A Mother Loves Her Son – Conclusion

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I woke up to sunlight streaming in the windows and a raging hardon from the memories of last night. It was Saturday, and I was just shifting to lay on my back, cock in hand, when there was a soft knock at the door. I threw a sheet over me, but stayed on my back, the sheet tenting over the tip of my cock. “Come in!”

She opened the door, “Good morning, sweetheart.” She smiled. She wore a white blouse tied off at the waist and grey sweat pants. While she wasn’t dressed to be sexy, the swell of her breasts pressing against the shirt drew my eyes and for a moment I remembered them as I had seen them last night, bare and slightly swaying. I couldn’t help myself as my eyes panned down, noticing the bare flesh along her waist where shirt refused to meet her pants waist. The pants weren’t tight, but suggested the curve of her hips. All of this I saw in an instant, and if it was possible it made me harder.

“Morning,” I smiled back, arching my body as I yawned.

Her eyes quickly travelled to the tented sheet. She inhaled deeply, her lips parting slightly as she slowly walked toward me, her smile fading. She took a faltering step toward me, then stopped and wrapped her arms about her waist, inhaling deeply. “Robert.” pause, “I’m worried about last night.” She hesitated a moment, then sat beside me.

I felt like such an ass! I moved over, trying to make my boner less obvious.

She sighed, “It’s things like that. I shouldn’t worry about whether to sit beside you or not, but last night changed things between us.” I waited. She took a deep breath and went on. “I never thought I’d have to deal with this. It just never occurred to me.” She bowed her head, her hand moving to rest on her lap. Her voice was barely above a whisper as she continued, “Last night, I watched you together.” She swallowed, “I was … caught up in watching you both, then Josephine reacted to you, and …” she stared at her hands, ” … then we have today.”

Wow! I watched her for a moment, her head still bowed. I sat up and reached out to put my hand gently under her chin and nudge it up so that she was looking at me, “I’d be stupid to insist that I understand all you’re going through.” I looked at her, being very careful to keep my eyes on her face and bringing my hands to my side. “I can tell you a few things, though. I’m not an impressionable young child; I’m eighteen and in another month I’m off to college.” She opened her mouth to speak, but I raised my finger. She stopped. Waited.

“I know enough to know that last night isn’t ‘normal’, but I don’t think it matters, Mom.” I continued quickly, “I don’t feel scarred by last night, and I’m pretty sure Josephine isn’t either. I think you helped us both a lot last night,” I smiled, “and for a while, you were pretty relaxed yourself afterword.”

“But that’s what I’m …”

“Hold on, Mom. I’m not finished.” I wasn’t rude, and she let me go on. “I still love Josephine, and I still love you. In some ways, I love you both differently. Others …” I shrugged. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I love you both, one way or the other.” She smiled at me. It was a slow smile, like she was thinking things through, but it was a smile.

“You’re right that it changed things. I can’t stop looking at you as a woman, and not just my Mom. You’re beautiful! I’d have to be blind not to see it, and … well … there’s parts of me that REALLY like that.”

And I stopped. It was one of those conversations which I knew was either going to be well received or dig the ditch deeper. I watched her, watching me. I didn’t try to suggest anything, didn’t try to move. I just sat there with what I hoped was a gentle smile on my face and awaited the outcome..

After a moment, her smile brightened even as I saw tears in her eyes. She leaned forward and her arms wrapped around me, hugging me tightly. She cried, but I could tell that she wasn’t sad, but relieved. She lay her head on my shoulder. I could feel the heat of her breath on my neck. “I believe you,” she whispered into my neck. “I was so worried about everything, and last night after I got back I was up so late, worrying.” I hugged her back, enjoying the feel of her warm body against mine.

Other parts of me enjoyed it as well, as my cock was once again coming to attention. I felt her inhale deeply, then release a throaty sigh, “You smell so much like your father,” her voice was husky as she shifted, her face now in gentle contact with my neck. I could feel her eyelids flutter against my neck and it tickled and was arousing as hell! She kissed me softly on the neck, her right hand sliding gently over the skin of my arm. I glanced down and my fleshy pole was bobbing under the thin bed sheet. She kissed me again, her lips softly grazing my jaw, my cheek. I was so turned on, and my breath was coming faster. She pulled away, her face still only a foot away from mine. Her eyes searched mine, darting left and right. “I … It’s been so …”

“Shhh”, I leaned forward. I pulled her to me gently, and she didn’t resist. I kissed her gently on the lips and she responded, hard, her lotusbet güvenilirmi mouth opening, her tongue darting between my lips and into my mouth, teasing past my teeth and playing with mine. Her hand quickly traveled down my chest, under the blanket, where she took a firm grasp of my cock.

I inhaled shakily, hardly able to handle the sensation of her hand once again on my cock. She broke our kiss and pulled back again. I could see the heat in her eyes, her face flushed and her moist lips parted. She pulled on my cock as she leaned forward, her lips at my ear. I felt her tongue flick out, licking into my ear. Closer, and then she was nibbling on my ear lobe. I could hear her breathing, heavy, her breath hot on my skin. She slid her hand back down to the base of my cock, “I just want to taste your cock again,” she breathed into my ear as she slid the sheet off.

I trembled with each sensation as she pressed against me. I wasn’t really thinking as I brought my hands up to touch her breasts; I couldn’t. Her hand was traveling up and down my pole, but when I started feeling them through her shirt she moaned low, her right hand on my cock slid up to the crown and smeared the drops of pre-cum that she’d milked all over the head of my cock while her left unbuttoned her shirt. I fumbled, trying to help her, and she let me, until I was caressing the soft bare flesh of her tits. She playfully slapped my hands away, her smile hot and seductive as she leaned forward and took my nipple in her mouth. The sensation was electrifying as she sucked at my nipple, then gently surrounded it with her teeth.

“Uhnhhh!” A grunt was the best I could do, and it was loud. She quickly travelled down my body, her lips and tongue and the hot soft flesh of her breasts leaving fire in every inch of skin they touched, until she rubbed her soft cheek against the shaft of my meat. I was so sensitive I yelped.

I looked down at her and she looked back at me, her face against my cock, and she smiled, but it wasn’t Mom smiling at me, it was a woman hungry with heat. Watching me, she raised herself slightly until she was able to rub her lips against the rim of the helmet of my cock. She inhaled again, taking in my scent, then she opened her lips and slowly licked the precum that was running from my tortured cock. I moaned loudly as her lips gently surrounded the head, sliding down along the skin, her tongue tickling around the underside rim. She sucked on the head, slightly, then pulled up, her tongue licking my fleshy lolly pop. She did it again, going deeper each time.

I could feel the cum quickly building up, as I’d already been pretty close just from her kisses. I tried to tell her how close I was, “Ah ah ah”, and she plunged down along the length of my cock, her nose pressed against my crotch. I felt a bump as she slid me down her throat and then the tight wetness was all it took and my cum shot down her throat. She quickly pulled up, her hands jacking on my cock as she sucked and swallowed, taking all of my cum, milking my cock for all she could get.

After a few minutes I was spent. She released my cock from her mouth with a slight pop as my wet sensitive cockhead pulled from her lips. She kissed it, sucking again to catch the last bit from the tip, then took her hands from it. I watcher her swallow again, then she shifted and came up to me, her lips still wet from cock-sucking. She leaned forward and kissed me again, and I tasted a residual saltiness that I assumed was the last of my cum in her mouth. Her breasts pressed against me, and then she leaned back, her eyes closed. “That was nice,” she purred, then opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling. Her chest heaved, the soft flesh of her breasts swaying.

I reached out and caressed the soft underside, my thumb absently brushing against the nipple which poked from the smooth flesh. She shivered slightly, then took my hand from her breast and gently kissed my palm. “That’s enough,” she said, gently placing my hand back on my chest. She started to matter-of-factly button her shirt and as she looked up my disappointment must have been obvious. “For now,” she laughed softly, then leaned forward and tousled my hair, making a point of briefly pressing her chest into my face before quickly pulling back. “C’mon, Sport! We’ve got chores to do!” And with that she closed the door.

By the time I had showered and dressed Mom had already left on her errands. She had left some biscuits warming in the oven and honey and butter on the table. I tore into them and then started my chores with a will! It was simple housekeeping stuff, but I couldn’t help smiling through them, working hard to get them right. There was a moment, this morning, when I was worried about whether Mom and I could still have a good relationship together, and I was happiest that she still wanted to be with me.

Around lunch time I was nearly done with the chores, so I took a lunch break and fixed two sandwiches, expecting Mom to be home soon. I was halfway through mine when the doorbell rang. I got up and opened the lotusbet yeni giriş door to Josephine standing there in a yellow short-sleeved blouse tucked neatly into a dark green knee length dress. As usual, my cock jumped to attention almost as soon as I opened the door. “Hi!” I said, then remembered my manners, “Come in.”

“Thank you,” she said with a demure nod of her head, and stepped in the door. After I closed it I turned to her and noticed that she was looking at me. She was caught between a smile, as if she was uncertain about herself.

I was confused, “Is something wrong?” I stepped closer to her.

She shook her head, “Do you think I’m a slut?” The question was direct, and I’d always thought of Josephine as a shy girl, so I wasn’t prepared for it. “Since last night I can’t stop thinking about … that.” she pointed to the lump in my pants, “Your … cock.”

I really was speechless, but I knew I needed to do something right then. I stepped close to her and gently put my hands on her arms, shaking my head. “NO, I don’t think that at all.” I pulled her to me and hugged her and she flung her arms around me, returning my hug, holding us tight. Of course, my cock had it’s own thoughts, and try as I might, there came a time when it was obvious that there was this hard piece of meat pressing into her tummy. I was embarrassed at first, but that soon changed as she started to rub her body against me.

In no time at all we were kissing, our tongues gliding over each others, exploring all the moist dark recesses of each other’s mouth. Josephine reached down and her hand rubbed the outline of my cock through the material of my pants. I reached around to grab her ass through the dress, and this time she reacted with a moan as her hand squeezed my stiffness.

Her hand slid up the front of my pants until they found the waistline, then she quickly slipped inside, her soft, hot fingers wrapping around my twitching cock. She broke our kiss as her hand slid down to the base and looked at me, “I want to make up for a lot of lost time,” she whispered, “Where can we go?” she smiled as she asked the question, her hand travelling up to the head of my cock.

I took hold of her arm and pulled her hand from my cock, “I can’t think when you’re doing that!” I gasped, then she giggled and I smiled. I took her to my room and she pushed me down on the bed, sitting beside me as her hands worked at my gym pants, pulling them down so she could get at my cock.

“Does that feel good, Robert?” She was smiling as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. She looked at me, her eyes bright with lust, “Do you like me playing with you?” She giggled as I nodded and shivered. She pulled at my cock, and her mouth made a little satisfied o at the precum oozing from my cock. With her free hand she nudged me over and then she was on her knees on the bed, her ass facing me as she put her face close to my cock. I could feel her breath on it. My hand went up her calf, slowly travelling up the to softly stroke her thigh, going higher until I felt her firm ass under the silky material of her panties.

As I gently massaged her firm skin through the flimsy cloth she leaned forward and I felt her lips take the head of my cock in, her tongue bathing the sensitive skin as she licked around the head, her lips sealed just above the crown. I slid my thumb under the panties, rubbing against her crotch. She squealed, then shifted so that my other hand was under her skirt, playing with her ass as she licked my cock, her hand stroking back and forth.

With my other hand I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, sliding my thumb and then my fingers over the wet skin of her slit. I felt her pull up from my cock, still pulling on it, “OH! That’s soo gooood!” she hissed. I slid one finger up into her channel, and I heard her inhale sharply, then her lips were on my cock and she slid further down the shaft. Now my finger was plunging into her and she tried going deeper, but she didn’t get halfway before I heard her make a gagging sound as she pulled up from my cock.

That’s when I noticed that Mom was standing in the doorway, watching us.

I couldn’t help but be uptight. I pulled my hands from Josephine’s ass and I heard her slurping on the knob of my cock, her hands flying up and down my pole as Mom watched. I watched her, but she wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at Josephine sucking my cock. Her hand was rubbing at her stomach slowly. Her lips were open and her chest rose and fell as I felt Josephine’s tongue flicker over the tip of my cock head.

Josephine came up for air, “Why did you sto…” She saw Mom. I had expected her to scream, or act alarmed. Instead, she let go of my cock, leaned back, got up from the bed, and went to Mom and hugged her. It wasn’t what I expected, and it didn’t seem that Mom had expected it either, but she put her arms around Josephine almost instinctively. Watching the two women together was hot, but then Josephine looked up at Mom’s face, then raised her head to kiss her on the lips. It was a slow kiss, lotusbet giriş and Mom’s eyes grew wide, then slowly closed shut as I saw them open their mouths to each other. I wasn’t jealous and I wasn’t relieved; I was turned on!

When they finally broke the kiss, I barely heard Josephine whisper, “I wanted to do that all night.” Mom just smiled and brought her hand up to Josephine’s face, gently stroking her cheek. Josephine took her hand, then pulled away and tugged her over to me, “I need your help.” She said simply. Mom’s face went from dreamy to semi-panicked in nothing flat. Josephine tugged at her until they stood beside the bed, then she gently sat her down next to me. I looked at Mom sheepishly, my cock standing tall as it always does when Josephine’s in the room. Mom looked at me and a smile formed at the corners of her mouth, then grew wider as Josephine sat beside me, her hand gently stroking my cock like a pet.

As she slid her hand along my hard-on Josephine looked at Mom, “I like the way it tastes, and I want to make him feel so good. I want to take all of him in my mouth,” She stopped stroking me, “like you did last night, but I can’t!” Her voice had turned plaintive, pleading.

Mom smiled then stood up and held her hand out to Josephine, then gently pulled Josephine to stand beside her. “I’ll help you.”, she continued to hold Josephine’s hand as her other came up to lightly brush Josephine’s long red hair, “but first I think we should move this party to a bigger room.” She brought her hand down and held it out to me, “Come along, Robert.” I reached out and took her hand, getting up out of the bed. I started to pull my pants up but Mom shook her head, “I don’t think you’ll be needing those for a bit.”

They waited while I shucked out of my pants, then Mom led us by the hand to her bedroom, then she quickly went to the windows and closed the blinds, then the curtains. “Josephine why don’t you take the lighter on the night stand and light the candles over on the dresser?” Josephine did as she was told. I started to help with the windows but Mom shook her head, “No, sir. I want you to lay down in the middle of the bed.”

“Yes ma’am.” And that’s what I did.

Mom closed the door and the room was dark but for the light of the candles. Josephine came back to Mom, who reached out and brought her close, “Now, let’s make ourselves more comfortable.” She reached out and started to unbutton Josephine’s blouse. She took her time with each button, then asked Josephine to turn around as she peeled her out of the shirt. As Josephine turned toward me I glimpsed her breasts, pert and high, her nipples tight with excitement. “Your turn,” Mom whispered, and then Josephine was unbuttoning Mom’s blouse, her fingers nervous and sometimes getting in the way. Mom placed her hands on Josephine’s shoulders, “Relax, sweetheart. They’re just buttons.” I heard Josephine giggle, then she was done, and Mom slipped out of her blouse.

“They’re beautiful!” I heard Josephine say. Mom smiled, “Thank you, darling,” She reached out and held one of Josephine’s breasts in her hand, “Yours are beautiful too. They remind me of myself when I was your age.” Her other hand came up and she was gently massaging Josephine’s breasts. Hesitantly, Josephine reached out, her hand brushing against the smooth, firm flesh of my mother’s breast. “Yes, dear, that’s fine,” Mom said as Josephine moved closer. Mom’s hands caressed Josephine’s breasts one more time, then slid slowly to her hips, drawing Josephine closer to her, until their breasts were touching. Mom began to rub her breasts against Josephine as she reached around to unfasten Josephine’s skirt. “Oh!” Josephine signed, “that’s ..”

“Wonderful,” Mom finished as Josephine’s skirt fell to the floor revealing a lovely ass barely covered by blue satin panties. Mom’s hand slid over Josephine’s ass, cupping each globe gently in her hands, then slid them up Josephine’s back, while Josephine was digging at Mom’s pants, loosening the belt and quickly releasing the catch. Then Mom’s pants slid from her, with white bikini briefs underneath. Josephine leaned forward and kissed Mom on the chest, her lips trailing down to softly nibble on one of Mom’s nipple. Mom tossed her head back, then lifted Josephine’s head, “You are very distracting, young, lady, but you said you wanted my help?” Josephine smiled, and hand-in-hand they came to the bed, coming to rest beside me.

“No, Josephine, I want your feet to point toward Robert, not away,” Mom said. Josephine rearranged herself, her head near my cock, her pussy less than a foot away from my face. Mom’s hand went to my cock, and I was vibrating with the need to cum. “Dear, why don’t you lick him for a few minutes and bring him off, first, then we’ll work on the other thing,” She tightened her grip on my cock as she pulled up, milking more precum from me. Josephine moved so her head was over my cock. I felt her hair gently tickling my stomach and thighs as she lowered to brush my cock head with my lips. “Ungh!” My head rocked back and forth with the sensations as her lips surrounded the tip of my cock, her tongue licking, then drawing back to suck at the moisture coming from the tip of my cockhead. She went a little deeper, “That’s good, baby, now suck on him right there,” Mom encouraged, her hand travelling down to my balls and squeezing them as Josephine sucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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