A Sexy Night Out!

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Big Tits

It started out as a quiet evening out with the wife, but ended up as so much more. Pam said she wanted to get out and do something fun and new tonight, so she made reservations at one of the nicer restaurants in town. She picked a place that she knew none of our friends would ever go to, so that we could let loose a little and really enjoy the evening. Well, that was the plan, but I got so much more than I bargained for.

Pam looked lovely tonight in a sleek black, strapless dress and her favorite leopard print thong underwear. She was an amazing sight with her great figure and no panties lines. Just watching her get dressed tonight made me want her, but I knew I would have to wait or we would never make it to dinner.

We arrived around 8pm and were seated right away. Wednesday nights are not that busy. I was glad; I didn’t want to fight with the crowds tonight. Since the restaurant was nearly empty we opted for a quiet booth in the back. I slid around the table so I was sitting next to Pam and we sat and talked while waiting for our waiter. We shared the menu and giggled and laughed at how strange it was to be in such a fancy place.

As our waiter started to make his way to our table I placed my hand on her thigh and began to rub her leg softly. I know this always makes her very excited and I wanted to see if she could keep a straight face while giving this young man our order. She tried but could not contain her arousal and let out a soft moan right in the middle of it. The 20 something waiter was very smooth and without missing a beat he gave me a sly smile and asked Pam if there was anything else. She politely said that would be all and he left our table. As soon as he was out of sight she gave me a slight slap on the shoulder as if to let me know how naughty that was. I just looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said “Babe, you know you loved it.” She just smiled and said, “You know it”. I kept my hand on her leg and began to slowly work my way up her soft thigh until I was able to feel the warmth of her now wet pussy with my fingers. I gave a light rub to her clit though the silky fabric and she slid her legs apart so I could continue my private journey to her tight wet pussy. I used one finger to move her panties while easily sliding another inside her. I never looked away from her beautiful face. I love to watch her eyes change color to a deeper blue when ever she is penetrated. We did our best to make small talk and keep our playing private, trying not to attract the attention of the rest of the patrons.

“Ok” she said softly trying to push my hand away. I looked around and could see that the waiter was headed back to our table with some drinks. But I wanted the game to be elevated to a higher level and refused to remove my fingers from inside her. I could see he now had a much bigger grin on his face. I was hoping we would not get kicked out of this “upscale” place, for our “teenagers in heat” activities. Pam noticed this too and began to give me a more concerned look, I was enjoying myself too much to care and I refused to make any changes. I figured if I was going to be asked to leave I was going to enjoy every minute of this exciting experience while I could. To our surprise, scolding us, was not his intention, instead he leaned over as he set two glasses on the table and said that couple over there wanted you to have these.

Oh my! Someone had caught us; I thought to myself that we have two choices. Either we invite them to sit with us or we run out the door. Before I could voice my opinion Pam said “it might be exciting if they joined us for dinner”. “Ooh that sounds like fun” I responded. Pam then turned to the couple across the room and gave them a little nod and raised her glass as a thank you for the drinks. Then she waived them over to join us in our booth.

I watched intensely as this attractive couple made their way across the room. He was a good looking man, maybe 6’2″ and well built. He was wearing a dress shirt and slacks. He looked like the “professional” type. She was maybe 5’5″ tall and about 150 lbs, but looked smashing in a thigh length black skirt with a beautiful blue silk blouse that was just thin enough to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She is a little heavier than Pam but a woman who dresses well for her feminine curves is much more appealing than any thin, stick figure woman could ever look. She had smaller breasts than Pam’s 34DD, but she looked confident and sexy, very sexy.

When they got to our table they introduced themselves as Sara and Tom. We thanked them again for escort izmit the drinks and Pam motioned for Sara to slide in next to her. I noticed that my normally shy wife was being very out going and seamed quite excited to have them join us. The four of us were engaging in a little small talk when I said to Tom “I’m Glad we didn’t offend you two with our little show, we had no idea that anyone could see us” Tom smiled and said that He hadn’t noticed until Sara pointed it out to him, but that he enjoyed it very much. We talked about how exciting it was to play around in public and that the idea of getting caught was half the fun.

While we waited for our meal to arrive we all got to know each other a little bit. I was still a little nervous about how we came to meet this couple, but the girls seamed to hit it off right away. They were giggling and laughing and seemed to be in their own little world while Tom and I talked amongst ourselves. This made the time pass quickly.

We were half way though our meal when I noticed that Pam had a sly little grin on her face. The one she gets when she’s happy and horny, god I love that smile. I started to ask what that look was all about, but I stopped in mid sentence, when I noticed that Sara was eating with one hand and had the other under the table. I pretended to drop my napkin so that I might catch a glimpse at what was going on. Sara had Pam’s dress pulled all the way up and was rubbing her clit slowly. I, being a little spurprised and very excited started to sit back up, whacking my head on the table. This startled everyone and Sara quickly removed her hand from under the table and asked “Are you all right”, “Yes” was all I could get out. I was so surprised at what I had seen. Pam had been with two women in the past but getting fingered at the table by a woman whom she had just met was not Pam’s normal style. Sara then leaned over to Tom and placed her finger on his lips and whispered “Does she taste good?”

Tom and I just looked at each other with that “What the fuck is going on!” look. I guessed by his reaction that this was not a normal thing for Sara either. Then Sara said, “Pam and I have decided we should continue this somewhere else.” Tom had this stunned look and just responded “Sure, sounds fun” I was a little taken a back by what just happened but it sure was hot, so I was up, and I do mean “UP” for anything.

The rest of dinner was filled with sexual conversation and heavy flirting between these two beautiful ladies. Tom and I seamed to just be along to pick up the check. I didn’t mind at all. I love to watch Pam work her sexual magic. Tom and I made some small talk, but spend most of our time intently watching the girls. They were giving each other light kisses and doing the best they could to not get caught playing with each other under the table.

When the check did, finally come, I snatched it up and paid in cash before the waiter could get away. Then we all quickly slid out of the booth and nearly ran to our cars in our eagerness to see what was next. Pam said “Our house is closer so I will ride with Tom and Sara will ride with you, so no one gets lost.” We all agreed. Tom and I helped our new passengers into the car and headed for home.

It hadn’t been two minutes when I noticed in my rearview mirror that I could no longer see Pam in the passenger seat. When I looked back at Sara she had removed her shirt and was fondling her beautiful 36 C breasts. “There Pam goes, I guess now it’s my turn” My eyes got wide and I said “Damn, girl you look great, but what are you talking about” “Pam is back there giving Tom a blow job, just like I told her too. So now I get to play too”

Sara leaned over to my side of the car and undid my pants. My dick was hard and a little wet from pre-cum from all the flirting at dinner. She quickly went down and took my cock all the way into her mouth and began to suck on it. She then sat back up, licked her lips and said “Pam was right, you do taste sweet.” She then rolled back into her seat pulled her skirt up and removed her panties. Then Sara opened her legs and began to finger herself. She now had one hand rubbing her clit and the other squeezing her nipples.

Oh my god this was so fucking hot. I was driving down the road with one eye on the road and the other on the live porn film that was playing out before me. I was watching this sexy stranger orgasm in the car right next to me, as I was imagining what Pam was doing in the other car. As soon as she was done she came back to me and asked if I enjoyed that. “Fuck yeah, that was izmit escort amazing” I said. She looked over her shoulder and told me to check the mirror. I could see that my sexy wife was in, what looked like, the same position Sara was just in. Sara said “keep your eyes on the road, now. I want to suck some more”

She was great. Sara licked it and sucked it and rubbed it on her face, just the way I like it. I was so turned on with what Sara was doing to me and the thought of what my wife was doing to Tom, that it didn’t take long before I was shooting my load deep in her mouth and trying hard not to swerve off the road. “Wow; that was amazing.” I told her “You do it almost the same as Pam. Just fucking amazing. And I must say you look great with my cum on your lips.” “I knew you would enjoy that,” she said.

She began to finger herself again, so I reached over and fondled her firm breast and hard nipples. This went on for about 5 more minutes when she came hard and loud. She looked great convulsing in the seat next to me. I noticed a flash in the mirror and could see that Tom was swerving around in his lane. “I guess Pam finished him off, too” I told her. Oh, I wished I could have watched that. I know how much she loves cock and what a great dick sucker she is. By this time Sara had gotten dressed again and gave me a little kiss. “Thank you” was all she said. “No, No, NO…..Thank you!” I exclaimed. “I will have to repay the favor later”.

As we all got out of our cars, back at home, Pam walked over to me handed me her panties while giving me a kiss and a big hug. I could taste the cum that was still on her lips. “Now that was fun,” she said. They must have been in good sync, because both of our wives seemed to greet us nearly the same.

Once inside, I offered drinks to everyone and put on some nice soft music. “Do you guys have a black light?” Sara asked. We did, but it was an odd question. I quickly went to the garage and back. As I reached for the lamp in the living room Sara stopped me.

“Nope” she said “not here, in the bedroom”
“Oh, Yeah, that sounds good” Pam added.

As I walked to the bed room to change the light, Sara and Pam each grabbed one of Tom’s hands and drug him along. When I turned the black light on, I turned around to ask if that was better…….. I guess it was. Pam and Sara were both on their knees in front of Tom, taking turns kissing each other and taking his dick in their mouths. It was quite a sight. “Two hot looking women on their knees with a dick in their mouths, does it get any hotter than this?” I said to them.

“It would if you come over here and help us get undressed!” Sara quipped.

I came over and knelt behind them, put my arm around each of them and kissed them both on the back of the neck. I started with Pam. I slowly caressed her body and slid the soft back dress down to the floor. Then I finished unbuttoning Sara’s blouse and removed her skirt. I sat up a little so I could watch these two beautiful naked women sucking Tom’s dick. It was such a turn on than I began to finger each of them simultaneously. I started with one then slowly inserted two fingers in each wet pussy, curling them just a little to stimulate their G-spots. They must have been enjoying what was going on because they both came almost instantly.

Tom then said “Oh my ladies, you are amazing, but now I think its time for Paul and me to take over”

We helped to girls to the bed and got undressed. We laid them next to each other with their hips at the edge of the bed. Tom and I both got on our knees and began to kiss their smooth legs and worked our way slowly to their sweet pussies. We licked them and fingered them to ecstasy. After we made our wives cum, Sara suggested that Tom and I switch. Sara’s pussy was so wet and sweet I licked and sucked and fingered her to five or six orgasms. Tom must have been pretty good too, Pam was only one behind Sara in the count. Then Tom and I stood up and rapped their legs around us and slowly pushed our hard dicks into the other’s wife’s pussy. We took our time to make sure each of them was getting as much as they could take. Pam and Sara were not just lying there quietly. They had been kissing and fondling each other.

I decided to take Sara and move her to the other side of the bed so that she was head to head with Pam. I turned her over and had her get on her knees. We slid forward just enough for them to be able to kiss and to be able to suck on each other’s tits. Tom and I spent the next hour taking turns with each of these beautiful women and having izmit kendi evi olan escort them switch back and forth between who was on their back and who was getting it from behind. Tom and I just couldn’t take anymore We came with in a few minutes of each other covering our wives tits with hot sticky jism. With rubbery legs and being out of breath we told the girls “Fuck that was great, but I think we need a break”

Pam for one was not done yet. She had been on her knees over Sara and was now slowly crawling down Sara’s body, kissing and licking her soft skin that was moist with the remnants of hours of sexual expression. Sara closed her eyes and started to breath heavy as my wife used her tounge and lips and fingers to caress and fondle every inch of her body until Pam was in the perfect position to eat her pussy. It had been years since Pam had this opportunity last so she was going to savor every bit of it. She kissed, licked and teased her for several minutes before firmly pressing her lips against Sara’s pussy.

Sara returned the favor and now our wives were fully involved in a sixty-nine position. Sara had her arms wrapped around Pam, while Pam was squeezing Sara’s hips to get as much leverage against each other’s pussy as they could. Once each of them had cum at least twice they smiled up at Tom and I who were just standing there in awe, staring at the amazing sight before us. Pam then rolled off Sara and reached into her nightstand and removed her soft double-sided dildo.

“OK, Sara, this thing is still a double virgin. You want to help me change that?”

“Oh yes, that sound HOT!” Sara exclaimed.

Pam moved so that her and Sara where lying opposite each other. She handed me the dildo and asked if I would do the honors. While I looked for the lube the girls began to grind their glistening pussies together. After they orgasmed they parted slightly so I could slide the large silicone shaft into Sara’s waiting pussy. Pam shifted her self into position as I slid the other end into her. Tom was getting hard again and lay on the bed next to them placing his cock within reach of Pam’s open mouth. She took him in and sucked hard and slow, as I began to slide the dildo back and forth. Sara screamed “Harder, fuck me harder”. I began to ram the shaft harder and faster into each of them as they continued to cum over and over. Sara was loud and vocal about her excitement, while Pam was screaming with muffled tones as Tom’s cock was firmly lodged between her lips.

After the girls had several writhing orgasms Tom finally came again in Pam’s hot mouth. I told them that my arm was getting tired and I had to move. Pam said “That’s OK, I want Sara to sit on my face now anyway” Sara sat up, got on her knees and moved into position above Pam’s lips. Tom didn’t want to feel like he wasn’t doing enough so he moved to between Pam’s legs and began to lick and finger her pussy and ass. Sara was rocking back and forth and grinding her pussy into Pam’s face, while I took turns sucking on their tits. I was sucking on one while caressing the other. Tom was able to give Pam three or four more orgasms as Pam was feverishly licking Sara’s clit until she came with such force she leaned forward and had to brace herself on the wall to keep from falling over. I then straddled Pam just behind Sara and thrust my cock inside her. Pam began to lick both my dick and Sara’s clit as I slid in and out of her. I was so turned on from watching the porno-hot events that just happened I came in just a few minutes. I removed my dick and Pam sucked my cum out of Sara’s well-fucked pussy. After Tom made Pam cum one more time he got up and moved around to his wife.

Sara was now sitting over Pam’s chest. She looked down at her and breathlessly said, “Thank you, you are amazing.” “Your welcome, my dear, so are you. We will have to do it again sometime” Pam responded. “Anytime, sexy, anytime.” Sara said “but we will have to make sure Steve doesn’t find out about this”

“STEVE!!!” Tom and I both exclaimed, “Who the fuck is STEVE?”

“Oh, did we forget to mention….. Steve is the new supervisor down at the bank and if he found out he might switch our schedules again.”

“You both work together?”

“You don’t think this kind of thing, just happens, do you? It took us three weeks to set this up.”

As it turns the women met a month ago when Sara was switched to the morning shift. They had had an immediate attraction to each other and worked out this fun little game for us unsuspecting guys. Tom and I agreed that any surprise like that was very, very welcome.

After laughing and talking about the events of the night. We all fell asleep in a pile on our bed.

We are anxiously waiting for our next rendezvous.

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