A Mother’s Secret Needs Ch. 4

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One more chapter to come in this series… SL

* * * * *

“Honey! Jack! I’m home!” Mike called out as he came in the house. Suzy was in the kitchen putting the finishing touch on dinner and Jack was setting the table.

“Hey, I’ve got good news!” Mike said excitedly as he entered the kitchen, setting his briefcase down on the counter.

“Oh yeah?” Suzy said, raising her eyebrows. “What is it?”

“Goldstein was so impressed with the way I closed down our Zimbabwe operations, he told me to take a month’s vacation!”

Jack dropped the silverware.

With a tremendous effort, Suzy just managed to keep the tidal wave of irritation from registering on her face.

“Oh. I, um, I see…”

“Great, huh? I certainly deserve it, if I say so myself!”

“Sure. Well, uh, where do you want to go on your vacation?” Suzy asked, smiling suddenly as she got an idea. “I bet you really want to get away from it all – from everybody. Now you can take that hunting trip to Alaska you’ve been talking about for years. A month of mountains & fresh air would do you good!” she said encouragingly.

“Ah, I thought about it, but I’m just too worn out for that. Zimbabwe really took it out of me, baby,” he said, shaking his head wearily. “No. What I want most of all is just a good, long rest – right here, at home with my family,” he smiled, draping his arms over their shoulders in his affectionate but overbearing way.

Suzy glanced quickly at Jack. His expression was not exactly one of unbounded joy…

The following days were ones of great frustration for Suzy & Jack. They were simply never alone. Mike would either be sprawled out on the couch reading the paper, or in the hammock in the backyard, wearing ugly Bermuda shorts and a “wife beater” t-shirt and listening to hideous old Cat Stevens tunes.

Suzy was upstairs making the bed one afternoon when Jack crept up behind her and playfully squeezed her butt.

“Stop that! Your father’s right downstairs!” she whispered nervously.

“Ah hell, don’t worry about him, he’s out cold,” Jack said, waving his hand dismissively. “This is the perfect time for a little fun…” He began to unbutton her blouse with a leer.

“Oh no you don’t – uh uh,” she said, slapping his hands away. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a dozen times: we are not going to do it with Mike in the house!.”

“But he’s ALWAYS in the house now! Shit, he’s hangin’ around like a stray dog…”

“I know, I know,” Suzy replied with a look of frustration. “I want you, too, but there’s no way I’m going to risk getting caught. We’ll just have to wait, that’s all.”

“Wait? Christ, it’s been nearly 2 weeks already! I’ve got a ’round-the-clock hard on that’s driving me up the wall. I need your pussy, dammit!” he exclaimed.

“Shhh! Quiet!” Suzy said in a panicky hiss, looking toward the bedroom door.

“Look, I want to know when we’re gonna screw,” Jack demanded.

“Don’t you speak to me in that tone of voice, mister!” she flared. “We’ll do it when it’s safe and not before, and that’s the end of it. In the meantime you just be patient, like me. Now, let me finish making this bed.”

“Fuck…” Jack muttered disgustedly as he stalked out of the room…

“Go! That’s it – run! Almost there! Yes! Touchdown! Woohoo!” Mike cheered, raising his arms in the vicarious triumph of the couch potato. Jack looked at him with a bored contempt.

“I know ol’ Jamal is nothing but a thug who should be in prison, but damn, can he ever tote that pigskin, huh? Heh heh!.” He slapped Jack on the knee & took a swig of beer.

“Yeah, sure” There was a metallic cacophony of pans in the kitchen. “I think I’ll see if Mom needs a hand…”

“Ok, bud.”

“How’s the game?” Suzy asked as he walked in.

“Eh, who cares. I came to see if you want some help.”

“Oh, sure. You can dry the dishes as I wash them,” she said, handing him the towel.

Jack noticed she was wearing a short green skirt that showed off her curvy thighs to their best advantage. And he also saw that she had on her new pair of white leather flats. His penis instantly began to stir as she handed him the first wet plate. He dried it absentmindedly as he watched his mother’s tiny hands scrubbing the dishes; her French-nailed fingers gripping the sponge stick. His mind flashed back to the moments when those little fingers had been wrapped around his ejaculating cock. For an instant, the suds on them became his jism.

A soapy plate slipped from Suzy’s grasp, causing dishwater to splash onto her top. She picked it up, finished washing it and tried to hand it to him, but he didn’t take it. She looked at him and saw that his eyes were riveted to her bosom. The water had turned the thin fabric nearly transparent, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The wetness, combined with Jack’s laser stare, made her puffy nipples harden. Jack slowly lifted his eyes from ikonbet giriş her breasts to look her in the face.

She warily took a step back. “Jack…” she whispered, shaking her head slowly. He advanced toward her like an automaton. Suzy’s eyes bulged as his sweat pants dropped to his ankles. His massive penis was already drooling precum. She tried to get away, but he caught her and pushed her against the wall.

“No! Don’t! We can’t!” she protested under her breath, feeling like a trapped doe. They were only 2 feet from the open doorway dividing the kitchen from the living room.

“Oh yes we can – and we will! I’ve waited long enough!” Jack hissed as he lifted his Mom’s top, exposing her breasts. He pounced on them, sucking one big rubbery nipple then the other into his ravenous mouth. Suzy pressed against his shoulders, trying to resist, but it was useless. In spite of (or perhaps even because of) her panic at the likelihood of discovery, her body began to respond to his urgent ministrations with a power of its own. She felt her resolve melting like an ice cube in the sun.

“Ohhhh, Jackkk! We’ll get caught – I just know it! Please don’t! Please!” she begged in a desperate whisper, looking up at him.

“Maybe – but right now, I just don’t give a shit! I can’t wait another minute to get back inside you…” Jack hiked Suzy’s skirt up over her curvy hips then pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. He reached down & cupped his mother’s soft buttocks, lifting her off the floor, then eased her back down, onto his throbbing penis. Suzy whimpered helplessly as she was impaled once again on her own son’s stake of living flesh.

When their crotches met, they held still for a moment, looking at each other. Suzy had a grimace of fear/pleasure on her adorable face that Jack found incredibly sexy.

“I got your ass now, baby…” he growled as he began to hump her.

Suzy wrapped her lovely white legs around his waist, locking her ankles on his butt to hold on. Jack kissed her hard, slipping his tongue into her pretty mouth. She began to suck it instinctively. He pistoned his cock into his mother with fast strokes, his big testicles flapping against her ass with every forward thrust. A white froth of their mingled sexual juices soon bubbled out of her stretched vagina, accumulating on her delicious little pussy cheeks and at the base of his rod. Suzy winced at the loud squishy noises emanating from her sodden crotch – surely Mike could hear that! She kept looking anxiously toward the doorway, expecting him to come charging in at any moment.

“Hey, Jack! Better get back in here – there’s only 20 seconds left and our team needs another touchdown to win! It’s their last chance!” Mike called out.

“Y-yeah! I’ll b-be in there in a second!” Jack replied, trying hard to not to sound out of breath. He was slamming his dick into Suzy’s pussy frantically now. She mewled like a kitten, utterly helpless against this ferocious masculine assault on her womanhood. They were both nearing orgasm.

“No! This is no time to run the ball, you shithead! Unbelievable!” Mike shouted at the coach after a handoff to the running back that went nowhere. Ten seconds left.

Squish! Squish!

Mike jumped up. “Go deep! Go deep, motherfucker!!” he roared.

SQUISH! With one final, mighty thrust, Jack’s penis erupted like Mount St. Helens deep inside his mother’s spasming womb. Thick strings of his incest seed jetted into Suzy, saturating her most secret place. She gasped & buried her face in his shoulder as she felt the hot, sticky goo filling her belly.

“They lost – again! Jesus H. Christ!” Mike said disgustedly. “That goddamn coach should be run out of town on a rail!.” He clicked the set off with a scowl and headed for the kitchen.

Suzy’s eyes bulged. “Take it out! Take it out!” she rasped in a panic, hearing his heavy footsteps. Her vagina made a wet sucking noise as he withdrew & frantically reached down to pull up his sweats. They just managed to cover their nakedness without so much as a second to spare when Mike appeared in the doorway.

“I need a ‘cold one’ to wash away the rotten taste of that game, baby,” he said, plopping into a kitchen chair.

“Oh – s-sure..” Suzy walked to the fridge on shaky legs, got a beer & handed it to him. As she did, she felt a trickle of sperm escape her pussy. In her haste, she hadn’t had time to put the crotch of her panties back in place. She quickly clamped her thighs together stanch the flow, but not before a large pearly drop splatted to the tiled floor. Terrified, Suzy covered it with her foot & prayed.

Mike lifted the frosty can to his lips, then paused. He was looking at her quizzically.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so flushed?” he asked, his eyes narrowing.

“Nothing – nothing at all!” Suzy exclaimed with a nervous laugh, trying like hell not to look at Jack.

“It’s just t-terribly ikonbet yeni giriş hot in here today, for some reason…”

The frantic screw in the kitchen would prove to be the harbinger of things to come. The extreme danger of it had brought them both to a new level of excitement. Jack began to corner his mother for “quickies” in places where the risk of discovery was great. Suzy still whispered dire warnings and mounted token resistance, but Jack ignored it because he knew from the strength of her reactions that in spite of her fear, she loved every ecstatic second of it: his furtive glances to make sure where the old man was; urgent coupling; the furious, knee-trembling thrusts; desperately struggling to keep from shouting out when the incredible orgasms wracked their sweaty bodies. Suzy winced whenever she pondered the awful peril of this madness, knowing they were tempting fate, but she simply found it impossible to stop. They were trapped on a runaway train of unholy lust that seemed certain to fly off the tracks. She began to look within, into the darkest corners of her soul, summoning the courage to ask herself the Big Question: Am I taking these additional risks because some secret, self-destructive part of me WANTS to get caught?

No. No way in hell, she said to herself vehemently, shaking her head. What a ridiculous idea! She shoved the notion away with a laugh and went about her business.

But the laugh rang hollow in her ears somehow…

One quiet evening, they were all in the living room. Suzy was seated on the couch knitting herself a handsome shawl of forest green wool. Jack was sitting next to her reading “The Lord of the Rings,” while Mike was stretched out in his trusty recliner doing what he did best – snoring. Jack lifted his eyes from the book to peer at his father. He was grunting like a constipated hog, with spittle dribbling from the corner of his mouth.

An evil smirk slowly crossed Jack’s lips. He closed his book & set it on the coffee table, then reached over to grasp his mother’s hands, silencing the quiet clacking of her knitting needles. He took the shawl from her and placed it on top of the book, then leered at her. Suzy rolled her eyes & pointed toward the kitchen. Ok – in there, she mouthed, starting to get up.

But Jack caught her arm and pulled her back down. “Here will do just fine,” he breathed in her ear as he undid his khakis, freeing his iron cock.

“Are you out of your mind? No – no!” she whispered back, appalled, struggling to get away. Jack held her easily with one hand around her slim shoulders and slipped the other one under her blouse to lift her bra up, causing her breasts to bounce from the lacy cups. He rolled a big nipple in his practiced fingers, eliciting a shiver.

Suzy shook her head vigorously, the expression of horror on her cute face making her look like a terrified little girl. She glanced at Mike, mortified by the knowledge that he could awaken at any moment.

“Hell, don’t worry about shithead! He had 3 beers with dinner, remember? Just listen to him saw them logs – he’ll be out longer than Rip Van Winkle!” Jack laughed softly, as he gripped Suzy’s waist, lifting her up & onto his lap, straddling him. She gawked at the massive white pole thrusting up aggressively between her thighs, then jerked her head around to check Mike again.

He does appear to be sound asleep… she thought, then cursed herself for her weakness.

Jack lifted her skirt & pulled the crotch of her filmy panties aside. “Oh Jack! This is just insane!” she pleaded under her breath. “Please, let’s go in the other room – before it’s too late!!.” Her eyes went back to that ruby-domed ivory tower. She gasped softly as it made contact with her already-swollen clitoris & chestnut pubic hair.

“I’m gonna screw you right here & now, lady, because it’s what you need more than anything in the world – to be fucked by your own son with your tiny-dicked husband in the room. That’s the truth, isn’t it?”

“God! Why must you torment me so…” Suzy bit her lower lip & closed her eyes tight.

Jack pulled his prick back toward his stomach then released it like a spring against his Mom’s pussy. Precum splatted against her soft tummy. She inhaled sharply, then looked over at Mike once more. An agony of indecision…

“Well? Isn’t it?” he whispered tauntingly.

Suzy whipped her head back around to face him, a sudden lustful fury sweeping over her. “Alright, you son of a bitch – yes! Yes, I do want you to fuck me with that fool present! C’mon, then – what the hell are you waiting for?” she hissed, grasping his cock tightly.

“You little hussy…” he gasped as Suzy placed his engorged cockhead against the pink petals of her vagina then slowly stuffed herself with white meat. Jack lifted her blouse, uncovering her fantastic tits again. He took a puffy nip deep into his jaws as she began to slide slowly up ikonbet güvenilirmi brushing them ever so lightly over the highly sensitive, puckered flesh. She shot another anxious glance over her shoulder at Mike, scarcely believing that she was actually going through with this. Then Jack eased a finger into her nether hole, eliciting a loud gasp from her that made her wince. He slowly swirled the digit in her oh-so tight anus, feeling the little muscles twitch. He slipped the middle finger in and started shaking them like a vibrator. Suzy threw her head back, a lewd grimace on her face that made Jack’s big boy buck inside her. He sucked her other nipple, stretching it taut as he reamed her asshole good. She picked up the pace of her ride, bouncing on her son’s lap with the enthusiasm of a child playing “horsie.”

“Oh yeahh, baby. You’re my sweet li’l slut mommy now, ain’t ya?” he whispered evilly.

“Ohhh please don’tttt…”

“Come on – tell me…”

Suzy glanced at Mike again. Jack thrust his cock up into her hard, making her grasp his arms with her little hands at the sudden shock.

“Piss on him! Say it, damn you…” he demanded.

“Yesss! I’m your slut mommy – I am! ” she mewled helplessly under her breath. “I’m your bitch! Fuck my pussy in front of that wimp! Oh God…”

With a muted growl, Jack grasped her waist and began drilling her in earnest. Suzy arched her back & put her hands behind her head, causing her glorious cone-shaped titties to jut & jiggle proudly. Jack’s eyes took in his mother’s open-mouthed ecstasy with awe. As far as he was concerned, she was simply the sexiest, most adorable lady that had ever lived – the distilled dream-essence of femininity.

They were rutting at a furious clip now, nearing the moment of truth. Their sex fluids had accumulated at the base of Jack’s cock. Flecks of it splattered up unto his chest when he slammed his sodden crotch into hers particularly hard. The juicy squelch of their coupled organs filled the room, causing them both to look over at Mike with apprehension. How the hell could he sleep through that?

“Oooo, Jackkk! I -I…c-cum-cumming!! Uhggg!!” Suzy exclaimed with a stifled gasp, desperately fighting the urge to scream.

“Me too! Awww, shittt!” he rasped, gritting his teeth. Great gouts of steaming jism blasted from Jack’s turgid knob, drenching the inflamed tissues of his mother’s uterus. He slammed his penis all the way into her as he spewed again & again. Their own special blend of love honey gushed out of her filled pussy, flooding his balls as they continued to replenish her “honey pot.” Jack nursed on a wet, swollen nipple as the spurts began to taper off. Suzy cradled his head tenderly, overcome with an all-consuming love for him. They were both exausted, momentarily basking in the afterglow of their illicit mating.

“SNERKKK!!” Mike was waking up at last…

Suzy nearly leaped out of Jack’s lap, juices splashing out of her cunt onto his crotch. She frantically smoothed her skirt down the sharp-edged lace digging into her hyper-sensitive nipples. She grabbed her knitting. At the same moment, Jack buttoned his pants in gold medal time – but when trying to wrestle his anaconda back inside the confines of the zipper, he snagged his foreskin on it. In a superhuman display of self-control, he somehow managed not to howl like a blue tick hound…

Mike was smacking his slobbery lips & stretching. He’d open his eyes any second now…

The zipper was stuck. Jack & Suzy were in a panic as he jerked and tugged on the fucker…

A big lion-yawn from Mike…

In desperate horror, Suzy jumped up, snatched the afghan off the love seat & flung it over Jack’s shining pecker. She sat back down and crossed her legs just as the cum began to burst forth from her pussy like the Johnstown flood…

“Wha – what time is it, hon?” Mike asked in a sleepy voice as he opened his eyes.

“Oh, it’s, um, twenty m-minutes after ten…”

“I’ve been asleep for 3 hours? Then I missed “Walker, Texas Ranger”! Shit! Oh well. Might as well hit the sack, then…” he yawned again as he pulled the lever to lower the foot rest of the recliner.

Then he noticed Jack was covered with the afghan.

“Have you gone crazy? Christ, it’s gotta be 75, 80 degrees in here!”

“H-he just caught a sudden chill, that’s all…”

“Oh, I see,” he nodded & pursed his lips thoughtfully, like a doctor making a diagnosis. “Well, do what my mother did whenever I started to come down with something.”

“What’s that?”

“Give him an enema…”

Suzy emerged from the bathroom in her floral-patterned nightie, after doucheing her cum-sodden pussy. Mike was already in bed, reading a fascinating 700-page history of the Belgian wool trade. Suzy got in and wearily pulled the covers over her with a sigh, longing for a good night’s sleep. But Mike had other plans. The nap had refreshed him and made him frisky. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, a sly smile creasing his face. He closed his book, set it on the table & took off his bifocals, but he didn’t turn off the light as usual. He snuggled close, reached into her gown and began mauling her sore tits.

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