A Son Forced Pt. 05

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A special thanks to Gunter99 and the one that wishes to remain unnamed for the edits.

All characters are over 18+


Mara looked up to her son then to the white ooze that was flowing out of her sister’s asshole. She’d never ate out anyone’s brown eye before, yet if she didn’t she knew she would never get her own release, a release that had tormented her since breakfast that morning. Without hesitation she buried herself face first in her sister’s ass gagging as her tongue licked Scarlet’s hole clean.

“Excellent job Mara,” Jason said with a devilish grin. “You two can stop now you have played your role,” he said looking down at his sister and aunt. “Now I’m going to go shower,” Jason said walking towards the stairs.

“Master! You promised that I’d be able to cum!” Mara said frantically getting to her feet whilst trying to get the taste of her sister’s ass off of her tongue.

“No, I said if you ate out your sister’s asshole I’d let you cum. That is true, I just didn’t say when you would be able to cum,” Jason said as a sinister light flashed across his amber eyes. “So did you enjoy your treat?” Jason asked his softening member. “Fuck no! I smell like shit you bastard!” his renegade appendage screamed in his head. “Well, that’s what you get for getting me into this mess,” he said chuckling at his cock. “Not cool man, not cool,” said his forlorn rod.

Jason stood in the doorway of his mother’s bedroom as the hour of 2 a.m. neared. Watching as she tossed fitfully in her slumber. Smiling wickedly knowing he was the cause of her distress. His eyes flickered over to his aunt as she lightly snored beside his mother, wondering if she knew she was a snorer, and how she would react once he teased her about it in the morning. Yet that didn’t matter at the moment he was there for one reason and one reason only. He was a man of his word he would allow her to cum, just not when she wanted too.

Creeping silently into her room, watching his mother’s body for any signs that she knew he was there. He already knew Mara liked to sleep in the nude so he knew that wasn’t going to be an obstacle for him. Peeling back the covers that hid her naked body from view. He reached down between her legs wondering how she would like to be the one that was about to be violated as she had done to him. Listening to the sharp intake of air as his finger parted her wet lips. Teasing those pink lips ever so lightly as her breathing increased, sinking his fingers deep into his mother, smirking as her eyes opened in shock.

Mara didn’t say a word as her son’s hand toyed with her womanhood. Biting her lip as his thumb ran along her throbbing clit. Her nails dragged across the linen sheet as she felt her juices soaking into the bed beneath her. Hissing as Jason worked her folds so masterfully. Her hips grinding on his exploring fingers as her hips moved on their own. Knowing how her body yearned for release and only her Master could give her such things.

“Master!” Mara moaned softly so as not to wake her sister. “Please don’t stop,” she pleaded. Reaching down, her hand covering his, her eyes rolling back as she neared the point of no return. Gripping the headboard as her back arched knowing how explosive it was going to be. “Fuck!” Mara cried out her orgasmic juices shooting across the bed.

“What?” Scarlet asked rolling over in her sleep before falling back to sleep.

“Clean it,” Jason commanded holding his hand in front of her mouth. Mara wasted no time heeding his order licking his hand and fingers clean of any and all traces of her sex.

“Thank you Master,” Mara said looking up at him. “Would you like if I took care of this for you baby?” she asked her hand reaching up through the leg of his boxers grasping his semi erect cock. The pads of her fingertips skimmed along his shaft. “Please, Master I just want to taste you?” Mara asked looking at him with doe like eyes.

“Yes, I think you should, seeing how you can’t get enough of your son’s cock,” Jason said, a fiendish light playing across his eyes. Mara’s legs swung off the bed pulling down her son’s boxers as his cock pointed directly at her hungry mouth. Her hands took hold of his ass cheeks as his hand pushed her down onto his cock. Keeping her there as his cock crept down the back of her throat, tapping his right hip as her lungs burned the longer he held her there. Then pulling back getting a few seconds of air before his hips rammed his cock back down her throat.

Mara didn’t understand why he was being so rough with her, yet she couldn’t deny that she did enjoy having his cock in her mouth. Her nose itched as his pubic hair filled her nostrils as his hot seed surged forth from the tip of his manhood. “Now how does it feel being the one that was violated?” Jason asked as his cum dripped from her lower lip. Not waiting for her reply before marching back to his room.

Mara had lain awake since her son had face-fucked her for the second time. While she wasn’t one for that kind of thing, she lordbahis güvenilirmi enjoyed teasing that hard rod, making it yearn to have her lips wrapped around that hard tool. Her mind raced with questions as to why her son would do such a thing.

Oh, she knew it was partially to get her back for what she had done to him, yet there was something else about her son as he drove his cock down her throat. She had seen a change starting to surface within him, more so last night when he had her watch as her daughter fucked her sister. The way he commanded them as he set out to punish his mother for what she had done to him. Had it always been there lurking underneath the surface, or was this something new altogether that she herself had created? Sighing when her mind couldn’t give her answers to her growing questions.

The rattle of the phone she had used to clone her wayward son’s phone to keep an eye on him, startled her. Arching an eyebrow wondering who could be texting her son so early in the morning.

Mara’s eyes narrowed as she read the text, “Hey Jason where have you been for the last few days? Are you sick or something? Is that why you haven’t been to class? I hope it’s not something I did that made you avoid me?” She knew who exactly it was, and her blood ran hot at the thought of her son lying with the teenage girl. A sneaky smile graced her lips as her son hadn’t texted her back.

“Hey, no, I’m not sick my mother is crazy she took me out of school because of what we did. It’s why I haven’t been able to contact you,” Mara typed out before hitting the send button.

Tiptoeing down the hall to his room, peeking through the crack of the door, she saw Margret scowling at his phone as she read the text she had sent. Catching her attention she pointed to the phone in her hand. Pondering on how well her scheme would take. Could she get the girl to meet her somewhere; what then, surely she would see reason Mara hoped. She told her daughter not to let Jason onto her little plan as she took his phone from her.

“What! You’re kidding me right? She can’t possibly be that horrid to you?” Mara silently chuckled to herself at what she had in stored for the girl.

“I’m not even going to try to explain what she’s been doing so far. Most likely you wouldn’t even believe it even if I told you. Plus, I don’t know if she is listening in on this so I won’t repeat it here.”

“Damn, that’s messed up Jason. I can understand you not wanting to talk about it here….would you care to meet somewhere? Then you can tell me everything. Jason I’m worried about you. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since we had sex.” Mara’s grip tightened around the phone as her anger flared at the thought of her son entangled with this girl. “Please, Jason won’t you meet me I promise it won’t be for long just enough to know you’re ok?”

“How quick can you get to the Hardloom park?” Mara asked determined to put this girl in her place.

“I can be there in twenty minutes!” Mara huffed irritably at her rapid fire text that answered her.

“Ok, meet on the east side of the park underneath the old oak tree,” Mara typed out while shaking her sister awake. She was sure she could break the girl herself, yet she needed Scarlet to prepare the basement while she was away. Plus, she was sure her sister would enjoy dominating the teenager that thought to lay with their Master.

“Margret,” Mara whispered as she inched Jason’s door open.

“Yes,” Margret said hurrying to the door.

“I need you to get Jason out of the house until five o’clock. I don’t want to see him until then at least not until I break that girl,” Mara said with a wicked smile.

“Yes, Mistress I’ll text you once we leave,” Margret said with her own cruel smirk.

Mara hid behind the oak tree resting against its trunk as she waited for the girl that had slept with her son. Smiling as she heard the approaching footsteps. Using her compact to peer around the tree to get a look at the girl, the feeling of pride swelled within her as she studied the girl. She had taken her for a plain young woman, not this fine dressed gorgeous woman that was captivated by her son.

“Come on Jason please hurry,” Mara heard her whisper as she began to pace.

“Waiting for someone?” Mara said stepping out from behind the tree, keeping the mirth of her shocked expression from her face. “I’m sorry to inform you my son won’t be coming. However, if you come with me I’ll take you to him,” Mara said innocently. “I know you already know where we live so why don’t you follow me there, and the two of you can talk if that is what you want,” she said keeping her true plan from spilling from her lips.

“Are you sure that will be alright?” Mary asked skeptically.

“Sure why wouldn’t be?” Mara asked tilting her head to the side. “You are a friend of my son correct,” a slight smile graced her lips as Mary slowly nodded. “Then it would be rude of me not to invite you into my home. I’m sure lordbahis yeni giriş Jason would be thrilled to see you. He has been down lately since he has started homeschooling.”

“O…Ok,” Mary said an uneasy feeling washed over her as she looked into those hazel eyes. “So I can speak to Jason about anything while I’m there?” she asked trying to get the woman to show her what Jason had spoken about to her.

“Of course,” Mara said smiling sweetly at her. “Why would I not? I’m sure it’s nothing I haven’t heard before having raised two children. I’m sure I have heard everything you two will speak about,” she said waving off the teenagers worry. “Shall we go?” Mara asked gesturing towards the parking lot.

“Please, why don’t you come in,” Mara said holding the door open for her. Her eyes narrowing as Mary passed her, locking the door ensuring the girl wouldn’t run. “So you’re the one that fucked my Master,” she hissed into Mary’s ear as Mara came up from behind her, taking the teenager by the throat as she caught her off guard. “Or at least one of them!” Mara growled, her left arm keeping Mary tight against her body. “Did you enjoy fucking my son? Did you let him explore this youthful body of yours? Did his hot cum fill that slutty mouth of yours?”

“Let me go you crazy bitch!” Mary yelled trying to wiggle out of her hold.

“You will listen if you want to be with my son. One, you will tell me who else fucked him along with you, when you had your fun with my son. Two, you will submit to me for I am the Mistress of this house. You will yield this body to me or I will break you! Trust me I have far more experience in pleasing a woman than my son does,” Mara whispered her lips brushing against Mary’s ear.

Her left hand slipped beneath Mary’s waistband, her eyes narrowing at the lack of hair, she knew she had just shaved, wondering if her son enjoyed looking at a bald pussy as it swallowed his cock. “So I take it you were excepting to get somewhere with my son today? Does my son like watching this cunt riding his fat cock?” Mary peered at her in shock wondering how she knew the size of her son’s manhood. “So answer me,” Mara demanded nibbling on her earlobe.

“M…..My……mother,” Mary stuttered as Mara teased her clit.

“Oh, I see then you have no hesitations about incestuous relationships?” Mara asked teasing the girl and feeling her canal growing moist as her finger slipped into her tight cunt.

“N….o, I just want to be with Jason,” Mary said fighting not to give into her orgasm.

“Then I should tell you we all have been fucking my son,” Mara cooed slipping another finger into her hot mound. “That I am his submissive as well as the Mistress of this house. So, if you want to be with Jason, strip!” Mara commanded, seeing her sister breaching the threshold of the stairs to her dungeon. Retracting her hand from the girl’s pants before pushing her into her sister’s arms. “Well, what will it be, strip or shall we break you. We do have all day,” she said with a sadistic grin. “Holly be so kind to take her below since she won’t answer her Mistress,” Mara said reverting to her sister’s dominatrix name.

“Sure thing Rose,” Scarlet said smiling wickedly. She did enjoy breaking in the new breed whether it be man or woman. However, given her actives with her Master she was going to take great pleasure in making the girl submit to them. “Come along slut it’s time to learn your place here,” Scarlet said steering the girl towards the basement. “Well, you heard Rose, strip,” she said pushing Mary towards the metal frame. “I want to see the body that made our Master lay with you,” Scarlet sneered as her eyes ran down the teenager’s body.

“No! I will not be a part of this!” Mary shouted trying to steel her resolve, yet her eyes couldn’t help but take in the items that surrounded her.

“Oh, then are you saying you don’t want Jason?” Scarlet asked, hoping that she won’t have to share Jason with another woman.

“No, I never said that,” Mary said retreating as she saw something flare in Scarlet’s eyes.

“Strip, or I will cut your clothes from your body and make you walk home nude!” Scarlet yelled her anger getting the better of her.

“Now, now Holly you shouldn’t allow your anger to get the better of you,” Mara said walking down the stairs nude. Mary took a dry swallow knowing her escape route was blocked.

“Mistress we are almost home just stopping for gas before heading back,” Margret typed out before sending it to her mother.

“Good, our plan bore fruit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you come home baby. So tell me how is our Master is he doing well? Did he get enough to eat today at the Zoo? Is he too tired to perform his duties as the head of this household?”

“Jason is moody but that’s more about being whisked off to the Zoo at 6:30 in the morning than anything else. We had a light lunch so I am sure he’ll be starving when we get home. I can’t wait to see what you have in store lordbahis giriş for us when we arrive. There he is I have to go see you soon,” Margret typed out sending it to Mara before dropping it into her purse.

“Jason I know today was spontaneous,” she said reaching over taking his hand into hers. “I just wanted you to know that it meant a lot to me that you came with me and that I got to spend the entire day with you. That in of itself is worth everything to me,” Margret said leaning into her brother. Her soft lips brushing against his savoring the feeling as Jason’s lips returned her affections.

“Mom we’re home!” Margret called out as the door closed behind her.

“Jason!” Scarlet giggled as she ran to greet her nephew. Her tongue drove into Jason’s mouth moaning into his mouth as his tongue swirled around hers. “Oh, Master you’re improving,” she said shyly before her tongue flickered out teasing the tip of his nose. “I can’t wait to show you more, but first we have something to show you,” Scarlet cooed into his ear.

Smirking at his confused look her fingers ran along his jaw before turning back towards the kitchen. “Mara let’s show Jason his present!”

Jason’s eyes ran up his mother’s fishnet stocking, the black leather mini skirt contoured tightly to her hips. Her loose red silk blouse allowing her son to view her chest, as she smiled triumphantly at her Master. Yet that wasn’t what held his attention, no, it was the black leather leash that she held in her right hand.

“Come along dear you do wish to see your Master?” Mara asked tugging her new pet out for all to view. Jason’s mouth hung agape as Mary stood buck naked in his living room with only the dog collar around her neck. Her hands covered her womanhood as she stood before Jason. “Kneel pet,” Mara commanded her hand stroking her hair as Mary knelt at her side.

“Watch Jason see how obedient she is,” she said unhooking the leash from the collar. Instantly, Mary’s arms wrapped around Mara’s right leg. “Who do you serve my pet?” Mara asked looking down at the teenager.

“I serve you Mistress,” Mary said obediently looking up at Mara.

“You see Jason I am good at what I do,” Mara said with amused smirk. “Now I have no problem with you fucking this girl anymore, because she serves me now as I serve you. While we can’t show our affections for you out in the real world Master, this little beauty allows us to appear as a normal family. This is fine, we still get to be with you as well as she does, albeit in a restrictive form until she learns her role in this family,” Mara said finally noticing the cold demeanor that washed over her son.

“So you took it upon yourself to trick me; to taint the one thing that had no ties to you?” Jason growled coldly. “Margret, go fetch the paddle,” he said in a monotone voice. “I can only assume you all were in this together,” Jason said as he began to pace, smacking his forehead knowing that was why he was whisked out of the house for that sole reason. Holding out his hand as Margret held the paddle in her hands. “All of you strip, wall, now!” Jason sneered as he glared at the three of them.

“But Master….” Margret’s words died in her throat as she saw the rage burning within his amber eyes.

“Did I stutter!” Jason said his eyes narrowing dangerously. “Quickly!” he yelled pointing once again to the wall. His eyes glanced down noting how Mary hadn’t moved an inch. “Are you alright? She didn’t hurt you did she?” Jason asked whispering into her ear.

“I’m fine Master,” Mary said softly. “This way I get to be with you,” she said her green eyes glanced over to him.

“You sure, this has all got to be overwhelming to you?” Jason asked ignoring their huffs the longer he spoke with Mary.

“At first yes,” Mary said reaching out touching his forearm lightly. “Yet then there was you Jason,” she said turning her body towards him. “I want to be yours Jason, and as strange as your family is I can see they care for you.”

“Master. How long must we stand like this?” Scarlet asked not liking how Jason spent far too much time on the girl and not on her.

“Oh, did I say you could speak!” Jason barked as he rose to his feet.

“Come then if this is what you want?” he asked holding out his hand to her. Mary’s hand slid into his as her eyes ran up his body. Her cheeks heated as Jason led her into the living room. He pushed the coffee table against the couch before dragging the leather chair to its former spot. Jason wanted them watch once he was done with their physical punishment.

“So who’s idea was all this?” Jason asked as he paced behind them, the paddle slapping against his palm as he waited for their answer.

“We all had a hand in it Master,” Margret said looking over her shoulder. Crying out in pain as the wooden paddle struck her bare ass.

“That is not what I asked Margret. It seems I must repeat myself,” Jason said in an annoyed huff.

“If you must punish someone Jason punish me,” Mara said trepidation flooded her mind. She had watched as the paddle struck her daughter more forcefully then she thought he would. So she knew this wasn’t about the pleasure filled experience, her son meant to truly punish them for interfering in his life. Mara bit her lip to keep her howl of pain from escaping.

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