A Welcome Home Surprise

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I arrived home from my trip and brought in my things from the car. For hours, I had been day dreaming about our sex life, real and fantasy. In my mind’s eye, you and I had been in a variety of positions and enjoying each other — no outside world, no noise other than the two of us sharing our love, passion and, most importantly, no clothing. Every time we have traveled together, we have explored and expanded our sex life. I passed several of the rest stops where we have played in the past and got a smile. There was the hotel room where we fantasized about sex in the hot tub, me eating you while you sat on the side of the pool and the shower room with our friends. Anyway, I was home and it was time to settle back into reality.

I brought my suitcase to the bedroom, where I found you playing — this was a welcome home treat and the best part of my week, as reality and settling in would most certainly wait. As a life-long voyeur, I was in no hurry to jump you. I watched you and took it all in. The room already smelled of sex; I don’t know how long you had been at it already, but the grin was now a permanent part of my face.

Your hands were busy. One cupped your breast, enveloping the whole slowly to allow you to feel every sensation, until you brushed your thumb and forefinger over a nipple. You kneaded, caressed and stroked. The other hand was between your legs and much more focused. You dipped a finger inside yourself, thinking about me sliding inside you, and used the wet fingertip to encircle your clit. It was slow and deliberate. Your breathing was starting to get shallower. Your lack of toy told me this was a show for me as an appetizer. I was quite appreciative.

I shed my clothing but remained where I was. You looked over to me and watched as I started to stroke myself. Upon seeing you, I was instantly hard and I knew I wouldn’t last long if I went too quickly. I matched your slow and deliberate pace with one hand on my cock and the other on my balls. The end was coming a little too soon for me (although a trip’s worth of nightly sex dreams about us might be considered foreplay in the minds of half the population). I brought myself right to the edge and squeezed my cock to stop from cumming. I took a few deep breaths and moved my hands away.

“Don’t uşak escort stop,” I told you, as I moved to the bed. I drifted my hands all over your body while you continued to masturbate. Watching you in action will always be in my top ten sexiest sights, until the day I die. Still, I could just watch no more. I kissed you with the hunger of someone who craves his partner and you reciprocated, our tongues dancing and entwined. I pulled back a bit to reposition and set about kissing you from head to toe (or as far south as I was going to get, anyway). I took my time, starting with your neck. My kisses were full and I wanted every part of you to tingle.

You moved your hand from your breast to rest against the headboard, making more room for me. I encircled your breasts with my kisses, starting with a very wide circle around one and ever shrinking the circumference until I grazed your nipple with my tongue. I repeated the process on your other breast and you sighed with contentment. You moved your hand away from your pussy and ran it along my back, headed right for my ass. You have always loved my ass and it does so much for me to know that you are excited. I have never been drawn to ass play of any sort, but you know I’ll do just about anything for you, especially as you get me more and more worked up.

I turned around on all fours, never stopping my kisses all over your body. I was nearing your pussy and got even harder, something I didn’t know possible in the moment. Your fur has always been a turn-on for me — erotic and sensual. Again, it was a good thing I wasn’t touching myself or else I would have cum all over the bed. I could stare at your pussy for hours, wisps of hair surrounding the lips, and your lips are a sight for themselves. Your playing had opened them up and they were fuller, waiting for me. You had craved me as much as I had you; your pussy was drooling. I ran the tip of my tongue down the center to taste and your wetness didn’t disappoint. I leaned back to kiss your mouth. It never fails — one kiss, tasting yourself, and your wetness doubles. I pulled back and returned to your pussy.

“I edged myself watching you and now it’s your turn. A few rounds and we’ll both explode,” I said.

I massaged your pussy lips uşak escort bayan with my fingers, while I took it all in. Your hand went back to kneading my ass. Running my tongue the length of one side and back up the other, your audible coos were music to my ears. I took a few minutes to bury my tongue inside you and then put focus on your clit. She continued to engorge and I bathed her with my tongue. Your breathing got more and more shallow. Using the tip of my finger, I played with the meeting of your lips at the bottom of your pussy and you started to writhe. Keeping everything slow, from my finger to my tongue, you were building up to an orgasm. I slid my finger in to say hi to your g-spot. She was waiting for me and plenty happy to see me, more engorged than I expected. I pursed my lips around your clit and sucked, while I flicked my tongue across its front and gave your g-spot deep probe. I eased my finger out as I knew you were approaching the edge and sat up, returning to kiss your mouth.

You half grunted, half moaned, “I’m all for the edging in principle, but don’t know how much we can take of this.”

You took a frustrated deep breath and took me by the hand, pulling me off the bed and out of the room. Time for the kitchen.

“Sit on the table,” you told me, “at the edge. I need your cock in my mouth.”

You got no argument from me. The more revved up I get, the more I love when you blow me. I sat on the table, legs over the edge and you sat on the chair in front of me. There was no easing into this; you dove in, taking me in your mouth halfway down my shaft and back, your tongue so wonderfully warm and wet on my cock. When you pulled up to the head, you grabbed my cock in your hand and started to stroke me while you gave one of your fantastic blowjobs. I leaned my hands back, as I needed to hold onto something, and gripped the sides of the table. I couldn’t see any longer, white lights and stars popping appeared in front of me as you went. I moaned and moaned, finally stopping you when I felt like I was going to burst. I have always loved the intense, especially in your blowjobs.

“I need to cum soon, but there is a different room I want to use, before I eat you to your first orgasm,” I said.

Pulling escort uşak you out of the chair as I got off the table, I moved you to the living room and had you lay down on the couch with one leg up on its back. We were sweaty and panting, I lay atop you and slid inside you. I started slowly, pulling out 90 percent of the way before sliding in each time. I lost count of how many times I did it but, with all of the blood in my cock and none in my brain, that might have been just three or four times. Still sliding in and out of you, I repositioned to suck on one of your nipples.

“What would you say if I told you our friend was watching at the window, using my toy on herself?” You asked.

You always know how to send me over the edge. I instinctively sped up, able to control myself no longer. Your warm and wet pussy was too much, now mixed with the image in my head. I came with a low, prolonged scream and the build-up of too many days away from your sexy body and incredible pussy. I spurted four or five times and caught my breath.

“You once told me you wanted me to eat you after I came,” I said “and I want to give you that now.”

You stayed in the same position, as I pulled out and dropped to my knees after placing a pillow on the floor. I dove in, continuing what I had begun earlier. I used some of the cum to massage into your lips, using my thumbs to continue to massage as I ate you to my heart’s content. I instinctively made the same noises I regularly do, expressing how much I love to eat you.

I wasn’t going to deny myself time any more from your g-spot and I zeroed back in on it. Your breathing intensified, as did your moaning. I pursed my lips around your clit again to sick gently, while I kept the tip of my tongue going back and forth across her. It was coming for you, building and building. I had been going with the classic “come here” move with my finger and you were just too wet for me to keep going that way. That’s always been my sign to shift gears and I pressed more firmly into your g-spot, making very small circles without releasing pressure. You were getting closer and closer, when your pussy started to spasm. You said my name with urgency a few times and then let out a scream, long and deep, took a deep breath and let out another. I licked and probed you through the orgasm as you gushed all over my hand, wrist and forearm, a mix of my cum and your squirting.

I looked up at your and grinned, so happy. Eventually, you opened your eyes and took another deep breath, coming back to reality.

We headed for the shower.

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