A Series of Firsts Pt. 03

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A Series of Firsts – Part 3

As Julie lay on the bed in her hotel room having just pleasured herself, she sleepily looked back on the last few days. She had gone from a faithful girlfriend to Fred to, lets face it, a whore. She wondered why she felt no guilt, no remorse. She had her pussy eaten for the first time by her twice-her-age boss. She had sucked her first cock, followed the next day by two more. She had gone to a clothing optional beach and gotten nude in public. And oh, by the way, sucked a stranger’s cock while getting fucked by her other boss on the same beach! She was definitely behaving like she and the other girls back in high school would have called a whore! And, the truth was, she loved it, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Waking with a start, she realized she was famished.

“Damn! It’s seven o’clock and I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

Showering quickly, she slips on a pair of shorts over her lacy panties and sleeveless silk v-neck blouse, no bra needed.

Not wanting to eat in the big main dining room, Julie goes to the beach side snack bar.

Half way through her burger, the captain from the catamaran slide onto the bar stool next to her.

“Hello senorita!” it’s great to see you again and looking as lovely as ever!”

He is wearing a tight white polo that emphasizes both his muscular build and his smooth black skin.

“Thank you!” Julie answers.

“I really enjoyed the boat ride. Your crew and you did a great job!”

“Gracias, senorita…..?” he thanks her questioningly.

“Julie!” she responds.

“And I am Enrique!”

Gesturing at a table on the other side of the bar, he asks Julie if she would like to join his group.

Seated at the large table, Julie sees two women and four men, appearing to be in their 20’s.

Why not, she thinks.

“Thanks! I would love to!”

She charges her dinner and drink to the room and walks over to the table with Enrique. They make room for her as Enrique slides a chair next to him for Julie to sit on. Ordering a round of drinks for the table, Enrique introduces Julie to everyone there. Julie recognizes two of the men as crewmen from the boat. Everyone is friendly and an hour passes quickly. One of the girls suggests that they go to a nearby club that has music and dancing. At first Julie is hesitant, but when Enrique promises to bring her back to the hotel, she readily agrees.

One of the other men works at the hotel so has the use of a transporter van. Everyone except one of the crewman pile it. Enrique explains to Julie that he will follow in Enrique’s car in case Julie wants to leave before the others.

“You are such a gentleman!” exclaims Julie to Enrique, squeezing his arm.

Arriving at the club, the bouncer at the door greets Enrique with a hug and leads them to a long table he has saved for them.

Soon the drinks are flowing. The music is hot as is the club. Julie dances with the two crewman repeatedly. Her body is moist with sweat, making it apparent she is bra-less. Julie doesn’t seem to notice. Nor does she seem to notice Enrique’s large hand caressing her bare thigh.

When a slow song is heard, Enrique finally asks her to mamak escort dance.

As they dance close together, Julie is aware of how solid Enrique is. She is also aware of the bulge in his pants.

Returning to the table, they find another round of shots waiting for them.

After the shots are drunk, Enrique invites everyone back to his house.

“I’ve arranged a little late-night entertainment!” he tells everyone. To Julie he says,

“Would you like to return to the hotel now?”

Julie, having a great time and not ready to go back to her room, says,

“Absolutely not! I want to party some more!”

Smiling broadly, Enrique says something in Spanish to the guy who drove the van.

Turning to Julie, he says, “It’s settled then! Juan, Pablo, you and I will take my car. The others will follow in the van!”

Leaving the club, Julie joins Enrique in the front seats of his car while Pablo and Juan jump into the back.

After a 15 minute drive, they turn off the paved road and continue down a dirt road about a quarter mile to a dark house.

Enrique leads them in, turning on the lights, illuminating a living room with a couch and a couple of chairs.

Enrique grabs a bottle of some un-identifiable liquor which he passes around.

After taking a swig, Julie asks, “What’s the entertainment?”

Reaching over and roughly grabbing one of her tits, Enrique says “You are, puta!”

“I want to go back to the hotel!” Julie demands.

Laughing, Enrique tells her, “You will. Later.”

Julie lunges toward the door. She is intercepted by Juan, who pulls her arms behind her.

She screams “Let me go!”

When she does, all three men laugh.

“No one can hear you, puta. Scream all you want.” Enrique tells her.

“Besides, everyone heard you say that you wanted to party!” Enrique smiles as he reaches under Julie’s blouse with both hands to pull on her nipples, causing Julie to squirm.

“Also, everyone knows that you sucked Juan’s cock on the nude beach while your friend fucked you!” says Enrique, slowly opening Julie’s shorts.

Julie continues to struggle as Enrique reaches into her shorts and rubs her clit. Julie gasps.

Enrique speaks in Spanish to Pablo, who laughs as he pulls Julie’s blouse over her head to the back of her neck, pinning her arms back even more and exposing her firm tits. Her nipples are hard and jutting straight out.

Continuing to rub her clit, Enrique slaps Julie’s tits a few times with his free hand. Julie is more surprised than hurt by this assault on her breasts. She gasps…….whispering “Please”

Still rubbing her clit, Enrique flicks one, then the next of Julie’s nipples with his tongue.

“Please what? he asks Julie.

“Please slap my tits a few more times?” he questions while slapping them.

An audible intake of breath escapes Julie, who is slowly getting turned on by her “predicament”.

“Please take my shorts off?” he queries, telling Pablo to do so, all the while rubbing Julie’s clit.

Pablo pulls Julie’s shorts down to her ankles, where Julie voluntarily steps out of them.

“Very nice! Nice, tight round ass, shaved ankara masaj yapan escort pussy! Only puta’s shave their pussy!” Enrique proclaims, Pablo and Juan agreeing.

Julie is moaning, her clit engorged, pushing back against Enrique’s hand.

Enrique is accomplished when it comes to having his way with tourists, old and young, married or not. He thinks he knows what this one needs. And it is what he enjoys the most.

He takes his finger from Julie’s clit. She whines in disappointment.

Yanking Julie’s head back by her hair, he kisses her, forcing his tongue into her mouth while tugging on one of her nipples. When she tongues him back, he is sure of what she wants.

He steps back, removing his shirt and telling Pablo to have a taste. Pablo lowers his head and sucks on Julie’s nipples while he uses his finger to penetrate her moist pussy.

Enrique kicks off his shoes, removes his belt and drops his pants to the floor, kicking them away. Julie looks at the now naked Enrique and licks her lips. His muscular black form is enhanced by the biggest cock Julie has ever seen.

Smiling, Enrique loops his belt around Julie’s neck.

“I like my putas on a leash. Now get on your knees!”

Her arms still pinned behind her, Julie awkwardly lowers herself to her knees. Enrique steps forward, holding his cock to Julie’s lips and without being told, Julie begins to suck it.

“Release her arms” tells Juan. Juan complies, pulling Julie’s blouse off.

Stepping back, Enrique says “I’ll be more comfortable sitting” as he backs toward the couch, pulling Julie along. Julie’ for her part, is forced to follow like a dog on a leash.

Sitting down, Enrique draws Julie’s mouth back to his cock. Caressing it with one hand, she begins to make love to Enrique’s big black dick.

While not the best blow job he’s ever gotten, Enrique is enjoying this young white girl turning into his cock whore.

Behind her, Pablo and Juan have already disrobed. They will get her cunt before Enrique because past experience has shown that he will stretch her.

Juan kneels behind Julie and slowly pushes his cock into her. She momentarily picks her head up, but enjoying the sensation of her hungry cunt being finally filled, she gets back to the task at hand.

With a firm grip on Julie’s hips, Juan is pumping away. He doesn’t last long, pouring his seed into Julie.

He’s quickly replaced by Pablo who saws slowly in and out, reaching under Julie to play with her tits.

Juan uses a towel to clean his cock, then retrieves his phone from his pocket and starts to record the live porn scene unfolding before him.

Not wanting to cum just yet, Enrique lifts Julie’s head off his cock and tells her to lick his balls.

The sluttiness of what she is doing so excites Julie that she finally cums.

Pablo picks up the pace, smacking Julie’s ass, then gripping her hips tightly, adds his load to her pussy.

As he pulls out, Enrique pulls on the belt, telling Julie,

“Stand up puta!”

Stroking himself, he asks Julie as she stands,

“Do you want to leave now puta?”

Julie, staring spellbound mithatpaşa escort at Enrique’s large black rod, shakes her head no.

“Would you like to fuck you?” Enrique asks.

“Yes!” replies Julie, soliciting a chuckle from both Pablo and Juan, who have seen this act unfold many times before.

“Then clean the cum out of your cunt, puta!” Enrique demands.

Julie takes a step toward where Juan has tossed the towel.

Enrique yanks the belt/leash.

“Use your hand puta! Then lick it”

When she hesitates, Pablo smacks her ass.

Getting the message, Julie uses her fingers to scoop the goo and licks it, making a show of licking it off each individual finger, smiling seductively.

“Come here, puta” Enrique says, patting his thighs.

Lowering herself slowly onto Enrique’s thick, black shaft, Julie emits a loud “Ahhhhh”

“Oh my god!” she gasps as Enrique pushes up into her.

” Oh god! Oh god! Oh FUCK!” Julie intones, her voice rising to a yell with the last word.

She slides up and down the thick black joy stick she is riding, leaning back, pulling on her nipples, eyes shut.

With Julie still impaled on his rod, Enrique stands, holding Julie by her waist. Julie wraps her arms and her legs around him to hold on.

Enrique pushes her against the wall and fucks her like a pile driver. Julie is in the throes of what seems like a constant orgasm, continuously panting, until finally screaming out as the climax rips through her.

Enrique stiffens, grunts mightily, then cums with a roar. He backs out. Julie slides down the wall, sitting on the floor, prodigious amounts of cum leaking from her now gaping pussy.

Enrique bends next to her and says,

“Well puta! Was that entertaining?”

Completely spent, Julie nods.

Juan stops recording. Snaps one more pic of Julie.

Enrique retrieves Julie’s clothes and tosses them at her.

“The bathroom is there. Clean yourself and Pablo will drive you back to the hotel.”

Julie stands and goes to “freshen up” the best she can. In the bathroom, she decides to shower. Locking the door, she runs the water then showers.

While she is in the shower, her cell phone buzzes on the table where she has left it. Pablo looks at it. It is a text from someone labeled Fred BBF. He shows it to Enrique, who reads the text and laughs.

“Her boyfriend wants to know if she is enjoying herself at the conference. Send him a still of her riding me and say,

“Very much!”

All three laugh.

As soon as the reply is sent, the phone begins to buzz with an incoming call from Fred. Since Julie has not returned from the shower it goes into voicemail. Pablo returns it to the table.

Julie emerges from the bathroom freshly showered and walks to where Enrique is seated.

“I’m here for two more days” she informs him.

Looking up at her he smiles.

” I have other putas to please, but I might be able to fuck you again. Come see me at the boat when you are ready.”

Pablo opens the door indicating it’s time for her to leave.

The short trip back to the resort is passed in silence.

When Julie gets to her room, she notices that she has a voice mail. Playing it back, she hears Fred asking,

“What the fuck?!? Who is that guy? You cheating slut! Here I am worried that you’re okay and you’re out getting laid! You whore!”

“Oh shit!” she thinks.

Calming down, she decides not to respond until the morning.

To be continued…….

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