A Peeping Mom Ch. 02

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***Wanted to take just a moment to thank everyone for the support on the first chapter and also explain that throughout the story I’ll be switching POV between the mother and the son, for some fun dynamics. Hope you like this one as much as the first!***


I am not a good mother, over the last few weeks I’ve done things that no mother should ever do to their son. For over ten years it has only been William and me, his father left when he was very young, and I know that must have been hard for him. I blame myself for having him when I was so young with a man who clearly wasn’t going to step up and be a real man.

Now that doesn’t mean I regret having him in the slightest; I love my son, he’s the essential thing in the world to me. However, due to my young age and necessity to support us, he’s the only person in my life. I haven’t been on a date in almost two years, and I can’t lie, the loneliness has been… painful. It hurts all the more whenever I see my friends having these beautiful, loving relationships, hell, my own sister who only turned thirty-five a few months ago is married planning for her third child!

Still, William has always been a loving son, he’s never disappointed me, and I sometimes can even see the empathy he has for my situation, though I don’t believe he knows that it makes me feel worse knowing he may blame himself. It was because of this that I decided to take a week off for his nineteenth birthday. I wanted to have a good time with my baby boy who was becoming more of a man every single day, and that’s when all this craziness started.

Now I don’t feel the need to go into too much detail about that week and a few weeks afterward, but I will explain myself as best I can. William is a growing into his sexuality, I know this, his father was the very same way, and I know my son masturbates, what man doesn’t? I always stayed quiet about that fact with him, no need to make him feel embarrassed or awkward by me talking about him wanking off. The only thing I’d do is empty his trash of used tissues every week and wash his clothes, which were full of cum stained socks and briefs.

During that week off, William left for his room, and I caught him in the act, I’m sure he made a mistake leaving his door ever so slightly cracked open as this never happened before but when I went up to my room and glancing inside, I caught the full sight of my son masturbating. I don’t know why, nor could I ever hope to explain as to how I let myself simply stand there and watch him. I watched my own flesh and blood jerk off and blow a substantial load all over his stomach and hand.

Worse yet I didn’t leave until I was sure he was finished, my body was urging me to watch him blow, see every drop of his young seed spray out all over before I heard the intoxicating sound of his pleased grunting moan. Once he was finished, I ran off, pins and needles spreading throughout my body while a very unwelcome rush of heat emanated through my loins. Needless to say, I was appalled by my actions, and it took me almost an hour before I left my room after that.

Unfortunately for me, in that hour my son must have thought of something to trigger another erection, for when I tried to walk past his room the second time, I caught another eyeful of him stroking his throbbing young cock. Once more I locked in place, silently waiting while he jerked himself until another, healthy load pour from his cock, spilling down the sides of his head until it ran over his still pumping hand. I don’t know why but seeing it the second time was all the better; the oozing load looked amazingly sexy, the numerous trails that left his head immediately made me start panting.

As I said, I’m not a good mother, because if I were, I would have stopped right then and there…but I didn’t. Day after day, eventually, week after week, I spied on my son jerking off. I never even asked myself if he knew about me, even when he left his door open more, used my panties, my luffa, even my shampoo as cum rags, I never asked myself a thing! I merely sat back and enjoyed the erotic show he put on for me every day.

Last night, however it all changed, William did something that no son should ever be allowed to do to their mother. It was after a long day of work, and as soon as I came home, a bit later than usual, William was standing at the door as always. He gave me a small hug, and a kiss, something that he started to do religiously since this all started…and I can’t lie, it had become one of the best parts of my day, it left a warm feeling in my stomach and a full heart.

Then he told me he was heading to his room, I knew what this meant, and I still played innocently with it. It was merely a small code we silently worked out so I’d know when he was taking care of himself…so that I could watch him do it. However, unlike all the other times, William called me upstairs after only a few moments. When I arrived his door was wide open, and he was nude from the waist down. The moment my eyes looked down at his twitch cock, his hand was wrapped around it stroking hard, he was masturbating only lotusbet güvenilirmi at my sight.

I know I should have said something, I should have left, told him to stop, done anything that was morally correct in that situation, but I didn’t. I went silent and just watched as I had done so many other times. Then my son came, he was jerking off so close to me that his cum splattered all over me and he seemed to want that, because he didn’t even flinch, in fact, he jerked faster. I let myself get painted by my son, his load being the largest I had ever seen in my life, it was honestly awe-inspiring to see a cock spew seven thick streams and still keep going.

Towards the end, when all I asked was, “Oh baby…does it ever stop?” William stepped even closer, steadying himself with my body while his leaking head pushed against the crotch. Instinctively I let out a moan, but I quickly silenced myself, not able to let that happen, I couldn’t cross the line any further than I already had. Then William was done…and he wiped himself clean as I asked if he was satisfied, as if this was something ordinary and alright when it was obviously anything but.

William leaned in and gave me a small kiss on the cheek, “Night mom, love you.” He weakly mumbled out as he turned around. I watched as my own son wandered back to his bed and collapsed into it, his cock slowly softening while just a small drop of cum sat on his tip. My eyes slowly looked down at my body, my son’s cum dripped down my shirt and pants, leaving white trails all over my clothes. I was a complete mess but knowing that my son sprayed his seed on me made me more turned on than ever.

“I love you too, William, sleep tight, honey,” I warmly replied as he fell asleep within a few seconds, leaving me standing in pure silence as his cum continued to seep into my clothing. I couldn’t believe what I let happen, and worse yet, that I was perfectly satisfied with it, it wasn’t normal.

I fled my son’s room and quickly stripped off my clothes, needing to take them off as each second I wore them I only felt hotter. It was a naughty feeling to let someone jerk off and cum on me and knowing that it was my very own son’s sperm, it made me nearly start dripping. To make this clear, I did not, not even for a second, touch myself that night. I took a very long and cold shower before crawling into bed. The thing that continued to bother me until I finally passed out was the fact that I was only upset with myself for not being upset at what I was doing.

When I woke up this morning I all but ran from the house, I couldn’t face William; I was still to panicked about everything. I felt confident that he’d want to do what he did last night again, and I didn’t know what my answer would be. My mind was telling me, no, but the rest of my body was crying out for a yes. Even on an eight hour work day, I couldn’t find myself making heads or tails of the question, and when I arrived back at my house with no answer, I felt a pit form in my stomach.

I took in a slow breath and sat in my car for a moment, “You can’t allow this to continue, you know that. William is your son, and as his mother, you can not let him see you in any sexual light. You are taking advantage of his horniness because you feel lonely and that is just inexcusable. March inside and tell him what happened can never happen again.” I told myself with a firm, authoritative voice, almost as if someone else was making the decision for me.

I got out of my car and walked up to my front door, I unlocked it, and the second I opened it, I spotted William standing right in front of me with a broad smile on his face. “Mom, happy you’re home!” He all but cheered as he walked over and wrapped his arms around me. I felt myself melt, the hug was pure, and I instantly felt all my stern anger drip away until I was once again obsessing with my son’s affection for me.

Then I felt his hard-on, it was pressing right against my leg, and that cleared my mind enough for me to pull away. William didn’t skip a beat, he leaned over and planted a loving kiss on my cheek which I half heartedly returned before hanging my head, “William, sweetie, we need to talk,”

“Any chance it could wait? I kinda needed to head to my room for a little while,” William simply replied while scratching the back of his head, “Just need to handle something real quick, then I’d be up for it.”

I felt a small curling of my lips, William didn’t seem to think last night was that big of a deal if he was acting like it never happened. Despite wanting to treat this like it was business as usual, I just couldn’t, because watching my son jerk off wasn’t. “No, honey, I’m sorry we need to talk now,” I said a bit firmer while walking over to the loveseat in our den, “Come sit down,” I said while holding out a hand and offering him the couch on the other side of the coffee table so we’d be eye to eye.

William gulped ever so slightly then nodded, heading over to the couch and sitting down before adjusting his stiff cock into a more comfortable position. Part of me felt terrible lotusbet yeni giriş for denying him his relief, but another part knew this had to happen, “What’s wrong mom?”

With a low sigh and gently shook my head, “William, I love you, and nothing you could ever do would make me mad or disappointed with you.” William cocked his head, and his eyes squinted in minor confusion, “But, honey, I am your mother.”

“Yeah?” William nodded, “Of course you are,” He added on with a weak chuckle, trying to make light of the situation as per his usual demeanor,

“No, Will, you know what I’m trying to say,” I said with a small eye, “The things we’ve been doing these last couple weeks…”

“You mean the…you watching me jerk off?” William blankly stated causing me to shiver, hearing him actually say it to me, caused my lower lips to quiver, “It’s not a big deal, right?”

I shook my head, this time to shake off my lustful feelings, “No, William, it is a big deal. I’m your mother, and you’re my son, at no point should I ever be watching you do something like that nor should you ever be using my items or…images, to help yourself off. That’s a line we should never have crossed and one we must pull back to.” I said trying to sound in control and stable, but my voice came off far too weak, mostly because I didn’t even believe what I was telling him. Part of me knew that William would have to be the more mature one in this situation, and I prayed that I raised him well enough actually to do the right thing here.

“What?” He asked with a small whine, “Oh mom, come on; it’s not that big of a deal, honest. No one is getting hurt, and it makes us both feel…good, right? Doesn’t it make you feel good?” He asked, nearly begging for me to agree,

“Baby, regardless of the physical feeling, I am taking advantage of you.” I sadly replied, the fact still very real to me,

“No, you’re not!” William instantly denied, “Mom, I know what’s going on, and I’m okay with this, I swear,”

I let out a small amused laugh, “Honey, this isn’t what you want, you need to find yourself a girl your own age, then you can explore everything with her, not your old mom.” I explained though I couldn’t help the smile on my face, I felt a little touched that William was trying to fight for this and a little proud that he found me worth it,

“First off, you’re thirty-six, you’re not that old.” William sharply told me, before crossing his arms, “And secondly, what if I don’t want to find a girl my age, what if I actually like this situation already? I don’t need to find someone else when you’re around,”

“Will, come on,” I replied with a small toss of my eyes,

“No, I’m serious!” He quickly assured me, “I like this, you come home, and we both get to spend some time together doing something we both like,”

“William!” I suddenly exclaimed, “You are jerking off on your mother, that’s not something we should be doing together, okay?!” William went silent while I took a few heavy breaths, “I don’t mean to yell, but you need to understand that we cannot, and I mean this, cannot keep doing these things.”

“Why?” William softly asked back while leaning forward, his eyes sunken in, “Can’t we just keep doing it? It’s just mindless fun,”

It was quickly becoming clear that my son was in worse denial than I was, he didn’t care that this was borderline incest. I nibbled at the inside of my lip for a moment before shaking my head, “No, William, I can’t allow you to cum on me again, that was too far,”

“Hey, hey, okay, I get it.” William suddenly interjected while holding his hands out, “I went too far, I’m sorry, I won’t do that again but can’t we just go back to doing the stuff before that?”

“Using my underwear and bath items, I don’t see how that’d be any better.” I denied while leaning back on the loveseat,

William almost winced as I said this; clearly, he wasn’t taking an end to our situation without a fight, “Okay, mom, look can we have a compromise?” He begged, “Could you maybe just watch me until I find a girlfriend? Then after that, we can move on from this and put it to bed then? I swear, I won’t touch your stuff, and I won’t do anything on you, I just want you to watch me,”

“W-What? Why do you need me to keep watching you?” I asked as a rush of blood moved to my cheeks, I must have looked like a strawberry, but hearing my son beg me to watch him stroke his cock was very wrong…and incredibly naughty.

“Because I…um, well, I can’t really do it without you anymore.” William sheepishly replied, “I can’t get off if it’s just me there, and if I can’t jerk off I think I’ll go crazy,”

I pursed my lips and thought it over, William seemed to really want this, but that only made me concerned. As my son, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation and we damn sure shouldn’t be trying to compromise to the point of me still looking at his cock. “No, honey, you’ll have to find out another-” I started to reply,

“Mom, please!” He exclaimed, “You’re the one who did this to me, all I’m asking if for your help. lotusbet giriş Isn’t that fair?” He pointed out causing me to feel even worse, “This is my only way to find some sexual relief until I find a girlfriend and you’ve kinda become apart of that because you started peeping on me.” He added on,

“I-” I squeaked back before bringing my hands up and rubbing my face, William had a point. How could I ruin his ability to have fulfilling orgasms without me then just walk away like nothing? “F-Fine, okay? I will watch, only watch, and you are not allowed to use anything of mine, and you are not allowed to cum on me, is that clear?” William quickly nodded with a large smile, “Let me hear you say it,”

“I swear mom, I won’t touch your stuff, and I won’t jerk off on you ever again, promise,” He sweetly replied causing me to smile,

“That’s my good boy,” I nodded back, pleased that he was at the very least being reasonable about this. Yet, just as these words left my mouth, William reached down and lifted himself up a foot off the couch. In a smooth motion, he shoved his shorts and briefs off him until they were bundled up at his ankles. My eyes once more fixated on his throbbing cock, it was near identical to his fathers, as much as I loathed him now, I couldn’t forget the amount of pleasure I was able to feel when his rod was pumping into me.

“It’s cool if I do it here, right?” William asked as he instantly reached down and wrapped a hand around his girth,

Clearly, he wasn’t asking permission; he was merely telling me that this was what was happening. Trying not to seem shaken or off put by this, I leaned back on the couch and brought my leg up, laying it over my other knee, “If that’s what you want, it’s only us in the house, so your room, the living room, it doesn’t really matter.” I calmly replied, showing no hint of surprise or shock that I genuinely felt from my son’s bold move.

“Awesome,” William breathed back as he quickly started pumping his cock, his held nearly purple already. He truly must have been trying to get off for awhile, or maybe he was just edging himself in anticipation of this, either way, I felt a small stream of my juice run out of my pussy and into my panties. If I really had the power to make my son only be able to cum in my vicinity than that was hot, or if he actually wanted to hold in all his cum to give me a big show, then that was even better. “Mhm, fuck yeah, Carrie,” He grunted out after a few moments.

I love this, no matter how much my conscious tried to protest, I couldn’t help but feel little lightning bolts fire off through my body whenever my son said my name while jerking off. It made the whole situation feel different like I wasn’t his mother he was thinking about, I was just some slut he was jerking off for. I let out a murmuring laugh, I like that too, thinking that my son thought I was just some slut, and let’s be honest here, what I was doing was only helping support that thought.

I opened my mouth, just about to play into his dirty talk, but I quickly bit down and physically held my tongue. I nearly forgot that I was only supposed to watch him do this and even then, that was too far so I should keep my damn mouth shut. I quickly cleared my throat and crossed my arms, trying to cover up the fact that my nipples had turned hard and were pressing against the fabric of my shirt. “Almost done, William?” I softly asked as his head fell back against the back of the couch.

William let out a small grumble as he gave a few stopping pumps, his cock swelling up slightly making my mouth start to water. “C-Come on…” He growled out while hardly jerking his cock once more,

“Be easy,” I breathed causing William to slow down, obeying my command. I hadn’t even meant to speak, but it slipped out, and I was glad it did. Now my son was jerking his cock at a steady and calm pace that let me enjoy the sight; his tip was no longer flying, either way, instead it was mostly steady while copious amounts of precum drooled down the bottom of it. I had an overwhelming urge to crawl over and plant a fat wet kiss right on his head, tasting his precum before licking it all up until I got to eat the real treat. But I refused to break, I could think and imagine all I wanted, but as long I didn’t break down and act on it, I was okay.

“Oh yeah, mom, that’s so much better…fuck…thanks,” William moaned as he squeezed his cock a little tighter and gave a long slow jerk, a glob of his shiny lubricant running all the way down to his hand. “Ah, fuck yes, Carrie, ugh, so fucking close…” I licked my lips and put my leg down, leaning forward and intently staring at his cock.

William was about to cum, and I didn’t want to miss that, and apparently neither did he. As I sat forward, William sat back up, looking me dead in the eyes, “Yeah, watch me, fuck mom, just watch…f-fuck, ah shit!” A thick stream of his spunk flew out of his cock like a rocket taking off. I let out a small gasp as it flew towards me but fell a few feet short of hitting me, splattering all over our coffee table. It seemed that was where William accepted his load was going because he quickly thrust his cock forward, aiming towards me but jerking his sperm out onto the table. He let out panting breaths before gritting his teeth, while William’s cock may have just been average his ability to produce cum was far from anything but exceptional.

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