A Surprising First Pt. 07

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Dee couldn’t believe what she wanted to do. She had just experienced her very first sexual encounter with another woman, who happened to be her best friend, Lori. In a surprising chain of events Dee found herself naked on the couch with her best friend between her legs, making her cum with kisses and licks on her clit, fingers in her pussy and even one in her ass (another first.)

Dee had cum hard after watching Lori get herself off on the couch next to her. The video Lori brought had some hot girl/girl sex in it and Dee’s body had responded despite her complete lack of experience.

Now she was post orgasm, still horny, and ready for another first. She was going to eat her best friend’s pussy and do her best to make her cum. She didn’t know exactly what to do except for that old saying – do whatever you like done to you.

Lori was leaning back on the couch, her hips right at the front of the cushion and her shaved, sexy pussy dripping wet and ready. She had made herself cum by fingering her clit while sitting next to Dee. She really wanted a cock (or her strap-on attached to Dee) but she was going to wait on that to allow Dee time to really get into lesbian sex. Perhaps, after Dee eats her for a while, Lori will be able to talk her into putting on the strap-on and really giving her a good fucking. Hopefully even up her ass. Lori loved anal sex and wanted badly to introduce Dee to the pleasures it can bring. The finger in Dee’s ass just as she came was a beginning. Since Dee didn’t object Lori was hopeful for more.

Dee slid off the couch and got between Lori’s legs. She bent forward and kissed Lori deeply, pushing her tongue into Lori’s mouth and enjoying the feeling. It was different than kissing her husband, Steve, or any man for that matter. It was softer, gentler, even in the throes of passion. She wondered why she’d never tried it before.

Dee broke the kiss and began kissing and licking her way down Lori’s spectacular body. She stopped at Lori’s breasts, somewhat bigger than her own and perfectly shaped, and suckled on her nipples, one after another, bursa evi olan escort until those nipples were standing up straight and hard. Then she moved further down.

Dee stopped at Lori’s belly button and stuck her tongue in it. She didn’t know why but she liked when Steve did it to her. But soon it was time to get on with the moment at hand. Dee wanted, no needed to get her tongue on Lori’s pussy. If she didn’t do it soon she might lose her nerve.

She forced herself down Lori’s lower abdomen, kissing and licking as she went. Soon she could smell the intoxicating scent of Lori’s heat. She paused and raised her head so she could get another good look at Lori’s beautiful, shaved, perfect genitalia. Dee was amazed how beautiful she thought it was. She had never considered her own sex beautiful. It wasn’t ugly, and her husband loved the way it looked. But she had never considered it beautiful. But Lori’s was beautiful.

Her labia were perfect – perfect size, perfect shape – and with no hair to obstruct the view they were beautiful.

Dee decided to tease Lori just a little. She moved her face back down and made contact with her skin just centimeters above her clit. Then she moved to the left and kissed and licked down the crease where her leg joined her hip. She licked her way back up and over to the other side and did the same thing. Lori’s breathing was heavy but slow. She was apparently enjoying Dee’s actions.

Lori was looking down at Dee. Things were going extremely well so far and Lori wasn’t about to rush things any more than she already had. She had been afraid that the video might be too much but it apparently got her aroused, since she hadn’t objected to Lori masturbating in front of her. Yes, things were going well. But dammit – she wanted Dee’s tongue on her clit!

Dee was ready. It was now or never. She licked her way back up to the top of Lori’s crotch and touched her tongue to Lori’s clit. Lori jumped in spite of herself. Dee smiled.

She sucked on Lori’s clit for a few seconds, then licked her way altıparmak escort down to the other end of her labia and back up. Lori was dripping wet and Dee was tasting her first pussy ever, besides her own. Lori tasted wonderful. Dee pushed her tongue inside her vagina as far as it would go to get a really good taste. Ten she licked her way back up to Lori’s clit.

As she began working that clit with her lips and tongue, alternately sucking on it, licking it, licking around it – Dee slowly stuck the first two fingers of her right hand into Lori’s vagina. Lori moaned. Dee pushed her fingers in all the way then pulled them slowly back out, then repeated the process. Her tongue was heating up Lori’s clit very successfully and Lori’s vaginal secretions were leaking down onto the couch. Oh well – that could be cleaned, Dee thought.

She increased the pace of her licks and the pace of her fingers that were now fucking Lori. In and out, in and out, her fingers continued for several minutes. Lori’s breathing was getting more rapid and shallow. Dee thought she was perhaps getting close. Then she remembered something Lori had done.

Dee stopped moving her fingers and stretched her ring finger and pushed it into Lori’s very wet asshole.

“Oh yeah, Babe,” Lori said. “Forget my pussy. Put two fingers in my ass and fuck me with them. Please.”

Dee was a bit surprised but she did as Lori requested. She pulled her fingers out of both holes then inserted her index and middle fingers into Lori’s well lubricated asshole. Lori moaned loud and long.

“Oooohhhhh, damn, that feels good. Fuck my ass with your fingers. You’re gonna make me cum if you do,” Lori said.

Dee had no idea her best friend was so into anal sex but at this point it was about making Lori cum. It was about Dee making Lori cum for the first time ever. She was excited and her own pussy juices were flowing again.

“I wonder if anal sex feels as good as Lori indicates?” she thought. “Doesn’t it hurt? And isn’t it dirty?

Could I ever try it?”

Many thoughts went through her head as she began pumping her fingers in and out of Lori’s ass. She never let up on Lori’s clit and together she could tell they were having the desired effect. Lori made it pretty clear.

“Oh God, yes. Oh… keep that up, baby. Fuck me harder. Fuck my ass! You’re gonna make me cum!

Dee’s fingers were practically flying in and out of Lori’s ass now. It was difficult to keep contact with her clit so she sucked it between her lips and concentrated on finger fucking Lori. With her left hand she reached in and pushed two fingers into Lori’s pussy. That did it.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh baby – I’m cumming!” Lori exclaimed as her orgasm hit. Dee could not only feel Lori’s vaginal walls contracting but her rectal walls seemed to be doing the same thing. She continued fucking her fingers in an out of Lori’s two holes until Lori’s orgasm began to subside. Then she slowed them gradually, trying to prolong the pleasure as much as possible.

As Lori came down and her breathing returned to normal, Dee pulled her fingers out of her friend.

“That was simply wonderful,” Lori said. “You’re a natural. Thank you.”

“Thank you for showing how wonderful sex can be with a woman,” Dee replied. “I’ve often wondered but never thought I’d actually do it. Especially with you. It’s incredible.”

“I’ve got so much more to show you,” Lori told her.

“Is anal sex as wonderful as you make it sound?” Dee asked. “I’ve always thought it hurt.”

“It can hurt if you don’t do it right the first time and learn how to do it right every time,” Lori responded. “I plan to offer you the chance to find out first hand if you’re willing to learn. In fact, we have a week alone and I have many things to show you. Would you like to be my student?”

Lori put her right hand on Dee’s left cheek and looked into her eyes.

“I think I’d like that,” Dee said. “Show me everything. I want to know what I’ve been missing.”

“It’s a deal,” Lori told her. “Now, let’s go take a shower and get cleaned up. We’ll have a little dinner then have another lesson before we go to sleep.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Dee replied. “I’m still hory as it is. I need Steve’s cock in me.”

“Don’t worry,” Lori assured her. “I’ve got the next best thing.”

To be continued…

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