A Moment in Time

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It was a typical sunny South African summer’s day, wishing that i was anywhere but being trapped in an executive management meeting discussing strategy and operational targets. The voices around me seemed to drone on and on as all and sundry used the opportunity to shine a light on their particular brilliance and innovative ideas.

I looked down from the 15th floor glass windows and could, in the distance, see a golf range and small dam – how i wished that i could just escape the corporate environment for one day and enjoy the warm sun on my face and the breeze blowing through my hair…

That was when i saw her! She quietly joined the meeting, the junior HR manager who was identified to work with me during the establishment of a new integrated services business department. I have studied her CV and had discussions with her peers and colleagues and knew that she was a professional and driven young lady. I guess this was her “big break” to establish her reputation and create a presence with the executive management team members.

She was introduced and joined us for tea, such a mining tradition! She was much younger than the rest of the team, had a slim body which was carefully hidden in her professional office attire and i was immediately attracted to the easy smile and her eyes which seemed to be alive with anticipation and shone like a bright brown gemstone.

It is now about 7 weeks later and we have had very little time for social interaction due to the grueling deadlines and the sheer amount of outcomes to be completed. It was a long week-end and neither of had the energy nor the luxury to return home as we still had some work kolej escort to attend to.

I invited her to join me at a local restaurant, nothing fancy but the food was usually good and least you could hold a conversation without having to shout at your partner. I made one rule, no work to be discussed and i could actually see her relax knowing that there will be no awkward business questions.

We discussed our lives superficially, found out about each other’s hobbies, where we studied, what we like to do on weekends, where we went on holiday and such forth. Then, in stead of asking how she was coping with being away so long from her boyfriend i stated by accident “i guess our sex lives are quite shitty a the moment”!

I saw her physically jerk when she heard me, she blushed and did not know how to respond. It was not my intention to be so personal an i tried to apologize but she suddenly stopped me by putting her hand on my arm and saying that she agrees with me.

Phew! I nearly blew my career in 10 seconds i thought! Strangely, dinner was a quite relaxed experience and we bantered on till late at night and when i dropped her off her hotel (i had rented a small apartment to live in as i hate extended hotel living). I teased her to not think to much about her boyfriend. She blushed again but gave me a friendly hug.

A few weeks later we were again the only 2 team members in “town” during a weekend and we decided to have a late lunch and go catch a movie. Lunch was great, the movie was reasonable and we then went for drinks at a local pub. Much later and after really having a great time chatting and kurtuluş escort bantering we decided to leave. I held out my arm for her to hold on to when we left and she wrapped both he arms around my arm while walking; pulling it across her chest. I could feel the warmth of her small perky breasts and softness of her as we walked to the car.

During the trip to her hotel we passed my apartment and i invited her in for a night cap which she accepted as the following day was a Sunday and we could relax .

We spontaneously continued our discussion while enjoying some really great red wine and listening to music while sitting on the patio looking out on the natural scenery of the high-veld bush. I will never know what triggered it but then:

I found her standing in front of me, facing away from me with my hands softly caressing her breasts while kissing her, feeling her soft buttocks softly pushing back against my hardness. Her hands helped me undo the buttons to her top and she slowly undid the front clasp while my fingers were slowly exploring the soft sexiness of her breasts and nipples which were quite prominent and a deep, rich color.

I felt her slip her one hand in between us and she tentatively touched my very hard cock through my pants before i felt her hand clasp on it hard and beginning to push her buttocks back against me more urgently. I found the button to her skirt and it slowly dropped to the floor. Oh what heaven to see and be able to feel that sexy warm body dressed only in a sheer white g-string!

I reached in between us, undid my pants and felt her pull me from my briefs, softly maltepe escort tugging on me and rubbing my cock on her cheeks. I was slowly slipping my one hand into her thong, exploring her really wet pussy while she slowly spread her legs to allow me reach further down and slowly enter her. She was panting, hell- we were both panting and by this time frantically rubbing, touching and feeling each other.

I bent my legs a tad while also pulling her shoulders forward and i could feel the exquisite warmth of her love channel slowly allowing me entry as she moved back on me. I nearly lost it a few times as she slowly took all of me into her and nature set a natural rhythm for us as we both pushed against each other and groped and kissed till i felt her shudder and heard a soft cry just before i was pulsing deep in her womanhood.

We stood like that, just leaning against each for a while and gently holding each other without saying a word. No awkwardness, no unnecessary words, no apologies, no mad scramble to cover up or get dressed – just a long soft lingering kiss.

We eventually went back inside, not bothering to dress and settled into bed. Waking up much later the next morning remains one of my best memories as we were less frantic and we spent hours exploring teasing and getting to know the pleasures of our bodies. I still dream of the feeling when i entered her, the feel of her hard nipples on my chest, the softness of her buttocks in my hands. The sound of her peaking to orgasm, the taste of her body and the look of ecstasy in her eyes. she trusted me totally and was relaxed and enjoyed fully the pleasures of our bodies. The first time she slowly sat down on me and i realized that i was not slipping into her pussy will be with me forever as will the times that we rushed “home” during lunch because we just could not wait for the evening!

I will always miss my french South African lady – you were the best “Merci”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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