A Toy Story

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Group Sex

Late at night, I’ve just finished a long, leisurely bath in scented water and bubbles. I’ve been thinking of you the whole time, waiting patiently for you to get home, yearning for your touch. Padding to the bedroom, toweling off, I notice the bed still unmade and the new quilt I bought still in it’s bag. Tossing the towel aside, I quickly put the bed to rights and toss the new quilt over top, admiring the double wedding band design. The far corner is flipped over and I crawl naked across the bed to fix it, tucking it in securely before turning to slide off. That’s when I see you in the doorway, watching me with that sexy grin.

I smile back, very happy to see you, and slide forward a little on the bed, glad I didn’t have time to put on my nightie. Letting my legs dangle, slightly open, I lean back on my elbows and smile again: “Welcome home, cowboy!”

You toss your hat to the chair, advancing to the bed quickly, leaning over me to kiss me hungrily, pressing me back down on the bed. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you down against me, running my tongue along your lips, probing in to taste you as my hands reach for your shirt buttons. You part your lips, sliding your tongue to meet mine, caressing it, your hands sliding from my waist up to my breasts, cupping them, your fingers pinching my now hard nipples lightly. I moan, dragging your shirt apart now, pushing it off your shoulders to slide to the floor.

I rake my nails down your chest lightly as you move your hands back to my breasts, rolling the nipples with your fingers now, our kisses growing deeper. Circling your nipples with my fingers, I lightly flick them both and I’m rewarded by a low moan from you. Breaking the kiss, I lean up to lightly nibble on one, rolling the other between my fingers, mimicking your movements. You move your lips to my ear, biting my lobe lightly, your breath harsh in my ear before moving down my neck, causing shivers up and down my spine with licks and nibbles.

I slide my lips to your other nipple, reaching for your jeans’ waistband, flipping open the button and zipper easily and sliding my hand inside to stroke your hardening cock. Your moans tell me I’m doing exactly what you want and I bite lightly down on your nipple as I slip my hand down your shaft, reaching between your legs to cup your balls, playing with them, squeezing them very lightly before slipping back up to the head and rubbing it, spreading your precum over it.

I am surprised when you pull my hands away, locking our fingers together and sliding my arms over my head. Looking up, I see that grin on your face before you move your mouth down, flicking your tongue over first one hard nipple, then the other, lightly, too lightly, when all I want is for you to take them in your mouth. I arch my back up, whispering for you to touch me, suck on them, but you keep this light teasing touch until I’m squirming all over, my legs pressing hard against your outer thighs to pull you closer.

When I think I can’t stand any more, your mouth closes over one hard nipple, sucking it hard into your mouth, your teeth raking it. Taking your hand off mine, you cup my other breast, massaging it as you roll the nipple with your fingers. I gasp, then whimper as I reach down to hold your head closer, but you firmly take my hand and put it back with the other, holding them there. Moving your mouth to my other breast, you repeat your actions, sucking it into your mouth hard, biting it lightly as your hand skims down my body.

My head is tossing, my eyes shut as I live the sensations your touch creates in my body, all magnified by being held and not allowed to touch back. My whole body jerks up as your fingers slide across my clean shaven pussy, slipping easily between the wet lips. I can’t stop crying out as you slide your fingers up to my clit, pressing it against tuzla escort the pubic bone, pressing firmly and wiggling against it. Shivers run across my skin as I bend my knees up and press against your hips, feet on the bed as I thrust up against your fingers.

Your mouth begins a slow descent down my body as you slide your fingers down my lips again, now pressing your thumb against my clit and rubbing as you slip two fingers inside me, twisting and spreading them as you enter. My body leaps again as an orgasm sweeps through me, waves of pleasure crashing on me, centering on your fingers inside my pussy and on my clit. You rub your thumb quickly, fingers plunging inside me as I cum, somehow keeping your hand there as my hips buck with each wave.

I am still shuddering as I look down to meet your eyes, smiling widely, and you lean up to kiss me again, tongues meshing, your fingers still moving, slowly now, your thumb rubbing gently, guiding my body onto the next. You gently push me back down as your mouth begins moving down my body again, licking, nibbling, stopping to suck on my skin, increasing my sensitivity and building me up again.

Finally, you move your thumb and your tongue flicks across my clit, bringing a groan from me at this renewed pleasure. Light flicks quickly across my clit with your tongue soon have me moaning again, my body squirming against you. Taking your hand off mine, knowing I will leave them there, you push my thigh open further, exposing all of my aroused pussy and opening me up. I drop the other thigh down to the bed, too, giving you my whole body.

Taking advantage, you slip a third finger inside me, sliding them deep and spreading them apart as you take my clit between your lips, sucking on it, rubbing your tongue against it. My fingers clutch the sheets above my head as my body moves, bucking wildly as the sensations course through me again. I am gasping between moans, rocking my pussy against your mouth and fingers, totally unprepared as a second orgasm hits me quickly. As I cry out, your fingers and tongue move quicker, helping me to ride through this storm of sensation and emotion.

I reach down to slide my fingers through your hair, whispering for you to come to me now, but you smile, kiss the palm of my hand and slide your tongue down flat against my clit again. You know my body like your own and you know that I can continue as long as you want to give me pleasure. I sigh and lean back as your tongue flicks lightly against my clit again, your fingers still deep inside me, but moving slowly in my slick pussy, building the sensations again.

I hear the bedside drawer slide open and open my eyes to see you pull out one of our toys, your tongue never stopping its teasing flicks. This vibrator is a firm rubberized toy, with a thicker, natural shaped head and smooth shaft. Two inches thick at the head, slightly less along the shaft, eight inches long with varying speeds, we had only recently added it to our collection. I smiled widely and settle back to enjoy whatever you are planning.

Turning the vibrator on low, you start to trace a path from my knee, laying flat against the bed, down my inner thigh, my muscles jumping from the light touch. I lift my pussy slightly, anticipating the touch there, but you continue, tracing a path over and around, rubbing gently up my other thigh to my knee. I let out a low moan of frustration and you grin up at me, taking long strokes along my pussy lips with your tongue, away from my clit now as I squirm, trying to push against your face. You slide your fingers out, tracing a wet trail from my entrance down to my ass and back, slicking the area with my juices and teasing me.

Tracing the vibrator down my leg again, this time you slide it down along the crease of my thigh, along my ass cheek and bring tuzla rus escort it to a stop on that sensitive patch of skin between my ass and pussy entrance. Turning up the speed slightly, you begin rubbing it lightly there and I gasp again, clutching the sheet as new sensations travel along my nerve endings, my ass tightening along with my pussy, trying to draw the pleasure to both entrances. I can’t resist and, slipping one leg over your shoulders, I use that leverage to bear down on the vibrator and increase the pleasure.

You run your hand along the sensitive area under my pussy, slicking my juices further down, your fingers teasing at my ass as you press kisses along my inner thigh, back down to my pussy. At the same time, you move the vibrator along my entrance, back and forth, wetting it, before sliding it up, spreading my lips wide with its width, up to my clit. I cry out as the vibrator touches my sensitive clit, first pressing my ass down into the bed and then thrusting it back up, pressing my clit hard against the vibrator, then down, letting the light and hard touches run through me and around me, surrounding me in pleasure.

I’m whimpering now, sure I can’t hold out against this, when you slide the vibrator off my clit and press it down through my lips again, this time pressing up against my very wet entrance. Even after cumming twice, my pussy is still very tight and you have to press the head in firmly to lodge it in before looking up at my wanting face. Our eyes lock together as you push the vibrator in, twisting the speed up as you do so and I gasp again, thrusting my hips up to meet your hand. But you stop with just the head and an inch in, twisting the speed down as you pull back slighting and speeding it up as you push in again, letting another few inches settle in.

As you’re doing this, the finger teasing at my ass presses in, the wet juices you’ve brought there helping you to slip it inside, twisting it slightly. I shudder as I feel your finger and the vibrator, trying to thrust against each, to feel each go deeper.

No longer content to hold onto the bed, I slide my fingers to my breasts and twist my nipples in time with each push and pull of the vibrator, my hips twisting and thrusting. Finally, with a last thrust, you push the vibrator in all the way, leaning over and flicking your tongue along my clit again before taking it into your mouth and sucking as you begin to rapidly thrust the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

Pulling your finger out of my ass slightly, you slide a second alongside it and push them both in, stretching my tight ass and wringing gasps from me. I feel you twist your fingers around as you move them in and out in time with the vibrator in my pussy and I know I can’t hold on for much longer. I’m moaning your name over and over, trying to meet your thrusts, but I’m overcome with the sensations you are creating.

I moan in protest as you pull the soaked vibrator slowly out of me, thrusting up to hang on, pushing my pussy into your face, feeling your teeth scrape across my clit. I draw in a breath at the sensation and jerk my hips down, feeling your fingers go deeper into my ass. As you slowly lick up and down between my wet lips, I sigh and move with your mouth, moaning as your tongue probes my entrance now slick with my juices. Moving slowly up and down, I feel your fingers slide in and out of my ass now, your tongue delving into my pussy, and I push my hips up higher to try to force your tongue deeper, moaning in protest as your fingers slip out.

I look down in frustration to see you grin at me and feel the vibrator, pressing against my entrance again. Grinning back, I try to push against it, but you hold it there lightly, teasing my entrance, the speed on low. Bending down again, pressing your tongue flat, you tuzla sarışın escort begin taking long licks along my pussy lips again, letting the vibrator slide away from my entrance, trailing down between my cheeks, stopping and pressing against my tight ring.

The sensation is different, the low speed making it almost tickle and I wiggle against it slightly, pressing down. The head presses tight against me, the vibrations going straight through my body, lighting nerve endings I never knew I had. I can feel you pressing the head against me with steady pressure and I bear down, curious and more than a little excited at the sensations.

You slide your tongue back up to my clit, flicking across it, setting me on fire, my body arching up and then down, feeling the tip of the vibrator, slowly pressing in. I gasp as you rake your teeth lightly across my clit, at the same time, pushing up firmly, letting the slick vibrator push up inside my ass. There is some pain, but not enough to warn me off. In fact, the pain only adds to the sensations, the hard thick tip inside me, stretching me, your teeth running alongside my clit. I moan and press down, feeling more slip inside me and I shudder and buck up and then down, trying to push down on it.

Slipping a hand beneath my thigh, you lift my leg over your other shoulder, my pussy raised high against your face, your tongue and teeth wreaking havoc with my clit. My moans turn to whimpers as I feel the sensations building and then, you move your mouth off my clit, up my stomach, licking and sucking my skin. I eagerly reach for you, sliding my hands along your body as your weight presses down and I feel the final inches of the vibrator slide up inside me. I moan as I reach for your cock, stroking its hard length and pulling it against my wet pussy.

You kiss me hungrily, your tongue plunging into my mouth as I press your cock head to my wet entrance, trying to push up. In this position, you have the control, and you continue kissing me as you move your hand over mine, thrusting half of your cock deep inside me, stopping for a moment before slamming down, your whole cock thrusting hard down inside me. I cry out and bite your shoulder, leaving marks, I know as the twin sensations overwhelm me; the vibrator in my ass, your cock inside me.

My nails rake across your shoulders as you hold my hip with one hand, the other twisting the vibrator in and out of my ass. I can only make incoherant sounds when you begin thrusting your cock in and out of my pussy, hard and fast. I know that you have been holding back for so long tonight and I lean up to bite your neck, your ear, whispering to you, now, now, I need you to cum in me.

Our lips meet again, your tongue plunging into my mouth, mimicing your cock and the vibrator and I moan as I suck on it, pulling it deeper. I slide my hands down your back, nails scraping in my excitement, grasping your ass and pulling you deeper, pushing with you. I can feel my whole body tensing and see the look in your eye, too. Your fingers trail across my hip, slipping easily into my pussy lips and brushing my clit. Placing your thumb there, you begin to move it quickly, making me moan louder.

You are slamming your cock into me now, drawing back nearly to the head and then down inside me and I tense my thighs around you as I feel myself starting to cum again. Crying out, I thrust my whole body up against your thumb and your cock, feeling the vibrator hard inside me now as my ass tightens, too. Thrusting harder and faster, I feel your body tense against mine and you groan loudly as you cum inside me, thrusting deep.

I’m shuddering, my whole body alive with sensation as you lean down to kiss me, slowly and hotly. You move my thighs off your shoulders, letting my legs fall on either side of your body as you press your whole body against me, pushing me farther into the bed. Your fingers glide gently against my pussy still, your cock deep inside me and I can feel you twisting the vibrator slightly.

I smile up at you, kissing your lips tenderly as we both relax. This was a helluva way to christen our new quilt!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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