A Visit From My Little Sister Ch. 02

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After everyone showered and got cleaned up from last night’s activities we decided to head out to the state park that surrounds our school, maybe hike and swim since it was beginning to get hot out. We all jumped in my car and soon we were off cruising down the highway. John and I were just chilling in shorts and t-shirts; the girls were in bikini tops and shorts. It was a nice view in the rearview mirror to see 3 sets of cleavage in the back seat.

We got to the park, found a secluded field surrounded by trees and laid out a blanket. The day was hot, but not too humid. I broke out a Frisbee and John, Megan and I began to throw it around. Emily and Robyn both lay on the blanket, I noticed they had undone their bikini straps and were laying face down trying to get a little sun. After a good half hour of running for Frisbees that flew over my head I decided to sit down. Emily and Robyn decided to go exploring and John decided to tag along, he knew the forest well so he’d be a good guide. Megan and I decided to sun for a bit so I watched a very happy John leaving with the girls.

Megan and I lay out and she asked if I could rub some oil on her back. I happily obliged, pouring the oil on my hands and rubbing them together, I gently rubbed her fair skinned shoulders and back.

“Hold on, I don’t want a tan line.” She said.

She removed her strap holding her perky tits in and tossed her top to the side, I got a good peek at her rack from the side, as she lay back down on her tummy.

“That’s better, thanks bro.” She giggled, looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

“No problem sis,” I smiled. “I don’t mind it at all.”

I rubbed her from her shoulders down to her shorts, she then raised her hips and slid the shorts down to reveal a gorgeous ass barely covered by black thong to match her top.

“Get me all over please, I don’t want to burn.” She said.

I continued to rub the oil down to her small of her back and over the perfect ass cheeks. I made sure to get every nook and cranny, and then continued down her thighs and calves. I couldn’t believe how tight her leg and ass muscles were, those hours doing laps in the pool certainly had paid off. After lordbahis güvenilirmi lingering as long as I could I finally sat back and admired my sister’s form as she lay there.

“Thank you Tommy” she giggled, she was the only one who called me Tommy, and most people called me Tom or Thomas. ” You have good strong hands.”

“I’ve been know to give good massages” I replied.

“I know, I think I just got one,” she laughed.

I lay back and couldn’t stop thinking about doing naughty nasty things to my sister. If she was anything like Emily or Robyn, she must be dynamite in bed. I was jealous of John, wondering how he had fucked her last night. Wishing I had set up a camera to record them. I tucked that idea away in my “things to do list.”

It was about this time when my thoughts wandered to where my roommate and those two little vixens had gone off too. I asked Megan if she wanted to find the rest of the crew and we decided to go exploring. I gathered the blanket and Frisbee and caught a quick glance at Megan’s thong disappearing into her shorts again. She had also put her top back on without me seeing. Oh well, I thought, and we set out. We walked down a path that John and I often used to get to one of the many lakes in the park. The shade felt good, and after about 15 minutes of walking we could begin to see the lake through the trees.

I couldn’t hear anyone and was about to turn around and try another path when I heard one of the girls moan in orgasm. I stopped and held my sister back so we could get a little closer without anyone noticing us. We crept through some brush and got a good view of the small beach that the path led to. What we saw was John on his knees behind Emily, who was on all fours getting slammed by John’s rather thick hard cock. Both were completely naked, their clothes on the sand next to them. Robyn was lying on the sand watching the other two with lust in her eyes, she was rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms, her top off exposing her creamy breasts. Emily was wiggling her ass back toward John as he continued to fuck her hard and long.

Robyn then stood and took off her bottoms so she was naked and got on lordbahis yeni giriş all fours in front of Emily spreading her ass cheeks wide. Emily buried her face in Robyn’s ass and started licking and sucking her ass and pussy while moaning deeply with another orgasm. I looked at Megan who was already rubbing herself under her shorts; she looked at me and smiled whispering how hot the three of them looked. I stood behind Megan to give her a better view of the action in front of us, my hard-on rubbing against her ass through her shorts. She took off her shorts so she was just in a thong. I rubbed her ass cheeks while we watched Robyn began to moan in her first orgasm.

I looked down at Megan’s chest over her shoulder and noticed her nipples standing tall and proud. I took my hands off her ass and started to rub and massage her cute little tits. She gasped softly as my hands rubbed and pinched her nipples. I quickly unsnapped her top and continued to rub her tits, my hands on her bare skin. Megan started back her barely covered ass and ground it against my tented shorts.

On the beach Emily had collapsed from the multiple orgasms that John had given her. Robyn wasting no time had rolled over and John mounted her and fucked her pussy hard. She had her hands clasped to his ass as he slid his 7-inch thick meat in and out of her tight twat. She started to moan as the sounds of his thighs and balls slapping against her legs filled the beach. Megan was now frigging her clit as she got more and more turned on. She quickly turned around and dropped to her knees unbuttoning my shorts and pulling down my boxer before devouring my throbbing member. I was shocked to see my cute little sister swallowing all 8 inches of her older brothers manhood. She took all of me like a pro, sliding my cock deep so I hit the back of her throat, then sucking my pole slowly and pulling my cock out of her mouth.

Megan continued to suck my cock and I looked up to see Robyn on top of John riding his dick hard, John was sucking her tits and Emily was fingering both John and Robyn’s assholes. I knew I wasn’t going to last long with Megan sucking the life out of my cock, so I pulled her pretty lordbahis giriş head off of me and got down to taste her sweet pussy. Pulling off her thong I got a good look at my sisters shaved pussy. It was glistening as I flickered my tongue on her sweet clit. She was a tasty treat and I started to fuck her pussy with my long tongue.

“Oh god yes Tommy!” she cried.

Emily heard us and came over to watch me lick my sister’s tight pussy.

“Oh my god that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” she squealed.

Once we were found I got up and picked my naked sister and brought her next to John and Robyn who were now smiling at us as they continued to fuck. I laid Megan out on the soft sand and got on top of her.

“Fuck me Tommy, fuck your little sister’s tight pussy and make me cum!” She screamed. “I’ve wanted you for so long Tommy!”

I took my hard dick aimed it at her pussy and slide my dick in slow and deep. Robyn began to scream in another orgasm, and John soon pulled out and came all over her tits and face. I couldn’t believe my roommate had just fucked two teens and I was deep inside my own sister’s wet pink pussy. I stroked in and out with a quickening pace. Megan started to moan deep as her orgasm began to hit her. I watched my cock disappear into her again and again. It was bliss; I looked over at Emily licking Robyn’s cum covered tits and face. The two girls kissed as they strained to watch their best friend get fucked hard by her big brother. Soon I couldn’t take anymore as I erupted inside my sister’s now very juicy pussy.

“Oh God!” yelled my sweaty sis. “That was so amazing!”

I kissed my sister deeply on the lips for the first time. My tongue exploring her mouth, she closed her eyes in passion. I pulled my now dripping cock from her pussy and was surprised to have Emily climb over Robyn and suck off all the cum from my cock and balls.

“I need a dip to cool off.” Said John.

“Me too.” Agreed everyone else in unison. We all climbed off of one another and ran into the cool lake, the water chilling our over heated bodies quickly.

Megan swam over and gave me a big hug, which I returned by squeezing her in my arms. I kissed her again and told her how much I loved her. She smiled and a tear ran down her pale cheek.

“I’m getting hungry,” said Robyn.

We all agreed to get some grub and maybe head back to the house. I know I needed to rest up for what would certainly be an exciting night.


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