A Weekend of Life Changing Incest

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I had been separated from my wife Claire for about five years, we had never bothered to get a divorce as we were still very much friends and saw each other regularly. My son Dan who is now twenty one had chosen to live with me, and my nineteen year old daughter Alice lives with Claire.

I stay in contact with my ex wife Claire as we both wanted regular contact with the children, we have a very good relationship and take the children away on holiday every year, we often end up fucking as we are both single and horny, it was that old scenario that we get on better when living apart.

My name is Jason but everyone calls me Jay I’m forty two years old, I’ve always kept fit and still try to exercise on a daily basis, I work as a paramedic with the ambulance service.

Claire and I split up because we just wanted different things in life, there was no animosity and the divorce was amicable. Claire who is forty one has a sister aged forty three called Jenny who lives a five minute walk from my house and she has two daughters called Cath and Debbie, Cath is eighteen and Debbie nineteen. Both the girls went to a school for children with learning difficulties, they both have autistic traits. Jenny is also divorced since her husband walked out on them a few years ago.

Jenny was the reason for her marriage breakup as she had a string of affairs, she always dresses very provocatively and enjoys showing her ample cleavage. She regularly flashes her boobs in bars and clubs, and her husband couldn’t take any more of her antics. Many years ago Claire and Jenny had been on a hen night and Claire brought Jenny back to our house, they were both very drunk and horny, Claire suggested having a threesome, and being as I was in my early twenties I of course agreed, we all ended up in our bed and I paid more attention to Jenny that night, the sex was amazing and for about three months after that I secretly fucked Jenny quite a few more times. Claire found out, but luckily for me she gave me a second chance and I never cheated on her again. Claire and Jenny had a big fall out over the affair but have made up over the years.

Claire and Jenny were both blessed with huge boobs, they obviously got them from their mother who has massive tits, big boobs seems to run in the family as Cath and Debbie both have a fairly big pair too.

Since Dan, Cath and Debbie left school and being of a similar age the girls spend a lot of time at our house with Dan and me. They don’t seem to have any friends outside of the family. Jenny would often send them round to us when she wants time alone with her latest beau, and they often stay overnight when she is staying out for the night. Even though the girls are old enough to be on their own they need caring for because of their autism.

Both girls are extremely shy in public and don’t talk to anybody, but amongst family they are a lot more talkative, Cath is more outgoing than Debbie and is the ringleader when they are getting into mischief.

They are both pretty girls, Debbie has black hair and brown eyes, and Cath has dark brown hair and green eyes, both have quite big boobs and they are a little bit curvy but perfectly proportioned.

They are innocently flirtatious and ask a lot of questions about sex. Their mum told me that due to their autism they have no filter and just say whatever is on their mind. They seem to be very sexually frustrated and Claire told me that Jenny has bought them both a sex toy as she could hear them masturbating most nights after bed time.

Jenny had asked me if the girls could stay for a few days as she was going on a hen weekend, I told her it would be okay, so on Friday afternoon the girls arrived for a three day stay. Claire offered to come over and help Dan and me if things got difficult, the girls had stayed overnight many times but not for three days at a time.

I took the girls bags to the spare room and they followed me, there is a single and a double bed in there, I put their bags on the double bed and left them alone to unpack.

Dan was at work, he works as a trainee electrician with a local firm, so it was just the girls and me for a few hours, I was sort of dreading the time alone with the girls but knew it wouldn’t be for long.

I was in the kitchen when the girls came downstairs after finishing unpacking their things, “would you like a drink?” I asked.

“Yes please uncle Jay, could we have some coffee?” Replied Cath.

While the kettle was boiling Cath hugged my arm rubbing her boobs against it, I’m sure she knew what she was doing and there was a stirring in my pants. “Thanks for letting us stay with you and Dan.” She said.

“You’re welcome.” I replied not wanting to move away from her boobs rubbing against me.

As usual Debbie was silent, then the kettle clicked and I moved to pour the hot water into the cups. “Do you take sugar Debbie?”

“Yes, we both take one please.” Answered Cath.

It was obvious that Cath spoke for Debbie and seemed to be the dominant sister even though she is younger. “Come and give uncle relaxbet güvenilirmi Jay a hug.” Cath demanded of Debbie.

Debbie took my right arm and Cath took my left arm, wrapping their arms around me they hugged me tightly, now I had two big pairs of boobs rubbing against my body, the stirring in my pants quickly became a full blown raging hard on, I felt that they knew exactly what they were doing, after a minute or so they released their grip on me, as they moved away I felt a hand very quickly stroke my dick as our triple hug ended, I was unsure who had done it but I assumed it was Cath. They both acted as if nothing had happened so I chose not to say anything.

As we sat in the living room and chatted Cath was showing a good bit of leg as she continually moved around the sofa, she dressed in short skirts and skimpy tops while Debbie dressed a lot more conservatively. I have to admit that I kept looking at her in the hope of seeing up her skirt. I felt Cath knew what she was doing and was deliberately teasing me.

Cath whispered something to Debbie and they left the room, I heard them upstairs in their bedroom and after five minutes they came back down to the living room.

Cath said to Debbie “go on, you say it.”

“No, I’m scared.”

“Just say it, you said you would.”

“Okay, uncle Jay, who has got the biggest boobs, me or Cath?”

I replied, “that’s the first time you’ve spoken since you got here and you ask me a question about your boobs.”

“So, what’s the answer?”

“Well, I can’t see them properly because you’ve got clothes on.”

Cath and Debbie started whispering but I could just about hear them, Cath said to Debbie, “let’s show him, I will if you will.”

“Okay” said Debbie.

They both lifted up their t-shirts and for about two seconds I saw two magnificent pairs of tits. The girls giggled as I sat there open mouthed and stunned into silence.

I worked out that they’d planned this, when they went upstairs earlier it was to remove their bras.

“Wow, they’re both amazing but I can’t tell who has the biggest because it was such a quick flash.”

This time Debbie stood up and said “come on let’s do it again” to Cath, that surprised me as Cath is usually the forceful one.

They stood right in front of me side by side then Debbie slowly lifted her t-shirt taking her heavy tits with it until boing, they fell from the bottom of it with a big bounce and wobble. Then it was Cath’s turn, she done the same, as Debbie stood there with her big tits on display Cath released her tits from her top and they fell out and bounced again her body.

“Ok, take your tops off so I can see better.”

They both removed their tops and stood in front of me, “now lean forward so I can see them hang.”

The girls done everything I was asking of them, my dick was already hard and easily noticeable, as they leaned forward I could see both of them stare at it.

“Can I touch them.” I asked.

They looked at each other and giggled then Debbie whispered something to Cath.

“Yes, but you must keep it a secret uncle Jay.”

“Of course I will girls, don’t worry nobody will find out from me.”

I reached up and started playing with their tits, stroking them and cupping them in my hands, Cath’s right tit and Debbie’s left tit, and felt the weight of them, then I done the same with Cath’s left tit and Debbie’s right tit and then I rolled their hard nipples between my thumb and fingers. They both had quite large areoles but Cath’s were a bit more puffy and pinker than Debbie’s. I really wanted to suck on them but thought I was pushing my luck so I never asked.

Cath stood up straight but Debbie continued to let me caress her tits, “Okay then what’s the answer? Who’s got the biggest tits?” Asked Cath. Debbie then stood up straight and they were side by side and smiling as they waited for my judgement.

“It’s very very close, but Debbie has got the biggest.”

“Ha, I told you.” said Debbie as she jumped up and down in delight, making her tits bounce even more.

They picked up their clothes and went back upstairs.

A short time later they came back down and they had changed into their bed clothes. Both were wearing a nightshirt and no bra as their boobs swung freely as they walked across the living room to the sofa.

The girls had only been here for a few hours and I’d already had their tits in my hands, I started to wonder what would happen over the next three days.

My son Dan came home from work and was greeted with a hug from the girls, he look bemused as they hugged him the same way they hugged me earlier in the day, he could obviously feel their boobs pressed against him.

Dan said he needed to go for a shower and left the room, the girls jumped on the sofa and sat together, being sisters they were very close but at times their actions seemed a bit strange. As they sat on the sofa Debbie put her leg across Cath’s leg and they stroked each other’s thigh, with their legs slightly open, maybe relaxbet yeni giriş it was a comfort thing but they seemed happy stroking each other in front of me. There were times when I saw Debbie actually touch Cath’s pussy just for a second.

“You two look comfortable.” I said to them.

“Yes, we always sit like this, is it okay uncle Jay?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

Dan came into the room and said “I’m going out for a couple of drinks and something to eat, I won’t be late as I’m working overtime tomorrow.”

“Okay son, have fun see you later.”

The girls were getting restless, they were having a tickle fight and messing about wrestling playfully on the floor. All of a sudden Debbie shouted “ouch, my knee.”

She looked in pain and Cath moved to the sofa “help her uncle Jay, you’re a doctor.”

“I’m not a doctor Cath I’m a paramedic but I can help her.”

Debbie was holding her knee “let me see it to see if it’s twisted Debbie.”

She moved her hands and I felt her knee, she was still sitting on the floor so I told her to lay down flat, then I asked her to bend her sore knee, as she did this her nightshirt slid up her thighs exposing her panties a little to me. I expected her to pull the nightshirt down to protect her modesty but she just left it. I continued to examine her knee and said “it’s ok, there’s no damage, it’s just red and sore and it will get better very soon.” I helped her to her feet and she sat on the sofa with Cath.

About ten minutes later Debbie said “my knee is still hurting will you have another look please?”

I kneeled on the floor in front of her, she had her legs closed and knees together, i compared the two knees and there was no swelling but still a bit red and a very small graze from a carpet burn. I went and fetched some antiseptic cream to put on the graze, as I kneeled back down in front of Debbie to apply the cream she parted her legs slightly, her nightshirt was pulled higher up her legs than when I left the room. I could see right up her legs to her pale yellow cotton panties, then she opened her legs even wider, I looked at her face, she was staring at me straight in the eyes with a naughty smile and a gentle bite of her bottom lip. My eyes returned to the view up her nightshirt, I could see her very dark thatch of hair in her panties and there was hair poking out the top of her panties and along her bikini line. I could actually smell the lovely musky aroma of her pussy, and it seemed desperate for some attention.

Debbie clearly knew what she was doing and my dick was hard in my pants.

“How does it look uncle Jay?”

“It looks amazing.” I replied nervously.

“I mean my knee silly.”

“Oh, oh yeah it looks fine now and that cream will take the pain away.”

“Thank you, you’re the best.”

I stood up and my hard on was obvious, I looked at the girls and they were staring at it. I hurried out of the room and heard them laughing as I went upstairs. These two innocent autistic girls were definitely not as innocent as I first thought. They were sex starved manipulative young women. And the quiet one seems to be the biggest problem. I decided that if the girls wanted to take it any further I’d give them anything they wanted, also I’d play them at their own game and tease them by exposing myself if the opportunity arises.

While I was upstairs in my bedroom I got changed, I removed my jeans and underwear and put on a pair of thin cotton pyjama shorts and t-shirt. My dick was easily noticeable in my shorts and wiggled about as I walked.

I walked into the living room and the girls both looked at me, but not at my face, they were transfixed on my groin area. Just knowing that they were looking at my dick turned me on and I started getting a hard on. I sat down but that hid it too much so I put one leg over the arm of the chair and it was there for the girls to look at. As I spoke to them they made eye contact with me but were forever looking down at my dick.

“Do you both remember when you used to sit on my knee? I suppose you’re too big now though.”

“I remember, but we’re not too big.” Replied Debbie.

“Come on then, give uncle Jay a cuddle.”

I meant one at a time but they both came over to the chair and got on me, there were tits, legs and arms everywhere. Then I felt one of them rubbing their leg against my now rock hard dick, I looked down and it was Debbie, she was a sex starved Lolita disguised as a shy autistic girl.

I had an arm around each of the girls and placed my hand on each of their arses, they never protested about being touched so I left my hands there. I saw Debbie reach down and grab my dick then she said “I’m so sorry uncle Jay, I didn’t mean to touch you there.”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” I replied.

“Really, can I touch it too?” Said Cath.

“Yes, go on I don’t mind, but it must be our secret.”

All of a sudden their hands were grabbing and stroking my dick. “Have you ever touched one before?” I asked.

They both replied “no”.

“Have relaxbet giriş you ever had sex before?”

Cath replied, “no, we have had sex with each other but not with anybody else.”

“Wow, tell me about it.”

“We started by practicing kissing on each other, we’ve seen people kissing but we didn’t have boyfriends so we kissed each other. And we also masturbate together. I watched Debbie rub her pussy and she showed me how to do it.”

“We also have vibrators that mum gave us.” Said Debbie.

My dick was about to explode as the girls were playing with my dick and talking so openly about their sex lives.

“How about you show me how you kiss each other.”


They let go of my dick held each other and locked their lips and kissed. It was so erotic seeing two sisters kissing that way.

“Can we see your dick now.” Asked Debbie.

I stood up and took my shorts off, my hard dick was sticking out in front of them and pre cum was oozing from the head. I gripped my dick in my hand and wiped the pre cum down the length of my shaft making it glisten. I reached out to Debbie took her hand and wrapped her fingers around my hard wet dick and showed her how I liked to be stroked.

“Let me do it too.” Said Cath.

They changed places and Cath stroked my dick just as Debbie had done.

“If you both take your tops off I will show you how I can come and I’ll spray it on your tits.”

They removed their tops and dropped them onto the floor, giving me another look at their magnificent tits. They kneeled on the floor in front of me and I took hold of my dick, after only a few strokes I exploded my thick white creamy cum all over their tits, they giggled as it slid down from their nipples and onto the floor.

“Why don’t you lick it off each other’s boobs.”

Debbie was straight on Cath’s boobs but licked it hesitantly, “it tastes funny.”

Cath then licked Debbie’s cum soaked boobs and seemed to like the taste better as she licked every drop and then checked her own boobs, finding a bit that Debbie had missed she wiped it with her finger and sucked it clean.

After we all got cleaned up and dressed we sat back down in the living room.

“Listen girls, you must promise that this is our secret and you mustn’t tell anybody about what we’ve done.”

“We promise to keep the secret uncle Jay, but will you teach us some more sex things.” Said Debbie.

“Yes sure, I’ll teach you anything you want to know but never tell anyone, even though we are all over eighteen some people will get mad if they find out.”

“I want to try everything and so does Debbie.” Said Cath.

“Ok, that sounds great girls, it’s getting late and Dan will be home soon, when he goes to work tomorrow morning we can all go to my bedroom and have some sexy fun.”

After a restless night Saturday morning finally arrived and I got out of bed as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning hoping for a new bike.

I went into the kitchen and the kettle was still warm, I made a drink and took it to the living room, Cath was in there alone.

“Morning uncle Jay.”

“Morning Cath, did you sleep well?”

“Yes fine, I hope you slept good too.”

“I slept okay, but I couldn’t get my mind off you and Debbie, are you sure you want to do this today?”

“Oh yes, we spoke about it in bed last night and we both want it so bad. We both played with our pussy last night because we were so horny. I wanted to come into your room and get into bed with you.”

“I wish you had done that, I was horny too.

I heard footsteps walking down the stairs, the door opened, it was my son Dan, “see you later, I’m going to work.” The door closed and he left.

I asked Cath “when you masturbate do you have an orgasm?”

“Oh yes, every time. Debbie taught me how to do it a long time ago and we do it all the time. I like to use my vibrator but can do it just as good using my fingers, I get very wet.

“I’d love to see you play with your pussy.”

“Okay shall I do it now?”

“Mmm that would be nice.”

Cath parted her legs and I could see quite a bulge in her tight panties, she began by rubbing her middle finger up and down the length of her pussy on the outside of her panties, then she used two fingers and carried on rubbing, almost immediately there was a wet patch appearing in her panties, she closed her eyes and laid back on the sofa with one leg on the sofa and the other leg hanging off the edge of the sofa, then she put her hand down the top of her panties and I could hear how wet she was, as her fingers momentarily plunged in and out of her hole, then her fingers were circling furiously on her clit, her pussy was very very hairy as I could see her dark pussy hair momentarily as her hand moved her panties with each stroke, she continued to rub until she shook and screamed as she had an orgasm. Cath removed her hand from her panties and I could see her two fingers were soaked in her juices, Cath didn’t know what to do with her wet hand so I took her hand put her fingers to my face and wiped her fresh pussy juice onto my lips before licking it off, then I put her fingers in my mouth and licked and sucked every drop from her. The taste was amazing it was sweet musky and warm and I wanted more as soon as possible, and straight from her wet cunt.

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