A New Job Pt. 02

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It’s been three days since I started as Jim and Frank’s houseboy. They compliment my work as I move throughout the house dusting and cleaning. Their compliments usually consist of smacking an open ass cheek and saying, “very nice boy.”

Almost every night has been some sort of sex with one or both of them, always ending up as me eating a load or two. I’m then pushed off to bed in the basement.

My morning routine is pretty consistent. The alarm was preset for 5:30 am. I am to get up, use the bathroom, and go to the kitchen. I’m expected to make the coffee, and figure out what’s available for breakfast.

I’ve had some homework on studying cookbooks. They each went through the two or three they own and marked recipes they like, I’m expected to know how to make all of them.

On days I have to work, I’m expected to make breakfast and wake them up, with a mouth for both of them. Then we eat, Frank usually will remove my collar, and replace it with a chain and the same lock, I dress and go to work for the day.

When I get home, I’m expected to get undressed, and replace my jock strap with a clean one. I have three of them and I clean two of them at a time. Once I’m in my uniform, I carry my clothes, and walk to my room and take care of my stuff and laundry. I only work four days still, and that’s about as often as laundry needs to be done.

After I finish laundry, I’m allowed to come upstairs, and present myself to whomever I find first. It’s usually Frank because he works at his desk in the living room, he’ll remove the chain and replace it with the collar. He’ll smack my ass and send me along to keep working and start dinner.

I just finished working on Tuesday, and I had Wednesday’s off, I’m in the kitchen looking through the food supplies and realize we’re running low, so I go to the living room, present myself to Frank.

“Yes boy, what do you need?” He says without even looking up.

“Sir, we are running low on groceries in the kitchen and I am not sure if it’s expected of me to go to the store.”

“Well, that’s a good question.” Frank says.

Jim walks into the room, “what did he say about food?” He asks as he plants a kiss on my cheek.

Jim is always a little more affectionate than Frank.

Frank turns and speaks to Jim, “We need groceries. What do you say you go into town and grab a cart full. Take the boy with you.”

“Sure baby,” he says, “let me get changed. Boy, go put on some real clothes and I’ll change you out your collar.”

I won’t bore you with details of the grocery store, except for the part where Jim rested his hand on my leg for the entire drive.

Dinner is done, I’m cleaning up, and the guys are on the couch, digesting what they called a great meal. I’m only allowed to sit down and eat when they’ve both been served and have everything they need.

Once I finish cleaning, I go and sit on the floor by the couch, and wait.

Jim finally breaks the silence, “I think I’m gonna head to bed, I’m exhausted. Goodnight you two, don’t have too much fun.” He leans over and kisses Frank, pats my head, and heads off to the bedroom.

Frank looks down at me. “Let’s have some fun boy. Get over here and present yourself.”

I stand up, present myself, and Frank removes the pouch from my junk, my cock and balls spill out. He picks up my balls in one hand, massages them gently, causing my cock to grow.

“You know what I just realized boy? I don’t think we’ve gotten you off yet? Is that right?”

“Yes Sir.” I reply, looking straight ahead.

“Hm, a young man not touching his cock for three hours is impressive, let alone three days. If you perform well for me tonight, I’ll let you have an orgasm. Get down on your knees boy.”

I drop to my knees, scoot forward so I’m front of him, he leans down, and kisses me, deeply. He commands my mouth, pushing his tongue between my lips, exploring my mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” he pulls his mouth back, “such a hot mouth boy. Jim and I agreed it was okay with both of us to kiss you. We like your work and how you service both our needs equally. Now, take my cock and balls out of my pants.”

I undo the zipper, pull open his briefs, and fish out his junk. His balls flop between his legs, his cock resting on it, semi soft.

“Don’t stare at it boy, get your hot mouth on it.”

I take his cock by the base, hold it, and slip the head into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the head as he quickly grows. He growls, places his hand on my head, and uses his other hand to move my hand away from his cock.

His cock mostly hard and he pushes my head down onto him, swallowing him almost whole.

“Yeah, sexy boy,” he growls, “suck my fucking cock. Yeah, get me nice and hard.”

I bob up and down on his cock, his hand controlling my speed, my hands resting on the sides of the couch.

“Yeah, boy, keep sucking, yeah, I’m loving this.” He says.

After some time, artemisbet yeni giriş he picks up my head, “fuck boy, that mouth is talented, but I want to show you something. Let’s go downstairs.”

He stands up, and I follow. We go to the basement, he goes over to my bed, and sits on it, with his back against the wall, and his legs straight out.

I kneel by the side of my bed, and he holds his phone up to me, I see the document with my STI test results, all negative. So I’m clean.

“See that boy? You know what that means?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell me boy, what does it mean?”

“It means, Sir, that I’m clean, and you can cum inside my ass without a condom Sir.”

“You’re damn right,” he says, “get up here and straddle me.”

I climb up on the bed, straddle his legs, he pulls my cheeks apart, “kiss me boy.”

I lean down, plant my mouth on his, he positions his cock to line up with my hole, he pushes my shoulders down, and I impale his hard cock, grunting into his mouth as he pops through my ring.

I slowly lower myself down until I bottom out. He lets my mouth go, “fuck boy, that warm boy hole wraps so well around my cock. You ready for me boy?”

“Oh my god, yes Sir, please, cum in my hole, this feels so good.”

“Damn boy,” he grins, “eager much? That’s the most descriptive thing you’ve said during sex with us.”

“I wasn’t sure,” I moan onto his cock as he thrusts his hips up, “how much noise you wanted from me Sir.”

“You can be as verbal as you want to boy, especially when one of us is deep in this ass.” He growls as he thrusts his cock deeper and deeper into me.

“Thank you Sir. Fuck, this feels so good Sir.”

He picks me up, and lays me on my back, pushing my legs over my body, he thrusts his cock back into me, pushing harder and harder against me, right against that prostate inside me. My cock is so hard between our stomachs.

“Fuck yeah, boy,” he growls in my ear, thrusting with his hips, filling me up, “I’m going to fucking cum inside you boy, you ready?”

“Yes Sir, please, breed my fucking hole.” I moan.

He thrusts quickly for about another minute, “fuck, I’m cumming! Take it boy!”

He puts his hand on my throat, pushing down as his hips jolt forward, I feel his warm cum inside me now. It’s shooting from his cock hard enough that I can feel it hit inside me.

He finishes his moaning, releases my throat, but continues laying on me with his sweaty body.

Okay boy,” he says as his breathing slows down, “your turn.”

He gets off me, let’s my legs fall down on the bed, and grabs my cock. He strokes it slowly, spitting on it for lube, and I’m already so close. It’s been three days since that load in the shower, he grabs my balls and keeps stroking.

“Oh I’m close Sir, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s right boy, fucking give me that load boy, come on, fucking shoot it boy.”

I buck my hips, I start shooting cum all over my body, it’s thick, creamy, and hits my stomach and chest. My chest rising and falling quickly.

My orgasm lasts for so long and I just keep shooting.

“Fuck boy, that was huge.” Frank says.

He leans down, and slurps some of the cum off my body, he leans over me, plants his mouth on mine, pushing it open with his tongue and letting the cum drop from his tongue onto mine.

He uses his tongue to deposit all my cum into my mouth, and that could not have been any hotter.

On the last drop, he keeps his mouth on mine, swirling our tongues together. He finally pulls from my mouth, gently slaps my face, “I love how a boy’s cum tastes. There’s something different about it when he’s relinquished all control. Fuck boy, that was hot! I’m going to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Sir. Good night.”

“Good night boy.” He says as he heads up the stairs.

The next morning, my alarm goes off, I get up, smile to myself as I remember the night before, but I also frown because I leaked cum from my ass all over my sheets. I pull them off the bed, and throw it all in the washer. I walk up the stairs, find the bathroom and use it, I then walk into the living room, find my pouch on the couch, and place it over my junk.

I walk into the kitchen, and Jim is standing there sipping coffee, which startles me.

“Good morning cum slut? How do you feel?” He smiles at me.

I walk over to him, he sets his coffee down, wraps his arms around me, whispers in my ear, “I can’t wait until I get to drop a load in that ass later. Today, you’re all mine boy.”

Frank enters the room, which again makes me jump. He approaches Jim, plants a kiss on his mouth, and smacks my ass, “what’s for breakfast?”

“Oh,” I jump, “I hadn’t looked yet. I’m still thrown off since you’re both awake. Let me find something to make.”

“Yeah,” Frank says, “I have to go to work today, they need me for some meetings or some shit. I don’t know. artemisbet giriş When I started with this company, I was assured I could work from home, but every once in a while, they need me to show my pretty mug in their building. But in any case, Jim gets to have his fun with you today. I told him about last night and he wants a piece of that ass too.”

I fix breakfast, we eat, and Frank dresses in normal professional clothing and heads out. Before he leaves, he finds Jim on the couch, and me on the floor. He puts one hand on the back of my neck, and kisses Jim.

“Don’t have too much fun with him baby. Don’t want to scare him away after next week.”

“I’m not sure that’s possible Sir,” I speak up.

He chuckles, “well, when I return later, we’ll see how you feel then.”

Frank leaves, and Jim pulls my collar up towards him, he kisses me too, deeply. Man, I got so lucky with these two, he grabs my ass with his free hand.

“I’m going to tie this boy body up, fuck it hard, breed you too, then leave you be for an hour or so tied up. I hope you’re ready. I’m a bit of a bondage top, so let’s get moving.”

He stands up, pushing me down to the floor. He grabs the rope from the side table, wraps it around my chest, tying my arms to my side. He pulls my wrists up behind me, and ties them tightly.

He picks me up by the rope off the floor, pulling me into his embrace, my ass on his crotch. He grinds his hips into mine, running his hands up and down my body.

“I need to get out of these clothes, come with me.”

He pulls me along to the bedroom, he pushes me on the edge of the bed, facing the closet.

He changes into his chaps, his harness and boots. He slips on his gloves, and walks back towards me.

His cock is mostly hard, and when he reaches me, he pulls my head down towards him, my mouth finding his cock, slurping it into my mouth.

“That’s right boy, take my cock, get me nice and hard.”

I suck his cock into my mouth, filling me as he gets hard. He thrusts his hips forward while holding my head, gently fucking my mouth.

Once he is satisfied, he pulls his cock from me, and picks me up off the bed. He leads me down to the basement, there’s a door before my open space bedroom, and I’ve never had a reason to go in it, but he pushes the door open, and inside is a play room.

There’s a chair in the middle of the room, he pushes me to the floor in front of it, and grabs a few things off the wall.

He removes my collar, sitting down in the chair. He slides a leather hood over my head, it’s suddenly black as there are no eye holes, but my mouth is fully exposed.

He ties the strings in the back of the hood until it’s nice and tight against my head. He puts the collar back on over the bottom of the hood, grabs more rope, ties my arms around more, wrapping the rope around my shoulders, through my collar rings.

“Clean my boots boy, find them.”

I lean down, try to find his boots and all I’m getting is concrete. I finally feel something hard and leather and begin licking. I clean his boots, moving my tongue around, going up the ankle, around the back.

I feel a slap on my ass from something small, I jump, “oof.” Escapes my mouth.

“Move to the other boot, boy.” Jim says.

I start searching for it, another smack, “find it boy.”

I do find what I hope is the other boot and start licking it. I feel a smack every so often, it’s not hard, doesn’t hurt, just a “love tap” as people call it.

He finally smacks my ass again, “find my cock boy.”

I sit up, scoot forward, and find his lap, I search around with my mouth until his hard cock smacks my nose.

I manage to put my mouth around the head and he pushes me all the way down, “fuck boy. Take that hard cock.”

He holds me there, gagging me a little. Then he finally lets me up, and pushes me back down. He holds me down on his cock, thrusting upwards into my throat, I focus breathing through my nose.

He pushes my head up a little, and I hear him adjusting in the seat, “find my hairy hole boy, rim my fucking ass.”

I lean forward, find a bottom full of hair and stick out my tongue, he pushes my head down a little and I find his puckered hole. I’ve never rimmed before, so I’m not sure what to do.

“Come on boy, lick my fucking hole.”

I slide my tongue up and down, I feel him push his hole open a little. I push my tongue against it, slipping the tip inside.

He’s moaning, his balls resting on my forehead area as I continue exploring with my tongue.

He gets up, and I hear some rummaging around. He eventually grabs the ropes on my back and pulls me over. He lies me on my back, and grabs my legs, bends them, and ties my calves to my thighs.

He tightens all the ropes, slides a few more under my body, then leaves me. I soon hear a clicking noise, and I’m slowly lifted off the floor.

The clicking artemisbet güvenilirmi stops, and I can feel myself slowly spinning. He grabs my head, and puts his mouth on mine, pushing his tongue inside.

I moan into him as he reaches down, pulls off my pouch, and strokes my dripping hard cock.

He leaves my mouth, and I feel him against my bottom, which based on how I think I’m tied, is fully exposed.

He grabs my balls and I feel him tie rope around them, pulling them upwards and they stay there.

He walks back around me, his boots hitting the ground for every step. I feel a ball pushed into my mouth, and a strap tightened around my head.

“God Damn boy, hoisted up like a little fuck toy should be. I think I’ll leave you like this until Frank gets home. He loves my rope work, let me snap a few pictures.”

I hear the camera phone, and eventually I feel something push against my hole. I’m assuming it’s his hard cock, and he pushes it through. I groan at the entrance. That first push is never easy.

He slides all the way in me, pushing deep into my hole. He’s wider than Frank, so my hole is straining against him. I grunt through my gag as I feel drool fall down my chin.

He reaches up, strokes my cock, it’s slippery with precum, and I’m getting super close. But he stops.

I then hear a clicking noise, and suddenly the cock in my ass shoots back and forth quickly. It’s too quick to be Jim’s actual cock.

I suddenly hear his voice, “you feel that boy? That’s my fuck machine pounding your hole. I’m going to let it loosen you up before I pound it with a real cock. By the way, frank responded to my pictures, he’ll be home in a couple hours and asked me to leave you hoisted so he can fuck you when he gets back. I think our arrangement is working out nicely, don’t you boy?”

I grunt, groan, nod my head yes, and enjoy the pushing on my ass the machine is making.

It soon picks up speed and drives back and forth into my hole, until it’s pulled out, and I’m left feeling empty.

It doesn’t feel that way for long and something else gets jammed into my loosened hole, “yeah, take my fucking cock boy.”

Jim holds my hips, slowly thrusting his cock in and out of me, saying dirty things and occasionally stroking my cock.

I eventually hear a door open, and heavy footsteps. I assume it’s Frank, which is confirmed when I hear his voice, “Damn baby. You got him nice and tied, beautiful rope work as always.”

“Thank you baby. I’ve been fucking this ass for an hour, slowly, waiting for you to come home. But I think I’ll dump my load in him now so you can fuck him too.”

“That sounds good,” Frank says as Jim picks up his speed, ramming his cock into my hole. I hear his grunting, and feel his cock tremble, swelling inside me. Hands find my nipples, squeezing them.

Jim soon grunts and unloads his warm cum into me, filling me. A hand on my cock strokes me as he deposits his cum, but stops before I can cum.

Jim lets his soft cock fall from me, but what I assume is Frank now enters me.

“Damn, your cum makes great lube. This won’t take long. Once I’m done, let’s take him upstairs and put him in the sleep sack and we can lie down.” Frank says as he shoves himself as deep inside me as he can get.

He grabs my hips, thrusting hard, and fast. He doesn’t want to take his time, he just wants to fuck and cum.

It doesn’t take him long before he’s shooting his load inside me too. I’ve got so much drool and spit coming off my chin and down my neck, I’m sure there’s a puddle.

Once Frank finishes his grunting, something is shoved inside my hole, feels like a butt plug, Frank laughs as I grunt, “don’t want you leaking in my leather sack, boy.”

I’m let down onto the floor, the ropes around my legs all loosened and removed, most of the ropes around my torso are also removed.

I stretch my limbs out, moving slowly around hoping one of them will finish me.

Suddenly, something smacks my cock, and I grunt into my still gagged mouth.

A hand is placed on my neck, holding me while my cock is smacked again, I hear a laugh, but I can’t tell who it is.

“Look, he’s still rock hard. Damn, most guys get soft after I smack their cock a few times. Let’s go upstairs, I could use a rest.” Apparently that was Frank.

My wrists get tied behind my back, and I’m thrown over a shoulder.

We go upstairs and I’m eventually let down, gently of course, into something soft. My hands are released and put down my sides. I gently lie back down, and I feel something encasing me, and the sound of a zipper.

I then feel belts being tightened over my body in various places. My head resting on a pillow, but the middle of the sack still open and my cock sticking straight through and upwards.

I groan as someone flicks the head of my cock, but I’m mostly immobile so I can’t move, then there’s Frank’s laugh again.

He leans down, “I’m sorry boy, I’ll stop, I’m a little bit of a sadist at times. You get your rest, and after dinner tonight, you’ll get to cum again. I promise.”

I hear the two of them get into their bed, and I’m just lying there, focused on my erection, unable to actually sleep.

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