lungs out and no one could hear me.

I had come out of the small dark room of my mind and into our bedroom, he drew me out, with his fingers, with his toys, with his gentle touch, and now I couldn’t take it anymore, and now I screamed!

He was fucking me in the ass with a half a yard of fake cock, the day before church, he was fucking my throat with his big fat cock, so, sure as fucking hell, I was going to fucking scream!

May god forgive me.

I could feel every inch of the rubber tube slipping in and out of my ass, making my knees weak. I could feel every bump and pore of his cock in my mouth slipping over my lips and tongue, drooling the fucking lubrication and slipping in with less and less effort down my throat, making me swallow it and slobber all over the sheets.

I was tied to the bed, helpless, I was being fucked senseless, all I could do was scream; no one could hear me, so no one will know, and he said that everything was going to be all right, so I screamed!

And I screamed, my cries pinbahis giriş muffled by his cock in my mouth; I could see light around me, I could see myself in the mirrors on the walls, I could watch him as he did all those things, he wanted to do to me, and I could scream, while did those things, on the day before church.

Then the phone rang.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my face up, he took the phone and answered, his cock throbbing in my throat.

I was silent, gagging and gulping, no one must know!

“What!?!” he answered the phone angrily.

“So? Deal with it!” He said.

“And?… Yes!… What?!?”

“I’m balls deep working here! I can’t come now!” He said fuming, pumping in and out of my mouth.

“OK. Tell them that I’m coming! Yes, I’ll be there!” He said and hung up the phone.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, he hadn’t cum, I licked and sucked, clamping down on the retreating cock, but there was nothing for me, he was pulling away.

He untied just one of my hands, he kissed my face and left.

“You can take care of the rest, I have to go, it’s urgent. I’ll be here tomorrow, probably. If you must, call me.” He said from the door, just leaving me there in my own sweat and drool in the middle of the bed and with the long dong sticking out of my ass.

He closed the door.

Everything was going to be all right. He promised! I thought, looking at my drooling face in the mirror in front of me.

I sunk into the cushions and pillows, my muscles relaxed, except for my ass that was twitching around the rubber dick and my pussy throbbing under the sensations of the vibrating eggs.

My mind was a mush, he had left me halfway up to my orgasmic plateau, my hips undulating for stimulation, my cunt drooling like a fountain, I lay there, I fell asleep, my ass and pussy pounding and twitching.

Halfway through the night I woke up, my cunt a wet mess and the pillow I was placed upon thoroughly soaked.

I undid my restraints, I pulled out the vibes hastily, my pussy sore, I slid up to the headboard, with the dong still in me.

Am I allowed to pull it out? I asked myself. I was conditioned well, I hadn’t cum even after everything, I could take so much more.

I lay on my pillow the head of the dong poking the bed under me, arousing me with my every move.

No, I’m not allowed, not while it’s still arousing me, I concluded.

I touched my poor sobbing cunt, ooooh how I could stop its weeping. With my fingers on the button, and a couple halfway in, I stopped myself.

I’m not allowed to touch myself. It’s not right, it’s not proper!

But I’m alone!

But I’m not allowed.

I fought with myself.

My fingers still buried as deep as they could go, a few flicks of my wrist and I could sleep happily.

But I’m not allowed to touch myself, only he is… only he can make me cum; I am a proper woman, I do not touch myself, I don’t need this, I am good and proper… I can resist…

I fought through the next hours, the door closed, the blinds drawn, on the bed with the door to the dark room of my mind left wide open, I was out, unconfined, I was safe, no one knew, no one can know, no one will know!

The soft sensual music was still playing.

Lost int the fog of sexual arousal, my fingers slowly reached my throbbing sex, my hips undulating, pressing the backdoor intruder into me making me squint in pleasure. When I touched my folds gingerly, a spark like lightning flew through my mind.

I searched for those tender places on my body, that he knew so well to find, and touched them, gently.

Softly I stroked my troubled cunt, it opened up for me, there were places in and around it that were made for my fingers, and I found them.

I bucked on the bed, I grabbed the dong and pulled on it.

Oooooh the pleasure!

I pulled it out slowly, it took ages, marvelous ages as I slid it out of me, while my fingers played music on my twat, my cunt, my pussy, my beaver, my muff, my snatch,… MY FUCK HOLLE!

Oooooh the pleasure!

Fuck, Fuck, FUCKKKKK! I screamed to myself in my lonely tower as I fucked myself, and no one knew.

The violating rubber cock was out of me, on the bed between my legs, my flower weeping in my hand, my whole body in fever. My ass hollow. Empty for the first time in ages.

It didn’t feel right.

Gently I pressed the blooming mushroom head back to where it belongs, my ass swallowed it instantly.

I pushed.

I gasped.

Ooooooh the pleasure!

My hand slapping my lower lips frantically and the other sodomizing myself with that precious studded prick, beads of sweet, sweet, sweat ran down my face, I slapped my cunt, I fucked my ass and I screamed in delight! And, no one knew, and everything was all right…

With half the fake dick up my ass, I fell asleep, wasted, but finally sated.

I woke up Sunday morning, my ass and cunt sore, with that thing sticking out of me, lying naked and alone in the middle of my bed, around me the remnants of last night’s games. Lube, toys, ropes, camera, were all strewn about the room, my body slick with my own cream and sweat, the sheets ruined.

He wasn’t home to clean it up, to clean me up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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