A Typical Morning

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Warning: The following story contains themes of incest as well as Fart/Scat fetish material and Watersports.

A Typical Morning.

Written by HumbleHeretic

[She hasn’t noticed, right?]

In the early hours of the morning, a large figure could be see sneaking about. Dark, almost black scales covered him from the tips of his large, clawed feet, all the way up his bulky, thick muscular legs, fit torsos, ripped arms, broad shoulders and even his draconic head where the large, menacing horns sprouting at the top of his head was matched by his long snout lined with razor sharp teeth. A pair of large draconic wings with black spurs and purple webbing sat on his back that was the very definition of the word “shredded”.

Standing at a whopping twelve feet tall, Jason was the spitting image of a dragon in his prime, and said Dragon was trying to make as little noise as possible while observing the back of the other dragon that was even larger than him, in multiple meanings.

Her long tail that was even thicker than his was raised and hovering loosely, revealing a massive butt covered in fine grey scales. Sitting at the centre of those bubbly cheeks was the focus of the dragon’s objective, a large puffy tailhole that couldn’t appear mor conspicuous as it was squished between the base of the figure’s tail and her doughy butt cheeks.

Jason’s cock was already prepped and ready to go, the engorged meatpole sporting a size and bulk that could be considered great even for a dragon of his size. His member that was a lighter grey colour compared to the rest of his body was throbbing in his hand while leaking hot pre from its bright purple head. The Dragon felt his large nuts throbbing and decided that he couldn’t wait any longer, nervously halting his breath, he went into action.

He moved out of his hiding place and steadily made his way towards the humming figure. Surprisingly, his claws made no sound as they dragged against the hard tile floor, it was a testament to how far he’d come after learning a few “hard lessons”. With his eyes on the prize, the figure’s twitching tailhole, the Dragon eventually reached an appropriate distance.


Jason suddenly lunged forward, the tip of his cock aimed right at the puffy tailhole! In one swift movement, his swollen cock head penetrated the tight anal ring and his entire shaft sunk deep inside… or at least that was how it was meant to happen.


Rather than the surprised yelp of the figure whose plump hips he was now grabbing onto, all Jason heard was the sound of a groan leaving his own lips as the entry of his cock seemed to have been thwarted when his shaft had only penetrated halfway. Jason’s member jerked as he felt the sensitive tip bumping up against a stiff mass of something that was warm and lumpy while coated in a slimy/sticky substance.

It was clear in an instant what the “obstruction” was that the Dragon had encountered in his failed entry, and it was now that he realised that his “ambush” had indeed failed, just as he’d expected.

“Good morning to you too sweetie~”

“Uh, morning…mom.”

Before him came a feminine voice he was all too familiar with. The Dragoness’ scales were the inverse of Jason’s, mostly grey, while long silver hair trailed down her back and between her large reptilian wings. Her hips were broad to support her fat ass that Jason’s cock had penetrated halfway while her large pair of MILF-y tits were obvious even from behind. There was also the fact that she was a head taller than him, making it so that no matter how old he got, Jason would always have to stare up at this woman, his own mother, Jacinda.

“You stealth is still sloppy as ever dear, I already knew you were awake before you even came out of your bedroom~”

“Yeah, well I’ll get b-bababababba-!”

Jason suddenly had his words cut short when his own ass was suddenly penetrated by the tip of his mom’s tail! If it was only that then so be it, however he was also immediately assaulted by a jolting, electrifying feeling that caused his entire body to spasm!

“While you’re at it, do something about your poor mana control too, still so easy to disrupt~”

Jason’s ass was further spread open as his mother’s tail dug deeper inside. From her tail, the scaly MILF sent pulses of her own mana coursing through Jason’s body that disrupted the flow of his own. This gave the dragon a feeling like there was a dozen vibrators going off in his ass at max intensity all at once, he was completely unable to move, left only to utter a strange sound like he was being electrocuted while his cock positioned in his mother’s ass relentlessly spasmed and jerked, painting the obstructive contents of her bowels in his spurting pre-ejaculate.

Jacinda resumed washing the dished while wriggling her tail inside her son’s spasming asshole. There were a lot of dirty dishes despite it only being morning and despite Jason himself having not eaten anything, yet.

It was only when she was done with the dishes did the tandoğan escort Dragoness finally extract the tip of her tail from Jason’s ass. The Dragon’s spasming body finally settled down and he grew stiff, with his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head, he slowly tilted backwards.

Jason’s cock popped free of his mother’s butt, now with half the engorged shaft coated in a nasty brown substance. With nothing left holding him up, the Dragon collapsed on his back while his mother finally turned around, casually blowing flames on her hands to quickly dry them off.

Jason was left twitching on the floor, his balls spasming and aching from being denied release. His mother was more than just a little skilled in mana control, there were a couple times just now where he should have cum, however she was always able to stop him from ejaculating at the last minute.

“Alright, punishment time~”

As soon as these words fell, the disoriented dragon found the same tail that had been invading his ass suddenly wrapping around his muscular waist. The next thing he knew, he was on his belly while his ass was arched upwards!

His large size certainly wasn’t the only thing Jason had inherited from his mother. Dangling between the MILF’s thunderous thighs and slowly rising to attention was a phallic beast even larger than the one Jason prided himself in possessing! A monstrous cock almost as large as her own leg was slowly swelling up, the throbbing veins becoming more and more prominent as they raced along the lengthy, girthy shaft and filled the massive mommy member with rich, hot dragon’s blood.

The meaty bitch breaker came completed with a large pair of balls that looked absolutely bloated and ready to dump a huge load, and what better place to do it than in her son’s butt that had been properly well spread open by her tail to the point that his hole was gaping as it stared her in the face?

“M-mom, mom wai-ngh!”

Jason was still reeling from the aftereffects of the previous ordeal, in particular, his gaping butt hole was currently more sensitive than ever. The Dragon tried to plead with the aroused mother to take things slow, however like always, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

His entire limp body suddenly tensed up when he felt the swollen, scorching head of his mother’s prick suddenly prod his sensitive hole. Not even a second later, his already gaping ass was pried open as the bulbous mass was unceremoniously shoved inside!


Jason let out a groan at the feeling of his ass being stretched open, however his mother completely ignored his groans and proceeded to press more of her cock into his butt!

Jason’s legs spasmed as his toned ass cheeks were soon spread apart by the sheer girth of his mother’s meaty rod. The noises he tried to make were caught deep in his throat as the throbbing hot mass of MILF-y cock flesh sunk deeper and deeper into his behind.

Around when his mother’s cock was halfway inside him, making him feel incredibly full at his lower end, the tip of a scaly tail suddenly wrapped around his neck! Before he could react, Jason’s multi-tonne muscular body was suddenly hoisted upwards as though he were a tiny human that barely weighed a few kilograms!

With the tail around his neck and a dragon’s dick buried in his ass, Jason was raised up off the ground until gravity had him slowly sliding down his mother’s shaft! Lastly, his arms that had been dangling at his sides were suddenly grabbed by his mother’s foreclaws and pulled backwards.

The Dragon was finally hung up in a position that made him look like an extension of his own mother’s massive cock.

“My, whoever did you get such a tight ass from~?”

Her tail was wrapped around his neck in a way that he could still breath, but any sound that left his throat was not much but ineligible gargling, which was fine since his mother wasn’t looking for much of a conversation anyway.

Instead of shoving into him, Jacinda simply allowed her son’s weight to bring him lower down on her cock. A sticky noise continuously sounded out as his gaping asshole gradually stretched over her slick, veiny meat rod. The large bulge that had formed in Jason’s abdomen climbed higher up his body the lower he dropped, the Dragon feeling more and more stuffed with each passing minute, and uttering sounds that barely escaped his throat.

It wasn’t until about a minute later that Jason felt his ass cheeks touch his mother’s bushy crotch, at this point his ass was gaped open the widest it could go. The large bulge had reached all the way up to the base of his neck where the bulbous head of his mom’s prick could be seen printing through his stretched and bulging form. The entire engorged shaft throbbed relentlessly inside of him while his legs dangled loosely with his claws hanging free just above the ground. Occasionally his legs would twitch when his mother’s cock jerked powerfully inside of him.

“Brace yourself sweetie~”


There wasn’t much tunalı escort he could do in his position impaled on her pole. His hands were gripped behind his back, his feet had no leverage as they were suspended off the floor, heck he could hardly even speak with her tail wrapped around his neck and her massive cock taking up space where his lungs usually sat. With nothing but the clamping of his ass on her shaft as confirmation, Jacinda soon began to thrust her hips.



There was no foreplay or even a preparatory thrust, the MILF simply started with a quick and heavy thrusting motion. She pulled her scaly hips back and slammed powerfully into her son’s ass, sending him sliding a few inches off her cock before he fell back unto her member just in time for her pelvis to bash his ass cheeks once more.



“Hhlgh, hkk, knnggh!”

The air was pushed out of Jason’s lungs and left his mouth as a strained moan every time his mother’s crotch beat against his butt. He felt her massive thick rod pounding away at his insides, spurting and painting it in hot slimy precum that trickled down her shaft, making it even easier for her to thrust into him.

A few inches soon turned into a couple feet as Jason’s battered ass caught more airtime and distance with each thrust until he was being juggled on his mother rapidly piston-ing member.


“Hhnngh, hhhrrk, hhhllkkk!”

A loud, wet smacking noise was made every time his mother’s bloated nuts smacked the area between his spasming legs. His own balls was beaten by the MILF’s swollen sack that grew sweatier as she continued to thrust into his ass at high speed.

Jason’s vision that had finally regained stability after the whole mana disruption mishap was now rapidly shifting up and down. The huge impact force of his mother’s brutal butt banging was transmitted throughout his entire body causing his muscular frame to shake along with his vision. There was no chance for the Dragon to properly regain his bearings as just the brutality of the fucking he was receiving kept his mind a constant mess.


“Hoork, kkllrrkk!”

“Haah haah”

Jason could feel his mother’s hot breath puffing onto his back between his wings. The Dragoness was growing increasingly hot and sweety as she pounded her son’s ass like a stallion in heat. A pungent musk began to fill their immediate surrounding, only adding to their state of twisted lust. Jason himself was leaking saliva from his mouth as his throat continued to sputter ineligible sounds that seemed to now be mixed with moans of pleasure.

The Dragon’s own rigid member was flopping briskly up and down between his legs. The increased flow of precum from his bright purple cock head regularly stained his mother’s warm and sweaty nuts every time they bashed against his own.

Thanks to their incredible physique as dragons, Jason never lost feeling in his lower body no matter how hard his hole was brutalized. Her felt every crease and bump along the shaft of his mother’s hot rod rapidly swabbing in and out of his gaping hole. Despite the large bulge of her cock appearing to be destroying the inside of his body, he was perfectly fine and left only with the feeling of pleasure that came with having his body abused by his own mother’s massive dragon prick.


“Hhkkkk hhnngggh-!”

“Haah ha-ngh!”

Pretty soon, when their heated copulation had formed a sauna of sweat, musk and pheromones around them, Jason was awoken from his cock-drunk stupor when he felt his mother’s rod twitching heavily inside of him. The Dragon’s own balls were likewise tensing up, it seemed like they were about to finish together.

“Mmnnggh, hhl-ack!”

“Here comes momma’s load!”

Jason tried to say something, but at that time the tail around his neck suddenly tightened to the point that he couldn’t make a sound! At the same time, his mother’s voice blared in his eardrums, and she finally reached orgasm.

The Dragon was pulled down until every last inch of his mother’s cock was buried in his stretched asshole, then he felt her pent-up balls tense against his own.


Both Dragons came at the same time, Jason’s balls bubbled while his cock jerked, spraying thick ropes of draconic baby batter all over the walls of the kitchen. As he struggled to breathe while being strangled by his mother’s tail, his meaty member throbbed away, dumping large wad after large wad of his spunk all over the kitchen furniture. From the divider to the tiles on the floor and even the cupboards installed way up high, the whole place was painted in the cloudy seed while a pungent odour began to fill the environs.

While Jason was painting his mother’s well-kept kitchen white, Jacinda was doing the same to his insides.


Boiling hot cum churned through her portulent balls, raced up her bulging ankara türbanlı escort pisspipe and with a force like the breath of a flood dragon, gushed into her fuck sleave of a son! Jason felt like he’d had a hose turned on inside his ass, a hose carrying thick magma!

His mother’s potent spunk was no less virile than his own, the creamy seed left her gaping pisshole in large snotty batches and flooded his very depths where the head of her cock was twitching like mad inside him! Very quickly that large bulge in his body formed by the MILF’s cock started to expand even further, with every pulse and throb of her hot veiny shaft buried in his ass, a large batch of gooey nut cream caused his belly to inflate and expand.


“Haah haah!”

The Dragon felt his mother’s drool hit the back of his neck, what had leaked off of her long tongue that was hanging loosely out of her mouth as she spewed her pent-up load into her son’s butt. Her hot spunk filled the smaller dragon rapidly, his abdomen soon having doubled over in size, yet the briny draconic ball cream just kept coming.

Through his anus that was stretched around her bulging pisspipe, Jason could feel the speedy rush of semen leaving his mother’s rapidly contracting balls before messily splattering his insides. The pressure inside him kept building and building, his belly soon reached a size where even his long arms wouldn’t be able to wrap around it. It even got to the point that the Dragon was worried his mother’s spunk would come gushing out the other end. Thankfully though, her tail was wrapped around his neck just tight enough for that not to happen.



The Dragoness’ orgasm finally trickled to and end just as Jason was feeling like he was going to pop. His mother’s orgasm had lasted slightly longer than his own, and only because the asphyxiation had provided the extra stimulation needed for him to ride out his orgasm for longer.

The two were left hot, sweaty and panting for air as their musky bodies rubbed against each other, Jacinda’s sweaty tits were pressed to Jason’s back, the jiggly masses undulating as she breathed laboriously. Jason on the other hand wasn’t breathing to heavily, or at all for that matter. A dragon he may be, even Jason was starting to feel slightly starved for air after being choked for so long. The Dragon was thinking that he’d soon be released as their little “unexpected” fuck session was finally over, however he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Haah, hah, well, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for your punishment~”


Jason wondered what she was on about but got his answer the next moment when he felt a boiling heat manifest inside of him, even hotter than the cum that was still clogging his insides!

“I was just about to use the bathroom, and you just had to interrupt me.”

Jason would’ve hardly been able to speak even if her tail wasn’t still tightly wrapped around his neck. Barely half a minute after dumping a full load inside of him, even before her cock could begin to go soft, the Dragoness had begun taking a piss up her own son’s ass!

The feeling up cum pumping through her pipes was replace by something much more loose that caused his asshole to feel like he’d sat on a hot coal. The hot, frothy liquid gushed into his belly and bowels with no less speed than his mother’s cum did!


The steaming piss met with the sticky cocksnot filling his insides and soon a rancid mixture was born that began swirling around inside him while he quickly became even more bloated than before!

Jason was already full of the MILF’s massive load of creamy cock snot, he was really starting to feel at his limits now as his belly stubbornly continued to expand! The pressure kept building and building, Jason tried to utter at least a croaking noise, however his neck was still locked in the vice of his mother’s tail.

“Oh, are you trying to say something sweetie?”

All of a sudden the Dragoness’ sultry voice sounded by his ears, and in the very next moment, all of the pressure squeezing his neck suddenly disappeared all at once. The Dragoness speedily unravelled her tail from her son’s neck, and at that moment it was like a dam burst.

Jason only felt a rush of heat zoom up his bulging neck before his mouth was filled with the rancid taste of his mother’s hot piss and sticky ball soup! Like an actual geyser erupting for the first time in years, a flood of frothy yellow liquid mixed with large clumps of cloudy goo spewed from the Dragon’s maw before splattering all over the walls and cupboards of the kitchen and forming a large steaming puddle on the floor!

All the while the milf kept her cock buried in her son’s ass, from where her flood of hot piss continued unabated.

At this time Jason really was no different than an extension of his mother’s cock, her piss went straight from her large bladder, up through him, washing out the cum filling him and then dumping all over the floor of the kitchen.


The entire flood was soon soaked, a good bit of piss splashing all over the Jacinda’s own legs, however she didn’t seem to care in the least and instead focussed on relieving her bladder of the hot urine she’d been holding all morning.

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