A Night Out Ch. 02

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With the cold night air surrounding us, and the heat of our bodies we have steamed up the windows. You sit up and take a deep breath, your breast rising and falling with the rhythm of your labored breathing as you try to catch your breath. You reach for your purse and light a cigarette and lean back against my chest. You hair stuck to your face and your makeup just about gone.

I feel your fingers trace lines over my leg and watch intently as they do. Neither of us wanting to move, but are content to be close to one another. The lioness has her pride and has chosen her mate. I look down at you as your eyes come up to mine and a warm smile crosses your face. I don’t even know your name, yet I feel as if I have known you my entire life.

My hand lazily runs over your stomach to your breast, hardening your nipple once again under the delicate touch. A touch that has enflamed your soul and flesh. Your lips are so inviting. So full.

We begin to talk for the first time. No names. Just talk. We discover that we are both new to the area and have much to discover. I can not get you out of my mind. You have stirred something deep within my soul. A feeling that is so new and alien to me.

Soon, I ask you if you would like to come over to my place to sit in a hot Jacuzzi tub. The sparkle in your eyes betrays your answer before your lips do.

We dress and step from the car into the cold night air. Your nipples are so hard. I reach up to cup your breast in my hand and rub your nipples as our lips touch. I feel your legs weaken under my touch as our kiss grows. The short drive has taken on a new feel of its own. The feeling in the pit of my stomach and my heart has my mind reeling as never before. We park in the driveway and I walk to your car to help you out. Your hair is still stuck to your face and I can’t help but think how amazingly beautiful you are.

As we walk hand in hand to the door, I feel your arms kurtköy escort reach around me and pull me closer to you. With us safely inside, I turn to face you and your arms are already coming up to meet my neck. Your eyes flash as hunger crosses your face yet again. A slow soft kiss, fans the flames within us. I take your hand and lead you to the master suite. The large king size bed in the center soon to be the center of our passion.

We walk past to the master bath. You sit up on the bathroom counter and light a cigarette as I light some candles around the large sunken tub. I can see you in the mirror that surrounds the tub. The look of passion is one I have never seen before in a woman. So hungry, yet so delicate.

I start the water in the tub and get it to a warm temp for us. I turn to you and look into your eyes. I step closer to you and you turn on the counter so your legs are on both sides of me. I pull your dress up around your waist as I slide down your body. As I kneel before this goddess, I feel her hand on my shoulder. I spread your legs wider and slowly my tongue slides over your swollen lips. A soft moan escapes you as you lean your head back. My tongue probes deeper into your wet pussy as I lick the fruits of our passion from deep within you. Your clit is so hard. It stands before me waiting its turn to be pleasured. Slowly, I slide my tongue up and down your pussy in long strokes. I feel your hand on the back of my head as you pull me closer to you. Your moans become louder and fill the room with a sweet music that only lovers can understand. I reach up and feel your hard nipples through the fabric of your dress. They strain and beg for release from their confines. I stand and help to pull the dress over your head. I softly lick one nipple then the next. I feel you pull my head closer to you like a mother to her newborn child.

I stand and pull you off the counter. kartal escort You turn and put out your cigarette in the ashtray on the counter as I turn off the lights. I walk you to the tub and help you in. I sit on the side and take a sponge and soap it up. The steam rising from the water cast a warm glow in the candle light. Slowly, I have you lean forward as I wash your back. I can feel you relax under my touch. The soap glides over your smooth skin as I guide the sponge to touch your body.

After a while, I stand and look down at you. I walk out of the bathroom and return a few minutes later as you relax in the warm water. The jets pulsing around you, relaxing your body. I step into the tub behind you and hand you a glass of champagne. You lean back against my chest and sip your champagne. Little is said. Their is no need. The comfort of the lioness in the pride is evident.

My arm rest over your shoulder as my hand slowly slides over your stomach to your waiting nipples. I feel them harden under my touch. You lean your head back as a low moan escapes you. I feel your body shift as you settle in closer to me. Your other hand under the water stroking my leg.

My hand wanders down to your shaved pussy. I feel the wetness building there and the heat rising from deep within. Slowly, I slide my finger up and down your lips. Careful to avoid your clit. You spread your legs wider to allow me deeper into you. Your breathing picks up and I feel your heart race under my arm. Slowly, ever so slowly I work closer to your clit. I feel your hips move as your body begs me to touch you there. I avoid it and slide back down between your lips. My finger slides deep inside and I feel your pussy grab my finger and pull me deeper with in. In and out, I slide my finger.

I feel your breathing increase yet again. I feel your body heating up. Your pussy begins to quiver under my touch. I slide my thumb up and kurtköy bayan escort rest it on your clit. I feel your hips buck to beet it and your back arch to get more inside you. Your orgasm is building, as you feel it deep within your stomach. The muscles in your legs begin to shake and tighten. Not yet….

I sit you on the edge of the tub and spread your legs wide. I remove the shower head and turn the water on and get the temp just right. I point it at your pussy and your head leans back as your body begins to shake. Your orgasm is building stronger and stronger. The flash of white lights in your mind signals the beginning of your release. Your moans have turned to screams of passion and fill the room around us. Your toes begin to curl and your legs stiffen and your breathing stops as the rush of the tidal waves sweep over your body. Your grip on the side of the tub has your arms shaking. Your chest heaves as you take a deep breath. Your mind reeling from the explosions within your brain.

I slowly remove the shower head so you can ride your waves of pleasure. Your body trembles and is weak as you race to catch your breath. Your heart pounding in your ears is like a symphony of drums as your passions subside.

I look at you and smile. I kneel between your legs and wrap my arms around you and kiss you softly as your arms wrap around me for support. You slide into the tub to rinse the sweat from your body. I step from the tub and grab you a towel. I watch as you sip your champagne with shaken hands.

Slowly, you reach for my hand and stand. I help you from the tub and wrap you in a towel to help you dry off. I hand you a cigarette and softly kiss your lips with the drag that I have just taken from it. You inhale it deeply as you kiss me back.

I turn and walk out of the bathroom to leave you alone for a few minutes and walk to the large bed in the center of the room. A few minutes later you emerge from the bathroom wrapped in the towel. You sit on the edge of the bed with a look of abandon. Your mind is there but not. You take a drag from your cigarette as I move closer to you. My hand reaches between your thighs for your pussy. It is open to me as your lips have parted like a blooming rose bud.

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