A Wet Day

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Close Up

You write that it is raining at the very moment I write you how very wet and even wetter the thought of you has made me. You cannot deny me? Do you know just how gladly I read the words you send me?

I picture you there inside, rain outside pouring down, cold and chilly. Do you enjoy a scented candle? I do, when the fragrance is mild, not overbearing. I am burning one, a ginger/citrus candle, hoping where you are you have one also, that secret spices join us before I begin to imagine where we left off…

You are sitting with your coffee, changed, clean and dry in fresh knickers. Not for long, I hope, my dearest. Will you let me in to see them? Are you in your dressing gown or have you dressed already? Oh, a blouse and jeans.

Please, I’m thinking, pleading with you in my mind, what will it take to get me to your knickers? I am scheming how I want to kiss, to lick, to suck what lies beneath those knickers, yet this time I am wondering how to get us there.

I kiss you on the lips and wrap my arms about you. I stroke your hair so gently, deeply down about your shoulders, stroking to give you that silky, tender feeling, lightly massaging your scalp… and I touch so lightly, down from your cheekbone to your jaw joint, going slowly just down behind your smile. Can you feel the light bristle of the tiny hairs? I wrap the backside of my finger underneath your jaw and draw it slowly to the center, toward your other ear, then back again as I slide my tongue along the inside of your lower lip, moist and slippery, gliding as I hope to glide soon elsewhere. Just then you open, you let me curl my tongue and reach up to line your upper lip before pressing inward, meeting with your tongue and probing deeper. Can you read my intentions, dearest, do you feel my heartbeat quicken?

You want to reach inside me with your tongue, I breathe deeply and draw you in. It is so pleasing just to let you roam there as I focus my attention on reaching down. My fingers wander slowly downward as I reach to stroke you back and forth beneath the buttons of your blouse. Lightly touching the skin above your breasts, back and forth, from side to side, tickling through your blouse and bra and squeezing, slowly touching round each lovely breast. Pausing. Circling down, I graze your skin, then over top the blouse to feel your nipples rise to greet me as I rub the insides of my palms against them, making gentle circles but barely moving. Barely kissing any longer, all attention on your nipples rising up to meet those circles I am making as I rotate the pressure around the centers of my palms. Those palms that massage your nipples, retreating slightly and then squeezing in with warmth, retreating, squeezing… cool then warm.

Up again I draw my fingers along the outsides, sneak them underneath your breasts and lift until on each side my middle and ring fingers hold a nipple resting on my fingertips. Then, spellbound, back and forth I guide your nipples each just with one fingertip, teasing each one up or sideways, down and round. Can you feel your nipples telegraph your clit yet?

If not, I’ll keep it up, I’ll take my mouth and plant my lips on one and next the other, blowing warmth upon them, then drawing in a breath and lightly biting through your clothing. I reach and take the outside of each breast, my knuckles resting on your ribcage, hands pushing gently upward, thumbs pressing slightly down to give you rhythmic pressure, pushing slowly as I suck each nipple straight through blouse and bra.

I like to touch you through your clothing, to make you feel somehow the inside of your bra could be your lover, to move your breasts enough inside it that they feel the changing pressure and changing textures rub you softly. I have made your bra my ally in my conspiracy. You are swaying slightly, shifting weight backward, forward, bursa escort bayan letting me guide your breasts along their journey. As I withdraw my breathing and my sucking from your nipples, there remains a trace of dampness, and I squeeze you roundly, right before I draw you to me. As we embrace, can you feel the firmness of my hardened nipples reaching for you through your bra and through your blouse?

And as I pull you to me with my left hand round behind your shoulders, I take my right hand; slide it down along the midline of your back, down, down, further down, hoping to send a quiet chill of warmth along your spine, till I meet your waistband. There I linger, sliding this way, sliding that. Gentle tickles along your backside, rising up to touch the inner curve, that special, sensual seat of pleasure inside the small of your back. Just as with your breasts, I draw circles along your back, tracing patterns, massaging in until I hit your waistband once again. Breathing in your ear, I whisper, “I would like to take this off you, please” you make me wait a moment just to wonder, but give a look with your eyes that says “go forward” as I see you smiling warmly, broadly, your eyes afire.

I unfasten the button and the zipper, and reach behind to rub that tender portion inside the curve, the magic spot that had been hiding underneath your waistband. I draw my circles and you lean in toward me, run my fingers up your spine and slowly down, this time continuing lower, down to touch your tailbone, to rub it gently as your hips begin to move. You tilt them towards me, then away, towards me, then away, and I raise my fingertips to rub you gently once again, that small curve of pleasure as you sway in toward me, back, toward me and again, back. I am hoping you are like me, that the gentle rubbing, the patterns of my fingertips will send signals to your clit as you rock forward, toward me, back and forward…

“Please, let me take this off you”, I plead again. No longer hesitating, you agree, you let me slip your clothing from you, though not your bra, not your knickers. I remove your blouse, lift it slowly from you, let it graze your skin as it departs, a whisper from this piece of clothing… So breathing, sucking on your nipple through your bra, I take it gently, nibbling lightly, looking up to see you, I tease the other nipple, squeezing just enough to make you sigh.

Beginning, my darling, we’re just beginning on our journey toward that rosy butterfly with folded wings. Can you feel those wings, don’t they wish to flutter?

You lie back, smiling as you lightly bite your lower lip, you let me slide those jeans away and pull them from you. I run my hands along your legs, up above your knees, slowly up your inner thighs. I see a damp spot, a good beginning. I must convince your knickers to join my efforts, to share their talents with you, baby. I take my courage from your smiles, from your yielding, from the tender opening of your thighs before me. I see that spot and want to touch it, but I refrain. I want to kiss it, but I hold back. I want to lick and suck and draw it to me, but shall wait until you open, reaching, needing…

So instead of all I wish for, I kiss along your inner thighs, slowly, with true love, I adore your softness, the glory of your inmost region. I adore the gateway to my destination, smooth and white, inviting. Tickling lightly, scratching ever so lightly, I just want to awaken the feelings, to get the tingles sparkling upward from where I kiss along the inside of your thighs… Do those tingles sparkle backwards, up along your backside also? I trace my fingers up and backwards as your thighs reach up, suggesting with my fingertips that the tingles travel backwards. Do you feel them reach to touch your tailbone? Does your tailbone tingle with anticipation? I want it all awake görükle escort and happy. I want it all… to be sending signals to your clit, soft waves emerging out of nowhere, rising to your clit.

I watch you move your hips, I watch your belly rising up and undulating down, I watch the gliding of your knickers on you, the silky feeling they must impart, that cool and lovely feeling, gliding happily along your clit. Little chills as they rush past… I lean down and blow upon them. Little chills that tingle on your clit. Oh, your knickers almost lick you, don’t they, darling, as they glide along your clit?

I begin to kiss your tummy. I kiss all about your navel and take each hand and stroke you lightly through those knickers down along the crease, back up and down again. Each time you feel the fabric shift a bit and slide against your clit with softness. Your knickers dance with silky coolness quickly crossing on your clit, as I draw my fingers lightly downward, parting just above that lovely clit and reaching down along your lips. Then up I come with fabric rising oh so slightly, I start pressing lightly on the mound above your clit, pressing, pulling upward in firm but gentle circles so the fabric rises as I tug it up above your clit.

And so I alternate between the sets of motions. Tugging up, circling, you feel the fabric firm against you as it sweeps against your clit; then resuming down again, parting sides around your clit, pulling fabric down to let it loosen, I run my fingers along the sides, drawing, tracing down beneath your legs. I pause there, press against your perineum, then swirl up to feel your knickers kiss you as I tug and press against that mound above your clit, then down…

The lovely feelings sparkle brighter as I reach down lower, ever closer to that middle section, pausing to enjoy the dampness with my fingers, to bring some up… up, the dampened fabric flattens, it kisses cool and silky against your clit, down, I draw the fabric downward to tightly span you, pressing circles in that indentation where your thighs change, where they meet your splendor.

On both sides now I press the outside of your lips, through your knickers, squeeze them inward and let them roll above that clit. Massaging through your knickers, through your lips, I rub that clit I love so dearly, letting it strain as I release the tension. Again you feel the damp, cool fabric lying flat along your swelling clit.

Ahh, that is what I want to see. That swelling clit enjoy the coolness of the fabric kiss it, then I squeeze gently on those lips to give you pressure, release, to see your clit against your knickers, to see right through those transparent knickers, no longer damp, but outright wet and getting wetter.

Enjoy this pleasure, sweetheart. I repeat these motions for you, watch you rise and want to kiss that clit so badly! I want to lick it for you, I am almost certain you are wishing me to do it… but not quite yet. I reach along your inner thighs, they must not feel neglected, backward, down, and then with one finger rub your perineum in tiny circles, inching slowly upward with the circles, circling atop your clit directly for a moment I linger lovingly, and then continue upward.

With both hands, now, I massage that gorgeous mound atop your pelvic bone. I pull my fingers upward, pressing firmly, then slide them slightly down. Now your knickers are my ally fully. Each time I massage that mound up, I press into you slightly, and as I do this the dripping knickers draw themselves across your clit, sliding, dancing, thrilling you with pleasure. You are rocking now beneath me. I enjoy your rocking motion as I press, massage you tenderly, and watch your rising slowly with your rocking motions.

I cannot resist you any longer. I am growing jealous of those lucky bursa escort bayan knickers, darling. I grab them with my teeth and pull them toward me. I want to pull them tightly up along you. I want you feeling your own wetness. Do you feel it? Are you getting even wetter?

I must check, I slide my fingers down but still atop your knickers and linger this time on your rocking clit before I slide my middle finger softly inward, taking my forefinger to rub you just above your clit. Do you know that spot, my darling, that spot, the beginning of your clit just beneath the pelvic bone? I rub there gently back and forth with one finger, while you feel the other just beneath it; you can find my middle finger if your reach far enough for it, if you rock just right, you’ll feel it with your clit. You stretch, you rock, you reach out and down, yes, there you have it!

You are lovely at this moment. You look so lovely, not content, more like intent on all this pleasure. Intent on finding just those feelings that will make you happy. Well on your way, now, darling. How you thrill me!

I reposition myself downward further. I lick you through your knickers. I lick your clit and watch you reach for more. Beneath my mouth you feel warmness, then it’s cool again, and I blow softly on you to make it even cooler. Do you like that? “Uh huh” you mumble softly, as I kiss and suck your clit.

I want to find my way inside you oh so badly, but I want to find you through your knickers. I want to leave them on you, they are such a helpful ally, I want to leave them on you as I journey down. I suck your juices through them. I want to delve into you through them, to penetrate, to dive into you, and know your warmness, lap your juices. I massage that mound again with one hand as I suck your clit and probe beneath it with my tongue.

Can I find a way to get inside you through your knickers? I feed the fabric gently downward, licking the whole length of your clit from its base up to its tip, stopping at the tip a moment, tickling it through your knickers with my tongue, before plunging, sloping down, I want to plunge straight in you! I seek the way.

I push the fabric with me… can I make that saturated fabric stroke and kiss you from inside you? I keep pressing with my tongue, sliding up and sucking. Sucking all those juices, and reaching beneath your knickers gently with my fingers. With my fingers I reach just inside your lips, those wings are reaching outward, I reach inside to stroke them gently as I plunge my tongue down deeper through your knickers. The fabric pulls along your ass cheeks as I penetrate you through it, darling. It is firm against your ass cheeks, do you like that? Do you notice? Never mind, it is my tongue that you are craving, my plunging and my sucking on your clit.

Now I do wish at this moment you had worn those cotton knickers. I can just imagine at this moment that through my plunges and my pushes that delicate, thin fabric would tear around my tongue. I could reach my tongue full and deeply in you, stroke up from within your knickers, let you feel my tongue directly on your clit and sink again inside you…

But these lovely sheer nylon knickers will not tear. They barely stretch beneath my efforts, so at last I work my way around them, gently gliding my tongue between your rosy wings, up upon that gorgeous clit and smoothly down, I sink it in you. I am sucking, sucking, sucking as I plunge my tongue inside you. You are pressing up against me, rocking, pressing, moaning. Delightful moans and curses, now you need to feel those feelings keep on coming. You need to feel it deeper, stronger. I suck you harder, and feel your juices gush around me. My cheeks are drenched in gladness, as you press and grip me firmly, holding down my head and gripping tightly. Sucking deeply till I feel your waves receding. I kiss you gently, softly, once again on top your knickers.

Oh, my sweetheart, that’s exactly what I wanted when I looked into your eyes and kissed you softly. I had thought that on such a wet day, we should make it so much wetter still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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