Abbie and Todd

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Author Note:

This is a brother, sister incest story but the younger brother also has a panty fetish.


My name is Todd, and I grew up in a family with four older sisters and was fixated by their nylons and pantyhose. I’m not sure, why but I couldn’t take my eyes off their legs when they wore them.

Eventually, I needed to know how they felt and stole a pair of panties from my youngest sister, Abbie. They felt amazing, so smooth and soft!

Then I started noticing girls in high school and women in public who wore nylons. It was like my brain was wired to notice nylon-clad legs.

By the time I was eighteen, I was a nylon addict and started masturbating with Abbie’s panties. The silky-smooth material felt heavenly against my dick, and my addiction grew worse.

One day, I shaved my legs and groin, stole a pair of Abbie’s pantyhose, and put them on. The sheer feeling of the material felt exquisite against my smooth, shaved skin. I started wearing Abbie’s stockings around the house under my clothes. I loved running my hands over my smooth hosiery-clad legs and ass.

Then I got bold and started wearing Abbie’s panties and nylons out in public under my clothes. The illicit naughtiness of the act and the sensual feeling of the material against my skin made my cock rock hard.

Abbie’s panty drawer was a goldmine. She was only two years older than me, and her pantyhose and panties fit me the best, and looked hot!

But I got sloppy.

To remove the evidence, I always rinsed my cum out of Abbie’s clothes. But one day, my buddy called after I spurted before I rinsed, and I got distracted and headed out. Abbie was waiting in my room, holding her soiled panties, when I returned.

Abbie was two years older than me and my favorite sister. My other sisters were a lot older and were ‘girlie’ girls, whereas Abbie was a tomboy when she was younger, and we played together. Abbie wasn’t a tomboy anymore, though, and was pretty easy on the eyes. She was 5’10” and blonde with nice tits and legs that went on forever. Imagine a hot Norwegian blonde. And she always dressed to thrill in tight pants that look painted on and tight shirts.

Anyway, she’d entered my room to borrow my stapler and noticed her soiled underwear on my bed. Oops! Not good! She was furious and confronted me. I was so stunned I didn’t even try to lie to her. She calmed down after I apologized profusely and explained my embarrassing obsession. By the end of my groveling, she almost looked sympathetic.

Fortunately, she didn’t tell anyone, although she warned me firmly about wearing her stuff. The next day, there was a three-pack of sheer pantyhose under my pillow. She’d forgiven me. Whew!

I was too embarrassed to buy my own panties and nylons, but I had a part-time job and money, so I asked Abbie if she would buy them for me. Abbie disliked our oldest sister Nancy and grinned wickedly and suggested using Nancy’s lingerie if I ran short. But I didn’t like wearing Nancy’s panties. She had a big butt, and they didn’t look good on me. Every once in a while, Abbie gifted me with a pair of her panties. The fact that they’d been on her hot body always made my cock rock hard.

One day, Abbie came into my room with an evil grin on her face and locked the door. Then she pulled a pair of sheer red panties out of her pocket and told me to try them on. I resisted. I didn’t like red panties! But she persisted. I told her to turn around, but she refused and told me she’d already seen my little dick growing up.

My ‘little’ dick wasn’t so little anymore, so I smiled and pulled my pants down, and Abbie’s eyes popped out of her head.

“Holy shit, Todd! You’ve grown! Now I definitely want to see them on you! And your legs and groin are smooth. Do you shave yourself?”

I smiled and nodded my head yes and pulled the panties up. They were super soft and snug and felt wonderful against the sensitive underside of my dick.

“Turn around!” Abbie commanded.

I turned around, and she caressed my panty-clad ass cheeks.

“Nice ass, bro! You look hot in these!”

Then she reached out and squeezed my dick through her panties.

“Very nice!”


Abbie became a frequent visitor to my bedroom. She liked to see my cock and ass adorned in sheer materials. She even bought me a pair of seamless pantyhose which hugged my body like a second skin. They looked and felt great!

Abbie loved to watch me stroke my dick, and sometimes she pulled her panties down and masturbated beside me. It was super hot! I wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy, but the view was very stimulating!

I was sad when Abbie got married and moved out. We’d always been close, and she was the only one that knew about and accepted my secret. Fortunately, she invited me to her apartment when Alan, her hubby, was out with his buddies. It seemed like he had a lot of buddy nights for someone who was just married. Oh, well! His absence was my gain! Abbie and I continued our dress-up routine. Abbie looked scorching hot in nylons, and eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar we masturbated together. I guess she missed me too! It was great!

Abbie started mentioning me to her girlfriends. She told them I was handsome, friendly, and had a nice dick. I hate to brag, but I’ve built up a good reputation with the ladies, in and out of bed, and have no shortage of women to go out with.

I didn’t like Abbie’s husband. I don’t know why. He treated me okay, but I just didn’t like him. I had a bad feeling about him. I didn’t say anything to Abbie, though, because she loved him.

Abbie was thrilled when she got pregnant, although Alan didn’t seem enthused. I started to visit Abbie more often because I wanted to see how she was doing. She appreciated my visits because Alan was frequently out and rarely helped around the house. When Abbie started to get big, I helped out when I visited.

Mom said rubbing vitamin E into your tummy prevented stretch marks, so I bought some and gave it to Abbie. She already had some and applied it every day but appreciated my thoughtfulness. Then she pulled her t-shirt up, exposing her round belly, smiled, and asked if I’d like to cream her.

I felt honored and slowly rubbed the cream into her soft skin, making sure to do a good job. It’s the first time I ever touched Abbie outside of hugs, and it was a very sensual experience. When I looked up, Abbie was looking at me lovingly.

“You’re going to make a great hubby someday. Alan hasn’t touched me in a while. He says he’s worried about hurting the baby, which is retarded! I’m pretty sure the baby enjoyed what you just did because I sure did!”

I felt embarrassed but pleased. After that, I rubbed cream into Abbie’s belly every time I visited.

One day when Abbie was eight months pregnant, she had on a thin nighty when I came over. She lay back on the couch while I massaged the cream into her tummy. I was methodically applying the cream when I noticed Abbie’s eyes were closed and her nipples were hard. I went to stop, but she took my hand and moved it to her left nipple. She moaned when I started creaming her nipple. Then she moved my hand to her right nipple and moaned again when I creamed that one. Then she moved my other hand under her panties. They were drenched! She groaned when I touched her pussy and came quickly with a shudder.

She sighed and lay there for a minute and then opened her eyes.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that, but Alan hasn’t touched me in a while, and your fingers felt heavenly. Are you okay?”

I was more than okay and grinned like a fool. It was the most sensual experience of my life!

I mumbled stupidly. “If you ever need to be touched again, let me know.”

She smiled lovingly at me. “What a sweetheart you are!”

Oddly enough, the bigger Abbie’s tummy got, the more she appreciated our dress-up days. She felt unattractive (she said she looked like a cow), but I thought her lingerie-clad pregnant figure was super sexy, and she couldn’t deny the effect her body had on my dick. My blood-engorged cock got huge looking at Abbie, which was good for her ego.

Asshole Alan was ‘out’ when Abbie’s water broke, so she called me. I told mom and dad, and we picked her up and took her to the hospital. Abbie was constantly calling Alan, but he was missing in action.

Mom was in the delivery room with Abbie and came out occasionally to give us updates. The good news was Abbie’s contractions were getting closer. The bad news was Abbie was too far along when she came in to get an epidural. No pain relief!

I was a nervous wreck and wanted to be in the room to support Abbie, but I knew it wasn’t my place. Mom took a washroom break, and dad was snoozing in the waiting room, so I wandered down by the delivery room. Just then, a large nurse named Olga came out and gave me a dirty look.

“Are you the father!” She asked in a stern East European accent.

I gulped in fear which she interpreted as yes. She took my arm, and suddenly, I was in the delivery room! Whoa! Not good! Abbie looked horrible. Then mom returned and gave me a ‘what the hell are you doing’ look. I was about to hightail my ass out when Abbie screamed in pain and grabbed my hand so hard I thought it would break. Holy shit! I wasn’t ready for this! But Abbie wasn’t loosening her grip, so I sat down beside her.

It was brutal! Abbie moaned and screamed for hours, and she looked exhausted. Her sweaty hair was plastered to her face, and her eyes looked like they were in a faraway place. The nurse kept telling Abbie to push harder, but Abbie didn’t have any juice left.

“PUSH!” The nurse yelled one last time. “The babies almost out! You can do it!”

Abbie scrunched up her face and gave one last push, and the baby came out. Thank God!

And then the baby cried. Thank God!

They cleaned Amanda and lay her on Abbie to bond, and Abbie smiled weakly but lovingly at her daughter. Abbie looked at mom, and then she looked at me. I must have looked ill sincan escort bayan because she grinned and thanked me and said I could leave. I looked at mom, who was still scowling at me and left in a hurry.

Thirty minutes later, asshole Alan showed up looking glassy-eyed with alcohol on his breath. He got the evil eye from mom and dad. Good!

Alan went to see Abbie and came out ten minutes later, offering dad and me cigars. Ten minutes? That’s all the time he could spare for Abbie? We turned his offer down. He didn’t deserve to celebrate with us. What the fuck had he done! We supported Abbie during her delivery. He wasn’t even there.

The birth of Amanda was the beginning of the end of Alan.

Abbie didn’t complain about Alan being out before they had Amanda because she had her own girl nights, and of course, she liked visiting me and mom and dad.

But it was a different story after Amanda arrived. Abbie expected Alan to pull his weight, but he didn’t. He was still out all the time and hardly helped when he was home and had yet to change a diaper. Abbie was pissed. They started fighting. The last straw was when a friend of Abbie’s forwarded a photo of Alan with another woman in an intimate embrace. Abbie had enough and moved back home with Amanda.

I was delighted, and Amanda got smothered in attention from everyone. I even changed the occasional diaper, but I preferred feeding her. She looked happy when I fed her but smelled bad when I changed her. After several months, Abbie went back to her dental technician job. She cleaned teeth and assisted the dentists.

One night, Abbie entered my room, locked the door, and grinned at me.

“Do you know what happened today, little brother?”

I didn’t know.

“I woke up horny. I haven’t been aroused in months!”

Then she pulled a sexy pair of panties out of her pocket. They were quite lovely with black lace and felt super soft.

“Drop your drawers, little brother! It’s playtime!”

I dropped my drawers, and Abbie yanked my undies off and shimmied the panties up my legs and over my smooth ass and cock until everything was snuggly in place.

Then she lay beside me on the bed and lifted her t-shirt, exposing her breasts, and kicked her track pants off, revealing a sheer black thong.

She looked at me, and her eyes were on fire.

“I’m so fucking horny I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin! I need help!”

She rubbed the sensitive underside of my dick with her hand.

“Does that feel good, little bro?”

I nodded yes.

“Good! Then return the favor!”

Abbie spread her legs, and I slid my fingers under her thong. Her pussy was slick with arousal.

Abbie sighed in pleasure when I started to finger her, and she rubbed my cock harder. Then she shifted and stuffed a nipple in my mouth, and I began to suck.

“FUCK! That feels good! Harder! Finger me harder! Suck my other nipple.”

Abbie had extracted my cock and was stroking it hard. It felt heavenly, and I wasn’t going to last long. Abbie started to moan as I sucked her nipple and fingered her pussy.

“Hmmm! Keep going! Harder! Hmmm! Harder! Faster! YESSSSSS!!!!!!”

Abbie orgasmed, and I spurted. We spasmed in unison until our contractions subsided and then rested contently, facing each other.

“Thanks, Todd! I needed that bad!”

Abbie grabbed my hand and began to lick her cum off my fingers. Then she held her hand up. Strands of my white junk joined her fingers like semen spider webs. She licked two of her fingers like a cat cleaning herself and then offered her hand to me.

“Want a taste? It’s your junk. Don’t you want to see what you taste like? I licked my junk off your fingers.”

I reluctantly licked a glob of my semen and rolled it around in my mouth. It was okay. There wasn’t much taste, and it had the texture of tapioca pudding.

Abbie grinned at me, “Want more?”

She pushed her hand closer, and I took a lick, and then she took a lick. Then she shocked me. She pinched my cheeks until my mouth opened and stuck her tongue in, along with semen from her mouth. My sister actually tongued me! Holy fuck!

I tried to tongue her back, but she pulled away.

She gave me a sexy grin. “Not tonight! Maybe some other night, but not tonight!”

She pulled her pants up and her shirt down and sashayed out of the room, swaying her hips grinning at me.

“Sleep tight, little bro, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! I’ll be back another night! My pussy has awoken!”

Holy fuck! My mind was racing, remembering what she said.

“I’ll be back another night!!!!”

“My pussy has awoken!!!!”

My cock twitched, and I started wanking myself again with Abbie’s silky smooth panties.


“You’re looking chipper lately, Abbie.”

Abbie smiled. “I’m feeling great, mom!”

“Any particular reason?”

“Well, I’m making money again, which is nice. And Amanda is waking up less at night, so I’m getting more sleep. And Todd takes care of her about half the time gölbaşı sınırsız escort she wakes up.”

“He does?”

“Yup! I wait to see if he gets up after she cries, and he does about half the time. I get up if he doesn’t.”

“Abbie! You shouldn’t be asking Todd to get up in the night to take care of Amanda. He’s not her father.”

“Mom, I didn’t ask him. He gets up on his own. Her whimpers seemed to be finely calibrated for his ears. Plus, he’s smitten with her. She’s already wrapped him around her little finger. You should see her when he picks her up. A big smile spreads across her face and his.”

“It’s just gas, Abbie. She’s young.”

“It’s not gas, mom. I’ve seen her gas look. It’s love!”

“How can you tell?”

“It’s not just her smile. It’s in her eyes, mom. Her eyes light up when he holds her. Loving eyes are not gas. She knows Todd has fallen for her.”

“So Todd feeds her and changes her diapers?”


“Amazing! Who would have thought Todd would be good with babies. He never showed any interest in your sister’s babies.”

“Well, Todd and I are close, and he did watch me give birth.”

“Yes! I noticed him in the delivery room!” She said with a frown.

“It was an accident, mom, but I was glad you were both there. I was exhausted, and when I saw him and grabbed his hand, it gave me the support I needed to continue. It should have been Alan, but it wasn’t, and I’ll never forget who was there in my hour of need. Hell! It was hours and hours of need! Why didn’t you tell me how brutal it would be?”

“Because, if you knew ahead of time, your sweet little girl might not exist!”


I never used to think about Todd sexually. He was just my brother. I knew he was good-looking but never thought about his looks.

I did now.

He had a rugged manly look without even trying. He was six feet tall with sandy blonde hair, a five-o’clock shadow, broad shoulders, a flat tummy, a curvy butt, and muscled legs.

But he wasn’t macho manly. In fact, he was soft-spoken and very gentle, which I liked. And it made my heart melt seeing how good he was with Amanda.

He was also low-key. He didn’t care about most things and didn’t sweat the details, which I liked because I was the opposite. But, if he did care about something, he did what he wanted regardless of what anyone else thought, which I respected. Does that make sense? I liked the idea that Todd didn’t care about most things and would defer to me in general because I was used to him deferring to me as his older sister. But I wanted him to let me know if he felt strongly about something. It made sense to me!

And oddly enough, his cross-dressing made me respect and love him even more because he wasn’t afraid to display his inner self with me. He trusted me with his secret.

And my GOD! He looked fucking HOT in pantyhose!

Think about most women. They wear tight clothing to show off their bodies. But most guys don’t, so it’s hard to see their stuff.

Now, think about the form-fitting tights that male ballerinas wear. You can see EVERYTHING! You can see how big their cocks are. You can see how curvy their asses are, and you can see how muscled their legs are! It’s great!

I can see EVERYTHING when Todd wears his pantyhose. He’s my in-house ballerina! I can see his muscled legs! I can see his buns of steel, and I can see his gorgeous cock!

I buy his pantyhose and deliberately get ones that are tight and sheer so that I can see his stuff.

We’ve been playing doctor for a while in his room. He shows me his panty-clad stuff, and I show him mine, and we masturbate together.

It used to be enough, but it’s not anymore. I love him differently now. He’s not just my brother. He’s the person who visited me when I was pregnant and creamed my tummy. He’s the person who stayed with me in the delivery room even though he looked ill. He’s the person who dotes on my daughter like a daddy.

He’s everything I want in a man, and he’s hot!

My girlfriends tell me he’s good in bed, and they say he’s receptive to suggestions which is priceless in a lover because every female is different. We all have our preferences. So, no matter how experienced you are, you need to listen to your sexual partners to find out what THEY like and not get your ego bent out of shape when someone makes a suggestion.

And I’m horny again! My pussy was dormant for months because of Amanda, but it’s wide awake now and back with a vengeance! I’m frigging horny all the time. It’s very distracting!

But I don’t want to start dating. I still feel burned by Alan. I thought I knew him better. But I didn’t. And I don’t want to waste time and money finding someone else to like and trust and love. Why would I want to do that when I already know someone I like and trust and love, and he loves me.

There’s a problem, though. It’s too risky doing things with Todd at home. We lock the door, but sooner or later, we’ll get caught.

So, I have an idea. I’m a dental assistant, and Todd works as an assistant manager at a locally owned hardware store. He’s very handy and started working there part-time at sixteen and has worked his way up. Todd has been saving money for a mortgage down-payment, but he’s not there yet. But between the two of us, we could get a two-bedroom apartment and still save money.

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