A Lucky Eyelash…And Elvis

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I looked up from my book to see my house mate, Tess, as she walked in the door. “Hi, yourself,” I replied, closing the book, knowing she would want to talk.

“A Christmas Carol?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes ma’am. Just like every year.” I grinned, I love her inquisitive looks.

“So you’re really ready for Christmas aren’t you?” she smiled back, hanging up her coat. I watched her unwind her scarf, admiring the beauty in even the mundane. I looked up at her and nodded, grinning again. “You must be, look at these lights!” Her face lit up as she surveyed the twinkling lights in the hallway. “Layla, the house really looks cute. I love it.”

I replied, “Well I’m glad you think so, I did it for you.” My tone was sarcastic, but there was meaning behind it. I really would have done anything to see that smile, after the sadness of the two months since I got engaged. Truth be told, the look on her face was totally worth the nine times I hit my thumb trying to tack the stupid lights and stockings up. I laughed and said, “But really, it is the most wonderful time of the year! I know you love it,” still kidding a bit.

She sat down in her easy chair, shaking her head, laughing at me. “Bah humbug.” Then she changed her tune, “I do like the music, and Jesus, and the cinnamon smell…” she giggled at herself, her blue eyes glinting.

“And the Leadership Banquet! That’s the true best part of Christmas!” I held a serious face, nodding, until she burst out laughing and shaking her head. I shared a chuckle, thinking about what a waste of time the annual banquet was. “Speaking of which… We only have like an hour. I better start getting ready.”

“Ugh, Layla. Do we have to go?”

“Only if we don’t want to be fired,” I said, rolling my eyes. She made a face, baring her teeth and scrunching her nose. I shook my head, thinking that even making that face, she was the most adorable person in the whole world. “Maybe, it will be fun… We can hang out with the dead guy in the basement and avoid the terrible speeches?” I shrugged, trying to make the best of it. The banquet was historically long and awful, held in an old church with an actual priest buried in the basement. She laughed as she walked to her room to get ready.

Getting ready shouldn’t have been hard, I only had a few dresses that were acceptable for the dress code of the party. Nevertheless, I tried on all three, twice each. I finally settled on a knee length, silver, sequined sheath-dress with long sleeves. It fit loosely, as all my clothes did on my tiny frame, but it looked nice. I settled on red heels, knowing there were very few times I would get to wear them. As I went to the bathroom to put the finishing touches on hair and make-up, Tess yelled down the hall, asking if I was ready to go. “5 minutes!” I yelled back, puckering to smear on some red lipstick. Eyeing myself in the mirror, I decided I looked drop dead sexy. Perfect for a church function, right? Patting my cheeks to set my make-up, I spied an eyelash. With a freshly painted nail, I brushed it off my cheek. My momma always told me to make a wish on a stray eyelash, so I closed my eyes. I wish… that for Christmas, Tess would find someone who loves her like she deserves. Someone who will see her beauty inside just as much as her beauty outside. I opened my eyes, smiling just at the thought of how perfect she was, how happy I was to be her friend. I glanced in the mirror again, dabbed some perfume on my neck and wrists, and headed down the hall.

I peeked around the door into Tess’s messy room, to see her stuffing her things into a white satin clutch. She snapped it shut with triumph and turned to meet me. She was stunning. Six feet tall (and then some with heels), with gold hair that fell in soft waves several inches past her shoulders, and a dark red cocktail dress that showed off her legs. “Ready?” I asked.

“Yeah… zonguldak escort How do I look?” She flipped the light off, and clacked down the hall, opening the coat closet.

“Ugh, you look great. Thanks a lot, now all of us average people look like poop.” I smiled, shrugging on my peacoat. I couldn’t help but feel like a child standing next to Tess, who looked like she just stepped off the runway.

“Seriously? Layla, you look amazing. If I was Davey, I would be trying to steal a kiss tonight!”

“Ha.” I said, grabbing my keys off the counter. “Davey’s working all night at the diner… No kisses for me!”

“Me either…” She trailed off. I felt bad, but she started the significant other conversation. Tess had never had a boyfriend, mostly because no one who was ever interested in her wanted her for more than her looks. She had admitted that her turning 25 and my engagement at 21 had felt like a sentence to a life of being a cat lady. She sulked most of the ride to the banquet, and I didn’t really know what to say.

Finally, at a red light, I caught a glimpse of her staring out the window. “If I could take a picture, and show you how beautiful you are looking out that window, you would know without a doubt that somewhere, there is someone praying for a woman like you.” It was a sappy thing to say, but it almost just slipped out. She smiled her half smile, rolling her eyes.

When we arrived at the cathedral, a few minutes late, everyone was milling around, making conversation, and sharing hot chocolate. But when we walked in the door, I swear everyone stopped what they were doing just to stare. Tess noticed, and I saw her blush and look down. We made our way to the guest book table, to affirm that we did indeed show up. She wrote our names and we went our separate ways, greeting associates and friends. The dinner started soon and I sat across the table from Tess, and next to our other roommate, Molly, at the youth leaders’ table. We were served food, and the first speaker began, praising each and every one for making another year wonderful in the life of our church, and blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t long before the food was gone, and I had nothing to occupy me. I looked up at Tess, and she made a face at me. She pulled a pen out of her purse, wrote something on a napkin, crumpled it up and threw it across the table at me. I flattened the napkin and read “Let’s blow this popsicle stand.” Not being able to resist a great movie quote, I nodded, waited a few seconds and got up as if to go to the bathroom. Molly looked at me questioningly, and I said “We’re out of here! Cover for us?” She was too much of a kiss-up not to stay, so she just rolled her eyes at us. Tess walked out, and I waited a few minutes and then followed her. I stepped out on to the stoop of the cathedral, and I could hear Christmas music, but I didn’t see Tess. Finally, I spied Tess on the other side of the street and ran over to her. “Where is the music coming from?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m enjoying it”

“Yeah, me too. Downtown at night, Christmas music… Definitely better than that speaker.”

“I feel like a rebel! You’re bringing out my bad girl side, Layla.” Tess grinned and skipped down the cobblestones a little way. The song changed, and I could just make out the notes of Blue Christmas. Watching her skip down the cobblestones, her hair following her like the wind, I couldn’t help but embrace my sillier side. I danced my way toward her, reaching out as I got close. I caught up, with just perfect timing to the words. She took my hands and I spun her around, laughing.

“I’ll have a blue Christmas, without you…” I sang in my best Elvis voice, as I danced around her. She giggled and joined in “I’ll be so blue… just thinking about you.” Her eyes met mine, and like always, everything else melted away. Her gaze was so zonguldak escort bayan piercing; her eyes went straight to my core. She pulled me in closer and we swayed to the music. I lavished the moment, dancing with my best friend in the middle of the street. I moved my arms around her waist, and she did the same, still spinning around. As Elvis sang “blue, blue, blue Christmas” she pressed her body even closer to mine, and I noticed a change in the way her eyes met mine.

“Do you know that I love you more than anyone in this world?” She suddenly said, still swaying with the music. I just looked at her, taking in the reality of the moment. Without even really thinking about what I was doing, I pulled her in tight to me. Her hair fell in her face as she shifted her gaze downward. I reached up and tucked a piece behind her ear, running my hand down the length of her hair, following my fingers with my eyes. As I reached the end, I looked back up at her. Her eyes said it all. I pulled her face to mine, and closing my eyes, brushed my lips against hers. I started to pull back, knowing that what I just did was not okay, in so many ways. As I did, Tess brought her hands to my face, and pressed her glossed lips to my mouth, again.

I couldn’t fight it, I didn’t even want to. I wrapped my arm around her neck, and parted my lips a bit. She deepened the kiss, moving her lips with mine. I tilted my head as the kiss grew. I caught her lip with my teeth, and held it for just a moment. Her tongue snaked out to meet mine, and I grabbed a handful of her hair, the passion growing. She pulled my face into hers, our mouths opening more to accommodate each other. We kissed like that for what seemed like an eternity. At last, she broke the kiss, and still holding my face, her eyes searched mine. I couldn’t help but smile, it was like everything in my life had been waiting for that moment, and I could tell, looking in her eyes, the sentiment was mutual. She smiled back, and I melted. “Let’s go home…” I barely breathed to say it.

We hardly made it to the truck and we were at it again, this time with vigor. I pushed her up against the side of the truck, and ran my hands up her sides, breathing heavy as I reached her chest. I kissed along her jaw and under her ear, trying to calm myself down. I had never been this wild with anyone, and I had certainly never done anything like that with a female. She scrambled over and pulled on the handle, opening the door. We practically fell into the truck seat. We clambered inside, and I drove like a maniac to get home. Neither of us spoke a word, but Tess sat in the middle with her fingers laced through mine the entire way. We made our way inside, kicking our heels off at the door.

She reached a long arm around my waist and kissed the back of my neck as I hung our coats up. I turned into her and she slipped her tongue into my mouth again. This time, there was urgency. I reached an arm around and found the zipper to her dress, as her teeth grazed my bottom lip. She slipped a hand under my bum and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist, still working on her zipper, as she carried me to my room. She set me down in front of the bed, momentarily breaking the kiss. I ran my hands back up her back and looked up at her. I could see the lust in her eyes, but there was something else, something intense. I took the shoulders of her dress and began to pull it off, revealing a white lace bra strap, then an entire cup, then skin. She let the dress fall around her feet and I moved back as she stepped out of it.

I had never seen anything so magnificent as her standing before me in her skivvies. Her panties were lace too, boy short style, the cheeky almost-see-through type. Her body truly was perfect. Her legs- long and slender, met her hips, which were just wide enough to give her that lovely womanly figure. escort zonguldak Her hips led to her trim waist, where the top of her panties met her toned stomach. Then there were her wonderful breasts. They weren’t huge, but just right, full and perky. I never thought about breasts before that night, but Tess’s were lovely. Her hair was long enough to fall across her shoulders and reach the top of her chest, and it fell around her face just perfectly. Seeing her standing there, I felt like I was looking at an angel. I couldn’t believe this was my best friend, and that all I’d ever wanted had been right down the hall from me all this time. Looking at her, I knew I had to show her how amazing she was. I moved to embrace her, and she stopped me. She laughed and said “Your sequins are scratching.” She turned me around and unzipped my dress, and as she pulled it off, she kissed down my body behind the fabric. I stepped out of the dress, and turned back around to face her.

I put my hands on her waist, guiding her to the bed as I kissed down her neck to her collar bone. My hand found the back of her head, and I laid her down, holding myself over her. She reached a hand behind my head, and pulled my face to her, entwining her fingers in my updo. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue and lips explore, as I slipped a hand behind her back to unhook her bra. I broke the kiss to take in the view, and began to kiss my way down her body. I made my way to her belly button and back up to her chest. I took her tits in my hands, and slipped my mouth over her left nipple. She shuddered, and I took it as a sign to keep going. I ran my tongue in a few circles around her nipple, and then bit it lightly. I took the time to pay her other nipple the same courtesy, then worked my way back down. I kissed just at the top of her underwear, and stopped. I looked at her with a question, as I reached for the sides of her panties. She nodded ever so slightly, and I peeled them off, kissing down her legs as I went. When I got them off, I worked my way up to her upper thighs. I stopped, and moved back up to kiss her face. I darted my tongue in and out of her mouth, giving her a preview of things to come, as I reached my hand between her legs. She opened up a bit for me, kissing me deeper and running her hands all up and down my body.

I felt her warmth, and pressed past her outer lips. My fingers felt her wetness, and I pulled my head away to move down to her mound. She opened her legs up more, and I positioned myself between them. Her pussy was perfectly kempt. Not shaven, but trimmed well. I could smell her with my face so close, and I knew I had to get in there. I first gave one long lick up, stopping at her clit. I sucked it into my mouth, and she inhaled sharply, grabbing my hair. I circled it and sucked it for a little longer, then moved my tongue to her hole. I pressed my thumb against her clit as I poked my tongue at her tight love hole. Tess pressed the back of my head down, grinding my face into her pussy. I began to tongue her, and she writhed against my face, her juices coating me. I could feel her getting close, so I sucked her clit into my mouth. I pressed my forefinger against her hole, and worked it in. She gasped and moaned as I slid my finger in and out. It wasn’t long before her legs started shaking and her breathing got ragged. I knew she was on the brink, so I pressed my face to her pussy and stuck another finger inside of her. As soon as my second finger went in, I felt her contract and she screamed my name as my mouth filled with her sweet juices. I slowed down, but rode out the wave, watching her beautiful face as she had her first orgasm. She met my eyes and pulled my head up to kiss her.

“Layla, that was amazing,” She gasped as she broke the kiss.

I laid my head down on her shoulder and barely whispered “You deserved it.”

Tess took my face in her hands and caught my gaze, saying, “You know… you’re kind of my Christmas wish come true.”

I grinned at her, remembering my eyelash from earlier and said “Mine too.” She looked at me quizzically and I continued “I just know… this Christmas is not going to be blue.” Just then, my phone started to ring. Tess picked it up… Davey was calling.

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