A Present

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This isn’t going to be a story so much as me just telling you about my day.

I woke up, in what is going to be my room for only a few more weeks. I just graduated from college and soon I will be moving, leaving the wonderful city where I have spent the past four years behind.

As with most days, I woke up naked, but this time there was no one there to appreciate my hairless pussy. Usually I wake up next to my boyfriend, but he’s out of town right now, and so I have nothing to do.

I go get dressed, trying to think of something fun to do. The first thing I do is pull on some pink capri pants. They have a draw string waist, and I really like the color against my skin, even if it isn’t as tan as I like to be. Mostly I like them for the drawstring. I don’t tighten it at all, and the pants sit really low on my hips. Really low. almanbahis şikayet If I didn’t shave, you’d know when I walked in wearing these. And you can guess that I’m not wearing anything under them.

I pulled on a white tank top that matched the stripe down the sides of my pants, and padded out to see what my roommates were up to.

Well, one of them was out of town. The other, Lauren, was just sitting on the coach reading.

Lauren isn’t as concerned with sex as a lot of people are, which can be good and bad, I suppose. It means she doesn’t dress up as much and isn’t too interested in me, but it does mean that she will occasionally just do crazy things like skinny dipping or a three some.

She has long brown hair, while I have blond, and is a bit taller than me, and thicker too. She’s in good shape though, almanbahis canlı casino I think I might just say thicker because of how much nicer her boobs are. They are really fantastic, double d that for some reason she can wear without a bra. Not that she does, it’s just, having seen her without, she didn’t need it.

We both said good morning and I headed into the kitchen. I fiddled with my pants as I walked folding down the front so I could see even more of myself. I slid a hand down while I pulled out stuff to get a bowl of cereal, before sitting on a stool to eat. Cereal wasn’t what I cared about though. I wanted someone to fuck me. Hard and fast. To just use me like I knew they should.

I started thinking about the night before my boyfriend had left. I’d started out wearing just a thin sundress, and had ended almanbahis casino up not even wearing that.

As soon as he’d seen me, one hand had tangled in my hair to pull me toward him, while the other started kneading my ass. He’d started sticking a finger up my ass, and it was dry and stretching me and it hurt so much but he didn’t let me say anything.

I loved that, the way he just took me made me wet in a way none of my other boyfriends ever had. A lot of people probably thought it was fucked up, how he first got me to try anal by pretty much raping me. But it turned me on every time I thought about how sore he left all my holes, hell, left my whole body, after we fucked.

But I was mostly thinking about that last night because we had talked about the possibility of a threesome. He liked hurting me when we fucked, and I liked it too, but I knew he always held back. There was always a level that he could never get too because he loved me. He did such wonderful things for me, I thought, looking at Lauren, that maybe I should do some things for him.


Should I continue?

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