A Night at the Park

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Patrick was driving west. He had no destination in mind, he just needed to get away from the stresses of his life. As he navigated through the beautiful scenery, his thoughts drifted to Caroline.

They had met and shared incredible passion that rocked him to his core. During their visit, they made love on the beach, the pool, her car, in the park, and in her home. The sex was intense and their love, sublime.

Circumstances caused them to part and no matter where he was, or what he was doing, Patrick thought of Caroline.

He drove into the evening and grew weary. Ahead, he saw a sign for a campground and pulled his truck into a spot. Patrick traveled light and saw the campground was nearly deserted. He pitched his tint

He lit a fire and opened a bottle of gin and made his favorite drink; a Tom Collins. He was savoring his cocktail when he noticed two women riding horseback towards their camp. Patrick watched the ladies and noted their grace and ease upon their mounts.

As they passed by Patrick waved and then did a double take. He could of sworn one of the riders was his Caroline. Then escort kurtköy bayan he laughed to himself. It was madness to think they would cross paths here.

Then, she spoke and Patrick’s heart nearly exploded. It was Caroline! The impossible occurred.

Patrick called out to her and Caroline nearly froze. She looked down at him and all she could do was smile.

Caroline explained she was helping a friend transport horses out west for sale. They had been on the road for a week and were having a blast.

Patrick invited them to share drinks by the fire and they came, as soon as they cared for their horses.

They shared drinks, laughs, stories and smiles. Caroline’s friend said she needed to rest and excused herself. Minutes after she departed Patrick and Caroline embraced as if they had never separated. The kissed with ardor and hugged tightly.

Lust quickly overcame them and they were ravenous with need. Patrick undressed her quickly and with every bit of skin he exposed, his mouth blazed a trail upon the naked flesh.

He couldn’t wait escort kurtköy bayanlar to suck on her nipples and tongue her sweet pussy. Caroline gasped as he drew her breasts in his mouth, first one, then the other. She urged him closer by pulling his head into her chest.

He wanted to refresh his taste buds with the savory sweetness of her hot pussy. So, as he sucked and tugged on her nipples, he probed her core with one, then two, fingers. The sweet essence was sucked off his fingers by them both.

Patrick could wait no longer for that steaming wetness. He licked his way across her inner thighs and then her outer lips. Caroline’s clit was on fire; already rigid with need.

Patrick waited no longer.

He sucked on that sweet bud until Caroline was shaking. As he tugged it in his mouth, he probed her hot slit Caroline’s orgasm shook her very being. Her pussy quivered and her legs twitched as Patrick continued to lick and suck and probe.

Caroline experienced another orgasm like the waves crashing on the beach. As soon as she came, she was gebze escort rocked again by another climax. Patrick licked and sucked and devoured every bit of her pussy.

After the last orgasm washed over her, Caroline began to lick her way down Patrick’s torso. He remembered how skilled she was at sucking his hard cock. Caroline traced her tongue around the head of his member. She drew him into her lips and used mouth to apply suction.

She licked and sucked Patrick until he was on the verge of exploding, but he didn’t want to cum in her mouth,

He pulled her mouth away and laid back on the blanket. She knew what he wanted. Caroline mounted Patrick’s hard cock and rode him slowly. She leaned back so they could watch his thick pole slide in and stretch open her pussy lips.

She set a rapid pace.

Caroline rocked astride him like she was riding a stallion. She fucked his cock precisely how she needed. The angle of his rod hit her clit so nicely that Caroline knew she would soon explode.

This time they both reached their climax together. His cock erupted a flood of hot seed into her waiting cunt. Caroline squeezed out every drop as she reached the pinnacle with her lover.

She collapsed atop him.

The fire slowly burned down and as they drifted off to sleep. She draped him like a blanket. He whispered in her ear, words only meant for them. They were in each others arms, and it felt like home.

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