A Moment

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I’d been working all day once again pushing numbers and making calls just as I have for years on this contraption of wires and chips that has become so integrated in my life, that at times it seems the place where my fingertips end and the keyboard begins no longer exist. I was going crazy, formatting this, compiling that, where in the hell was my life going? I hadn’t talked to my longtime friends in years, my marriage had taken a nose dive to a point where at times I hardly remembered her name, and my sex life was nonexistent. I had to do something so I called up a few friends but they had other things going on in their lives and we promised to stay in touch and do lunch, how I have come to hate that term, but we all knew those days had passed, but I needed contact with others besides those I worked with, so I turned back to something I did know, the internet and the endless places it could take me.

I searched out places to meet other adults that maybe shared the same views or thoughts I have and joined a few communities and even found the world of private messenger with a few. I had heard about the flirting and online affairs they said took place but didn’t put much stock into it, after all, just how real could feelings be when you can’t touch, see, and feel the other person.

I had developed a good friendship with a lady from a neighboring State and I found myself talking with her more and more each day while I should have been hard at work. Lynn was a few years younger than I and we both were in a marriage that had reached a point where we wished we could move on but knew it wasn’t possible, and slowly we began to become more personal with our questions, our hope and soon or desires. We both had values but this was a way we could open up and feel good once again.

Lynn had a lot of other ladies she knew and at times we would get together in a conference and have a great time, but it was our personal time I enjoyed best, until one day when she told me her friend from a small village in the UK was online and did I want to meet her. Always wanting to make Lynn happy how could I refuse. I remember the moment Siobhan entered into the chat. She had the type of name that made my blood surge, very erotic. Her words were like milk chocolate, smooth and rich and seeing the exchange between her and Lynn made me wonder just how well these two knew each other.

Over the course of the following weeks we all got to know each other very well and the flirting was outrageous and exciting. More than once I would become hard seeing them tease each other about them kissing or touching and making me beg, which I did often. Lynn and I had exchanged our photos and she had some nudes she sent that made my days go by, but I knew this was the best it would ever get and resigned myself to my dreams of being with her but for a few hours, and she had some I had taken just for her and she told me she too wished we could meet in real life more than once. Siobhan called me up online one day and floored me when she asked when she was going to get copies of the special photos I had sent her friend.

I got myself together and of course denied having them when she expressed a smile and told me her and Lynn we very good friends, and she had already seen one of them I had sent her. When she told me she liked my thick cock with it’s large pink head I about dropped my tea and didn’t know what to say to her. She then sent me a few of her special photos, very teasing and erotic pose, hinting at her breasts and pussy but giving a full view of her ass and shapely legs. Needless to say from that day on our conversations became more heated and with all three of us together it got very intense at times, but we all agreed it was safe, fun and we were adults after all.

Lynn and I had no secrets from each other, we had truly become close and shared everything, so when later that year I had to go on an extended business trip to New England, I let her know a few months ahead of time where I would be if she wanted to call. I’d have my laptop but it was networked istanbul escort so we wouldn’t be able to play. She assured me she would keep busy and to let Siobhan know I’d be back in a few weeks.

I was staying at a cottage my company had secure for me and while it was well away from town and secluded, the rustic nature of its location helped me relax after my daily chores in the city. With a holiday coming up I was looking forward to a three day weekend there as I drove to my new home away from home, thinking I would build a nice fire, make some sweet tea and just relax as I read a book. But I was also planning on calling Lynn later just to hear her voice.

The weather was warm here during the day and the air was refreshing as I pulled onto the road almost there, and that’s when I caught the aroma of smoke from a chimney. It just made me want to hurry so I could fire up the hearth myself, but as I pulled onto the driveway, I noticed that the smoke was coming from my cottage. I didn’t know who had been inside but I was about to fine out.

I swung open the door and there by the fireplace, standing but facing away from me was a figure of a women I thought I recognized, the shape of her back, the long legs and shapely ass, the style and color of her hair, and as she turned and looked over her shoulder, her mouth in a cross between a smile and a grin but seductive nonetheless and her eyes deep and erotic, my heart skipped a beat and as she said, “hello Dominic” in her British accent that I had heard so many times over the static of the internet, I knew this vision of beauty before me was Siobhan, and my knees went weak for a moment. I didn’t know how this was happening but I was so overwhelmed I stood there gawking until she came over, handed me a drink and took my hand. She felt so warm and soft and the look of her smile and eyes caused a stirring I wasn’t prepared for and looking down she noticed and smiled that certain smile again that didn’t help at all.

We settled on the couch, feeling the warmth of the fire and began talking, many things we already knew about each other but said it all again. At some point I took her hand in mind and as we sat facing each other, I reached out and touched her hair, she closed her eyes and made a sound that let me know she enjoyed my touch. And as she placed her hand on my thigh, slightly using her fingertips to stroke my thigh, my own eyes closed for a moment and my mind ran wild with desire.

It had been such a long time since I had touched a women in this way, I wanted to take my time and soak in everything, so as we let each other know by touch that we both had a desire for more, we talked some more. She told me that Lynn and she had been wanting to meet for a long time and decided that using my trip would be the perfect time and that she had arrived this evening, early in the day and that Lynn would be arriving in the morning. This was all news to me but happy news indeed. The thought of both of these ladies, both of whom I had shared special moments with on the internet caused me to once again become hard, and again Siobhan took notice and let her hand move up to cover my hardness. I looked deep into her eyes and saw that we both wanted the same thing, needed it.

I drew her too me and gently kissed her eyes, softly moving my lips down her cheek, feeling her breath shorten as I softly kissed her lips, then feeling them part as our tongues probed and explored each others. I cupped her head in my hand, feeling the texture of her hair as we kissed deeply till I felt lightheaded, only then did we draw apart, and smiled at each other.

I removed her shoes, gently rubbing her feet till she began to remove her blouse, seeing her breasts come into view, her erect nipples straining the material or her lace bra make my cock jump. I removed her slacks and as they slide over her hips, I could see the wetness of her white lacy panties and the hint of the sweet lips of her pussy. I stood up taking her with me and as we stood avcılar escort facing each other, my hands explored her hair, her face, her soft back and arms, trailing to her heaving breasts where I took her firm nipples between my fingers, rolling them till she moaned.

She unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor, my cock now pressing into her lower stomach, she reached for me and took me in her hand, stroking me till I was about to cum, but knowing that I didn’t want to yet, not until I pleased her, I pulled back and eased her down till she was sitting at the edge of the cushion, then kneeling between her legs I stroked her thighs, feeling the firmness under my hands. She was a runner and her legs were strong but soft and parted at my urging as my fingers played over her skin, getting closer and then backing away. I could see she was getting wetter and I wanted to taste her, but resisted not only for her pleasure but that of mine.

I kissed her knees and slowly kissed my way up her thighs, first one side then the other, her skin hot on my tongue, the heat of her pussy and her scent was driving me wild with desire and as I let my fingers dance over her lips, trailing between them and brushing her clit, she shuddered and pushed up towards me. With one hand under her cupping her cheeks I let me fingers slide again between her lips and then eased one into her. She responded with a loud moan and was bringing her ass off the cushion, wanting to feel more, and I lowered my mouth to her, letting my tongue slide up and down, flicking her clit as I kept sliding a finger deep inside her, she was dripping wet and tasted so good.

She scooted even closer to the edge to give me all of her and spread her legs wide, rocking her hips as my tongue pushed deep inside. Siobhan has what I call a pretty pussy. Her Lips well defined, the color a bright pink but yet a ruby red as her desire built, and her juices were flowing soaking my face and chin, which made me very hard, and wanting more. I eased another finger into her and turned my hand so I could rub her bump of nerves known as the g-spot to most, and as I rubbed harder she began to shake and drive up into me and was soon cumming harder than she ever had, her wetness rushing out only to be lapped up by my tongue until she said I had to stop it, it was just to intense.

I kissed my way up her stomach, lingering at her nipples when she took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, licking her own wetness off my lips and face, and the sounds she made again made me aware of the hardness between my own legs, but she recovered fast and pushed me back to where I was sitting as she had moments before, kneeling between my legs she took my cock in her hand, pumping me firmly, milking precum to the tip where she lowered her tongue and flicked my head then pulling back, a tiny thread of my wetness still on her tongue and my cock, then she engulfed me, sucking me hard while pumping me till I thought I was about to cum and my cock grew thicker till I thought it would burst, then she slowed, drawing it out.

Siobhan got up and lowered herself facing me onto my cock, in total control now and that was fine my me, she eased down partially then back up, each time lowering yet more till I was in her all the way. She sat there a moment then began to rock slowly then moving up and down, the tightness of her pussy starting to clamp down on me, and I did my best not to explode right then but when she took her tits and brought her nipples up to her lips, her tongue reaching out to flick her own nipples, then taking them one at a time between her lips, sucking them, I couldn’t hold in anymore and I reached forward, taking her hips in my hands as she drove up and down on me again and again till I felt myself begin to cum, it was so powerful and such volume she came with me as I emptied my hot cum deep inside her.

After we regained control over our breathing, I pulled her to me and held her close for what seemed forever. I suggested a shower to clean up and after that and şirinevler escort a light snack we laid down to sleep in the king sized bed, me holding her close with her back to me and my arms holding her breast.

I slept like I hadn’t in years and I must have been dreaming because I could hear Siobhan talking to someone and it was one of those dreams that’s so real you could even feel and smell things. Siobhan wore a scent that was very light and appealing to me, but I was sensing another mixed with hers, something very erotic about it and there was soft laughter and giggles, and it felt so real I think I became hard. I awoke thinking I was having a wet dream, until I saw in the glow of the fire that was still burning in the other room and the soft light from the hall, that there was another person here, and Siobhan was no longer in my arms.

Siobhan was in the arms of someone else, and they were kissing with a passion I had never seen before, and their hands were flying over each other and it was a moment before I realized she was holding another women, kissing her, stroking her, making love with her. They both looked over and I heard Lynn say, “Morning Dominic, I got in early, sit back and enjoy”, and they resumed their play.

Having a desire to be with two women or at least be present with two had been a desire of mine for as long as I could remember, but here it was, and it was beautiful to see. They knew exactly how to touch one another, where and for how long. As they moved onto the bed beside me, I turned on a table lamp and watched as their fingers and tongues explored each other. There was a softness to them that can only be seen if there, and when Lynn produced some toys she had brought, it was like I didn’t know anything on giving pleasure as I watched her insert them into Siobhan, the angles and speed in which she fucked her with them, I knew I was learning something here and paid lose attention.

After Lynn had Siobhan dripping wet she lowered her tongue to her pussy and ate her as if starved, covering herself with cum, then at last Lynn moved over to me, offering me Siobhan’s juices to me to lick off her lips and face, then we kissed our first kiss which lasted for days it seemed, my hands touching her face, her hair, I was in heaven. At one point Lynn fell onto my chest and screamed with pleasure, and that’s when I noticed Siobhan had moved behind her and was fucking her with a vibrator while pushing a finger into her ass which must have felt good because Lynn began to shake with her whole body, biting my chest and stroking my cock so hard it almost hurt as she came again and again under the hands and tongue of Siobhan.

They got into a sixty-nine position and both began licking each other while using soft dildos at the same time and it didn’t take too long till they were both screaming as the climaxed. They recovered and smiled at me which made my cock leap and they stood up on the bed as they mover over to straddle me. Siobhan held Lynn’s hands as she helped her down as she squatted onto my cock and began rocking, then Lynn held Siobhan as she lowered her pussy down to my waiting tongue.

This allowed me to not only lick and push my tongue deep into her soaked pussy, I was able to lick her ass and probe it with my finger, which she seemed to like. They reached forward, touching each others breasts, pinching nipples, licking and sucking each other until I felt my climax building, first deep in my feet, then spreading up my legs, and Lynn move off my cock as it reached my balls and took me deep into her mouth. Siobhan leaned over and began pumping my shaft while Lynn was sucking the head, and as I began to cum, they each trying to get what they could, then kissed, sharing my hot cum with each other, licking me clean and each other.

They moved up on either side of me and I just held them both tight while they laid their head on my shoulder, and I tried to think what I had done to deserve this, and there was no answer, sometimes things just happen and were not supposed to know the whys, just accept it and cherish is.

The rest of the weekend was filled not only with some of the best sex I’ve ever had and maybe ever will, but one thing is for certain, never again will I take the internet for granted, and you just never know what a simple hello to someone far away will result in, and it can happen is a moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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