A Suprise For Jim Ch. 02

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I am sitting on my couch. I had just had my cock ridden my my sexy mother in law, Anne, shooting my cum deep inside her. Meanwhile my wife, Tish, was fingering Annes clit bringing her to a second orgasm of the night.

So now Anne is sitting on my lap with an ear to ear grin as my cock slowly delfates inside her. Tish has released her mums tit and is on her knees licking the mixture of cum off my balls.

Anne leans down and gives me a kiss and says, “I hope you are not done for the night.”

I smile and tell her no way, I just need a small breather and my johnson will be back and ready for action. She slowly raises up off me and stands up, holding her legs together. As soon as she is off my cock Tish dives right on it and starts cleaning the cum and pussy juice off me. Once she is finished she spins around and is now on her knees in front of Anne.

“I’m ready for it mom,” she says.

Then Anne spreads her legs and Tish immediately locks her lips on annes pussy and starts sucking out my cum. Apparently she was dead serious that she wanted to clean my cum from her moms pussy. Next thing Tish stands up and turns around and straddles my lap. My cock has again grown hard but she does not take it up her pussy, it is folded up between us. She then leans down to give me a kiss, and during the kiss I get my first taste of cum, my cum. It wasn’t that bad, salty and mixed with the tangy flavor of Anne’s pussy.

After we break the kiss Tish leans back and looks at me apprehensively and asks, “Was that alright?”

I smile and say, “It was unexpected. But not unpleasent, I’m glad you did it.”

Then Tish hugs me and says, “My turn.”

Tish gets up again and spins around with her back to me and sits on my cock, taking it straight up her pussy in one thrust. This is one of my favorite positions. While Tish is bouncing up and down on my cock I reach around her and massage her breasts, twisting and pulling her nipples. She likes it rough and the harder I twist and pull her nipples, the faster she bounces. She has one hand bracing herself on the back of the couch while the other hand is furiously frigging her clit. I was loving the fucking and after cumming twice already I felt I could last all night. Tish had a series of mini orgasms one after the other, never missing a stroke on my cock. She had watched me cum in her mother twice and tasted my cum both times so she was very worked up and I knew when her big O hit it was gonna be a whopper.

The small shudders subsided and she let go of her clit and leaned back against me and practically purred as I slowly slid my cock deep in her pussy with small strokes never taking out more than an inch at a time. She was liking this and I felt a hand stroke my balls. Tish was holding both her hands over head which pulls up her tits just the way I like, so it wasn’t her. In our fuck frenzy we forgot about Anne. Then I hear tish give out a moan and feel annes tongue on my cock.

“Tish,” I say, “your mom is eating your pussy while I fuck you. Isn’t that the most erotic thing you have ever seen?”

“Oh god.”, She says.

Apparently I was right as I hiltonbet giriş feel her pussy clenching my cock and feel her start a fuck rythm again as her mother gives her pussy a good tongue lashing.

“That’s it Anne, lick her pussy while I slide my hard cock inside her. She is loving this.”, I say.

Tish loves when I talk dirty and starts riding my cock hard. Anne has both hands on Tish’s thighs to hold on to her while she sucks on her clit. Tish starts making small whimpering sounds in her throat then unleases the loudest orgasm scream I have ever heard her make. She is almost shouting fuck, fuck, fuck, over and over again. Her body tenses up one last time then goes limp on my lap and she falls back against me.

I wrap my arms around her and say, “I guess you really liked that huh?”

After a few seconds of no reply I say, “Tish?”

Then I hear Anne say, “Jim she must have passed out. Don’t move her.”

Then Anne starts lightly tapping her on the cheek repeating her name and after about 20 seconds Tish groggily replies.

“Wow, that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. Thank you both. It was so kinky having mom eat me while you fucked me I tensed up hard on my orgasm and must have passed out, but I’m fine now.”, Tish says.

Then she gets off my lap and sits on one side of me, and her mother sits on the other side. I put my arms around both women and realize what a lucky man I am.

After we sit a few minutes and catch our breath Tish gets up.

“I need a shower.”, she says.

Tish heads back the hall to our bathroom to shower leaving me alone with Anne. She cuddles into me and starts rubbing my chest playing with my chesthair.

“mmm, I love a fuzzy chest.”, she says. “I can’t believe what I did tonight, I am normally very sexually reserved.”

“It kinda took me by suprise too. I never imagined that you and Tish….”, I start.

“Make love?”, she finishes. “Yes that suprised me too the first time it happened. But it felt so good. And regardless of what she says, we are bi. I love Tish dearly but I can guarantee you that given the opportunity we would both go down on another woman. It just happened we were each others firsts and that made our mother daughter bond stronger.”

“Well, maybe we can arrange something for you and Tish. Kinda like what she did for me tonight, but instead you and I will plan it out and Tish will be our victim hehe.”, I say.

“Sounds like fun.”, Anne replies.

All while we’re talking Anne is massaging my cock and I am fondling her huge tits. My cock is starting to come to life again and I am pulling and pinching her nipples. We look into each others eyes and she leans into me and touches her lips to mine. We start kissing and her tongue invades my mouth. I slide my hand down her tummy to her muff and we hear Tish shout from the hall.

“Next!”, She yells.

Anne giggles and looks at me.

“Coitus interruptus, you go ahead.”, I say.

Anne gets up and goes into the bathroom. I hear the shower start and Tish walks down the hall and looks at me. Her hair is damp and plastered hiltonbet yeni giriş to her head and she looks sexy as hell.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?”, she says. “Go get in the shower with her. She has never had sex in the shower and now is the perfect time to do it, go go go.”

So I get up and go into the bathroom.

“Hi Anne, Sorry for the intrusion but I really gotta pee.”, I say.

“It’s no intrusion hun, you have eaten my pussy so walking in the bathroom while I’m showering is no intrusion.” she laughs.

I empty my bladder then pull the curtain aside and step into the shower with Anne.

“Would you consider this an intrusion?” I ask.

“I would consider this an offer to have your dick in my pussy again.”, she replies.

I grab the bar of soap from her and tell her to turn around. I begin soaping up her back, Starting at her neck and giving her a short massage as I work my way down. I get to her ass and massage and knead it.

“Do you think my ass is too big?”, she asks.

“No way.”, I reply. “It looks just right for fucking. Have you ever had a cock up your ass?”

“I told you I was very reserved in the sex department, my ass is virgin. Maybe you’ll get to take the cherry tonight if you aren’t too worn out.”, She says.

I grin and think to myself maybe I may wanna hold off on that until tomorrow when I’ll have more ram in the rod.

So I continue soaping her up. I drop to my knees and start to soap up her fantastic legs. I run my hands up and down them. Very tone and nicely tanned. I make my way back up and reach around her and soap up her pussy.

“I love a shaved pussy.”, I say.

“I know,” she replies, “Tish and I started shaving each others pussies back whenever we started our new relationship. A smooth pussy feels fantastic on the face.”

I slide my finger between her pussy lips and flick her clit a few times. She moans and leans back against me. I take my other hand and start soaping up her tits. Playing with them while I rub her clit. I release her breast and grab my cock and bend it down so it is between her legs rubbing her pussy. I resume stimulating her nipple while fingering her clit. I bend my head down and start kissing her neck. BAM! An orgasm wracks her, her knees start to buckle and I hold her up.

“You found one of my major erogenous zones. Kissing or licking me on the back of my neck drives me crazy.”, she says.

I whisper in her ear, “That’s good to know.” and give her nipple a twist.

“So are you gonna fuck me in here?”, she asks.

“I was planning on it.”, I reply.

I rinse the soap off of us so we are not slippery and turn her to face me.

“OK Anne,” I say, “What you need to do is pretend I’m gonna give you a piggy back ride. Except I’ll be facing you. I’ll lift your ass up and you wrap those gorgeous legs around my waist and my cock should go right into your pussy.”

I reach around and grab her ass as she hops up. I hold her ass and slowly lower her impaling her on my rigid cock.

“Oh my god I can’t believe how deep you are in me.”, she says.

I hiltonbet güvenilirmi take a step forward and lean her against the shower wall. She gasps as her back touches the cold tiles.

“Are you OK Anne?”, I ask.

“Fuck me.”, was her reply.

I start to slowly piston my cock in her, enjoying the feel of her slick pussy. With each thrust I can feel the head bottoming out in her. She is moaning and running her fingers through my hair, her head thrown back.

I can feel her rock hard nipples pressing into my chest and look down to she her tits mashed against me. I lean my head down and start licking her cleavage. I slowly lick from boittom to top then back again. I do this a few times and get an idea. I keep licking up past her cleavage along her collar bone and up her neck. I can tell this is having an effect because she grabs my hair tightly in her fists and pulls my head into her neck.

I start kissing her neck up to her ear. I lick and nibble her earlobe and she starts squirming. Then she turns her head and I start kissing as far back as I can get and find another sweet spot.

As soon as I get to the spot right behind her ear she starts moaning loudly.

“Oh yeah, Fuck me baby.”, she says. “I want you to shoot your hot cum deep in me.”

I start sliding my cock in with more urgency as I feel yet another load of cum move up my shaft to explode deep in my wifes mothers hot cunt.

“Oh fuck mum, here it comes.”, I say. I remembered the mum part.

“Yes honey, shoot your cum deep in mommies cunt.”, she says.

She pulls my head back to her cleavage and tries to get me to suck on her nipple but it is too low. She lets go of my head and grabs her right tit and pulls it up between us and sticks out her tongue licking the nipple. So I stick out my tongue and lick her nipple at the same time. I thrust in deep and my cum starts to spurt in her. I grunt as each shot goes in and she is stroking my head and telling me what a good boy I am.

I help her back to the shower floor and we finish cleaning up. As we are washing I talk to her.

“Anne, can I ask you something?”, I say.

“Of course.”, she replies.

“Well,” I say, “with you insisting I call you mum, and your responses seem to make me think maybe you wish I was Rob.”

Rob is my wifes older brother.

She looks down embarrassed and says, “I guess I didn’t hide that well did I? Ever since Tish and I started and I found out how wonderful family sex is I have been fantasizing and dreaming about Rob. I guess I kinda used you for that and I am sorry.”, as a tear slips down her cheek.

I put a hand under her chin and lift her head up and look into her eyes and say, “Hun, you keep fucking me the way you do and you can use me for a french maid.”

This gets a smile out of her and I continue.

“Have you tried putting a move on Rob? You know most boys first sexual fantasy is their mother? Mine was.”, I say.

She sniffs and says, “Maybe, but in this case I doubt it. Rob is gay.”

Well ya learn something new every day.

“Ok, this water is getting cold.”, I say. “Lets dry off and head to the bedroom before Tish sends search and rescue for us.”

Anne smiles and gives me a hug and big kiss pressing those fantastic melons into my chest again. I’m such a horndog.

“I would be honored to have a son as sweet as you.”, she says.

And we head to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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