A Missouri Summer Ch. 05

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Ass Up

There she was, like a teen sex goddess. Everything about her turned him on so much. Her wavy brown hair, her emerald green eyes, her smooth, tan skin, her jaw-dropping ass, and even her perky B-cup titties made his dick feel as though it could explode with pleasure. He watched as she lugged a bulky, brown box onto the top step of her new house, which was located next to Aunt Kimberly’s. This meant that Ryan and his aunt could no longer have sex outside or walk around by the pool in the nude, but now that he had seen the new occupant, he had totally forgotten about it. The girl was probably 18 or 19, the same age as Ryan, and she had an amazing body, as he was already aware. She displayed it proudly as well, wearing nothing more than a spaghetti-string tank top and a pair of khaki short shorts. A trail of drool was trailing down his cheek.

After the girl had gone inside and he could no longer watch her from the window, Ryan retreated to the large leather couch in the living room and turned on the television. Before long, Kimberly had woken up and gotten ready for her latest bikini photo shoot. Ryan yawned and requested a quick blowjob before she left and although she was already on her way out, she reluctantly agreed and draped a blanket over herself before straddling his lap and beginning to lazily slurp his erect cock.

He was preparing himself to fire a load into Kimberly’s mouth when the door creaked open and he heard approaching footsteps. Frantic, he shoved his aunt’s lips around his entire shaft and hid her under the covers. Sitting up and squeezing her head between his thighs, he smiled weakly and greeted their visitor. It was the girl who had just moved in, and she was carrying a Jell-O mold. Grinning and not seeming to notice, she placed the bowl on a nearby end table and took a seat on an armchair beside Ryan. Stretching out her hand and flashing a glistening smile, she greeted him.

“Hey! I’m Marissa!”

Ryan feigned a cough and said in a congested voice,

“Hi Marissa, my name’s Ryan. Ugh…”

Frowning, she moved closer.

“Aww, are you all right?”

He shook his head sadly.

“Just a little sick.”

She lordbahis güvenilirmi noticed the large form underneath his lap and she gave in a questionable look, but luckily didn’t say anything. Kimberly’s mouth was still tightly wrapped around his pole and her hot breath excited him so much that he feared he would blow his load any moment. She teased him too by stroking the ultra-sensitive underbelly of his already throbbing penis with the tip of her tongue, bringing him dangerously closer to climax. Concerned that he would orgasm right on the spot, he exclaimed quickly,

“I don’t want to get you sick too, so maybe you could stop by a little later?”

She smiled again and stood.

“Sounds great! We can go swimming in your pool! I, um, hope you feel better, Ryan.”

She waved and headed home. When she had closed the door, Ryan separated his legs and Kimberly emerged, laughing hysterically. He grinned and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“That was insanely close. God knows what might’ve happened if she found you.”

Ryan began to fondle her jiggling breasts through the bathing suit top as she giggled and dove her face back into his lap to finish him off. He groaned in ecstasy as she happily lapped up every drop of his cum and adjusted her bikini top before licking her lips, planting a quick kiss on his cheek and heading outside. Ryan sighed blissfully and laid back before going upstairs to get dressed. Today, he hoped, he would net himself the girl next door.

Melinda, the cleaning lady whom he would often fuck, was on vacation, so by the time Marissa came over to swim, Ryan was already horny again and sporting a monster boner that poked rather obviously against the thin fabric of his swimming trunks. Ryan was always a little uncomfortable while he was swimming, as throughout his childhood, he had always been on the chubby side. However, last year he had started to work out and by now, he had toned his chest and muscles rather nicely. Plus, since he had been in Kansas City, he had worked up a decent tan. By his standards, he was looking good, and he knew that Marissa was too.

She arrived lordbahis yeni giriş wearing a close-fitting pink bikini top with the same shorts from earlier. She had a bag and she was wearing sunglasses when she took a seat beside Ryan, who had already been swimming and was by now dripping wet. She grinned when she looked him over, and he did the same.

“I absolutely love your house. Do you live here with your parents?”

Ryan shook his head.

“Nah, I live back in Pittsburgh, but my parents are on some second honeymoon, so they sent me to live here with my aunt for the summer.”

She nodded.

“Did you leave a girlfriend back home?”

He shook his head a second time.

“Nope, you?”

She giggled.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“That’s too bad.”

She grinned and took off her shorts to expose a very revealing thong bikini bottom before diving into the pool after Ryan. They laughed and played games in the water for a good two hours before finally going inside and drying off. Ryan, being a good host, gave Marissa a tour. They walked through all 5 bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and the office before Marissa stopped and turned to face him.

“Ryan…you know I like you, right?”

He shrugged.

“I do now.”

She moved closer and put a hand on his chest.

“I mean, I know that we just met today, but you’re really sweet and…”

He put a hand on the bottom of her back and drew her in nearer.

“I like you too, Marissa. You’re…”

She stopped him by pushing him against the wall and driving her tongue into his mouth. He ran his hands all over her body, pausing to squeeze her faultless butt for a while. She laughed into his lips and pulled away.

“I have to go home…I’ll see you tomorrow, though.”

She pecked him unhurriedly on the forehead and walked away, picking up her bag on the way out. Groaning and slapping himself on the head, he collapsed onto a chair, waiting for his aunt to get home so he could get off again.

When Kimberly arrived, she didn’t even have a chance to put down her things because lordbahis giriş Ryan had picked her up and carried her off to his room. Tossing her onto the bed and tearing down his boxers to allow his hard dong to fling out, he jumped on top of her and began to kiss her passionately. She moaned softly and began to pet his balls, squeezing them softly. He tenderly massaged and shaped her massive melons in between his fingers. They were so soft and workable! Ripping off her bikini top and burying his face in her cleavage, Ryan snaked his tongue all over the soft flesh of her huge chest. She had started to stroke his rigid shaft and kiss him on the lips. As he heaved mouthfuls of boob into his dripping mouth and forcibly sucked her delicious nipples, the door swung open to reveal a naked Marissa. Her sexy grin faded from her face as she saw Ryan on top of Kimberly.

“What the hell, Ryan?!”

Ryan spit out his aunt’s tit and jumped up as she turned on her heels and headed towards the door.

“Wait! I can explain! Marissa!”

He grabbed her arm and swung her around, getting more excited at the sight of her nude body. She looked over his shoulder at Kimberly, and the sexy smile returned to her face.

“Wow…your aunt…she’s fucking beautiful.”

Ryan nodded and swallowed.

“You get it now, right? I mean, how could I resist?”

Marissa sat beside Kimberly and her eyes crawled over her half-naked figure. She paused and her eyes grew at the sight of her huge natural boobies.

“Oh my god…”

Kimberly sat up.

“Do you like them? Ryan does.”

Ryan nodded and sat beside his aunt, picking up a wet breast and mashing it between his fingers.

“Marissa, you’ve got to feel them.”

She looked to Kimberly.

“Come on, hon.”

Marissa shyly traced her fingers around her nipples and finally gave the whole breast a tight squeeze, jiggling it around in her palm.

“Holy shit.”

Ryan smiled and kissed Marissa on the cheek.

“I’m really sorry. I should have told you.”

She shook her head.

“I understand. God, I’m straight and your aunt turns me on.”

Kimberly put a hand on her thigh and whispered seductively,

“Join us, Marissa…come on.”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t you want me? Don’t you want to suck my big, juicy tits? I can please you better than a boy ever could. That’s a guarantee, baby.”

Marissa grinned.

“Let’s do this.”


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