A Loving Sister

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Big Tits

All characters engaged in sex in this story are over 18.


Flashes came back to me through a fog of medications; images, remembered feelings. There was rage, a lot of rage. Tina’s face, terrified of the three men who were roughing her up. One of them fell hard after my punch, and didn’t get up. His eyes were glazed, I’d knocked him out cold. The other two tried to use Tina as a shield, a hostage. She struggled, got loose, and I threw myself on them. Then I woke up in hospital, aching, stabbing pains through my ribs and a tightness across my face.

In moments of wakefulness I could see Tina beside my bed. She was safe, so I could give in to the overpowering need to sleep.

My dreams were confused, fitful, sometimes returning to that scene in the alleyway but something kept penetrating the fog. It was pleasure. Sexy pleasure, like in a wet dream.

I was medicated for two days and three nights. On the third night I felt it again. I was recovering my senses, and I thought – maybe it’s a side-effect of the painkillers. As the sensations grew and intensified, I almost woke up fully and this time I realised…no! It had to be the drugs? But the sheets – moving – Tina leaning over the bed. It’s her hand. I’m gonna cum and it’s Tina’s hand.

Some hours later, like a light being switched on, I became fully conscious. I still hurt in a lot of places, but Tina wasn’t there. So it had been a dream.

Looking around I saw hospital stuff and nursing staff. One nurse smiled at me and said “Welcome back!” before scurrying off to her duties.

After a couple of minutes Tina appeared at the door. She broke into a wide smile and tears welled up in her eyes. She sat on the bed and tried to hug me but it hurt. Then she cried.

In a hoarse voice I tried to console her: “I’m OK, kiddo. Are you? After…?”

Tina wiped her eyes and said: “Yeah. Thanks to you. I’m just so sorry you got beat up like this.”

I frowned, as a question came to my mind: “If I got so beat up, how did you… I mean, what happened to those three guys?”

“You knocked one out cold, you gave the other two a belting as well as getting one yourself, and I was screaming for help. A bunch of guys came past and chased them off then brought us both here. One of the assholes threw a rock as he ran and it hit you on the temple. The doctors were worried at first, but…”

“Yeah, guess you were right all along – I do have a thick skull.”

She smiled. An instant connection was made in my head. That smile was how she looked when I ejaculated, in her hand. In my dream? And another flash of insight. Right now she wore the same white blouse and jeans as in my dream. Sure I might have seen her in a moment of wakefulness, but still I wondered…

For the next hour she told me everything about the incident and it came together in my mind. After a while, I asked her how long she’d been here at my side.

“The whole time, except the klasbahis güvenilirmi first night I went home to get a change of clothes.”

“How long have I been here?”

“Three nights. Oh it’s so good you’re awake! I’m gonna take you home tomorrow and look after you. Pay you back.”

“You don’t have to. I’m your brother. You’re my kid sister and I love you.”

Tina melted. She sobbed on my chest, I put up with the pain to give her the release she needed. She was then just 19, I was 22.

About two months later, just before my 23rd birthday we were drinking on a warm afternoon at my place and got a bit teasy-merry. It started off pretty much as usual, lots of “Oh yeah and what about…” and “Sure you did…” but gradually, maybe without either of us knowing, the atmosphere and the banter changed, as it turned out irrevocably.

The subject was whether or not Tina had paid me back in full for the beating I’d taken protecting her. She was listing a whole bunch of special things she’d done for me; meals, chores, favours.

I was pretending I still hurt all over to try to milk some new task out of her. She was giggling, trying to get me to name one last, final payback. I knew that look, since we were kids it meant: “I dare you to dare me.” Jokingly, I said: “OK kiddo. One last thing and the pain will disappear. Is that what you’re getting at?”

“One last BIG thing. Then you can do your own damn laundry, and shopping, and cooking, and… everything.”

“Oooh, I know that look. How big?”

“Er, not too big. But big.”

I looked directly into her eyes over my fourth beer in a half hour. We’d played games like this forever, and we were very competitive. The glint in Tina’s eyes made me bold: “OK. Show me your tits.”

Her jaw dropped and she gasped. “You pervert!”

“OK. I win.”

“Win what?”

“Oh, I thought this was a dare game.”

“It isn’t.” But she wasn’t scolding me, she held my gaze as I took another sip of beer. I’d been joking, but now… I really wanted her to do it. I gulped, amazed at my own boldness as my eyes said ‘I dare you.’

In a second, before I could stop her (even if I’d wanted to), she had put down her beer and her t-shirt and sports bra were over her head, then on the ground…and there they were. My sister’s tits, pale, capped with deep pink nipples that seemed to blink in the daylight. They were full and round, they still are all these years later, but that first time I saw them I almost spilled my beer not only because they were there, and perfect, but also because my sister was showing them to me.

Wanting to get full value from her victory, she walked the few steps to me and sat on my lap. She took my beer from my hand and leaned over to put it on the side table, one breast pressing to my beating chest as she did so.

She stood, straddled my legs and sat, legs apart in her summer denim shorts, astride me.

“You klasbahis yeni giriş should have known better than to dare me, Danny.”

“Yeah, but… I thought I’d gone too far this time.”

“Want me to put them away?”

“You want to?”

“No. I want you to touch me.”

I gulped hard and reached both hands for them, gently stroking her nipples. They were instantly hard.

“No, Danny. I want you to touch ME, not THEM.” She took one of my hands and I let her place it over her mound. I looked into her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes, as she wiped a few stray blond hairs from her brow. She was always pretty, now she was desirable too.

I could feel her warmth through the denim, but it was stiff and unyielding. I wanted to put my fingers inside her, but for now I rubbed gently and squeezed. I bent and licked her nipples, she held my head there while she stroked my hair. I felt a squeeze on the top of my erection, and in that instant I wanted her so much. But how do you ask your own sister to have sex with you?

“Oh Tina. I’ve dreamed… Oh shit, I can’t bring myself to admit it to you.”

“Danny, this is not ‘payback’ any more. I want you too.”

Tina stood, pulled me up with her, and reached for my jeans. She fumbled them open, reached inside for my cock and squeezed gently. I moaned, letting my senses wash over me. Reaching for her waist, I unbuttoned her shorts. they were so low on her hips that I didn’t need much of the zip open to allow my hand inside, down, and then to cup her wetness. My middle finger curled inside her making her moan as a little shudder rippled her thighs.

“Oh Danny! I can’t believe…”


She giggled for a moment, I felt her tummy shake against my wrist: “I can’t believe my brother is fingering my pussy while I’m holding his cock!”

We stroked each other for a couple of minutes. My cock burned but Tina was way ahead of me. She was pushing against my hand and breathing in moans and gasps.

I pushed her back onto the couch and practically ripped her shorts and panties off. Pushing her thighs apart, I took a second to look at her pussy. Pink, open, glistening wet, a small strip of short-trimmed light brown pubic hair above a smooth, tiny slit. It drew my tongue like a magnet. I’d never done this before but I desperately wanted to taste my sister’s pussy.

I must have shocked her because she said: “Oh fuck, Danny, no. Please. I.. don’t… Oh shit.” The hand that weakly tried to push my head away now twisted around to the back of my head. Tina pulled me gently to her pussy as I licked, tongued, fingered her wet hole. She moaned, deep and long, after just a minute or so I sensed a quick climax approaching. My sister’s thighs pressed my ears as she tensed, then began shuddering. I saw her tummy shake and felt her thighs ripple, and I knew with pride that I’d already made my sister cum. She squealed as her climax peaked, juices klasbahis giriş leaking from her little pussy which I lapped up with my tongue.

Her afterglow was short, too. She playfully pulled my hair to get me to look at her. I was grinning, she matched my laughter. I sat beside her now, she put her head on my shoulder and once again squeezed my cock. I felt no urgency. I’d made my sister cum and now I relaxed and enjoyed her hand gently masturbating me. Why I didn’t feel the need to take quick release I don’t know, but I felt Tina needed time to weigh things up. She’d just had her pussy licked by her brother and I think I knew she was reaching a decision that you can’t change afterwards.

Her deliberations were thankfully short. As if she’d rehearsed the question, she asked me: “Have you thought about sex with me, Danny? Before now, I mean?”

“Yes. Often.”

“How do you dream it would be?”

“Fantastic.” She still stroked my cock gently.

“No, I mean, um… What position?”

“Lots of different ones, but mostly I fantasise about just being on top of you.”

My cock twitched when I said it. Tina smiled at that, bit her bottom lip as she crossed her final hurdle, then she simply lay down on the rug with her legs open for me.

She stroked the scars on my ribs as I got above her, before taking my cock to guide it to her opening. I watched her face as I sank into her, it creased in rapture before a slight wince of pain as I realised I’d just burst her hymen.

“It’s OK Danny. But slowly, OK?”

My legs trembled at the effort of holding back. Now inside her, my balls screamed for me to fuck her and shoot, but my love for her held me back. Her pussy gripped me like a wet silk glove. I’m not big, but she is tight and even though she was well lubed by her own juices, sometimes my pressing caused her to wince. I couldn’t hurt her but I couldn’t stop.

I felt a familiar burning in my cockhead and simply pressed fully inside my sister. My sister. Whose pussy I was buried in. And whose womb I was about to fill with… Fuck no! I couldn’t cum inside her! Just in time I pulled out and wanked my load onto her tummy, the first powerful jets striking the bottom of her tits. I jerked like a buck deer as I unloaded on her, my eyes closed and my mind oblivious to everything except my spurting cock and my naked, gorgeous sister proudly accepting my jizz on her body.

I collapsed on top of her, not caring about the stickiness I trapped between our bodies.

After half a minute of sexual fog, I said: “Oh fuck, kiddo. I nearly passed out when I came.”

“You didn’t cum inside me though.”

“No, I wasn’t sure…”

“It would’ve been OK if you had. I’m safe.”

“Maybe next time.”

“Who says there’ll be a ‘next time’?”

I lay on my side then raised my head to look into her eyes. “You don’t wanna do it again?”

“Hell no. You’re my brother. This was just a one-time thing as payback, I told you.”

“You really don’t wanna do it again, ever?”


“Why are you stroking my cock then?”

“Er, cos if I keep you hard it counts as all one time.”

“Oh. I think it’s working.”



“Cum inside me this time?”

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