A Little Pick Me Up

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Dear Readers: you may recall seeing this story before in a slightly different form in some other venue. I’m the same Rhymer who was writing back then. I originally posted the story online in 1997; I’ve reworked it somewhat for posting on Literotica, if they’ll have it. Enjoy.


I’d had a terrible day. I’d flunked my latest algebra test, my soccer team had been knocked out of the regional finals due to a lunkhead error on my part, and worst of all my blonde bombshell

of a girlfriend — whom I’d been trying to bed for a year now — had dumped me for a football player with bigger muscles. I glumped around the house all through the rest of that afternoon, skipped dinner, and went to bed early.

I awoke to the feel of a hand sliding up my thigh. What the –? I cracked an eye open and found that my sheet had been pulled aside; a woman was sitting on the edge of my bed, tugging at the waistband of my briefs. She was nude. She was turned mostly away from me, but in the dim light from the open window I could see the sweet curve of one heavy breast.

My mysterious benefactor eased my underwear down, and my half-hard cock popped into view. I gasped as her hand enveloped it.

She ikonbet giriş looked toward me and smiled seductively.

“Finally awake, I see!” It was my older sister, Bethany.

“Beffie! What are you doing?!” I hissed.

“What does it look like? You were so down today, I thought you could use a little cheering up.” She grinned, then leaned down and kissed my rapidly-hardening penis.

Now, I won’t lie and say that I’d never thought of Bethany, who is a year older than me at 19, in a sexual way; of course I had. I’m young and heterosexual. But I’d never thought her that way seriously. She’s a real babe, though, with very nice, beautifully- rounded knockers, and a slim, tight waist. And when she straddled me and thrust her bottom toward my face, I could see what an exquisite cunt she had. Even in the dim light I could see that her delicate, petal-like lips were a pale, glistening pink, framed by a soft shading of dark brown hair. “Lick my pussy,” she

whispered, and I eagerly obeyed.

I’d never tasted anything quite like it: sweet and tangy, soothing and exciting at the same time. I loved Beffie’s flavor! I didn’t really know what I was doing but I must have done ikonbet yeni giriş something right, because soon she was moaning and twitching. Her moaning was muffled by the seven-inch cock stuffed in her mouth, just as mine was muffled by her muff.

She was working wonders on me with her tongue. She alternately sucked, blew, and licked,

occasionally breaking her rhythm to take one ball and then another into her mouth. She stopped once and just enjoyed my pussy-licking for a minute, then tensed and moaned and shook all over. It was only later, when I thought about it, that I realized she had come. Then she went down on me again. When I felt my balls tighten up and start to tingle, I groaned, “Oh, Beffie, Sis, I’m gonna come!”

She quickly pulled away. “Oh no ya don’t,” she murmured. “I need little bro to blow his load somewhere else.” She quickly divested me of my shorts and straddled my hips, leaning far forward and kissing me. Then she lifted up a little and reached back for my cock, to place it against the entrance of her hot, horny hole.

Her tits were just bobbing there in front of me, begging to be sucked, so I complied with their wishes. “Yes, yes!” she hissed. “Now ikonbet güvenilirmi scoot forward while I scoot backward, and keep suckin’ my nips!”

We did that, and I felt my cock go deep in her pussy. She was so tight it almost hurt my prick to try to force it into her. Then I felt her puss gush forth a little more cunt cream, and I slid in easily. We were in an awkward position, but oh it felt so good to be locked in that tight little sexual circle. We rocked back and forth for just a few minutes before I let all my breath out in one long whoosh and spewed my seed into my sister’s cunt.

Then I lay back, exhausted. She pile-drove her dripping snatch onto my spent cock as it slowly softened, and managed to pop off again before it was too soft to be of any use. I just lay there,

watching her face contort, her lovely breasts bounce and sway, and the moonlight play across her trim body. Thought about how beautiful she was, and how I hoped I’d marry a girl like her some day.

Finally, she climbed down, and we exchanged happy grins. “Feel better?” she whispered. I nodded: did I ever! She kissed me once again, deeply and with lots of tongue, and left my room.

I quickly fell asleep. I woke the next day with a whole new positive outlook on life.

We’ve never repeated our little tete-a-tete. She’s never even indicated to me that it happened, and I’ve never had the balls to make a move on her. Hell, who knows: maybe it was all just a wonderful dream!


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