A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 05

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After another hour of winding down from his canine orgasm, Damian slipped back into human form and fell asleep on his bed. The exhaustion he felt from having had sex and forcefully shifted into his new moon form had taken its toll.

Crystal slowly shut the door to his room and let him sleep. As she headed down the stairs she pulled out her phone and dialed out.

“Riley, hey. You won’t believe what I just did.” Crystal giggled.

“Did you really fuck him in wolf form?” Riley asked.

“Hell yes I did.” Crystal replied, “it was amazing.”

“Better than his human form?” Riley asked.

“Umm…perhaps different rather than better. It felt different and holy shit can he cum.” Crystal said.

“How much?”

“I don’t know exactly but it was a lot.”

“You are so lucky.” Riley said jealously. “I wish I could have sex with a wolf.”

“Sorry Riley. Maybe there’s a primal out there looking for you.” Crystal said sympathetically.

“Wouldn’t that be something.” Riley huffed; “do you know how many times I masturbated to that video last night?”

“Ummm…two?” Crystal guessed.

“Six Crystal. Six times! I need to be fucked badly.”

“Well I mean…I suppose Damian could do you.” Crystal said hesitantly.

“Sorry Hun, he is all yours. I can feel the mark he has left on you. I need a wolf who hasn’t claimed anyone yet.” Riley replied.

“Well I’ll ask around. See if anyone in the pack is available.” Crystal said.

“Would you? Thanks a ton.”

“Not a problem. Oh are you working today?” Crystal asked.

“Yeah I’m about to head in now.” Riley replied.

“Please tell her I’ll be in for the evening shift.”

“Gonna try and squeeze in another sex session before work?” Riley chuckled.

“After the pounding he gave me I don’t think so. No, I want to keep an eye on him. The day after and before the new moon are always crucial. Sometimes his primal likes to take hold.”

“Oh, that’s scary.” Riley said.

“It can be, anyways I’ll be in tonight. I’ll see you then.”

“Okay, bye.” Riley said and hung up.

Susanne sat in her office finishing up paperwork for the end of her shift. Her whole day had drifted by and most of her day had been spent thinking about her son. A part of her was concerned about how he would continue adjusting to the Fenrir gene. Not all shifters, especially wolves, were able to handle the immense amount of stress it placed on the body.

The other part of her though, couldn’t help but think about fucking her son. Her mind drifted back to his massive cock which had been practically pouring out enough cum to fill up a bathtub. Susanne knew she had to do something. She needed to be honest, not just with her son but also with herself.

She deserved to know what it would feel like and Damian deserved to know the truth about her feelings too. The idea had been torturing her for the better part of three years. After he had graduated high school she couldn’t help but see him as a full grown man. He was the near mirror image of his father but he was much more than that.

Susanne pulled out her phone and hit the number two speed dial.

“Hey mom.” Crystal answered.

“Hey sweetie. How is it going?”

“Good. Damian is still asleep and I’m getting ready for work. You going to be home soon?” Crystal asked.

Susanne hadn’t anticipated having the chance to be alone with her son. Normally the day before and after the new moon they stayed with Damian to ensure the Fenrir primal wouldn’t take sudden hold.

“Umm mom? Still there?” Crystal asked.

“What? Yeah…I’m here. I’ll be home in half an hour.”

“See you then mom.” Crystal hung up the phone and Susanne slid hers into her pocket. She felt a rush of exhilaration knowing that she would be home, all alone with her son.

Crystal stood queenbet güvenilirmi outside of the window and waited for her mom to pull in. Once she did, she unlocked the front door and walked out and hugged her mom.

“I’ll be home by ten. Call me if anything happens.” Crystal said and got into her car and drove off.

Susanne hurried into the house and took off her shoes, jacket and then continued taking off her pants and shirt and bra. She felt so strange but so excited to be walking up to her son, completely naked and vulnerable.

She walked up the stairs and pushed open his door to find him on his back asleep and also very naked.

Susanne stopped in the middle of his room and just stared at her son. He was tall and broad and rippling with muscles. Her own primal responded to her desires, now that she was within a few paces of him, her desire for him propelled her forward. Susanne dropped to her knees beside his bed and caressed his body with her eyes.

She could smell his manly scent, even after he had showered. Her eyes scanned across his broad chest and shoulders and down his toned abdomen and deep cut waist and then stopped. She leaned in and looked at his cock. This was her son’s penis, her own flesh and blood.

Susanne could feel her heart pound in her chest and the sound of it was like drums in her ears. She leaned forward and kissed the top of his penis. It pulsed briefly and she leaned down and licked it slowly. Damian shifted and groaned in his sleep but didn’t wake up. Susanne took his cock in her hands and engulfed it.

Damian’s eyes went wide and he sat up to find his mother at the edge of his bed. Her mouth firmly over his cock and her lips tight around the head of his penis. Damian was surprised and confused and…aroused. Susanne felt frozen in place as her son gave her a series of looks but all she could think about was how good it felt to have her son finally.

She closed her eyes and started sucking his stiffening cock. Damian could hardly believe what he was seeing and feeling. He had always thought that his mother looked gorgeous and there were times when he had thought about touching her. However he had never thought that she saw him as anything other than her son.

Possibilities suddenly swam through his mind as he fell back on his arms and let his mother suck his cock. Susanne slowly drew his cock into her mouth and licked him with her long flat tongue and then slowly pulled away. Drops of precum oozed out onto her tongue as she started sucking him harder.

Within several minutes of sucking him he had gone from a few inches to at least seven inches of hard thick cock and Susanne was nearly deep throating him in her excitement. Damian groaned as his mother used her mouth and hands and tongue simultaneously. If it wasn’t for his rigid control over himself he would have cum already. Susanne slowed as her jaw began to ache and her neck began to strain.

Damian sat up, took her head in his hands and started forcefully fucking her mouth and throat. Susanne’s eyes went wide with surprise at her son’s sudden force of control. She looked up at him to find that he was smiling down at her. She relaxed into him and took in the feeling of his cock as it slid down her throat.

Damian let loose a low growl as he felt the tightness around his cock from her throat which caused him to only want to go faster. He took control of his urges though and slowly pulled out. Both mother and son stopped and looked at one another.

“Mom?” He asked.

Susanne felt that sudden grip of fear but she couldn’t resist her urges and desires. The truth fell from her lips like water from a faucet.

“I love you Damian! I want you the way any woman wants a man but…I want to be yours.” She staggered trying to let her mind catch up to her mouth. “I want queenbet yeni giriş to be yours…all I’ve been thinking about is you Damian.”

He sat on the bed and looked at his mom. She was his mother, she had raised him and fed him. That didn’t change the fact that she was a beautiful woman. A part of him had always thought of how nice it would be to feel her and have sex with her. There was another part though that wanted more than sex. Damian struggled with just how much information to tell his mom.

“Mom?” He asked.

Susanne looked up at him with hope filled eyes that waited eagerly for his next words.

“I want you.” He growled. “I’ve always wanted you. I just never thought that there would come a day when you wanted me too.”

Susanne had never felt so much happiness and elation in her life as she fell forward and embraced her son.

“I do want you Damian. I need you, I crave and love you.” She said.

“What about Crystal?” Damian asked.

“What about your sister? She doesn’t have to know about this right now. We can keep this between us.”

Damian was going to elaborate on his question but decided to wait.

Instead, he got up and walked over to his closet and pulled out a black trunk suitcase. He clicked open the lock and Susanne’s eyes went wide as she looked upon toys. Dozens and dozens of adult sexual toys. Plugs and vibrators and hooks and an assortment of things that she had never thought her son would have.

“Mom? We can take this slow for now if you’d like. But this-” he gestured to the box; “-this is what I enjoy.”

Susanne looked into the trunk and then back at her son.

“You like…kinky stuff?” She asked.

“BDSM is what I enjoy.” He smiled. “I enjoy binding and using and fucking and hurting and pleasuring. I love it all. Eventually I want you to see how much I can love you too, but we can take it slow.”

She looked over at the trunk and then back at her son. She had thought about what it might be like to be a person’s toy. The thought had always intrigued her but what she really wanted, was to feel and be with her son. As if Damian had heard her own thoughts he closed and locked the trunk and slid it back into the closet.

“Lay down mom.” He said in an almost commanding voice.

Susanne laid on her back with her legs open and watched as Damian crawled up between her thighs and started kissing her pussy. She couldn’t help but moan as his lips and tongue parted her loose labia. She felt his strong hands pull her thick thighs apart for a better more complete access to her vagina.

Damian licked her wet pussy from sphincter to clitoris and then back down. He loved the way she flinched every time he licked her sphincter. Susanne couldn’t control her whine each time his tongue ran over her aroused clitoris. Damian kissed up her pussy and parted his lips and started sucking her clitoris; lashing it with his flexible tongue.

Susanne has never felt such oral pleasure as she felt her son’s tongue flog her clitoris over and over.

“Oh god son, it feels incredible.” She whined.

Damian sucked on her clitoris harder and flogged it faster. Her climax skyrocketed as he sucked harder. Her orgasm was like a speeding train and there was no way of stopping it.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum baby! I’m cumming!” She moaned and her thighs clenched around his head as she orgasmed in his face.

Damian lapped up her cum and with each lick she shivered from over sensitivity. Susanne laid on the floor just breathing trying to wrap her head around how her son, not even twenty five had given her possibly the best orgasm of her life. Before she could think though, she felt Damian moved up and his cock slid along the outside of her pussy.

Her body quivered as his stiff cock slid between her labia and over her clitoris. queenbet giriş Damian enjoyed how amazing it felt to touch her and tease her; but he wasn’t satisfied with just that. Damian slid back and as he moved forward, his cock opened her wet vagina and slid in. Susanne’s eyes went wide with surprise and her mouth gaped as she felt his cock enter her.

Damian couldn’t contain his groan as he slid inside his mother’s pussy. He had fucked his sister dozens of times but his mother felt completely different. An excitement rushed over Damian and he began fucking her faster than he had originally intended. Susanne was blown away as her son began plunging himself deeper and harder into her.

“Oh god baby you feel incredible!” She gasped.

Damian shifted his hips and leaned up and pushed in and pressed his cock against her cervix. Susanne let out a scream of pleasure as he began pounding her tight cervix. She had forgotten what it was like to feel that kind of painful pleasure. Her body remembered it though and it knew how much it loved it.

Susanne tightened her grip around Damian but in a single motion he snatched both her wrists and pinned them above her head. With just as much ease he moved his legs up and pinned her thighs to her hips. Susanne was immobile, completely at the mercy of her son and something inside of her loved it.

“Oh my god Damian! I’m…Im gonna cum!” She shouted as her climax shot upward after being pinned down.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” She moaned and Damian felt her pussy tighten around him. Her cervix opened up and he couldn’t help but start fucking her cervix hard. Susanne’s moan turned into a scream as he started pounding her cervix with unrelenting speed and strength like he had decided to punish her.

“Holy fuck! Don’t stop! Oh fuck yes! I’m gonna cum!”

Damian could feel her cervix contract around his cock and as her pussy tightened his need to cum burned in his balls. There wasn’t any stopping it he realized as he kept pounding her.

“I’m going to…cum too.” He snarled. Damian switched his position and pinned his arms above her shoulders and Susanne realized she was now absolutely pinned with restricted movement.

As he pounded her insides her body didn’t shift forward, it was stuck between his arms and legs and his cock struck her with maximum force.

“Oh my god!” She screamed into her orgasm. After several seconds her orgasm didn’t stop. It stayed steady as he pounded her cervix over and over and over. Damian felt the immense need to cum rise up and his primal inserted itself.

His canines fell off and were replaced with long fangs, a second set grew from his lower jaw and his eyes shifted to a bright blue. Damian howled and leaned down and sank his teeth into her neck and bit hard. Damian could feel the heavy and fast beating of her heart through his teeth and against his lips.

Susanne gasped in absolute terrifying pleasure as her son sank his teeth into her skin. Her continuous orgasm spiked up and at the same moment, Damian unloaded inside of her. She felt his thick cock expand and pulsate inside of her as he continued unloading his thick cum inside of her pussy.

“That’s right baby. Cum inside mommy.” She whispered as she stroked his hair even as he bit into her neck. After at least five minutes his primal receded and his teeth shrank away and new human teeth grew back. If it were not for the coagulating toxin of werewolf saliva she would have bled out quickly.

Damian pulled out and Susanne slid herself down and started gently sucking his cock. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft and closed her lips tightly and cleaned off all his cum that had covered his cock. Slowly his cock shrank and she felt her own exhaustion set in.

Her eyes felt heavy and her body felt stiff. Damian shifted to his mother’s side and started running his fingers through her hair. He watched her eyes flutter open and shut until she quickly drifted away into sleep. As Damian slid off the bed he stopped as a breeze blew in through the open window. A strange scent drifted on the breeze and his primal rose up to answer it.

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