A Night , A Day In

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“Amanda Lynn Smith, get your ass over here right now! And give me a hug,” Tim yelled as he stepped into the doorway, causing Amanda to jump in shock. Amanda turned and glared at her brother Tim, then smiled and hurried over to him and hug him tightly; resting her head against his broad chest. Tim folded his arms around his twin sister, smiling to himself as he held her small body close.

Looking up at Tim, Amanda slapped his chest and smiled. “Don’t you ever do that again to me young man. You know I don’t like you using my full name.” Nodding softly to his older sister, by a mere twenty minutes, Tim smiled and let go of Amanda, sitting down on the bed of her dorm room.

“So dear sister, what do you have planned for tonight?” Tim said as he opened the mini fridge next to the bed and pulled a bottle of water out of it.

Amanda hopped up onto the low desk built into the wall across from her bed, looking her brother up and down lightly. Standing 6’2, a firm solid 195 lbs., and the darkest blue eyes ever imaginable, Tim had changed a lot in the three years they had been at school. Granted it had helped that he had cut 20 lbs. since he had started, but then again starting for the wrestling team at their college would do that for you. His broad upper chest and shoulders strained the dark blue silk shirt he was wearing. Amanda smiled to herself lightly, just wondering what lucky girl had her eye on him. Tim was a great guy; one that any girl would be lucky to have. But then again she should know, she had been watching over him since they were 8. Amanda had made sure to make Tim always be a gentleman when it came to dealing with girls.

Tim had changed a lot in the last three years indeed. He had cut his usually shaggy hair very short, keeping it very close-cropped to his head. Along with cutting his hair, Tim had decided to switch over to contacts instead of the glasses he had been wearing for the majority of his life. Tim enjoyed the increased interest that he got from all of the girls at his school. But really though, he wasn’t interested in many of them. He had dated a couple of girls, was currently involved with another one, but he wasn’t too sure how serious it would really get. Tim shrugged his shoulders as he pushed the thought from his head and took a long drink from the water bottle as he waited for Amanda to answer him.

Amanda smiled lightly as she watched her brother push some troublesome thought out of his head, she knew this boy inside and out. Everything that he did she knew his tendencies, habits, and personal quirks. They had been best friends since they were born and had only grown closer as they had gotten older. Both had been lucky that they were able to go to school together, both knowing that they would have been lost without each other. Amanda hopped off of the desk and walked over to her brother, slipping into his lap, pressing her small little body against his. While Tim had spent the last three years working out and dropping large men on their heads, Amanda had spent it staying in shape and tumbling around on mats in the gymnastic room. Amanda had kept her 5’3 body at just above 100 lbs. so she could keep herself in shape for the competitive cheer season and to cheer during the football season. “Well brother of mine, I think that tonight I am going to go with Hillary and head to that frat party that the Delta Sigma Theta’s are throwing. Maybe find a hot frat boy and rock his world,” Amanda said in a hushed voice, barely audible beyond the two of them as she slipped her arms around her brother’s waist, comforted by his scent and the feel of his imposing body next to her.

Tim laughed softly at hearing Amanda’s plans, knowing that she was being sarcastic. Hell, Tim was a Delta Sigma Theta, and knew that Amanda never would go out with any of his frat brothers. They all knew that she was off limits anyway on punishment of a severe beating. Placing his arms around Amanda, Tim laughed and held her close, knowing that she probably needed to be close to him. The only times that she ever did this was when she was troubled with something, or feeling lonely. Amanda sat up in Tim’s arms and kissed his cheek gently, smiling into the mirror of her eyes, looking into the depths of his. Their eyes were the only thing that people could identify between them that they were twins, beyond that, they were polar opposites. Tim’s fair hair and skin clashed sharply with Amanda’s darker features. Many had taken them for a couple when they first had come out to school here. The amount of time that they spent lordbahis güvenilirmi together, how close they were, and how they knew each other so well. Both had laughed about it when it happened the first few times, especially after Tim had gotten them shirts saying, “Yes, we are related”.

“Actually bro, I as thinking of just staying in and watching a movie. Care to join me?” Amanda said with a child like glimmer in her eye. Amanda just loved spending time with her brother like this. The thought of never being able to enjoy moments with her brother like this crossed her mind. Slipping off of Tim’s lap slowly, Amanda walked over to her closet and opened it. Placing her hands on her narrow hips, Amanda frowned as she looked for her favorite sweatshirt. Smiling to herself, she yanked the sweatshirt off of the hanger and tossed it on her roommate’s bed. Amanda unzipped the tight light blue jeans she was wearing and pushed them down and off of her hips and ass. Amanda turned and looked at Tim, seeing him digging through the collection of movies that they keep in her room.

Tim finally selected a movie that they both would like and put the dvd in Amanda’s player. Backing up a bit, Tim turned and saw his sister standing before him in just the tight halter top and her dark blue g string she was wearing. Shaking his head lightly, Tim thought to himself how beautiful Amanda looked all the time. Tim watched as Amanda turned her back to him, stepping a bit closer as well. Tim reached and unzipped the back of her top to allow her to slip out of it. Amanda pulled the halter top off and reached for the sweatshirt lying on her roommate’s bed. Pulling it on easily, smiling as the too big for her sweatshirt engulfed her body. Smiling she turned around and slipped into her bed, patting next to it for Tim to lay with her.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Tim crawled into bed next to his sister, smiling as she turned lightly and kissed him, snuggling back against him as the movie started. “Thanks bro. I don’t really know why I don’t feel like going out tonight. All dressed and was ready to go, then I just decided not to,” Amanda said with a soft sigh, her eyes closed as she felt Tim this close to her once more. Tim nodded as he held Amanda in his arms, resting his head next to hers, not really caring about the movie, just loving the feel of his sister this close to him.

Amanda opened her eyes and rolled over lightly, lying face to face with Tim. Amanda ran a hand across his cheek softly, and kissed his lips gently, lightly brushing her lips against his. Whispering softly, barely loud enough to be heard, Amanda said, “I love you my dear brother, thank you for everything.” Tim kissed Amanda back as he held her, his hands lightly caressing her back. Amanda’s eyes closed and smiled as she felt his hands on her back, their bodies close as possible. “Tim, I…I really want you,” Amanda whispered as she pressed her body close to his. Her hips pressed against his. The feel of his large body to hers, Amanda tugged the sweatshirt off, pressing her tight small body against his.

Tim looked into his sister’s eyes, running a hand across her cheek gently, his fingers sliding up into her hair lightly. At almost a whisper, Tim spoke, “What angel? What did you just say?” Tim felt Amanda’s chest against his, her nipples hard with her blatant arousal. Her hands were linked at his lower back, almost willing herself to be around him, but the jeans he wore separated them.

Amanda softly spoke, barely audible to Tim’s ears, “I want you Tim. I want you as a woman wants a man.” Amanda pressed her bare body against his, rolling Tim onto his back, climbing up onto his hips. Her bare body visible for him to see fully. Tim gazed up at his sister, feeling a desire flowing through him for her. Wanting her as a man desires a woman. His hand moved up to her cheek, caressing it lightly, softly. Amanda nuzzled against it lightly, smiling to herself at her new lover’s touch.

“Angel, I will give you anything, you know that. Whatever you desire, I shall give to you,” Tim said softly, not wanting to ruin this moment that they shared. Amanda smiled softly and leaned down to kiss Tim, pressing her lips against his gently.

Suddenly Amanda bolted off of Tim’s waist as she heard the lock clicking, meaning that her roommate was finally home. Scurrying for her forgotten sweatshirt, Amanda pulled it on and sat on the edge of her bed. Tim realized just what was going on when the door opened up and Hillary walked in.

At first lordbahis yeni giriş glance, Hillary might have suspected something had happened, the flushed look on Amanda’s face, their half dressed appearance, but Hillary had known Amanda and Tim long enough to know that those thoughts would never had crossed each others minds. Tim sat up in the bed, leaning closer to Amanda’s ear, whispering lightly in it before he left, Tim gave Hillary a hug on his way out, stepping out into the hallway and walking towards his own dorm room.

Reflecting on what had just happened, Tim slept bad, waking tired in the morning. Yet knowing that his beautiful sister would be coming down to his room later kept him going until then. Around noon, Tim went and showered up, pulling on a dark blue long sleeve tee shirt and jeans. Pacing his room impatiently, Tim reached for a bottle of water that had been on his desk for the last couple of days. Taking a small sip of the water, Tim sighed softly in impatience. Shaking his head, Tim laughed and went and sat down on his bed.

A soft knock drew Tim from his thoughts as he walked to the door of his room. Opening the door, Tim smiled at seeing his sister stand in front of him. Amanda’s eyes captured Tim’s as he took her hand and brought her into his room, locking the door behind her. A faint blush went across Amanda’s face, a bit of shyness that for the first time ever washed over her as Tim’s dark eyes looked over her body fully.

With the excitement of their plans for today, Amanda had decided to dress herself to the best of her abilities, in the hope of impressing Tim. Her desires for him not have abated during the night. After many hours of looking in her closet, she had finally decided on a white dress that Tim had bought for her at Christmas a couple of years ago. They had gone out shopping together for their parent’s gift and it had been purchased for her that very day when she saw it. Running under the dress were a pair of white thigh high stockings, finished off with a pair of white shoes. A perfect outfit she felt to impress this man.

Tim’s smile broadened as he took in just how Amanda was dressed. Placing his arms around her, holding her lightly, Tim leaned down to kiss Amanda, letting his lips press softly against hers. A quiet moan escaped from Amanda at the gentle pressure applied to her mouth. Smiling softly, Amanda moved her arms around Tim’s neck, holding onto him gently, the feel of his body pressing lightly against hers once more.

“Angel, I was afraid that you weren’t going to come down here,” Tim said gently, looking into his sister’s eyes once more; their breathing light in excitement after the kiss just shared. Amanda shook her head lightly, trying to push the idea from her dear brother’s head. A hand slid across Tim’s face, stroking it lightly, the touch of a lover against his skin.

“Tim, of course I would come, I can’t explain why I have these feelings for you, but I do. I want to explore them with you, to feel the joy of being with you. I love you so much,” Amanda said lightly, shaking her head gently, causing her dark hair to brush against her back.

Amanda slowly pulled herself away from Tim, moving over to the single bed lying against the wall. It still amazed her that Tim had been lucky enough to land one of the few single rooms in the entire dorm. Usually they were reserved for the RA of the floor, but things had changed from last year to this year and the RA had moved rooms and Tim had jumped at the opportunity to get the single. Sitting down on the bed, Amanda motioned with one finger for Tim to move closer. A devious smile playing over her lips, Amanda grabbed for Tim’s waistband as he grew closer, pulling him as close as possible.

Tim looked down, unsure what was going on, then smiled as Amanda unzipped his jeans, pushing them down slowly, her hands caressing his thighs and hips. Lightly running her lips over his crotch, Amanda traced the outline of his already hard cock through the material of the boxer briefs he wore, her tongue stroking it lightly, smiling up in excitement. Tim moaned softly at the feel of her lips and tongue, his hand sliding through her dark brown hair gently, twisting it lightly amongst his fingers. Their eyes met as Amanda slowly pulled the cotton down, smiling as his hardness was revealed to her.

Moving one hand up his thigh, across the line of his hip bone, Amanda slid her small palm around his shaft, stroking it lightly, enjoying the sound of Tim moaning at her light ministrations lordbahis giriş to his dick. Her hand moving the entire length, making Tim moan louder. Swiftly moving her mouth around Tim’s dick, Amanda lunged forward, capturing the entire length in her mouth, sucking hard and expertly. Tim brought his eyes down to Amanda’s face, watching her bury the full length of him in her mouth, her throat.

Amanda hummed lightly as she worked the entire length of his cock in her mouth, smiling as she drew back. Amanda licked around the head of his cock making him moan as she pushed forward once more. Amanda slid her hands up along Tim’s thighs, caressing them slowly as Tim’s hips pressed forward slowly, grinding lightly into Amanda’s face gently.

Sliding his hands through her hair slowly, Tim smiled and moaned once more. “Mmm sis, I’m going to cum soon. Either finish me off now or lets do something else,” Tim said as he looked into his sister’s face.

Amanda smiled as she licked Tim’s cock one last time, standing up quickly and turned around, looking over her shoulder with a smile, “Help me undress lover, please.” Amanda let her gaze run over Tim’s body as he moved closer to her, untying the string at the back of her neck, letting the front fall away easily. Amanda slowly pushed the rest of the dress down over her narrow hips and ass.

Turning once more, Amanda looked up at her brother. Placing her hand in his, Amanda moved backwards to the single bed in the room, laying down in it lightly, tugging Tim down on top of her. Looking into the eyes of her lover, Amanda smiled and kissed him deeply, bringing her arms around his neck. Tim moved his arms under Amanda, kissing her back, letting his tongue part her lips as they kissed. His hips pressed against her tightly, lightly moving against hers as their bare bodies moved seductively together. Amanda instinctively moved her legs up around Tim’s hips, pulling down a bit harder, almost urging him to be in her.

Tim broke the kiss slowly, looking down into Amanda’s eyes, looking back into the mirrors of his, exploring the depths of her soul, seeking out any kind of hint of trepidation in her. Amanda raised up lightly and brushed her lips against Tim’s, kissing him slowly to tell him to go on. With a slight moan, Amanda pressed up harder with her hips feeling Tim pressed against her more.

Without much effort, Tim pressed down into his sister, feeling his cock slide in fully. The tightness of her pussy wrapped around him caused Tim to moan deeply. Amanda’s hips humped up as Tim began to slowly work in and out, rubbing slowly into him. Smiling lightly as their slow dance began; Amanda brought her hands across his face slowly, touching her brother’s soft skin. Moaning softly at the feel of Tim pressing harder, Amanda tightened her legs around his hips forcing him into her deeper.

Rolling her hips into his, Amanda moaned softly, a soft sound that rose quickly from her stomach and escaped her lips quickly. The feel of her brother pressed deeply into her drove Amanda crazy; the hard, rough feel of his thick cock sliding into her fully, opening her up with each thrust. Her hips bouncing off of the bed to meet his, the dance only truly known by lovers, the feel of being one together.

The weight of Tim’s body pressing into hers pushed Amanda further towards her peak. Each thrust caused her breath to catch in her chest, her lungs burned as he pressed tightly into her. The feel of Tim’s mouth working down her chest, licking and teasing her soft skin as he fucked her was too much for Amanda. Her screams muffled by Tim’s broad shoulder rent through her body as she exploded, gripping Tim tightly.

“Oh God, Tim…oh my God,” Amanda repeated over and over as he kept thrusting into her, waves of pleasure washing over her fast. Each peak seemed to lead into a second, then a third. Tim’s cock slammed into Amanda one last time, his voice turning hoarse as he whispered into her ear, “Oh god Amanda, I’m cumming now, I’m going to fill my beautiful sister.” With one last thrust, Tim buried himself deep in Amanda, feeling his cock spasm as he began to cum. Every second pushed Amanda to her filling point, making her moan louder, her hips rolling up into Tim’s.

Breathing softly, Amanda looked up into Tim’s eyes, her arms around his shoulders and holding him close. Tim’s lips pressed against hers, kissing her softly. Smiling lightly into his twin’s eyes, Tim slowly shifted onto the bed, holding Amanda close still, whispering softly to her, “God angel that was amazing. I love you so much.”

Feeling his lips against hers, the rough yet soft touch on her lips making her smile. Her body tingling lightly from pleasure. “Mmm yes it was love, and I love you too. I just wish that we had thought about this before though,” Amanda whispered with a hoarse voice.

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