A Quiet Evening

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It’s a quiet evening at home – Jamie is doing something on his computer and I’ve been > “playing a game” on mine. And oh, what a game it is … telling some stud half my age how much I want him to stroke his cock up and down between my boobs while I’m sucking on the tip. By the time I’m done teasing him, he’s blown his load all over his monitor and I’m getting pretty heated up myself.

I can see that Jamie is involved in whatever he’s doing and quietly get out of my chair and head down the hall. As soon as I’m out of his line of sight, I strip off my shirt and drop it to the floor for him to find when he begins to get curious about where I went. Before heading upstairs, I unhook my bra and leave it hanging over the banister; then climb the stairs with my big heavy boobs bouncing and swaying as I move (thinking naughty thoughts about how much Jamie loves watching that). Once upstairs, I leave a trail of clothes down the hall to the bedroom, where I drop my panties just outside the door. Arranging some pillows where I’m going to lie, I settle down to wait for Jamie to come find me lying naked on the bed with my legs spread open so he can see all the pleasures I have to offer him …

Trembling with anticipation as I wait to hear him climbing the stairs, I lie there thinking about the teasing I had just given my young on-line lover and the pleasures yet to come, and the longer I wait, the hornier I become.

Seeking some much needed relief, I begin running my hands down my body and up again to my breasts, savoring the feeling as my grasping fingers find the hard nubs of my nipples. Imagining Jamie standing in the doorway watching, I bring one nipple up to my mouth, flicking my tongue across it, then repeat with the other one.

As the passion rises, I continue the imaginary show, one hand holding a nipple to my lips, while the other slowly slides down my body until it finds its destination between my widely spread legs. Once there, I slide a couple fingers between my lips, circling my hard clit before thrusting them deep into my soaking wet snatch.

Still needing more, I roll over to get my vibrator from the drawer. I start by rubbing it over my nipples, letting the feel of deep pulsing vibrations drive my excitement further as I continue rubbing my hard clit with my fingers.

As I get more excited, I bring the vibrator down to my clit and OMG, does that get me started! My libido goes into overdrive as I lay there sliding that vibrating toy in and out, gasping for breath as the tingling deep within tells me an orgasm is coming.

I drop the vibrator and begin using my fingers for better control, working them all around my clit, then thrusting them deep inside, before moving back to my swollen clit as the tingling sensation continues to intensify until it explodes in a blinding flash of light. My whole body spasms over and over as an orgasmic tidal wave washes over me …Then several smaller shudders leave me breathless as I start to come back down.

I hadn’t heard him coming, so he caught me by surprise when I opened my eyes and found him standing in the doorway watching me pleasure myself. I begin to breathe kurtköy rus escort faster anticipating what is to come as he walks in and sits down beside me. He starts gently massaging my full breasts, tweaking my already hard nipples before reaching down between my thighs.

Slipping a couple fingers up inside my soaking snatch, he feels how wet I am and asks, “What’s got you all heated up?”

Putting on my best innocent act, I answer, “Nothing …..”

“Looks like it was a pretty hot ‘nothing’ to me, Pat.” he says with this smug surety in his voice. “Have you been playing on the internet again?”

Still trying to look sweet and innocent, “Whatever makes you think that?”

Feigning anger, he shoots back, “Yeah, right!! I see how you are!! I think you’ve been teasing some young buck again … Telling him how much you want to suck his big black cock.”

“But this was a white guy …”

“Aha!! The truth comes out.”

“What was his name?”

“I-I-I … guess I hadn’t noticed.” I stammered out.

“You just had sex with this guy and you don’t even know his name? Just some random stranger who wanted to fuck and you said, ‘Sure.’ … Where I come from who have a word for women like you!! YEW have been playing your slut-ty little games in the chat rooms; and THEN you expect ME to take care of your problem when you get all heated up!” His is voice just dripping with contempt, but the look on his face (not to mention the bulge in his jeans) tells the real story – he’s as turned on as I am. “What did I tell you about playing these slutty little games?”

“You said you didn’t mind me being a slut as long as I was your slut and you got your share of the benefits. Are you complaining?”

“And THEN …” he continues. “After playing your slutty little games, you DARE to start without me. You’ve been a naughty … naughty girl, Pat. Assume the position!”

I kneel on the edge of the bed with my butt in the air and my knees spread open; trembling with anticipation as I hear him move to the bedside table and pull out the paddle we keep there.

I feel his hand caress first one cheek then the other and then a quick touch between my legs, fingering my clit just enough to get a deep moan from me. Then he pulls his hand away and I can feel the cool wood of the paddle touch my buns. He stands there, letting the anticipation build, for several long minutes before he starts to spank my butt. Knowing how I like it, he paddles me with a slow, even strokes that are hard enough to feel but not really sting – at least not any one stroke.

As the heat builds and my cheeks turn pink I begin to moan and move my hips and butt. After a few strokes, he stops and caresses my cheeks again – testing the heat, then slipping his hand between my thighs to tease my clit just long enough to keep me on the edge of another orgasm. Then he begins to spank me again, a little harder, but still taking it slow so I can savor every stroke. And I do …

A shiver runs through my body every time he touches my clit; moving my hips back against his teasing fingers, desperately trying to kurtköy otele gelen escort come before he stops and goes back to using the paddle.

When I’m so turned on I can’t stand it any more, I beg him to stop … to fuck me now …. But he doesn’t give in right away. He has me right where he wants me, a quivering mass ready to pleasure him any way he wants, so he does one more repeat with the paddle – really getting me hot and ready.

Finally, he lays the paddle down beside me on the bed and stands behind me as I wait, shivering with anticipation. I feel his warm hands gently caressing my sensitive buns, then he slides them forward to gently massages my hanging breasts, his fingers squeezing and rolling my nipples, before moving back between my legs to tease my clit a little more. As I feel his fingers slip inside my slick tunnel and begin exploring my most intimate depths, he asks, “What was it you wanted this guy to do to you?”

“I ….”

“No, stop. Stop right there. I don’t want to hear it. I want you to show me … Do for me what you would have done for him.”

I turn and throw my arms around him, kissing him passionately while I move my legs to straddle his; rubbing my hot mound against his leg, relishing the feeling of the rough denim against my aching clit as our tongues dance together. Stepping back, I start unbuttoning his shirt, kissing and licking the hard flesh beneath. When I reach his waist, I slowly undo his pants, making sure to rub his hard cock as I do. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I start unbuttoning his pants and slowly sliding the zipper down – being sure to teasingly rub against his hard cock as I go. I slide his pants to the floor, then begin to kiss and stroke his hard cock through his shorts.

Pulling his shorts down, I start kissing and licking the head of his cock, running my tongue around the rim, then alternating between licking up and down the length and sliding it deep into my sucking mouth; while using my free hand to raise a breast to stroke up and down his balls with a hard nipple.

When his heavy breathing tells me he’s about to come, I stand up for another long breath-stealing kiss. Moving to the bed, I lie back with my head over the side facing him. “First, he wanted me to lie back like this so he could play with my boobs while he fucks my mouth.”

As he moves closer, I start licking his balls as I feel his hands cup my breasts.

“Are you thinking of him now? Wishing you were licking his balls while he enjoys the sight of your slutty little body stretched out in front of him?”

“Mmmm … I don’t know …”

Pulling and twisting on my nipples, “Well, I think I know. I wonder if he would like sloppy seconds.” he muses. “Now suck my cock. And while you’re doing that, I want you to imagine him sitting there, stroking his cock while he watches me fuck your slutty little mouth.”

We had talked about bringing in another guy for a threesome before, but never in the throes of passion like this. This made the fantasy seem all the more real, and I find that Jamie seems to be as turned on as I am by the thought of sharing his slutty girl friend with another man.

As I’m lying there getting more and more turned on at the thought of another guy sitting there watching me suck Jamie’s cock, waiting for his turn with me, I feel a warm hand sliding down over my steaming hot mound; just barely stroking my swollen clit. Gasping for breath at the sudden new sensation, I start to squirm and thrust my hips up, trying for closer contact and he obliges by moving further to slip a couple finger inside me. I shudder with pleasure as his thumb begins rubbing my swollen clit while his fingers continue working their own magic inside me.

“Oh you like that, do you Pat?”

I respond the only way I can: by sucking harder as he continues fucking my mouth.

“Maybe he would like to be down here, exploring your treasures while he watches you sucking my cock. First with his fingers ….” letting his voice trail off as he leans forward to gently kiss my clit. “And then with his tongue.”

Trembling with anticipation, I spread my legs wider to give him easy access as he starts sucking gently on my clit, swirling his tongue around it, then he slides a couple fingers deep inside of me, rubbing my G-spot as he continues licking my swollen clit.

Between his ministrations, and the fantasy in my head, it doesn’t take long before the orgasm overtakes me and I come so hard that I forget all about sucking his cock. I moan with pleasure and climax again and again arching against his face.

As the aftershocks continue, he rolls off of me and holds me tight as I begin to float down. After giving me a few minutes to recover, we kiss passionately as his hands begin roaming all over my body, teasingly stroking and squeezing my quivering flesh.

I look up at him, “Make love to me, Jamie. I need you in there now.”

I spread my legs wide as he moves over me, trembling with anticipation as I feel him positioning his manhood. And just as I think he’s ready to enter me, he starts rubbing my clit with the head of his cock.

“I’m not finished teasing you yet,” he says with an evil grin.

I want him so badly; and I writhe and moan beneath him as he teases my clit with the head of his cock until I begin to come again. When I start to shudder, he moves down and begins furiously pounding his cock into me; prolonging my orgasm as my muscles clamp down on him and I cry out in pleasure.

He keeps pounding me until he is ready to come, then moves up to straddle my chest. Knowing what he wants, I push my breasts together, squeezing his cock between them and he begins fucking my boobs while I lick and suck the head of his cock as it comes into view.

When he tells me he’s ready to come, I let my boobs fall to the sides and pull his cock deep into my sucking mouth. I gently massage his balls with my free hand, coaxing him to come, as he slowly fucks my hot mouth.

It doesn’t take long before the pleasures of my amorous attentions prove too much for him and he feels his balls tighten, he shoves his cock deep into my waiting mouth where it explodes, shooting stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. When I have sucked the last drop from his cock, I lick it clean.

Afterwards, he moves to lie down close beside me so we can snuggle close while we catch our breath. Both of us are completely exhausted and satisfied, and we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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