A Twin Desire Ch. 06

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I’ve gotta get this outta the way. I’m sorry for my author notes at the end of Chapter 5. This story has a lot of life left in it. It will never come to a close. As I stated, I will probably slow down as my health may not allow a new chapter as often as I’ve been churning them out. Thank you all for the high ratings and feedback.

As always, all sexual activity is between adults 18 years and older.



I love being with my hubby 24 hours every day. The drive back to Seattle was fun and entertaining. It’s interesting how fast life can change. Just four weeks ago, I was Barbara Young, daughter, sister, volleyball player, and simple twenty-year-old girl. Life was simple and easy.

In the blink of an eye, I’m married to the man of my dreams who happens to be my brother. Yeah, I know it’s not a real marriage … yet … but it is for us. That’s all that matters until we look at all the legal ramifications. Good thing we have daddy for that stuff.

We stayed overnight in Wells, Nevada again. Different hotel but same results. We had lots of fantastic sex. But this time, we had room service with daddy’s blessing We never left our room until we had to leave. Daddy let us stay an extra night. Another honeymoon gift.

We arrived in Seattle early in the evening. Brian called the agent for the new apartment and we stopped to pick up the key. Brian did the ‘Threshold walk’ for me again as we entered our first home. Daddy, again, had outdone himself.

Almost directly under the Ship Canal Bridge, we had a great view of the lake harbor and marinas. As with most of the buildings in the area, this one was old and rustic. Perfect for the setting. It wasn’t much to look at on the outside, but the inside was gorgeous.

Once inside, Brian closed the door and we wandered around exploring our little abode. Starting with the hardwood floors, the door opened into the family room, a quick turn to the right was the kitchen and the dining room. There’s an entry to the dining room on the far side of the family room. At the back of the family room on the left is a hallway leading down to the bedrooms and bathroom. The furnishings were perfect. Dad paid a premium to have it ready for us when we got here.

Neither of us wanted to spend the night away from each other so we unpacked what we had with us and spent our first night at “HOME”. Our home. Our perfect, little home. I couldn’t stop repeating it. Home. Our home. I knew the newness would wear off, so I reveled in the moment. Home.


“Yeah, yeah,” I said with annoyance. “Home. Home. Home. Get over it, sis.”

“I’m not getting over it, jerk,” she shot back. “Somebody has to be excited for us. This is our home, baby. OUR HOME! OUR FUCKIN HOME!”

I rolled my eyes and continued my tour.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me, Buster,” she said and walked over punch my arm. “This is every girl’s dream and you’re not going to spoil it for me.” She stuck her tongue out and walked in to inspect the kitchen.

“You wanna fulfill the dream, follow me to the bedroom,” I batted my eyes.

“Go start without me,” she shot back. “Sweet dreams.”

Touché. Damn it.

When our tour was finished, we wandered down to a cute little restaurant we saw on the corner when we drove in. We enjoyed a quiet meal and discussed our plans to move out of our dorm rooms in the morning. We needed a cover story to tell our roommates. It was simple. Dad thought we’d do better if we had more privacy. Easy peasy.

We sat and talked quietly, enjoying the atmosphere. We got caught up in some of our favorite memories from our childhood.


“Hey, Bri, do you remember how evil mom could be?” I asked.

He laughed. “Mom has a mean streak, that’s for sure.”

“How about the coins glued to the sidewalk?” I asked. We burst out laughing. “Did she do that to get us or the other kids?”

“I’m sure it was to watch us and laugh at first,” he answered. “Then it was our game.”

A half a block away from our house is an elementary school. One day we were walking home from school. On the sidewalk in front of our house, several coins were scattered. We were excited. I quickly called out, “FINDERS KEEPERS,” and we scurried over to claim our reward. Try as we might, we couldn’t get the coins off the sidewalk. Mom glued them down.

“Remember the rest of the school year, we’d run home from school and watch out the window as our friends and other idiots would try to pluck those coins off the sidewalk,” he said laughing loudly.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “Some kids would run home and grab a butter knife or a screwdriver and come back. Even then, it took a lot of effort to get those coins up. Mom must have used some industrial strength glue out there.”

“Damn, that was funny as hell,” he smiled as our laughter died down.

“You’re quite the prankster yourself, mister,” I said.


When we were in our Junior year, Barb and Jill were planning this big double date with a couple of my friends. I overheard klasbahis güvenilirmi them talking in Barb’s room about when the date ended, they’d come back home, and they’d surprise their dates with something in Barb’s room. I didn’t hear what the surprise was but I wanted to give them my own special ‘welcome home’.

After they left, Randy, my best friend, came over and helped me rig a water balloon over Barbie’s door. I created a contraption which using fishing line and eye hooks to create a trip wire. When someone would walk through the door, they’d kick the trip wire releasing a weighted pencil with a pin sticking through the eraser, which would pop the water balloon. Everything was on the inside of the door so until the balloon popped, it was unnoticeable.

When we heard them come home, Randy and I sat on Barbie’s bed and waited for them. We heard them running up the stairs and waited for the trap to spring.

“I can’t believe you got both of us,” Barb laughed.

“It was all meant for you,” I chuckled. “Who’d have thought you’d both squeeze through the door together?

“And because you did, you both got a little stuck which meant ALL the water from the balloon hit its targets. You two were DRENCHED!” We both laughed.

“I wasn’t laughing at the time,” she recalled shooting daggers at me. “God, I was PISSED!”

“Even more pissed when your dates, OUR FRIENDS, joined in the laughter,” I reminded her. But you trying to get even was more hilarious.”

“GOD! Don’t remind me,” she said burying her head.


“Jill and I were determined to get you back. We planned everything to the tee and took loads of notes, so we wouldn’t forget anything,” I laughed but it was self-deprecating humor. I (meaning Jill) screwed the pooch with our revenge, which made the whole thing much funnier.

“Yeah,” Brian said laughing, “you guys were devious. ITCHING POWDER IN MY UNDERWEAR? That’s fuckin mean, sis.”

“Served you right, asshole.”

“But it didn’t get me,” he laughed harder. “Pouring out my aftershave and replacing it with colored water. That’s a good one. What else?”

“Um, well, we also sprinkled the itching powder through your sheets,” I recalled with a laugh. And replaced your toothpaste …” I started laughing hysterically as I remembered, “with Preparation H.”

“There were tons of things you did,” he laughed. “Most of them were pure genius, if not for the morons trying to pull off a prank.”

I shook her head in disbelief. Still laughing, I said, “Yeah, we weren’t the brightest bulbs that day. Fuckin Jill. I blame her. She blames me. Bitch,” I laughed.

“So, I come home and walk into my room. I noticed immediately that things had been messed with, but I couldn’t really tell what. I was already suspicious because I knew you’d be gunnin for me,” he said with a laugh. “I searched my fuckin room for fifteen minutes trying to figure out what was going on. Just when I was convinced I was being paranoid, I spotted something out of place.”

“Fuckin Jill,” I repeated. “Stupid, fuckin, Jill.”

“YOUR NOTES!” he busted out laughing. “I picked up your notes and started reading. I followed all your notes through my room and undid everything you’d done.” I was crying I was laughing so hard.

I had a huge grin but continued shaking my head and repeating, “Stupid, fuckin Jill.”


What a great time we had. I’m sure the staff of the restaurant thought we were complete idiots. Every time someone walked by, we were busting a gut in laughter.

We walked slowly, arm in arm, back to our new home. Once inside, we prepared for bed. After an eleven-hour drive, I was exhausted. Barb helped me out of my clothes, stripped herself down, and walked us into the bathroom where she had started a hot bath. She sat behind me and rubbed the road-weary soreness out of my muscles. She washed me from head to toe and toweled me off when she was finished.

She led me to the bed and tucked me in with a kiss on my forehead. “Goodnight, handsome,” she said softly. “I love you.”

“You’re not getting in with me, babe?” I asked in a groggy voice. “We need to consummate our ‘HOME’.” I guess my sarcasm doesn’t need me fully alert.

She smiled. “Not yet. I spent all that time taking care of you. I need to go wash up myself. I’ll be in when I’m finished.”

“Okay,” I said through a big yawn. “Thanks, baby. You make life worth living. Love you” I closed my eyes and I was out.


I woke up early, excited to get to my dorm to pick up my things and get back to decorate our home. Brian was sound asleep, spooning me with his morning wood nestled between my ass cheeks. I was immediately horny. I slowly moved my hips back and forth to create a little friction hoping to wake him up. As always, unless a bomb went off, I doubted this hibernating bear would stir. It’s always fun trying.

My overnight bag was on the table by the bed. I slowly reached over and pulled my bottle of lube out. I opened it and squeezed klasbahis yeni giriş a little on my fingers. I reached back and stroked his cock as I continued humping my ass into him.

Once the lube was slathered on nicely, I moved my hand around to finger my clit. My juices were already flowing as I humped his cock between my cheeks and diddled my clit. I slid two fingers into my warm pussy and finger fucked myself. I was moaning as my body responded with orgasmic jolts firing through me.

With my fingers slippery from my own pussy juice plus the lube, I slipped my fingers down to my pucker and pushed my middle finger up my ass. GOD! IT’S SO TIGHT! It feels so fuckin good. I pulled my finger out and pushed it back in. I moaned as the orgasmic jolts became more intense. Brian slept soundly behind me.

After finger fucking my ass for a few minutes, I squirted more lube on my fingers, reached back and reapplied it to Brian’s cock. With his cock well lubed, I grabbed it and placed the head at the entrance of my asshole. I held it in place as I slowly started pushing down on it.

As it began splitting me, I felt a sharp pain. I yelped quietly. I pulled away and let go of his cock. I placed my middle and ring finger on my hole and pushed them in. The pain was still there but not as intense. I guess I need to prepare myself a little bit more.

I used my two fingers and spent another few minutes sliding them in and out of my ass. I pushed a third finger in. OH, MY GOD! The pain was going away, and I was ready to cum.

I applied more lube to Brian’s cock and placed it again on my asshole. I started to push. His cock started sliding in. ‘Why does his cock hurt but three fingers don’t?’ I wondered. I was determined and kept pushing down slowly. FUCK! This thing is ripping me apart, but even through the pain, I could feel my orgasm getting closer.

Suddenly his cock ‘popped’ into my anus. I’ve heard about the ‘Anal Ring’ and how the cock head must get past it. That must have been what I felt. The pain quickly dissipated and all I felt was the pleasure … and the feeling that I needed to take a dump. That was weird. But doable. TMI? Tough shit … see what I did there?

Brian stirred as I pushed down further and accepted his meaty member into my backdoor. The further I pushed in, the more pleasure I felt. I hit a point where pushing further was painful. I used two fingers to measure how much of his cock was still waiting to enter me. I pulled my fingers up to look. About two inches. I was impressed with myself.

I pulled up slowly until just the tip was inside me. I pushed back down until I hit the pain point. I reached around and rubbed my clit as I started to pump up and down on his glorious hard cock. In and out I pushed and pulled. After only five strokes, I felt my orgasm flow over the dam. And the dam did, indeed, burst. I started squirting. I heard drops of my cum splatter on the floor at the foot of our bed. HOLY SHIT! I had no clue I could squirt with such force.

I felt Brian’s hand squeeze my tit and heard him moan.

“Mmmm, God, baby,” he moaned. “You’re so fuckin hot. This is the perfect wake up call.”

“You like?” I asked as if I needed to.

“Fuck yeah, I like. I love,” he moaned. “Holy fuck, Barbie. Something feels different. You’re so fuckin tight.”

“Really?” I teased. I’d let him figure out why, so I could see and hear his reaction. “You really think my pussy is getting tighter, baby?”

“Oh my, yes,” he whispered. “Must be this position. I feel like I’m fucking a vice.”

“Hmm, yeah,” I moaned. “Must be the position,” I agreed. Moron. Kinda silly since we’ve fucked in this position many times already. I guess Robin Williams was right when he said, “The problem is, God gave man a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time.” I chuckled to myself.

Brian started taking control of the tempo and rhythm. He started pushing in and pulling out faster. I continued frigging my clit and had a few smaller orgasms as he unknowingly fucked my ass.

He sped up more and pushed in deeper. The painful spot he was hitting before was now gone. All I was feeling was the pleasure of my ‘Pussy Pleaser’ fucking my taboo area. I could feel a more powerful orgasm building and could tell Brian was getting close as well.

“I’m gonna cum, baby. GOD, I’M GONNA CUM!” he hissed.

“Cum with me, honey,” I moaned back. “I’m gonna cum too.”

He grabbed my hips and with one final thrust, he pulled my ass all the way down on his cock.


I started over the edge. I felt the juices shooting from my cunt again.

“FUCK! I’M CUMMING, BABY! CAN YOU FEEL ME SQUIRTING?” I yelled. God, it felt good to be vocal. Fucking at home had me frustrated. I’m a screamer and love to vocalize. Brian’s cock gets much harder and longer when I’m calling the play-by-play. Must be the athlete in him. I definitely had his little athlete in me.

“I’M klasbahis giriş CUMMING TOO, BABE!” he moaned. “GOD, YOUR SQUIRTING IS SO FUCKIN SEXY!”

I felt his cum warm my bowels as he pushed hard up into my ass. He was still unaware what exactly he was fucking.

I had shot a steady stream of cum for a few seconds and soaked the bed and both our legs. It was slick and sexy.

I continued fingering myself and pushing against his cock as his orgasm waned. Mine was ongoing and causing me to nearly pass out.


Brian could only moan. He was still pushed tight against my cheeks as his cock began slowing its spurts inside my ass. My orgasm was killing me, but it was a worthy death of a sexual warrior. I was ‘falling on my sword’ so to speak.

Brian held his position tucked tightly against my ass as my orgasm began to fade. A few times he slid in and out of my ass slightly causing my orgasm to linger. He knows just how to please me.

“God, baby,” I moaned. “You fuck me so good. I can’t believe how hard you made me cum.”

“Me?” he said in surprise. “You did this, sweets.”

“Couldn’t do it without you,” I answered as I turned my head to kiss him.

“Guess what else you can’t do without me?” he said and abruptly pulled away from me. His cock slipped out of my ass, leaving me feeling empty.

He rolled me onto my back and moved down between my legs. Looking into my eyes with an evil smile on his face, he spread me wide and began moving to eat me. He loves eating his cum out of my pussy.

“Baby,” I purred.

He paused his descent, never shifting his gaze from my eyes. ‘Yes, my sexy lover?”

I batted my eyes, gave him a ‘Cheshire Cat’ smile, and said, “SURPRISE!”

He looked at me funny. I tilted my head down, lowering my eyes to my pussy … and ass. He looked down at it, then back up to me.

“What?” he asked, confused.

“Just enjoy your breakfast,” I purred. “Don’t forget to look for the prize at the bottom of the … box,” I teased. He was clueless.

“Okay,” he said with caution.

Now with a weird look on his face, he continued his downward motion. His tongue found my clit and lapped it a few times. I moaned my approval. I was still very sensitive, but his touch was light. He knows how to eat me after an orgasm.

He was still unaware of the situation and I figured he would remain clueless unless I helped him. I lifted my legs and pulled my knees to my chest. My pussy and ass were both exposed and in the open.

To add to the comedy, he put his hands on the back of my thighs and pushed them further against my chest exposing my ass even more. He licked my clit again, still looking into my eyes. On the next lick, he furrowed his brow, looked down to inspect his prize, then looked back up at me. I smiled, which was pretty good since I wanted to laugh.

“You taste good, baby doll,” he whispered.

I chuckled. “I do, do I?”

He moved his tongue to the bottom of my slit and slowly moved all the way to my clit and sucked it between his lips. He pulled back and held my clit until the pressure popped it back into place. He winked at me and again, I fought the urge to laugh at him. What a dunce.

He saw the way I was looking at him. “What?” he asked.

Now I couldn’t help it. I laughed out loud. “Nothing,” I said unconvincingly.

“What?” he asked again. “Why you laughing?”

I laughed harder. “I dunno. I guess I have the giggles,” I lied through my teeth. ‘When will he notice?’ I wondered. I was laughing on the outside but inside, I was dying.

He got a look on his face. He was figuring it out. He looked down at my pussy, then back up at me. He looked down again. He pulled away further and got the big picture.

“Um, Twink. Did I just fuck your ass?”

I lost it. I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Tears started rolling down my face as I snorted a few times. He couldn’t help it. He laughed along with me.

When I finally regained control, I had to rub it in. “You’re quite the observant one, Forest Gump,” I said.

“Stupid is as stupid fucks,” he shot right back. Nice and quick, just how I like it.

“What was your first clue, Sherlock?” I laughed.

“Your giggles, and a cum-free pussy, I suppose,” he answered. “Fuck! Really? I fucked your ass?”

“I dunno, baby. Do you see any evidence of ass fuckery down there?” I laughed.

“No, other than a bunch of my cum leaking out your anus.”

“Uranus? I have a planet leaking out my anus?” I busted out laughing again.

Brian laughed but rolled his eyes. “You’re so fuckin funny,” he sneered. Then he started laughing again which made me laugh harder.

I wanted to top off my joke with another line, but I had to stop laughing hysterically and catch my breath.

“I know my ass is big, but HOLY FUCK! I have a planet leaking out my anus.” My hysterics started again.

He started playing with the cum dripping from my anus. “I fucked your ass,” he muttered. He inserted fingers (I’m not sure how many) in my ass and sloshed them around in his cum. He pulled his fingers out and studied them. When he does that with my pussy, he usually licks them clean or lets me lick them. He did neither.

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