A Long Time Coming

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“Is it okay if I touch you now?” I asked.

“Isn’t that what we’re here for?” he replied, a little sarcasm in his voice. This man! I simultaneously wanted to smack him and press my mouth against his.

I felt compelled to point out that if I touched him, we wouldn’t be speaking again for quite some time…

We had hashed out the terms of our “relationship” while sitting in a quiet neighborhood bar far from where we both live, and had moved on to the quaint but clean hotel room where we planned to finally, FINALLY make good on an attraction that had been building for months. Though we were single, as prominent members of our community we didn’t want to deal with the speculation and news-worthiness of something that was really just a primal physical attraction and not likely to turn into anything romantic anyway. Keeping our sex lives and public lives separate was going to take a little effort. But now, we were done talking. It was time for more. Butterflies churned in my stomach.

“Touch me,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir!” I retorted, and slowly reached up and placed my hand against his warm cheek, feeling for the first time his strong jaw, looking into those gorgeous blue-green eyes that simultaneously mocked me and looked into my depths. It felt like forever and no time at all. Suddenly, his mouth was on me. Soft, intense, warm lips pressing into mine. God, how I needed him.

I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his strong shoulders, broad back as he leaned into me. We opened our mouths to each other and his tongue found mine. This was just a kiss and I was already losing my mind. His hands started roaming my body as I raised my hands to run them through his hair. That thick head of hair I had wanted to touch for so long. He traced my jaw gently with his fingertips and pulled my mouth even harder onto his, and I thought I was going to go over the edge.

Standing me up and moving me away from my chair, he dropped his mouth to my neck as I moaned. His warm, strong hands found the bottom edge of my shirt and snuck underneath, caressing my skin, his hands wrapped around my waist – thumbs pressing into my belly, fingertips on my back. Why had we waited so long? I wanted to rip his clothes off but simultaneously make this last as long as possible. His head dipped deeper, seeking the valley at the base of my neck. I was not going to make it. My knees buckled slightly and he wrapped one arm around me to support me.

How many times had I gazed longingly at those strong arms? How many nights had I fantasized about how they would feel wrapped around me? How short I had fallen in imagining what it would be like.

He brought his fingers up to trace the neckline of my shirt as he continued to kiss my neck. His kisses were hot, wet, passionate, but his fingertips were so delicate it almost tickled. They would sneak a little way under the edge of my shirt and then back out, dip in and out again. This was torture. Digging my fingers into his back I quietly whispered “please!” He paused but ignored me, flicking his tongue over my skin as if to taunt me even further. “PLEASE,” I moaned. Acquiescing, he began to unbutton my shirt. I began to shower his jaw with kisses, nibbling along the way. My tongue found his ear and I rejoiced in making his knees buckle a little. All’s fair…

As he unbuttoned my shirt, his mouth moved ever lower, finding the lacy edge of my bra. “Oh, my,” he breathed. “I wasn’t expecting that.” What can I say? Jeans and a flannel shirt on the outside, sexy lace underneath. Taking off my shirt, he stepped back isveçbahis a little and paused to look at me. I’m not bad to look at, if I must say so myself. An athletic hourglass figure with just enough softness to hold on to. At 5’4″, I’m a 36C, narrow in the middle, and have nicely rounded hips and ass. He pulled me close to him again and began to play with the top edge of my bra. Again, with the fingers dipping just below the edge. I grabbed his ass and pulled him even closer. God, I love a nice ass. Suddenly, he dipped his fingers under my bra and squeezed my nipple, hard. Moaning, I grabbed his face with two hands and kissed him, harder. Now it was on. He kept alternating between rolling my nipple hard between his fingers and brushing it lightly with the back of his hand. He slowly, teasingly pulled my left bra cup down to get better access. Then, he quickly pulled the other side down so I was exposed to him and my breasts were pushed up, nipples hard and begging for more.

“Sit,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir,” I again replied. As I sat, he kissed me again and leaned into me as we both fell onto the bed.

Kissing his way back down my neck, he pressed his thumbs hard into my nipples, then pinched them both again. He kissed his way around my right breast, circling ever closer until I thought I was going to go crazy if he didn’t take me into his mouth. I could feel him there, mouth hovering right over me but not touching. Then slowly, I felt his warm tongue rake across my nipple. My back arched as I moaned again and tried to press myself into him. “Hmmm…” he said and moved his mouth to the other side to repeat his action. Same response. Returning his hand to my right side, he repeated his earlier ministrations while diving into my left breast with his mouth. Tongue swirling, he sucked my nipple hard until it felt it grew another half inch, then nipped me with his teeth and then swirled his tongue again. And again. I was moaning so loudly at this point and my panties were soaked. “I think you need a little break,” he smiled, and switched sides to repeat his attentions.

As his mouth worked on my right nipple, his hand snaked down my belly and over my jeans. Using his middle finger, he put pressure right where I needed him most and I knew I was so wet I had soaked through my pants. I moaned again and lifted my hips, my breath coming in ragged gasps. Pausing and lifting his mouth, he said, “I think you could cum just from me sucking on your tits.” If words alone could make me cum, that would have done it.

It was time for me to make a move – that or melt into a puddle of nothingness. No man should look as good as he does in just a t-shirt and jeans, but it was time to get that shirt off. I pushed him over onto his back, grabbed the bottom of his shirt and worked it up over his head. Straddling him, I leaned down to kiss him as his hands cupped my breasts. With my mouth, I worked my way back to his ear, and from there down his neck. He moaned low in his throat and I took that as a good sign. I kissed my way across his shoulder and down his arm. I turned his hand and kissed the inside of his palm. Then I opened my mouth and slowly took a finger in, allowing my tongue to softly caress the length of his finger. He moaned again. Good!

Releasing his finger, I found my face at belly-button level. I kissed my way across his stomach, flicking my tongue occasionally against the line where his waistband met his skin. Reaching his belly button, I found a dark line of hair just begging me to follow it down. Unbuttoning his jeans, I glanced up isveçbahis giriş at him, staring into those gorgeous eyes. I unzipped his jeans and he lifted his hips as I slid his pants down over what looked like a promising erection under his snug, black boxer briefs. Dropping his jeans to the floor, I crawled up his body and straddled him again. Pressing my pussy down onto his cock, I kissed him again, grinding against him. Without warning, he wrapped those strong arms around me and rolled me over.

It was as if he suddenly couldn’t control himself. He was planting kisses all over me. My neck, breasts, stomach, hips. He undid my jeans and ripped them off and, before I knew it, his mouth was on my pussy, kissing it through the lacy material of my panties. I almost lost it, gasping with pleasure. He pressed his tongue into me and I knew he could taste me through the soaked panties. Sliding his hand up my leg, he pushed my panties aside with his thumb and I was so wet that he slid that nice, thick finger straight into my pussy. I groaned and pushed into him as he tongued my clit and stroked me with his thumb. His tongue traced circles around my clit as he used his other hand to pull aside my panties and spread my pussy lips wide. Suddenly, he stopped and I moaned. He grabbed the sides of my panties and pulled them off, discarding them on the floor. His mouth returned to my clit and he dipped two fingers into my pussy with strong, sure strokes, applying just enough pressure on the walls of my cunt that I could feel myself rapidly approaching an orgasm. Hips lifting, I met his strokes one by one.

I was so close to cumming when he again took his fingers out, leaving me gasping, but not for long. He slowly slid his thumb back in, eyes meeting mine. God, how many times had I imagined his face between my legs, kneeling in front of me? This was better than anything I could have imagined. Stroking slowly, he worked me back up, the intensity increasing constantly until I was writhing with pleasure. I knew I was about to cum for this man. All of a sudden, I felt his wet middle finger enter my ass, stroking at the same speed as his thumb in my pussy. A few strokes was all it took until I exploded, feeling the waves of the orgasm wash over me. He continued stroking slowly as my pussy fluttered around his thumb.

Slowly easing his fingers out of me, he grinned. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up to kiss him, my juices still coating his mouth. I reached down and took his hand, his thumb soaked with my cum, and slid it into my mouth, licking him clean. He groaned and covered my mouth with his, we groped each other for a while. “My turn,” I whispered. “Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

I pulled him to a seated position at the edge of the bed, grabbed a pillow, and threw it at his feet. I lowered myself down, grabbed those sexy boxer briefs, and pulled them off. His cock sprang free and I was not disappointed. I dropped to my knees in front of him, licking my lips. Gently, I wrapped my fingers around it. He wasn’t extremely long, probably 7″, but he certainly had girth. I could barely wrap my fingers around the base. I looked up at him and made eye contact as I leaned in and ran my tongue up the bottom of his cock, from the base to the tip. He closed his eyes and moaned. I started stroking his cock with my tongue, wrapping my tongue around him, tickling the ridge of the head, tasting his pre-cum. Kissing the length of his cock from tip to base, I made my way to his balls. He even trimmed for me – what a catch!

Slowly, I sucked one of his balls into isveçbahis yeni giriş my mouth, rolling it gently with my tongue. His eyes popped open and he gasped, bringing his hand to cup the back of my head. I released the first one and repeated my sucking on the other side. I flicked my tongue over his balls and made my way back up his cock. When I got to his meaty head, I leaned in and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, as he moaned. Wrapping one hand around the base of his cock I began stroking his cock in and out of my mouth as he guided me with his hand. Swirling my tongue and sucking as hard as I dared. His breath became quicker and quicker and he suddenly pulled out and said, “not yet.” He pulled me back up to him and kissed me, hard, his hand once again finding my pussy which was dripping wet.

“Are you ready for me?” he asked.

“I have a feeling I will always be ready for you,” I replied.

“I’m going to try to do this slowly,” he said, “but I’m having trouble controlling myself with you.” Laying me down on the bed, he spread my legs and moved between them. He lay his cock along the length of my pussy and slowly rubbed up and down, coating himself with the juices from my sopping pussy. I jumped a little every time the head of his cock touched my clit. Leaning in closer, he dropped his hips down and used his hand to slowly guide his thick head to the entrance of my cunt. I glanced down and could see his cock waiting to enter me. His strong thighs and arms supporting him, this strong man hovering over me, who wanted to be inside of me. I glanced up and he was looking at me, waiting. We stared into each others eyes as he slowly moved his hips forward. In just a few inches, then slowly out again, in a little further, then slowly out. Staring at me the whole time. Then, he sank his full length into me with a groan, closing his eyes as my hips moved up to meet his.

Pressed fully against me, he lay across me, letting me feel his weight. Lifting up a little, he kissed me and ever so slowly began moving his hips back out. All the way, until he was almost out of me, and then he pushed back in again. Out slowly, then in. He began to move just a little faster, with sure strong strokes that pressed the head of his cock along the front wall of my pussy. Never speeding up, he just maintained that pace and smiled at me as my breathing got faster and shallower. I was going to cum again, and hard.

Pushing my hips into his as hard as I could, I came, moaning loudly. Waiting for me to finish, he chuckled a little and then rolled us over so I was on top. Catching my breath, I slowly began to move. “Good God, woman, you really know what to do with those hips,” he muttered. Rocking on top of him, I teased him. Pulling out and then pushing back in again as slowly as possible. Pulling out slowly and then suddenly I pushed his gorgeous cock back into my pussy as hard as possible. He gasped and grabbed my hips as we began to move together. Not as slow as before, but not in a hurry, either.

The perfect pace, our bodies moving together to get the most friction in all the right places. His breath was starting to get ragged. I could tell he was trying to hold off but he didn’t have much longer. I leaned over and kissed him. As I leaned forward his slid a finger back down to my ass. Oh, I was done. Screaming his name, I started cumming, wave after wave of the orgasm crashing over me. As my pussy squeezed his cock over and over again, I heard him moan and felt him cum inside me. His thick cock twitched several times, filling my pussy.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of him as he wrapped his arms around me. Sighing, I said, “who needs to talk?”

Until our next meeting…


This is the first story I’ve ever written. Comments appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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