A Sensual Education Pt. 04

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CHAPTER 18 — Gabby’s Departure

The weekend had flown by, crammed with pleasures almost too many to be remembered. Both Gabby and Jen knew that they were closer friends than ever before, and that this closeness would last. The sense of attunement which they’d had as young girls, that feeling of being completely in sync, was restored and extended. They could sit together quietly, neither of them needing more than to be near the other, and then, without question or discussion, they would both know that what was needed was a chat, or a walk, or a laugh, or a hug, or a kiss…And Amy, whose awakening of Jen to the loving pleasure of same-sex intimacy had done so much to prepare this rapprochement, had won Gabby’s affection as fully as she had that of Jen.

But now it was Monday morning, and Gabby must soon depart. Amy would be driving Gabby to the train, for Jen had an early class, and had to say a quick good-bye as she ran out the door, with barely time for a farewell kiss. Gabby lay in Jen’s warm bed—all the warmer for the acts of love which the girls had shared both the night before and earlier that morning, in the few minutes before Jen’s hurried departure—in that pleasant state between sleep and waking, when Amy rose from her own bed and quietly slipped in beside her. As Amy wound her arms around her, Gabby turned and smiled sleepily. “Morning, Ames. How you feeling today?”

Amy kissed her lightly on the nose and said, “Sad that you’re leaving, but super-glad that I finally got to meet you. Hope we’ll be seeing each other lots more,” and kissed her again, this time on the lips.

“Too bad you can’t just come home with me,” said Gabby, returning the kiss. “This has been the most awesome weekend, Amy. You are every bit as amazing as Jen said you were. More, even. How soon do you think you’ll be able to come visit us at the island?”

“If it were up to me, I would go with you today. But Jen’s too dedicated to miss class, and I’d feel bad leaving her behind.” The two girls smiled and kissed again. “But soon, I hope. Maybe one of these weekends we won’t have too much work to do and I’ll talk Jen into taking a drive down. Even if it’s just down one day, back the next that’d give us a whole night with you.”

Gabby reached up and stroked Amy’s cheek. “I’d be worried sending you out to drive back so soon. If we just had one night together, I don’t think you’d get any sleep at all.”

“I’d hope not,” said Amy, with a smile. “So maybe we’ll have to take the train instead.”

Gabby sighed at the mention of trains. “Now, you’re sure you have time to take me to the station? Train’s at 10:30. You don’t have class?”

“Not until eleven,” said Amy. “And since you already have your ticket, we can leave here at ten after ten and still get there in plenty of time.” She put a finger to Gabby’s lips. “Which means we have plenty of time,” her hand moved down Gabby’s neck, “to discuss,” slid lightly over her breast, with only a slight pause to tweak the nipple, “all the things we’ll do,” continued across her belly, “when I come to visit,” and found Gabby’s pussy.

“Mmmm,” said Gabby, as she leaned in for a kiss. “I like your discussion methods, Miss Kim. Can I be in all of your classes?” She began kissing her way down Amy’s body, lingering briefly on the tits to savor each nipple, tonguing her navel, until she arrived at her friend’s lovely snatch. She kissed the lips, then slowly licked from the bottom all the way up. “Oh, god, you are so tasty,” she murmured before parting the lips with her tongue. Amy’s juices were already flowing, enabling Gabby’s fingers to easily join her tongue in entering the precious box.

Amy inhaled sharply as her hands grasped Gabby’s head and her hips thrust upward, pressing her pussy against Gabby’s mouth. What bliss to feel that soft tongue, those gentle but insistent fingers probing her vagina. She shifted her weight slightly, onto her left buttock, took Gabby’s left hand and guided it toward her ass. Gabby stroked the silky skin, then used her saliva to lubricate her thumb and began pressing the tip against the tight ring of muscle. Amy relaxed slightly, allowing the thumb to begin making its entrance, then tightened, catching the end of the thumb in place, down to the first joint. Again she relaxed as Gabby slightly withdrew the thumb, then pressed onward again, farther, farther, then back again, and the two girls settled into a rhythm, Gabby fucking both of Amy’s pretty holes with her slender thumbs while licking and sucking on her clit.

Gabby felt her own passion rising as Amy neared orgasm. How thrilling it was to aid this kind, beautiful, loving girl in achieving sexual climax. How Gabby wished she had another hand with which she could frig herself, rubbing her clit and using two or three fingers to stretch the walls of her pussy. But the more excited she grew, the more rapidly she sucked her dear friend’s clit and fucked her ass and cunt. Then Amy’s hips bucked sharply, she grew rigid, pressing herself as hard ikonbet giriş as she could against Gabby’s mouth and hands, before crying out in release.

As Amy sank back onto the bed, Gabby’s hands and tongue grew still, giving an occasional pressure against Amy’s cunt lips or asshole, or a brief and gentle lick of her clit. Her thumbs slowly slid from their hiding places, and with a few last kisses of that delectable pussy, Gabby moved up in the bed to embrace and kiss her friend.

“Now I’m really gonna miss you,” said Amy as she kissed Gabby. “It’s gonna be awfully hard to go back to being a student.”

“Well, you better figure out how to do it. I’ll be super pissed off if I come here next fall and find you’ve flunked out.”

“Guess I better get back to work then. I know how I’ll start.” To Gabby’s surprise, Amy jumped out of the bed and went to her own, but before Gabby could even speak, Amy was back. She kissed Gabby and smiled.

“What?” said Gabby.

“I have got to taste your vajayjay one more time before you go,” she said. “But I know it’s going to drive me crazy, so my little friend is going to help me out.” She showed Gabby the vibrator, kissed her again, then straddled her belly and began rubbing Gabby’s breasts and licking the nipples. “You have such beautiful tits, Gab. Fuck, the art instructors would love to use you as a model in the life drawing classes.” Amy sat up and smiled. “They’d definitely be oversubscribed if people knew who they’d be getting to draw.”

Gabby reached up and stroked Amy’s breasts. “I guess I’m doing okay if the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen likes my boobs.”

Amy crinkled her nose, leaned down and kissed her again. “Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I sure like them. But no more than I like all the rest of you.” She rolled off Gabby and lay beside her. “Come on and sit on my face. I want to make you cum as hard as you made me.”

“Let me help you get the vibe in first,” said Gabby. “It’s just so hot seeing you fuck yourself.”

Amy took the vibrator into her mouth and moistened it thoroughly, then handed it to Gabby, who bent and kissed her friend’s pussy. She then began teasing the lips with the head of the toy. Another kiss, a few licks from side to side, and the vibrator began sliding in. Amy’s pussy was still fully wet, and Gabby was fascinated by the sight of the toy disappearing within that tight cavern. She began slowly fucking her friend with it, in and out as Amy’s hips began rotating, as she strove for fuller, for fullest contact with the vibrator. Her hands clutched at Gabby’s.

“Oh please,” she moaned. “Please let me eat you now. Please, you’ve got to!”

Gabby relinquished control of the toy and straddled Amy’s head. Carefully she knelt, her legs far enough apart so that she could easily lower her cunt onto Amy’s waiting mouth. Amy’s tongue licked her labia, wetting them thoroughly, pushing them apart, gliding up between them to press against the clit. As Amy’s lips encircled the sensitive bud, Gabby heard the buzz of the vibrator and Amy’s hands moved to squeeze and stroke Gabby’s ass.

Gabby took hold of the headboard of the bed as she began rocking herself on Amy’s face, loving the friction of her friend’s tongue against her increasingly sensitive clit. Amy was squeezing her butt-cheeks, rubbing the crack of her ass, tickling the tiny little opening which seemed to beg to be entered, while simultaneously resisting the gentle pressure Amy so lovingly applied. Both girls were brought to an even higher pitch of excitement by this intimate touch; Amy’s tongue sank ever deeper into Gabby’s cunt, Gabby pressed and rubbed her snatch against Amy’s lips. Gabby released the headboard and began massaging her own breasts, tweaking the nipples. Her head tipped back, her breath came in quick gasps, her legs tightened against Amy’s head, until finally her body shuddered as her climax throbbed through her.

She fell sideways on the bed, but her legs still gripped her friend’s head, and Amy kept tonguing and sucking Gabby’s delightful pussy. Her hands released Gabby’s ass and went to her own crotch, and she began stroking the buzzing vibrator in and out of her cunt and frigging her clit. The bud seemed to grow and pulse, and suddenly her own touch became more than she could bear, as once again her body shuddered in ecstasy.

The two girls lay together, arms entwined, their cheeks together, each stroking the other’s shining hair or running a finger down the other’s spine, coming to rest on the smooth skin of a butt-cheek, with perhaps a finger or two straying into the crack between the cheeks. They smiled at each other, exchanging soft kisses as their bodies relaxed. Neither wished to speak, or to move, or do anything but bask in the glow of their mutual affection.

Finally, Amy sighed and said, “I guess we better get up so you can get some breakfast before you leave. You probably want to shower too.”

“I don’t know,” said Gabby. “I ikonbet yeni giriş guess I should, but part of me wants my brother to be able to smell you on me when he picks me up from the train.”

Amy looked at her wonderingly for a moment, then took her face between her hands and kissed her. “Gabby Grant, you are so…you are so sexy. The things you do. The things you think of. And that is just so flattering, that you’d want to keep my smell on you.”

“I love the way you smell, Amy. And the way you taste. And, well, I know you haven’t met Rick–”

“I really want to though,” said Amy, quickly. “Knowing how much you and Jen love him, he must be awesome.”

“He is, and believe me, he loves the taste of pussy, maybe even more than me.” She smiled. “So getting to smell you, even a little bit, would make him even more eager to meet you than he probably is already.”

“And maybe it’ll make him eager to show you how much he’s missed you,” said Amy.

Gabby smiled, gave Amy a kiss, and the two girls silently embraced. “My one regret about this weekend—other than that it’s over, I mean—is that I didn’t think to bring my strap-on,” said Gabby. She moved her head so that she could look into Amy’s eyes. “I would’ve loved to have you fuck me with it.”

“Maybe next time,” said Amy. “You and Jen can show me how it’s done first. From what she said, you’re an expert.”

Gabby chuckled. “I’m pretty sure that you’d be an expert too as soon as you put it on. I mean, if guys can figure out how to use a dick to please a pussy, it should be a snap for a smart girl like you.”

Amy responded with a kiss. “For sure I’d like to try. Maybe one of these weeks I’ll be able to talk Jen into leaving early on a Friday. We could have two whole nights then, plus plenty of time for naps on Saturday.”

Gabby nodded her agreement and the two girls hugged again, then lay silently in each others’ arms for a few more minutes. Finally, Gabby stretched and said, “If I could stay like this forever it wouldn’t be long enough. But you do have class, and I do need to catch that train.” Giving Amy a last, lingering kiss, she climbed out of bed and began collecting the few belongings she’d brought with her.

Amy lay in bed, watching her friend as she moved around the room, naked, picking up her backpack, folding her clothes, bringing her toiletries from the bathroom. She smiled and said, “Nice to see I’m not the only one who likes putting on a show. Or is this a new thing with you, showing off your tush?”

Gabby giggled. “Just a little parting tribute to nature girl,” she said as she twirled around for Amy’s benefit. “Pretty sure you were right about Jen, she really liked seeing you naked. I think she thought she was supposed to be embarrassed about it, and was a little confused because she wasn’t.” She paused, went to the bed and pulled the sheet off of Amy, who lay there, legs apart, hands behind her head, all her loveliness on display. Gabby shook her head and said, “Can’t imagine anybody not wanting to see you naked.”

Amy reached up and stroked Gabby’s hip. “I can’t imagine getting tired of seeing you like this. But hey,” she said as she swung her legs out of bed and stood up, “we’ve got to get going. I have got to have some breakfast.” Taking Gabby’s hand she said, “C’mon, sister, let’s get dressed and get something to eat. Something else to eat, I should say.”

So Gabby finished packing her bag, the girls got dressed and were on their way. “Let’s get breakfast in town,” said Gabby. “My treat.”

“I won’t say no to that,” replied Amy, so they went to Amy’s car and drove to town. They found a diner close to the station and after a healthy meal—a reasonably healthy meal, eggs and sausage and pancakes, but fruit instead of potatoes!—they strolled over to wait for Gabby’s train.

“You don’t need to wait with me, Amy. You should probably go get ready for class.”

“There’s no rush. All my stuff is in the car, I don’t even need to go back to the room.”

Gabby smiled. “Good. I don’t want you to leave, I was just being polite.” The two girls looked into each others’ eyes, smiling. “If you think of it, give Jen a kiss for me tonight, okay?”

“I think I can spare one tonight. And tomorrow.” She took Gabby’s hand. “And every day until we see you again. How’s that?”

“Awesome. I’m glad you two have each other.”

“While you, poor girl, have to go home to a houseful of dicks.”

Gabby smiled. “It’s a tough job, but–”

“I know, I know,” laughed Amy, “but somebody’s gotta do it. Question is, which one are you going to do first?”

“That depends,” said Gabby.

“On what?”

“On who meets me at the train.”

“Well, I hope it’s not some Uber driver you don’t even know,” replied Amy, and both girls laughed.

They stood quietly, arms around each others’ waist until the train was pulling into the station, when they turned toward each other and hugged. While they were ikonbet güvenilirmi embracing, Amy murmured quietly, “Bye bye, Gabby Grant. Say hi to your…say hi to your brother for me, okay?”

Gabby leaned back slightly and looked closely at her friend. Amy looked down. “Hey, Ames, it’s fine. Of course I’ll say hi to him.” She touched Amy’s cheek and lightly lifted her chin. “Don’t worry. I’m betting he’ll ask about you before I say anything. I’ll let you know. And you’ll get to meet him soon.”

Amy smiled. “Thanks, Gabby. You are so special. Oh, you better get on the train.”

Gabby quickly kissed Amy on the cheek. “Bye now Ames, see you in a few weeks, okay? Love you!”

“Love you too Gab! Text us when you get home!”

CHAPTER 19 — Back to Spendthrift

Of course, there was never any doubt that Rick would be meeting Gabby at the train. Neither of the twins would have had it any other way. Exciting as the weekend had been for both, they did miss each other terribly, and longed to see that face which remained for each the most dear and cherished. Gabby had thoroughly enjoyed deepening her relationship with Jen, and was thrilled that she had so immediately connected with Amy, but she missed her brother’s steady presence, the firm but gentle touch of his hand, and not least his sturdy and ever-eager dick. Oh, eating pussy was wonderful, she could never get enough of it, her time with Jen and Amy had been bliss indeed, but, Gabby thought, how much sweeter those girls would taste if Rick’s cock were in her cunt while she ate them!

So when Gabby’s train pulled into the station, her brother had been waiting for at least half an hour. The weather was fine that day, so Rick hadn’t even pretended to himself that he was leaving extra time in case the channel crossing proved difficult. He was simply too antsy to sit and wait at home. Even though Gabby’s train wasn’t due until three, he’d left the house shortly after noon, leaving a note with a cryptic reference to some unexplained (and fictitious) errand he needed to do before meeting his sister. The truth was that he simply wanted to be in a place where he didn’t know anyone, and was unlikely to be questioned about how he felt, or what he was thinking, or why he seemed so…

He had relaxed almost as soon as he was out on the water, for once again the sky was blue and the breeze was pleasant, just as they’d been a few days earlier when he’d taken Gabby to town. Rick had stored up many wonderful memories already in his young life, but that crossing would surely remain among the best. Recalling the events of that day gave Rick such a wonderful feeling, and to recall them while out on the water, near the very spot where they had occurred, that was marvelous indeed. It was right about here, he thought, where Gabby had asked him to stop the boat; closing his eyes, he could almost feel how her hand had gone to his crotch, pressing and stroking his love muscle. Inhaling the salt air, he could feel his dick beginning to swell, just as it had under his sister’s loving hand. How he wished she were here now! And then they had undressed each other, feverishly, and they had made love under the open sky, in full view of the clouds, and the birds, and anyone who might have happened to look in their direction. And afterward, when they had joked about being witnessed, and sharing their youth and beauty and desire with everyone…How he adored his sister! Her playfulness, her humor, her intelligence, and the seeming ease with which she acted on her desires. Rick longed to hold her in his arms again, to stroke her hair and whisper to her of his love. He wanted to say to her, “Gabby, you are a brazen hussy, the most brazen hussy, my brazen hussy,” and see her smile, and kiss those sweet, smiling lips.

After tying up the boat and hoisting out the family motor scooter, Rick had ridden aimlessly around the town for the best part of an hour, stopping occasionally to look in a shop window (maybe he should get a present for Gabby…), even spending ten minutes at a car dealer on the edge of town, wishing that somebody would make a sporty car that was also practical. Sure, he was his father’s son, and knew how senseless and destructive gas-guzzlers were, but he was also a young guy, who loved cool looking cars that could go fast, accelerate quickly, and hugged the road. By one thirty he was done with his wandering, and went to the coffee shop across from the train station. He sat by the window, at the table he’d shared with his twin, sipping a small americano and thinking how special this ordinary place would always be to him, because of the happy minutes he’d spent here with that marvelous girl, his own precious Gabster. He noticed the barrista glancing his way, smiled at her, and was pleased when she smiled back. After nursing his coffee for at least half an hour, he sauntered back to the rest room. There should be some sort of plaque here, he thought as he took a leak, to commemorate and honor his sister’s impetuous high spirits. Nothing elaborate, “Gabby and Rick fucked here,” it could read, perhaps with the time and date. Or maybe a bit of verse: This bathroom sink’s a sacred spot; here Gabby sat as Rick ate her twat. He laughed to himself and shook his head; oh, Gabby Grant, you are just too much.

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