A Mother’s Conflict Ch. 09

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Joaquin stirred awake, unable to tell if his vision was blurred as it usually was upon waking up due to the room being pitch black. The only smell he could make out was a fresh pot of coffee being brewed. The familiar aroma of his mother’s favorite coffee put him at ease. He attempted to move only to find that his wrists were bound together underneath the sheets. In a panic, he shot awake, but was still surrounded by darkness only to realize that his head was covered by a pillow sack.

What the hell is happening?! Where am I and why am I…

Just then, he heard a familiar voice booming in his ear as the sound of a closing door rang through his ears.

“Hope you’re awake now. It’s no fun when you’re passed out, Jojo.”

Alan. Of course it was Alan. The guy who always had it out for him and would go to such lengths to torture him. None of his methods ever worked until now. Joaquin felt dazed and not at full strength, as if his powers were failing him.

“Hope you don’t mind, I slipped you some of my ambien to make sure you don’t use those stupid demon powers or whatever.”

Unable to speak, Joaquin tried flexing his arms to break his bonds to no avail. He was stuck, but every cell in his body was fighting against the drugs as hard as they possibly could. The only thing that coursed through his mind was intense anger and hatred.

“You aren’t talking, you ODing on me, Jojo?” taunted Alan as he pulled the bag from Joaquin’s head, revealing his eyes to the light.

“Haha, you’re just trying to play it tough like you always do.”

“..Alan, what did you do to my mom..?”

“I freed her is what I did, Jojo. She doesn’t need to worry anymore about her public image, what crimes are being committed, or her useless children who only cause her grief.”

“…Grief? She said these things to you..?” muttered Joaquin as he felt his heart begin sinking. The woman Alan described wasn’t the same woman he was raised by.

“Of course not, idiot. She’s your mom, so she always defends you and your bitch of a sister. I try and I try to get her to talk shit about you, but it never works.”

Feeling relieved to hear this, Joaquin smiled which infuriated Alan to the point that he struck him right in his face.

“That dumbass smile! I hate that smug fucking face!” exclaimed Alan as he began slapping Joaquin hard, leaving welts on his cheeks.

As Alan slapped his face, Joaquin began getting angrier, feeling the effects of the ambien start to subside momentarily, giving him enough strength to lunge his head towards Alan’s chest, knocking him hard enough to make him stumble back. The forward momentum sent Joaquin crashing face first onto the floor to Alan’s delight.

“Ha! Look at you! Can’t even fight like the sissy you are!”

“..Alan..who talks like that anymore? You 12 again..?” taunted Joaquin as he still struggled with the bonds, welts and bruises on his face being healed by his demonic energy.

Displeased with Joaquin’s backtalk, Alan strode forward and kicked Joaquin hard in his ribs, making him turn over onto his back.

“I talk like that, dickwad! Your mom might not say the things I want her to say about you, but that doesn’t mean she won’t break!”

Ignoring the pain, Joaquin asked him, “Where..is my mom..?”

“Feh! She’s asleep on my couch, recovering from our hot fuck session last night. I slipped her some ecstasy, though. This one is said to be strong enough to affect that Super-Nova chick y’all seem to know so well. Can’t wait to see how your slutty mom is affected by it!”

In a fit of rage, Joaquin groggily stood up and swung his bonded fists at Alan, who was able to move out of the way, sending him crashing to the floor again.

“To think that you actually fought crime. You, the girly bitch I beat up on all throughout high school. No wonder crime is so rampant.”

Alan was gloating so much that Joaquin began drowning him out, instead focusing on getting towards the door in the hope that the drugs would wear off enough for him to grab his mother and get the hell away from Alan.

Just gotta…reach the doorknob..

Pressing his cheek to the door, Joaquin shimmied himself to his feet until Alan finally broke out of insulting him to see he was about to leave and put a stop to that by elbowing him on the side of his head. The force sent the brown boy teetering over, crashing his head on the ground, leaving a slight dent in the floor. Out of frustration, Alan began kicking at Joaquin’s body continuously.

“You dented my fucking floor, asshole! You useless, spineless, femboy!”

As he was assaulted over and over by Alan, Joaquin’s anger rose and his system began to shock back, forcing the effects of the drugs to subside. All the marks left by Alan began healing rapidly as his demonic blood rushed through his veins. Suddenly, Alan’s kicking stopped and instead he stomped his foot on Joaquin’s lower back, forcing a grunt out of him.

“What are you gonna do, Jojo? Use your powers to hurt a civilian? A civilian bonus veren siteler who’s only crime was “loving your mother?” declared Alan with a sadistic grin.

“Is it really my fault that you had to go snooping around? I mean you could’ve just ignored that text and continued whatever pansy ass thing you were doing!”

Slowly, Joaquin rose to his feet and snapped his restraints, grabbing Alan by his neck, pushing him towards a desk in the corner. Alan was shocked that he was actually fighting back and allowed himself to crash into his computer screen.

“Asshole! You broke my PC!”

“Shut up, Alan!” screamed Joaquin as he lifted him and threw him to the floor, making him slide into the opposite wall.

“Ever since high school, you’ve had all these problems with me. You insult me endlessly, you schedule me long, grueling hours, you take potshots at my friends, you constantly harass me, and now you tell me that you’ve been doing shit to my mother, you drug me, you badmouth my sister, and after all that, you really think I won’t beat the shit out of you?!”

Letting out a primal roar, Joaquin launched his fist aimed directly at Alan’s face. Out of fear, Alan dodged the hit, allowing the wall behind him to suffer as Joaquin smashed through it. Alan quickly ran for the door as Joaquin chased him, tackling him through the door as he flew off the hinges.

“Selena! Help me!” cried Alan as Joaquin raised his fist again about to strike, but he stopped and looked up to see if she was laying on the couch.

Alan used this opportunity to smack Joaquin off of him and attempt to pin him to the floor with his weight. Unfortunately for him, his opponent snapped out of his drugged daze and lifted Alan with the strength of his shoulders alone, slamming Alan down onto the hardwood, caving it in. Too weak to retaliate, Alan simply laid on his floor while Joaquin got up and immediately went to check on his mother, seeing that she wasn’t on the couch.

“Allie?! Are you ok?! Allie?!”

That familiar voice. Joaquin turned his head to see his mother, draped in a bathrobe, holding onto Alan as she shook him awake.


“…Joaquin?! Wh-why are you here?!” she said, covering herself up more as if she wasn’t giving her own son a show with how small her robe was.


“..Did you do this, mijo?”


“Joaquin! Did you do this?!”

“Mom…the things he said…the things he did…”

She looked down at Alan and then back at Joaquin.

“You did do this, didn’t you?! Why would you do this?!”

Hidden by Selena’s body, Alan slightly grinned and immediately put on a show for her.

“A-all I did was invite him over after you fell asleep… I wanted to tell him about us.. In response..he beat me and ruined my place..”

“…Mijo, we wanted to-“


It took every ounce of strength in Joaquin to not lash out, but it helped calm him knowing at least his mother was ok. She, on the other hand, was not ok with it as she fed into Alan’s lies, believing them to be truth.


A silence fell over Joaquin. He felt as if he’d swallow his tongue as tears began welling up in his eyes.

“..Please leave us, Joaquin, I beg you..”

As the mother and son spoke to each other, Alan used the opportunity to rub against Selena’s pussy. The cold fingers sending her into a frenzy, she held off, wanting nothing more than Joaquin to just leave so they could discuss the matter any other time but now. The ecstasy beginning to take full effect as she began rubbing her hips as Joaquin looked on.

“Please..hngh! Go, mijo! Please! MM!”

Reluctantly, Joaquin turned his back to her, opening the window and blasted off to the sky as Selena was far too enamored with Alan. The drugs made her body more sensitive to the touch, making it much easier for him to tease her. Without a second thought, she climbed on top of Alan and began riding him, the visual of her son’s back burning a permanent image in her mind which momentarily resurfaced her sensible nature before subsiding for the sex crazed milf Alan turned her into came out again.

As that went on, Joaquin gripped his head mid flight, trying to comprehend the situation. The only thing he could think of was how much more willing his mother was to hear Alan out. Sure, he didn’t complain much about Alan to her throughout his childhood, but she was aware that he was responsible for most of the annoyances that grieved Joaquin growing up. In his mind, his mother betrayed him in the absolute worst way. Overcome with emotion, Joaquin fell from the sky, landing on an empty rooftop and wailed as he laid there.

As the tears flowed down his cheeks, memories of his childhood played back in his head. All the times he was afraid and his mother was there to protect him, every time he was heartbroken and she was there to give him comfort. Everything she’d done for bedava bahis him now overshadowed by her simple actions. Joaquin felt as if his world had ended and continued crying until he heard a scream down below. Wiping away his tears, he sprung into action to see a middle aged woman being cornered by two hulking figures.

Wasting no time, Joaquin swooped down and confronted them. Not dressed in his traditional hero suit, the thugs didn’t recognize him and simply treated him as a white knight looking for trouble. Being in no mood for their shit, Joaquin brutally beat both of them at once; slamming their heads into the concrete as he instructed the woman to run.

The anger and frustration welled up inside of him as he looked at the semi conscious thugs and began beating both of them until they were a mass of bruised bodies lying over one another. Hearing police sirens, he fled the scene as quickly as he could, blasting off into the sky again, this time heading to his studio apartment.

He’d forgotten he left Laina there, so the sight of her sitting in front of his TV while eating one of his microwave dinners slightly surprised him.

“Oh, you’re back! I missed ya bad, Jojo!” screamed Laina as she opened her arms to him, clearly not wanting to bother getting up from the couch as she looked settled. She didn’t notice the look on his face until he came closer.

“Whoa honey, you look like you seen some hell.”

He didn’t say a single word to her, instead, he grabbed the tray from her lap, dropped it on the side table and laid his head on her lap. This surprised Laina as she’d never had anybody do this to her before. She simply ran her fingers through his short hair, trying her best to soothe him.

“Gonna tell me what the matter is, darlin’?”

As his head sank into her lap, he looked up at her. Something about the way the TV light shined on her bright, blue eyes filled him with a calming sense that made him momentarily forget about what he’d seen minutes prior.

“I love looking at those eyes,” he semi whispered as a smile crept onto his face. Laina looked at him, her face beginning to feel flushed as she bit her lower lip, trailing her eyes off to the side.

“You ain’t gettin’ all mushy on me, are ya Jojo?”

While the words certainly implied she didn’t welcome this tenderness from him, her demeanor told a much different story. She found herself leaning over him, cradling his head in her arms, planting a soft kiss on his forehead.

“No Laina…I’m in it deep, babe.”

His tone suddenly shifted as the momentary amnesia ended, bringing back cruel visuals of his own mother cradling his bully’s head in the same way Laina was cradling his. She kept her forehead pressed against his, being there for him.

“Tell me what happened.”

With a deep sigh, Joaquin unloaded everything he’d just learned.

“Your son and my mom…they have a thing going on.”

“Jojo, that don’t make sense..” she said, bringing her head up from his, “..what would your momma want with my boy?”

“Laina…I saw them together. He-” Joaquin thought for a second about dropping the bombshell that Alan drugged both him and his mother, but he didn’t want to crush Laina’s spirit. “…From what I saw, it looks like my mom loves him..”

Tucking some of her hair behind her ear, Laina went back to hugging his head, trying to comfort him as much as she could. “Jojo…you wouldn’t lie to me would you?”

“If you don’t believe me, go to his apartment, guarantee you’ll see my mom there holding him..”

She shook her head and furrowed her brow, “I ain’t leavin’ you, Jojo. You wouldn’t lie to me, so I believe you..”

His eyes closed, his mind somewhat relieved that she believed him. Now he wouldn’t have to show her the video clip Alan had sent him of himself and his mother, Selena.

“Jojo, ain’t there a silver linin’ here..?” she asked as she slowly started realizing the situation.

“Laina…there is no silver lining. Sorry to have to tell you this, but Alan has spent everyday since high school making my life miserable. My mom knew that and still is..with him..”

“Hush, Joaquin.. Listen to me. You’re fuckin’ his mom too.”

He laid there, frozen in thought as he slowly realized she was right.

“No, it’s not the same, Laina. I genuinely care about you… he doesn’t feel the same way about my mother and I can tell..”

“I understand that, but Jojo..ain’t it your ma’s decision? Ain’t it best to just talk to her about it all?”

They had a back and forth for hours about it until Joaquin ultimately decided to send his mother a text, asking to meet and talk. Unexpectedly, she responded in record time

“I’m going to bring Alan..I want you two to make peace. -Mom”

Sighing in frustration, Joaquin responded.

“Fine, but I’m bringing someone with me too. A special someone who’s gonna keep me grounded. -Joaquin”

The notification quickly switched from sent to read and Selena responded with a simple “K..”

“I’m deneme bonus in no mood to do this today, so we’ll do it tomorrow -Joaquin”

There was no response, but he saw she’d already read the message. Regardless of whether she was ok with it or not, he was dead set on bringing along his companion, Laina. If he was going to make peace, then he was going to do it right and have everything in the open. Laina cuddled up next to him as he sent the messages.

“Jojo, you sure? I mean my son..”

“I’m sure about it, Laina. If she wants to be an open book with me, I’ll be open with her.”

He gripped her hand and clutched it to his chest as he leaned closer to her. “Plus, like you said…I’m fucking his mom too.”

That comment made Laina blush like a schoolgirl. For her, it was odd to be this close with one of her sexual partners. She didn’t see him as a boyfriend or anything, but he had become someone special to her and she wasn’t willing to let that bond go. She leaned in and kissed his lips with all the vigor of a young girl finally getting with her crush. He reciprocated in kind. After the tender moment, Joaquin reached behind him to grab a red collar with his nickname, “Jojo,” hanging from it as a charm.

“Don’t forget to wear this, babe.”

“Oh you found it! Give it here so I can put it on!” She was clearly excited to have found the collar as she’d misplaced it weeks ago. He quickly put it around her neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight.

“You look perfect with it, Laina.”

She smiled and began getting down and dirty with her young lover. Their tongues danced around each other’s mouths and their bodies moved in sync with one another. Things started off tender as it always had with Joaquin and Laina.

Suddenly, Joaquin began getting a little rough with her; a side Laina welcomed without hesitation. She gave her body to him as he had to her. Emotions ran rampant and unlocked their restraints. For the entire rest of the day, they made love to one another.

The next morning, Joaquin woke up with Laina snuggled against him; her nose pressed into his neck. He couldn’t help but smile as she stirred awake with him. He wanted nothing more than to spend more time with her in bed, but he had business to tend to. He carried Laina over to the shower and then spent a good amount of time washing her as she did the same for him; their eyes not once leaving each other. Without a word exchanged between the two, Laina knew what Joaquin was thinking. She couldn’t resist giving him a kiss in between cleaning him.

“You ready for today, darlin’?”

“Yeah, about as ready as I’ll ever be. As long as I’ve got you there, I’ll manage just fine.”

“I’ll be right behind ya, Jojo. Besides, think of how bent outta shape Alan’ll be when he sees us together.”

Softly, he smiled at her as he realized that. The truth was that was the last thing on his mind when with her. He didn’t care that she was Alan’s mother; to him, she was just plain Laina. Though their relationship was complicated to label, he knew that he genuinely cared for her as a person beyond his physical attraction to her. How long they’d last wasn’t at the forefront of his mind; he preferred to just live in the moment.

“I won’t care if I’m being honest. After sleeping on it, I think I’m done concerning myself over what my mom chooses to do on her own time. If her being used makes her happy, then that’s what I’ll let her do.”

“Jojo..ain’t that a little cold?”

“I don’t see it that way. I love my mother very much and if it makes her happy doing what she’s doing with Alan, then I’ll be a good son and let her do her thing. All I care about is her happiness.”

“You really are a good lil boy, ain’t ya?”

That comment made Joaquin blush profusely, but he tried to hide it as he got dressed. He saw his phone lit up with a new notification from Selena.

“We’re at home. He’s staying with me while his apartment is getting fixed.. -Mom”

Joaquin wore a satisfied smirk reading that, but quickly responded.

“We’re otw -Joaquin.”

Laina decided to drive him in her hover truck. She wanted him to be rested and relaxed for the confrontation. As she drove, she looked over at him as he sat in the passenger side, arms folded, eyes closed as if he were meditating. It was a long drive to the Infierno household, but she made it enjoyable for him; giving him a light handjob as she drove. At first, Joaquin wanted to tell her to lay off as he didn’t want to meet his mother and Alan rocking a boner, but one look at her face made him sit back and enjoy her treatment. He wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for long as they arrived in record time.

“Want me to take her around the block a couple times?” she asked him with a seductive look in her icy blue eyes.

“Much as I’d love that, I want to get this over with. Wait for me out here, ok?”

She looked confused at him, leaning back into her seat, “I thought you wanted me behind you, Jojo?”

“You will be. You reminding me that you’re Alan’s ma gave me a bit of an idea and that idea requires you to wait out here. Could you do that for me?” asked Joaquin with a bit of a puppy dog face that Laina couldn’t resist. With a smile she nodded and momentarily rested her forehead against Joaquin’s

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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