A Randy Retirement Pt. 23: Ellie

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Author’s Notes: Sorry so long between stories. It’s hell getting old. I have had some health issues (which included a pretty bad bout with Covid) and that put the brakes on my writing as it took some time to get well and then I had to wait for the mood to strike me again. I had about six installments after this one in some state of construction at the first of the year, and just now got around to finishing this one. I still need to grind on the others some more, although

4 has been finished since Christmas. Thanks to those who inquired about my continuing the stories. I also got some feedback that stated that the series had devolved into a series of women in which the story was essentially the same (fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, etc.), only the name of the woman changed. There is truth to that. It is on purpose, although it had not fully crystallized in my mind until the feedback and my consideration of it. In reality, it is the overarching point of the series; all the main character does is have sex. In the last third of the series, he will come to a realization; that part of the series has already been written. Until then there are a number of former students, new acquaintances, and horny returnees that Randy needs to bang before he’s done. If that’s good for you … great! If it’s not your thing, that’s okay too. Thank you for staying around this long.

Synopsis: Ellie sports new jewelry while hanging around

May, 2018 – OBX House

Randy had stayed at his Outer Banks house after the raucous Spring Break week with the sisters, Ellie and Mina. It had been an interesting week, but having the two there together had also produced its own background drama between the siblings. Ellie was coming back for Memorial Day weekend and drama wouldn’t be a problem as Mina had decided that she’d had enough. Spending time with him wasn’t for everybody, and he was okay with that. There would always be somebody else to fuck.

For the first time ever, he had reviewed the video of one of his escapades. Typically, he only watched to quickly edit a video, cutting out the dead parts where there were no interactions and rarely watching the sex. But this had been his first time with two females, and he wanted to figure out exactly what had happened and how he could do a better job of it. ‘Best practice’ was what they had called it in the latter days of his teaching career. Back then he had thought it bullshit, but found it of some use now.

He had also spent some time in closer inspection of the beach house; maintaining, cleaning, repairing as needed. As he worked around the house, an aesthetic idea came to him, and he spent a few days researching and mulling exactly what he wanted and how it could be engineered.

The Monday before Memorial Day he called the business he had selected and explained exactly what he wanted done. The business owner wanted to come out to the house, but Randy held him off.

Instead, he emailed an exact schematic of the pool deck to him. He also sent a CAD of the project, which was to add a glassed railing to the pool deck. The owner told Randy he would call him back that afternoon with the particulars after studying what he had sent and going over it with his team.

As Randy waited, Ellie had texted and confirmed that she would be coming out on Friday. He thought of the short, twenty-one-year-old blonde with the sapphire blue eyes, the 34DD orbs, the magnificent ass and how much fun he was going to have with her in just a few days’ time. He got up for another bottle of water. He had been making sure to drink more than usual in the weeks leading up to her visit to help with the amount of semen he produced. He’d read that once and really didn’t know if it worked or not but practiced it just the same, simply because more water couldn’t hurt.

When the contractor called back, he didn’t seem as excited about the project. Randy got the sense that he felt the price would be too high.

Specifically, the project was to install 3″ thick, black powder coated, steel railing around the entire perimeter of the pool deck with 1/2″ thick Lexan glass that could be removed easily in preparation for a hurricane. There would kaçak iddaa be three openings down to the beach, one at the gazebo, one in the middle of the deck facing the ocean and one on the southern end. Each of the steel standards would be lighted and if Randy wished, he could change the color of the lighting.

The contractor sounded almost embarrassed as he quoted the price to Randy over the phone as it approached six figures. He was speechless when Randy told him if they could start at 8 a.m. the Tuesday after Memorial Day that he would pay double, in cash.. After a few seconds of stammering to regain his balance, the contractor agreed.

“Fine,” Randy continued, “I’ll be there Thursday with the first half of the payment.”

When that call ended, Randy dialed up the local branch of his bank and spoke with the manager, informing him of the amount of cash he would need to withdraw on Thursday morning so that a sufficient amount would be on hand. The manager informed Randy that the bank would have to notify the IRS.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Fuck ’em,” Randy replied, and the manager was laughing as Randy clicked off.

Taking brown paper grocery bag with him to the bank three days later to carry the payment, Randy delivered it to the contactor and was promised that the workers would be there on Tuesday morning, bright and early.


Friday before Memorial Day

When Friday arrived, Randy awoke excited. He took his walk on the beach and thought about how much he enjoyed Ellie’s company and that he really enjoyed fucking her. He had noticed how flexible she seemed to be and wanted to test the limits of her capabilities right at the start of her visit. Ellie texted mid-morning that she was about to leave, and he settled in to pass the six hours it would take her to arrive by going to the playroom and straightening things up in preparation.

Around 4 o’clock, he heard a car horn and went out to find her dressed in jeans that were ripped at the knees, a thick, white, long-sleeved, t-shirt and suede ankle boots. She still had her Copper tan that was contrasted by the white nail polish on her fingers and the tee. He wondered if she ever painted the nails a different color.

His first words were not hello, but “What’s this? The Salvation Army was running low on gently used clothes and only had the rags left? Or did you buy those jeans at Goodwill?”

Ellie was taken aback for a moment, but realized he was fucking with her and smiled, then retorted, “Good afternoon to you too. Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

He got her bags out of her car and rolled them in as he elaborated, “No, I just don’t understand the fashion statement. Seems to me someone is ripping y’all off. But it’s your choice, whether I like it or not,” and he let her enter the front door first.

Ellie turned to the guest room she had stayed in just over a month ago, while Randy continued into the house without a word of correction.

She noticed he wasn’t following her, stopped in confusion, did a double-take, and turned to see him headed toward his bedroom. Hustling to follow, she exclaimed, “I get to sleep with you?”

“But of course you do Ellie,” he replied. “Go have a seat on the couch and I’ll be with you in a moment.” Before she had turned to go, he noticed that the first notch of the ratchet inside her had clicked by the tone of her voice. He wondered how long she had been sitting on ‘Go’.

Moments later he joined her on the leather couch, each of them turned so they faced each other; Ellie sitting cross-legged with her hands in her lap, Randy with his right arm along the back and his right knee flat on the seat.

After the pleasantries had passed: nice drive, what have you been up to, finished her semester with excellent grades, and the like; she had her typical opening question for him. “Who is King George? Were you talking about the king of Great Britain during the Revolution?”

Randy shook his head and looked across the back of the couch to the dunes outside the south end of the house. “You’re still on that?”

It had been a part of their last conversation back in April and he was surprised she had remembered it.

“Yes! It’s been driving me nuts,” she laughed.

He shook his head again in amazement as he turned his eyes back to her sapphires. “No, it’s not the King of Britain. I was talking about the country singer, George Strait. You said to put a reminder of this weekend on my refrigerator where I’d see it. That’s a paraphrase of a line from one of his songs.”

“Ahh, that’s where I got that from. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the king of Great Britain had to do with notes or refrigerators.”

“And you’ve been pondering that for the last month?”

“Well, yeah, kinda, that and other things,” she grinned and changed the subject. “I know you probably have an agenda planned out, but I want two things.”

“What?” he asked, feigning disinterest.

“I want kaçak bahis you to tie me up and leave me to cum like you did Mina and I want you to put me on that thing you put Mina on and fuck me.”

Not wanting to give anything away, he simply replied, “Eventually, you will experience both, but I’m not telling you when.”

She seemed satisfied with that before her face brightened and she launched into the next thing on her mind, “I have a surprise for you.”

The smile that came to her face told him that she thought she was going to completely take him by surprise with whatever was coming next. Ellie sat up on the couch, folded her legs under her, and faced him. Both of her hands came up to caress her breasts through the t-shirt, jiggling them at him as the smile continued, her sapphire blue eyes twinkling. Eventually she bunched the hem of the shirt up to just under her breasts and used the bunching to further jiggle her huge melons and titillate him. Then, she held the bunch tightly against her body and pulled up on it slowly until both of her 34DDs were freed of the fabric, two gold rings swinging as they dangled from her nipples.

She had succeeded. Randy just stared. He couldn’t believe she had done it and Ellie’s entire face smiled at the look on his as she threw the shirt to the coffee table and straightened her hair, the rings waving with each movement of her body, enchanting him. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came as he continued to gawk at her chest, speechless.

She’d had her nipples pierced with segmented gold rings, set deep on each nipple, right at the base. It had been done a while as they had healed nicely and kept her nipples as big as a large thimble. Randy’s cock instantly took notice and began to prepare itself.

Ellie cupped her breasts, presenting them to him, “You said big, but you didn’t say how big. I liked the way these looked, so I choose 8 gauge. I did it on the way home the last time I was here. I stopped and bought a set of snake bite cups at Walmart and sat in the parking lot of the piercer for like 30 minutes with them on before I went in. Then I had him take them off right before he pierced me.” Her ratchet clicked again.

Somewhat recovered, Randy turned sarcastic, “Thought of that all by yourself did you?”

“The snake bite cups? Nah, I saw it in a porn flick I watched while you were doing Mina,” and she was beaming at him because his reaction was more than she had ever imagined it would be.

“Eights are really big for your first piercing, how bad did it hurt?”

“Ha,” and her face showed the memory of the pain, “The guy tried to talk me out of them, but I was adamant. It hurt pretty bad, but I almost orgasmed when he put the needle through, so there’s that,” and she smiled lasciviously as her voice raised an octave. “When I left the shop, I sat in the parking lot and masturbated until I came.” Her voice had trembled as she related the last part. Click.

Randy’s dick was straining to get out of his pants. Ellie’s nipples had stood out before the piercings, but now they were on ultra high-beam constantly and would most likely stay that way until she took the rings out.

She noticed his bulge and reached out to rub it through his pants, “I guess I’m not the only one excited.”

“Did you do this for me or for yourself?” Randy managed to ask, his voice cracking slightly.

“I did it for me, but I’ll admit that your comments sent me down the path. Eventually, the want of my body overcame the fear of my mind, kinda like how everything else has been with you so far. I want to stretch them to sixes in about six months though, and I want you to do it.”

“Okay,” he mumbled absent-mindedly, not even realizing what he had agreed to, as his mind was still on her chest.

“Now that that’s over with, can you go ahead and fuck me?” It was a request in her light, airy voice that she used when she wanted to seem innocent.

Randy held his hands out, palms up, and she took them. He got up and led her, walking backwards, to his bedroom, looking into her face the entire way even though he kept sneaking peeks lower to her tits.

It was then that Randy noticed that she had pierced something else and had a 3-inch dangle hanging over the depressed circle of her belly button. There were three dangles of silver, each with small, blue sapphires that matched her eyes.

When they stopped next to his king bed, she removed his polo and then unbuttoned his shorts, palming his cock as soon as it was freed. Click.

He reached out and gently grasped the gold rings, tugging on them lightly and Ellie started grinning at him.

“You like them?” she asked, still using the innocent voice.

“Yes,” was his firm reply. Slowly his fingers traced down her sides to her ripped jeans and deftly released the button at her waist, peeling the denim from her ass and letting it stop bunched around her knees, revealing a white thong.

Randy stepped to the left and ran his right arm around illegal bahis her far hip, pressing Ellie to him. Sharply with his left hand, he spanked her once on the nearest asscheek, causing her to jump and grimace, but not cry out. Click.

“You still want it rough?” he asked as he rubbed the strike area on her ass.

“Yes,” she answered softly, but firmly, her eyes on him.

Randy reached across her ass and lit up the other cheek, the sound reverberating in the room as Ellie jerked and moaned.

Reaching down he pulled on the G-string, stretching the fabric up her back and tightly into her pussy and crack. Click.

Slowly, he continued to wedge the string tighter and tighter into her sex until she turned her head to his face and began to lick his earlobe between soft gasps for air.

Finally, he let up, “Sit on the bed and take your boots and jeans off,” he instructed as he picked up the already discarded shirt and folded it, and placed it on the dresser. When he got back to her, she had her boots off, but not the jeans. Randy reached down and roughly pulled the pants down from her knees and freed her feet. Then he stepped between her legs and grabbled the stretched-out thong.

“I hope this had no sentimental value,” he told her as her hips rose from the bed until the thong ripped from her body.

“Oooooo,” Ellie cooed seductively, her body falling back to the mattress as her eyes turned even more amorous. Click.

Randy climbed onto the bed, upright on his knees and beside her body as she sat there. He was to her right and Ellie leaned over, took his cock in her left hand and began to suck the head as her right played with his balls. She fluttered her tongue around and around until Randy reached down and started to rub her clit and then the moaning took her over. Click.

Hearing her gluck on his cock, he intensified his effort on her love bud, which encouraged Ellie to suck harder. She pulled off and spat on the monster and Randy brought both his hands to hold her head as she went back to sucking him off, her own hand now in her pussy.

And then he throated her, working his hips back and forth as her hand grew more insistent on her clit. It wasn’t long before she moved to stretch out on the bed on her stomach facing him and arching her back to meet his cock. Her head between his legs, Randy pushed deep into her throat as she attempted to moan around the shaft filling her mouth, her jaws working for all they were worth to accommodate his girth.

Randy started to starve her for air, pushing deep and holding his dick there for tens of seconds and she gasped each time he relented and let her breathe. Click.

“You ready?” he asked.

“I’ve been ready, what took you so long?” she whimpered, turning around onto all fours on the bed before him. Randy had her turn her body 90 degrees and moved to the side of the bed. He did not tell her why, but he had his reasons as he stood and waited for her to back up to the edge.

When his cock entered, he felt the slickness of her twat and pushed against the inner walls of her vagina until he was almost all the way inside her before slowly pulling back out.

“Oh god,” came from her lips in a whisper.

Slowly and steadily, he began to pump her, her body rocking in time with him as she mumbled.

“Fuckkk … oh my god … yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Looking to his left, he saw their reflection in the huge mirror above the dresser. It was why he had her turn sideways and was wide enough to give him a full-length view of their bodies joined together, and, in that view, he saw the wicked little smile on her face and began to fuck her harder. Click.

“Aw fuck … ahh yeah-esss, that’s some good damn cock,” she uttered in a protracted groan as she turned her head back to him and he could see her face in full. Ellie had stuck her tongue out and was touching it to her upper lip as she reveled in what she had missed for the last month and a half.

The room was saturated with the sound of bodies colliding as she lowered her chest to the bed and Randy continued to increase his pace while he gripped her hips tightly. Suddenly he slapped her right cheek and she squealed but did not jump. Instead, she started to fuck him back, using her magnificent ass and legs to pound back into him.

He slowed and then stopped, his cock almost all the way out of her, and Ellie rose and began to straighten her hair until he slammed his cock back inside of her suddenly, a pussy fart escaping as she convulsed and flopped back down to her chest.

“Ahh, fuckkkk!” she cried out and the rest of her utterings turned to gibberish while he railed her.

She reached back for him with her right hand and he grabbed it, pinning it to her back and then pulled back her left to pin it too. Using them, he pulled her chest up from the bed and resumed fucking her in a steady fashion until he turned to the mirror again.

Clearly, he could see the nipple rings swinging wildly with each thrust, the dangles at her navel following suit and then Ellie bit her bottom lip and Randy turned animal, pounding her pussy even more, just to see how much he could make her new piercings swing.

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