A Sister From Years Ago

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My sister, Lynn, was only ten when I moved out of the alcohol filled, often physically abusive, house that we called home when I was sixteen. For ten years, we talked on the telephone often, visited some and shared every thought. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and I think she felt the same way. Then things changed. The last time, I saw her was ten years ago when she got married at twenty to an older man who I instantly disliked. Lynn was taking the first chance to escape, just like I had done.

This last year had been crazy. At thirty six, I was successful with my writing and a dismal failure in selecting women. Luckily, I had not married any of my picks or fathered any children. After two book tours in one year, I was tired. I just wanted to sit at home and write. Even the ring of my telephone was an unwelcomed interruption.

“Rob, this is Lynn, your sister. I’m sorry for not giving you any notice but I am in Atlanta and hoping you have some time for me to come by for a visit.”

“Sure, I would like to see you. It has been a long time. Where are you? I’ll come get you and bring you to my place.”

Atlanta’s Greyhound bus station is no place for an unprotected woman, even at three in the afternoon on an early spring day. Especially, a woman who reeked of sex appeal and who had a pretty ten year old daughter with her. Lynn had matured nicely, favoring mom’s side of the family. She was as tall as me (5’10”), thin, blond, blue eyes, small breasted and athletic – much like the female pro beach-volleyball players you see on television. Lynn’s pretty daughter definitely got her features from my father, like I did. Her cold black hair, hazel-green eyes and olive skin provided contrast to her overly white teeth.

The two beauties were standing on the curb next to a phone booth with one tattered, old cardboard, suitcase when I pulled up in my silver 500 SEL. Lynn talked nervously, introducing Glenn and dodging the “800 pound gorilla” subject that would explain her unexpected arrival. She was struggling not to blurt everything out. I tried to help her relax.

“This is a wonderful surprise. Let’s go directly home, get you both unpacked, get you fed and then let’s settle down and you catch me up on the last ten years of what has happened in your lives. I don’t know anything and am anxious to get to know both of the two beautiful women who are visiting me.”

That last line was said for Glenn’s benefit. She giggled, smiled and beamed from her secure seat in the back.

They were both tired and appreciated the early dinner. Lynn kept disappearing to explore my big quiet house on gated grounds. Glenn had discovered the Wii set-up in the family room and was set for at least a month.

I was standing by the kitchen sink when Lynn returned and offered, “You’ve done well for yourself, Big Brother.”

“Thanks, Sis, but why don’t you tell me about your visit and what’s going on in your world?”

A pallor came over her face. Her eyes looked frightened and tear filled. Her body tensed, as if getting ready to take a blow.

“Relax, Lynn, it has been a long time but I’m still your brother. Remember how we used to talk to each other, on every subject. Tell me everything. Together, we can make things right.”

That tiny bit of support was all she needed to collapse against me in a big hug and free the tears to roll down her cheeks and wet my shoulder. I waited the minutes she needed. I got her settled at the breakfast nook and gave her a cup of coffee. It was still twilight outside.

“Tom cleaned out the bank accounts, mortgaged the house to the hilt and just left Glenn and me five months ago. We were evicted and are flat broke. Through your agent, I discovered you were home and the women’s shelter in Birmingham bought us bus tickets to Atlanta. I was afraid to call you and give you a chance to say “No.” I’m sorry Rob, but I don’t have any other options. Can we stay with you until I can find a job and get a place for us?”

“Sure you can.”

The floodgates opened again. Lynn was physically and emotionally exhausted. I just sat with her until she ran out of tears, then we talked for five hours. By midnight, Glenn had long since fallen asleep on the couch with a game controller in her hand. I picked her up and carried her to the guest room, I had them sharing for tonight.

Lynn pulled the covers back and I laid Glenn down on the bed. I watched Lynn lovingly cover her and kiss her goodnight. When Lynn stood, I was a little too close. Again she wrapped her arms around me and nestled against me letting my stronger arms hold her. She talked to my shoulder. “Thank you, for putting us up for a while. We’ll help around the house and we won’t be much trouble. I’m sure I can find a secretarial job quickly in Atlanta.”

“Take your time. You have to rest and recover some. You are not ready to work right now.”

Having someone care was too much emotion for Lynn. We did not know how to be brother and sister. She turned her face to mine and kissed me squarely on the lips. It wasn’t a passionate kiss but it wasn’t a brother/sister klasbahis güvenilirmi kiss either. I felt the kiss of a desirable woman and put some inappropriate passion into my response. I was embarrassed, as so was Lynn.

We were still in our hug when I spoke, “Sis, sleep as late as you want tomorrow. We’ll get Glenn into the local school. I’ll make some calls for you about a job. Maybe you will answer a few questions for me.”

She started to reply when she felt my hardening cock against her hip. Her body tensed.

“I won’t hurt you and I am not going to attack you or demand things from you. I am male and it has been a while since I felt such a desirable woman in my arms. I apologize. Remember, how it embarrassed you, years ago, when I confessed to being attracted to you? Have you read any of my mysteries or fantasies?”

To my last question, I got that wonderful blank female, “What the hell are you talking about?” stare. Such looks are wonderful to keep the male ego in check.

“We’ll talk some more tomorrow. I’ll show you around and break out a car for you.”

She did not let go. Her eyes were filled with questions and her hips pressed into my increasingly uncomfortable cock. “Sis, your brother is a very oral man, who enjoys the company of a woman way too much. I’ve never found one that would not manipulate me for money and stuff. Relax and just get some good rest. You and Glenn are very safe here. We’ll talk another night, if you want to get to know your brother.”

I cupped the side of her face, turned her lips toward mine and kissed her sweetly again, to say, “Goodnight.” As I pulled away, my tongue automatically licked across her lips. We both were surprised that I did that.

“I cook a mean breakfast, if you are up around eight.”

I didn’t see Lynn or Glenn for breakfast. I don’t think either one of them stirred until about ten. Lynn walked into my office for the first time about eleven holding a cup of coffee. She stood and waited for me to quit typing.

“Big Brother, I have been trying to explain many of your art works to Glenn for the last hour.”

“If I had known you were coming to visit and that you had a ten year old daughter, I would have hidden some of them.”

Lynn looked around my office and continued, “Well she definitely cannot come into this room. Some of these, I need explained to me.”

“In here, we have some of the rougher sides of Sorayama and Huerta. There are no explanations for some of them. They are only to trigger imagination and to titillate. That’s except for my mermaids. I love all my mermaids. I am positive, they all want to be with me, please me and be pleased by me. They keep my life livable when I get down or screw up.”

“I had heard you wrote mysteries but I did not expect anything like your house. When I thought of you, I did not imagine you single, so open and with art like this.”

I watched her but did not respond.

Lynn finally broke the silence, “What did you imagine I would be like?”

“I often remembered our long conversations and wondered how your life had worked out. I did not have a good first impression of your husband. I did not know you had a daughter. I’ve been pretty much out of the loop.”

“How about when you first saw us?”

“You were both beautiful and that pleased me. You were so frightened, I wanted you to feel safe and like me.”

“How about now? What do you think of me?”

“Don’t push me. I will answer your questions but my answers will probably shock you. Remember, after ten years, we really don’t know each other. You are beautiful and desirable. You being a little helpless, attracts me. When you stand close, the scent of your body excites me more than a sister’s body should.”

She was into the game and wanted to press. “What do you mean, don’t push you?”

“I will open up and tell you that I am wondering how your pussy would taste.”

That froze her and raised the ante of the game beyond her accepted playing field. Lynn stood, leaning against the door jam and then sought a graceful way to exit, “Later will you show me some of the books you have written?”

“I would love to. And I would love to talk with you more about you and Tom.”

Over the next few weeks, life grew more relaxed as we all learned about one another. Lynn, at my urging, was in no hurry to look for a job. Glenn was in school but had discovered my indoor/outdoor pool. She found many reasons not do to her home work after she arrived home and had her snack. Already she was planning a sleep over and a pool party for her new friends. I wanted to brag on her school work but hadn’t yet. As a kid, I was an egghead and my father never had any value for that. Glenn was pretty, popular and sociable but deep down she too was an egghead, interested in everything, except doing mindless homework.

One cloudy, damp evening, Glenn had finished her math assignment under threat of death and being buried in the backyard beneath a fountain of a girl with an umbrella, when her mom finally returned exhausted klasbahis yeni giriş from Atlanta’s largest mall, loaded down with boxes of summer clothing for both her and Glenn.

“Lynn you look exhausted. Go take a hot bath. I’ll unload the car and fix you some dinner to eat in the den by the fire. Glenn has finished her homework and I’ll get her to bed by the time you get out of the tub.”

The night was cool. I had showered earlier but redressed in jeans and a sweatshirt before unloading the car. I enjoyed watching a pajama and sock clad Lynn, in her “Snuggy,” eat enough for two people and finish two large glasses of wine. She clutched her third glass and pivoted toward me as I sat on the other end of the couch. I too pivoted, my left foot on the floor, my right leg against the back cushion of the couch and both her legs extended toward my spread crotch. Her feet were ten inches from my body when I leaned forward, lifted her right foot and began to massage it. “Tell me all about your day, while you drink your wine.”

For thirty minutes she told me how no mall should be so large or have so many wonderful stores. She said she did not know how much she had spent and apologized. All the while I rubbed her socked feet. She did not flinch when I took off her right sock and my warm hands touched her foot, pulling and stretching her toes and rubbing at her arch. She did not think about it but she slid down some and her left foot pressed into the hot welcoming area around my balls and cock. She knew, but pretended she had not noticed where her toes were. She gasped when I lifted her bare foot and sucked her toes in time with her words about the mall. Lynn stopped talking. “Sis, don’t move an inch from where you are. I’ll go re-fill our glasses and come sit exactly here again and you keep talking. I am enjoying you teasing me with your toes.”

When I returned, I had changed into thin jogging pants with nothing under them. I was pleased she had not run away. When I gave her the wine, snuggled back onto my end of the couch and reached out to capture her bare foot again, her other foot nestled back into the warmth between my legs. To my surprise it too was naked now and her toes were separated from my rock hard cock by only the thin pants that I now regretted putting on. She spread her toes for my tongue, kept talking and enjoyed me sucking each one and even pushing two together to be sucked at once.

I interrupted her mid-sentence, “How well do you follow instructions?”

“My bosses have always reviewed my ability to follow instructions positively?”

“Stand up, remove the bottoms to your pajamas. Then sit back down and continue to tell me about your day.”

I could see a thousand thoughts fly through her eyes and feel the tension and fear in her body. Looking into my eyes, she stood, removed her bottoms and started to sit down again. I had moved my right leg to the center of the cushions. With only a slight hesitation she straddled it. As I reached to pull her toes to my lips again, she snuggled her panty-clad cunt into my foot. I turned my ankle, so the outside edge of my foot, was next to the hot wet slit that I wanted to taste so much.

“Use my foot as we talk.”

Lynn told me of the decadent undergarments she had purchased to match her summer outfits while she masturbated her clit against the side of my foot.

“Will you model your clothing for me?”

Her voice was becoming distant and raspy, “Yes.”

“Will you get wet and soak a spot through the panties that will drive my IQ down to nothing when you “accidently,” flash me?”


“Will you let me pull the panties to one side and taste your wetness?”

There was no pause, “Yes.”

My taste buds were screaming; I slipped my knees onto the floor and turned Lynn so my lips were in line with her cunt. I broke my agreement to be gentle by grasping the gusset of her panties with both my hands and ripping them to display her almost completely shaven pussy. I was out of control. My lips lowered so my tongue could lick through her slit, my thumbs could open her and my second lick could delve deep between her swollen pussy’s lips. Before she settled and could enjoy my tongue, the index finger of my right hand slipped smoothly into her and pressed against her pronounced g-spot. Her hips rose again. She was mine now. My fingers, tongue and lips worshiped her. She let her ass settle onto the leather cushion and accept the fate she could not resist. Her thoughts kept her body from flying for minutes but then her legs and hips trembled. Her thighs locked onto the sides of my head and one thrust of my finger into her magic spot brought a tiny fountain of her nectar from her womb. Her body forced a groan from her lips and I sucked her through one climax, directly into another. Her hands tightened in my hair and she screamed, cramming her boney mons painfully into my lips. She used her thrusting hips and hands to grind into my face and race through another wet orgasm. In the distance, I heard, “Mommy.”

I licked and swallowed klasbahis giriş and sought more of her. Again, she squirted and I drank from her womb. Again in the distance, we heard, “Mommy.” I rose over her, pushed my pants down and slipped my cock between the lips of her sheath. The slide was maddening. It took all my strength to push slowly and stretch her gently. Her sighs were driving me mad. Her legs went around me. Pulled me tight. She thrust up and I drove down. I roared and slammed into her, only to hear her plea, “Don’t come in me.”

No man has ever suffered for his woman so. In too few strokes, I pulled out, shot across her breast and made a tea spoon sized puddle in her belly button. Again in the distance, we heard, “Mommie.”

My mind was gone. I wanted to take her. Possess her. Consume her. Instead, I filled two fingers with my cum from her navel and brought them to her lips, “Open your mouth, Pretty One.” I fed her. She lapped to taste me and I kissed her to taste my cum in her mouth. Again, “Mommie.”

“Go to your daughter and then come back to me so I can come down holding your magic sexy body.”

It seemed like a lifetime later that Lynn returned. I grabbed her, pushed her onto the carpeted floor, pinned her, thrust two fingers roughly into her and closed my mouth over hers. Two, maybe three, demanding kisses later, she was thrusting against my fingers. “Yes, thrust up. Let me feel you suck my fingers. Let me watch you cum. You are driving me crazy.” I possessed her. Held her down with her hair. Pinned her hips with mine and my legs. I thrust my hand into her hard and demanded, “Cum for me woman.”

On cue, her body arched, wet my chest and sucked my fingers. I did not relent. I wanted her more than life then she collapsed under me. Lynn had passed out just when I wanted to force my cock down her throat, up her ass or make her pregnant with my sperm. Again, I jacked off over her body. This time I rubbed my cum into her breasts, across her belly and onto her thighs. I pulled the last drops from my softening cock and lovingly rubbed them into her neck and onto the sides of her face. Like some ancient ritual, I was marking my new territory.

I don’t remember doing it, but I must have carried her to her room and put her wet, sticky, cum covered body into her side of the bed next to Glenn. I woke up early, fed Glenn breakfast and got her off to school before her mom staggered out in her bathrobe and took the cup of coffee I handed her.

It was two cups later that Lynn spoke, “Rob, we have to talk. Let me shower and then meet you in your office.”

“Shit,” I though. Every time I ever heard, “We have to talk,” it meant, “Rob, you have fucked up and now you have to sit quietly and listen while I berate you.”

Still in her bathrobe, Lynn started, her first words, told me to expect a horrible time, “Rob, last night made me understand a lot of things and I want you to know what I feel.” I tried to melt into the chair, be small and order my many apologies.

“Even with being married, the internet, porn and the stories my friends told, I have never known such pleasure was possible for me until last night. Don’t laugh at me. I love you. I want to be as good for you as you were for me. I know I am your sister, but if you want me, I am yours, anytime, anywhere. Teach me to please you and how good sex can be. I will never say, “No.”

“Open your robe.”

Her eyes were locked on mine but she opened her robe and showed her body to me.

“Rub her. Get your fingers wet and feed your wetness to me.”

The show was magnificent. The squishing sounds got me hard and made my mouth water. Her dripping fingers rubbed against my lips and then across my tongue. I begged, “Again.”

As I sat on the breakfast nook’s armless chair, both of her hands, roughly brought her wetness to me. My mind was slipping into a primeval state. For only a few more moments, I would be able to converse. “Straddle me; guide me into your body and thrust into me. Make your cunt suck me off. I will be able to look into your eyes and tell if you are lying to me.”

Pure beauty looked into my eyes. Pure truth kissed me and sucked my tongue. Pure love and lust slipped over my cock and surrendered her body to whatever I directed for us. I did not need to cum. I needed to watch this celestial beauty thrust through one climax, another and then begin to climb again.

Her words crashed through my last defenses, “Please, Rob, make me yours.”

My lips were at her ear, “You have already captured my heart. I want to love you more than any woman has been loved.”

Lynn’s thrusts were long. Her clit raked across the top of my cock on every in and out stroke. She screamed into my ear and with the last ounce of my willpower, I pulled my cock out of her sucking cunt and came on her belly. She kept thrusting. The back of my shaft split her lips and she masturbated herself through one last orgasm for this morning.

While she still rocked on my rock hard shaft, I talked to her, “We have many things to discuss. I’m older, your brother and you are still married. Glenn has to keep our secret. You need to know, that more than anything, I want to put our son in your belly. Maybe for the first time in your life, you really need to understand that a man is totally in love with you, wants to please you and will protect your forever.”

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