A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 05

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This story involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


A Brief Recap

In 1949, before birth control pills, the overriding concern of women about sex was the fear of becoming pregnant.

Rick was a short, skinny boy who had turned eighteen without a girlfriend and still a virgin. His mother worried about his lack of popularity with girls. She taught him how to eat pussy. She had him practice on her until he became proficient. (Many men wouldn’t eat a woman’s pussy in those days.) She thought women would be more interested if they could have oral sex, with no threat of pregnancy.

His mother led her friend Carol to him. She was thrilled to have her cunt licked and sucked. She wanted more, but she had agreed to tell at least one other woman about him. Carol passed his name on to Mrs. Gaffney (Cynthia). She owned a local grocery where Rick worked part time. Mrs. Gaffney became the third woman in his life.

Carol and her daughter Lucy became incestuous lovers. Carol suggested Lucy get to know Rick. She had a date with him that ended up with a memorable session of mutually enjoyable oral sex. Licking and sucking if you prefer.


The morning after Rick’s date with Lucy he and Edna went to church as usual. After the service Mrs. Gaffney was especially pleasant with Edna.

“Now that Rick will no longer be working for me perhaps we can have lunch together.” she said to Edna. “We can get to know one another better.”

“That would be nice, Mrs. Gaffney.”

“Oh, please call me Cynthia, Edna. Mrs. Gaffney makes me feel old.”

It was a beautiful late spring day. Edna and Rick had walked to church. As they walked home Edna asked Rick when he planned on seeing Lucy again.

“I hope to see her next week, Mom. I’ll give her a call.”

“You should call Carol,” Edna told him. “She probably misses you.”

I’ll call her next week too.” Rick promised.

At home Rick changed out of his good church clothes. He ate a sandwich his mother fixed for him and left for Cynthia’s.

Edna was feeling kind of lonely. She thought of calling Carol, but decided to wait a little while. It was to be a significant decision, minor though it seemed.

Lucy woke that morning feeling pleasantly relaxed. She stretched luxuriously and smiled as she remembered the night before with Rick.

She showered, dressed, ate a small breakfast and decided to visit her mother. She called first to let Carol know she was coming.

Carol was looking forward to her daughter’s visit. She was very interested in hearing about Lucy’s date with Rick. She was horny too. Not desperately so, but felt a persistent need to have her pussy loved. She could have played with the vibrator they had bought, but she wanted to feel another body against hers, loving her. She took her bra off and buttoned her dress back up, just in case.

Lucy arrived and Carol served coffee. They sat at the kitchen table and sipped. Carol, unable to wait, asked Lucy about the date.

“It was nice, Mom. In fact it was wonderful. He is very nice.”

“Yes,” Carol said thoughtfully. “He is, isn’t he?”

They talked of other things, but Lucy kept bringing up Rick.

“Lucy,” her mother asked. “Have you fallen in love with Rick? After one date?”

“I think I may have, Mom. He’s so much nicer than any other boy I ever dated.”

Carol didn’t mention her opinion of the other boys Lucy had dated. It was pretty low.

“How about him?” Carol asked. “Do you think he loves you?”

“No, Mom. In fact I doubt I am the only woman in his life.” She looked at her mother levelly. “Am I?”

“No, Baby, you aren’t.” Carol’s eyes were tearing up.

“Don’t cry, Mom,” Lucy told her. “It’s okay. I figured it out before I ever asked him out. After he and I made love I knew I’d be sharing him.”

“Remember, Mom, he’ll be sharing us, although he hasn’t realized it yet.”

Lucy took her mother’s hand and led her to the bedroom. She took Carol to the bed and pushed her onto it so she was sitting the side. She knelt in front of her mother and pulled her panties off.

“Lucy,” Carol called softly. “Come up here with me.”

“Let me do it, Mom, I want to show you how much I love you.”

Lucy ate her mother’s pussy; she brought her to several intense orgasms. She drank the juices that flowed from her mother’s cunt. She sucked the clit that drove Carol to ever greater pleasure. She ate her mother’s luscious pussy until Carol could take no more pleasure.

Lucy stood and stripped. She got the vibrator from the drawer of the bedside table. She’d had a thought while she was eating her mother’s pussy. She wanted to try it.

She lifted Carol’s legs onto the bed. Carol scooted back a little to the middle, her dress was around her hips. She opened the bodice so her tits were bared for her daughter.

Lucy hiltonbet giriş pushed the vibrator into Carol’s pussy and lay on top of her. She moved her body on Carol’s as if fucking her and thrust the vibrator in and out as she did. Their tits rubbed against each other’s erotically. They kissed with wet, wild kisses.

To Carol it was the closest she had come to being fucked in years. Yes, she loved to use her mouth; to suck Rick’s cock and eat pussy, but it was still great to feel like she was being fucked. As if she had a hard cock filling her; a warm body on top of her. She wrapped her legs over Lucy and lifted her hips to her daughter to be better filled by the plastic dick.

Carol came again, her pussy flowed with the juices of her lust. Lucy bit her nipples, they kissed wildly, mindlessly. Carol’s orgasms chased one another as if they were continuous.

She collapsed back to the bed and pushed at Lucy’s shoulder. “No more,” she gasped.

Lucy rolled off her and shoved the vibrator in her own pussy she played with the toy until she had several orgasms. Eating her mother’s pussy, then play fucking her with the vibrator had left her in a state of extreme horniness. She needed the relief that the toy cock gave her.

Carol took some time to recover her strength. As she did thoughts of Edna crept into her mind. She wondered if she should tell Lucy. By the time she had recouped some strength. To the point that she was feeling wonderfully relaxed she had decided. Sooner or later Lucy would find out. She would tell her now to avoid pain later. Lucy seemed to take the fact that her mother was having sex with Rick quite well, perhaps she would be just as accepting about Rick’s mother.

She rested a little longer. Then she rolled on her side to face her daughter.

“There’s something you should know about, Dear.”

She paused, but Lucy only looked at her. She did not comment.

“I’ve also had a few flings with Edna. In fact we got together a couple of times since you and I became lovers. Rick doesn’t know about it.”

Lucy smiled widely. “Oh my gosh, you and Rick’s Mom. That’s wonderful. So that’s who you made love with. I’m so thankful; it gave you the incentive to let you and I become lovers too.”

Carol was confused by her daughter’s seemingly enthusiastic response to her revelation.

“Mom, why don’t you invite her over? We can have a nice talk.”

It was at that moment that the phone rang. Edna had decided to call her friend.

The conversation was brief. Carol told Edna that Lucy was visiting. She suggested the Edna come over for coffee. Edna told her she’d be there shortly.

“Let’s leave our panties off,” Lucy said with a laugh. Carol laughed too and agreed.

They made a tentative plan to seduce Edna. It should be possible they thought; after all she was already Carol’s lover.


Rick had arrived at Cynthia’s to find her dressed much like the last time. A sheer negligee over garter belt, nylons and heels. After an embrace and a warm kiss they went to the bedroom. It was dimly lit as before.

Cynthia seemed hornier than usual. She pulled Rick down on the bed with her. During previous visits she would start by sitting on the bed while he knelt between her thighs to eat her pussy. This time she lay on her back her legs splayed.

“Get on top,” she told him in sultry tones. “Give me your cock, and eat my pussy.”

Even for Cynthia these were hot words. An already aroused Rick straddled her with his cock at her face. He buried his face between her nylon sheathed legs to lick and suck at her hot, wet cunt. She let him bring her to an orgasm before she took his rock hard cock into her willing mouth. The act of sucking him; the feel of his rigid shaft on her lips and tongue aroused her even further. She came again as he ate her hot pussy. She slid her finger into his ass and he followed suit with her. She waited, again, until she had several intense orgasms before she rubbed his prostrate. He came quickly, with a loud cry, as she massaged the gland. Her mouth filled with his hot cum. She savored it, felt it with her tongue. He turned and they kissed. She tasted her own pussy juices as she let some of his cum slide into his mouth. She felt warm and pleased at their mutual enjoyment.

They were both sated. They laid together in a loose embrace. Occasional kisses were exchanged. Cynthia was brought up something that had been in her mind.

“Did you go out with that young lady who came to the store to see you?” She asked playfully.

Rick remembered his mother’s first lesson. Never tell

“I don’t think I should say,” he told Cynthia.

“You shouldn’t, Rick Darling, but I must tell you; I’ve been positively hot just thinking about the two of you together. The thought of you eating her pussy is so exciting to me. Or, of her sucking you. And remember I don’t know the young lady, not even her name.

“It titillates an old lady’s senses, Sweetheart. Maybe I have hiltonbet yeni giriş a voyeuristic streak. Whatever, the idea of you fucking a young woman gets me hot. I put myself in her place and think about you pumping your hard cock into me. Or, I put myself in your place and imagine myself eating that sweet young pussy. Maybe visions of her between my thighs with her face buried in my snatch.”

Rick seemed a bit shocked that she should mention eating other women’s pussies.

“Don’t be so shocked, Rick,” she told him. “I’ve had a few delightful experiences with women; I prefer men, though. Even more, I prefer you. You are the most delightful of all.”

Rick thought about it. He really didn’t see a problem with her revelations. She was talking about things that got him excited too.

“I think about all three of us together,” Cynthia continued. “It may never happen, but it’s a nice fantasy. And, who knows, someday it might come true.”

She sucked Rick’s cock to make him hard, it didn’t take much. She drew him on top of her and guided his cock into her welcoming pussy.

“Fuck me hard,” she spoke huskily.

He rammed his cock into her, thrust again and again into her wet pussy. She was hot, and ready. She came quickly the first time. She looped her nylon clad legs over his ass and lifted her butt to him. He thrust down into her cunt, going deep as she rose to even greater orgasms.

He lasted a long time, enough to fuck her hard, as she desired. He filled her belly with his hot cum and she cried out with the joy of yet another orgasm.

Both the lovers were replete. They rested, dozing occasionally. When awake they would exchange warm kisses and hugs. Cynthia fixed them a light meal in the late afternoon. They were recovered enough afterward to go back to the bedroom for more.

Cynthia had him sit in a chair while she knelt between his thighs and sucked his cock. She had never done that to him before. It had always been him who knelt between her legs. She wanted to be there, though. It was how she imagined a young woman who loved him would be. She took his fingers and twisted them in her hair. He responded as she wanted him to and twisted them to hold her there at his cock. She played with her pussy as she sucked him. Her fingers caressed her clit and slid deep into her tunnel. She came on her hand even as she enjoyed the hard throbbing cock in her eager mouth.

She felt his cum surging from his balls. It gushed into her willing mouth. She accepted his warm creamy cum with joy. It made her feel like she was his lover, not just a lady whose pussy he ate every Sunday. She tasted it on her tongue and pressed it against the roof of her mouth.

He slid from the chair to kneel facing her. They kissed to, once again, let his cum flow between them.

She drove him home when the time came. When she returned she poured herself a glass of wine and sat to think.

She first decided that she really didn’t mind that Rick might be seeing a young woman. But she’d already known that. Her nebulous plan went beyond that. To be sure it might someday include the young lady and any other lovers he might have. Yes, his mother too, definitely his mother.

But, she wondered why she had given him a blow job on her knees. It was not her usual style. She had enjoyed it, though. She had liked his fingers twisting her hair. She had thrilled to a feeling of mild submission. She had cum strongly, on her fingers, as she sucked him. Perhaps she was putting herself in the girl’s place; but not to replace her, only to feel the experience.

Had there been a change in their relationship? She didn’t know just what. Maybe she would know in due time.


Edna was looking forward to talking to Lucy. She had known the young lady since she’d been a child. She hadn’t talked to her much in recent years, though, just a few brief conversations.

They sat around the kitchen table with coffee and pastries. The talk rambled a little, but Rick was mentioned often. Edna talked about her hopes that they could take over the farm and make a go of it.

Lucy told Edna that she thought Rick was very nice. She said she had very much enjoyed her date with him.

Edna, of course knew exactly why she had dated her son. She knew, too, exactly what had happened. She found Lucy to be bright and interesting. She thought that her son could do worse. She knew about Lucy’s slutty period and she knew Lucy had put that behind her.

The thoughts of Rick and Lucy together, of Carol and herself, of Rick and Carol were churning about in Edna’s mind. The talk of Rick had started them. She was starting to squirm a little. She recalled licking Lucy’s cum from Rick’s face. She hadn’t forgotten the scent of an aroused Carol either.

An astute Lucy picked up her signals. She opened her legs and pulled her dress up, under the table, the better to let her bouquet free.

Carol began to tell Edna how she and Lucy had patched up their differences.

“Our hiltonbet güvenilirmi love is strong now,” Carol said. “We have cemented it firmly. What you and I did showed me the way.”

Edna looked surprised. She didn’t know Carol had told Lucy that they were occasional lovers. She was picking up the fragrances of hot women. The scents she was so sensitive to. The scents she licked off her son. Both of them, mother and daughter were wafting them into the air. Her own pussy felt hot, hot and wet.

“Mom and I made such beautiful love together.” Lucy put in. “She told me how you had broken the ice with her. How you and she had found pleasure in each other. I want to show my thanks.”

Edna’s senses were being overwhelmed. The scents, those strong erotic scents, were controlling her.

Carol stood behind her. She leaned down so her head was next to Edna’s. She put her hands on Edna’s tits.

“We both love Rick. Let us both love you.” Carol said softly into her ear.

By that time Edna didn’t even consider refusing their advances. She wanted to taste Lucy better, to really know her.

Carol’s fingers were opening the buttons on the front of Edna’s dress. She spread it open to expose the already firm nipples. Edna had not worn a bra, she didn’t need one for her small tits. Carol’s fingers tweaked her firm nipples.

“Yes,” Edna moaned, her voice husky. “Oh, yes.”

Carol unbuttoned the top of her own dress and bared her breasts. Lucy stood and pulled her dress over her head. She stood naked, her firm body on display to the other women.

Edna stared at Lucy’s nude body. “Yes,” she murmured, as if to herself. “I need to taste Lucy.”

A sense of mysticism was coming over Edna, once again. She knew she would make love with Carol and Lucy. She knew it must happen.

“Yes,” Lucy responded. “You can taste me. Just like I want to taste you. More than that, I want to make love with you; to thank you for opening doors for Mom and me.”

The atmosphere in the kitchen was redolent with pheromones. Pheromones and mysticism; in this case, at least, a potent combination. All three of the women were horny and ready. Edna stood and lifted her dress to her waist. She pushed her panties down and kicked them off her feet.

Edna held out a hand to Lucy and the other to Carol. She let them lead her to the bedroom. She could sense the sex that had occurred, not long before, in the room. She smiled. She released the other women’s hands and lay on the bed. It was where her son had made love with Carol, where she had made love with Carol.

Lucy kissed her mother. Hard, open mouthed, promising more. “Let me have her first, Mom, please. I really do feel like I owe her. Not just for you, but for Rick too.”

Carol nodded in return. “Of course, Baby.”

Lucy knew what she had to do, what she wanted to do. She fell on her belly between Edna’s splayed thighs and buried her face in the wet, succulent pussy before her. Edna moaned with pleasure as Lucy brought her to a powerful orgasm. Lucy savored the intense essences of Edna’s body, of her cunt. She was delighted. Edna was the first woman, besides her mother, whose pussy Lucy had ever eaten. Edna’s taste was different than Carol’s both were stimulating and erotic.

Carol sat in a nearby chair. She fingered her pussy as her daughter ate Edna’s cunt.

“Bring her to me. Bring me your pussy,” Lucy heard Edna say.

Lucy turned to give her pussy to Edna. She was wet and flowing. She straddled Edna’s body while she kept her face at the other woman’s snatch. Edna lifted her head to taste the juices of the pussy in front of her. It was wonderful. She knew it would be. She had tasted this woman before, on her son’s face, now she could get her fill of her, of Lucy who loomed large in her future.

Carol watched as they ate each other. She grabbed the vibrator from the bedside table where they had left it earlier, she pushed it into her empty pussy, brought it out to pleasure her clit and pushed it back inside herself to fill the empty feeling.

Lucy was cumming, her nectar flowing onto Edna’s face, into her eager mouth. Edna, too, was riding the crest of multiple orgasms. Lucy raised her head and called out to Carol.

“Join us now, Mom.” Edna heard and approved. It was time.

Carol joined them on the bed, the vibrator discarded. They formed a circle of joy. They ate each other and changed places. They ate cunts until all were satiated. They lay gasping and relaxed. The room smelled of hot pussy and lady cum. It had been a grand afternoon.

Edna lay recouping her strength. The mystic feeling returned. A circle was closing. But there was still a gap. No, several gaps. They would be closed. She knew it. When the time came they would be closed. She knew what one of the gaps was. It was her with Rick and Lucy. She couldn’t tell, yet, what the others were. She would know when she needed to.

They got up from the bed. Carol made tea. They were all slightly giddy. It had been a momentous afternoon. Edna dressed to leave. She had to get home for Rick. She found her panties on the kitchen floor. They were wet with her juices, she put them in her purse. Carol put on a slip. Lucy borrowed one of Carol’s and put it on, it was a little big, but nobody cared.

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