A Hot Summer’s Night Ch. 05

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Author’s Note 1: I am working on an illustrated version of this, so if you are waiting for this, it should come soon. Once submitted it can take weeks or months to publish, so I hope it isn’t that long. I create the story with the visualization in mind, much like a movie director, I find the scene and then build off that, so I am hoping the visualization enhances the story.

Author’s Note 2: I apologize for the delay in getting this out. This story was written back in July, but life gets in the way and I lost the motivation to finish for a while, re-writing a large portion of this recently and editing. I hope to have a more regular schedule of releases, so here’s hoping. This is the third story I wrote since Chpt 4, the first two ended up being very heavy or moody, and I didn’t like it. I was responding to some comments about including some conflict, and it didn’t fit. I decided I want this to be a more idealistic, upbeat story, so that’s what I wrote.

Author’s Note 3: This is a looong story, my longest yet (almost 20k words). As I was writing I kept adding more details and more setup that I felt was needed to explain the progression. I don’t know what people prefer, it’s just that this ended up being long. If you don’t like that, I am sorry. If you do, great, you’ll love this.

Author’s Note 4: There are elements of cheating in this story. I know this upsets many of you out there, and I am sure you will let me know. However, let this serve as a notice to you, that if you don’t like that kind of story, don’t read this one. Any negative comments to that portion of the story will be deleted, unless they are particularly entertaining.

Author’s Note 5: There are some gay undertones in this one, just barely. And a lot of lesbianism. As above, if this is upsetting to you, I advise skipping, but it really isn’t too much.

The story continues…

What a long, strange trip it has been.

And by long, I mean only a month or so. And by strange, well, I am lying here in bed, my wife is nuzzled next to me, contently sleeping off yesterday’s first-time lesbian encounter (HSN4), while my sister is giving me the most sensual, intimate blowjob I have ever received. This is not a complaint or a dig at my wife’s excellent oral skills, mind you, far from it. But to an outsider this would appear to be a fucked-up or made-up fantasy story that no one would believe.

Perhaps I should take a moment to refresh how I got here, a “Previously on Incest Family” style recap. A few months ago, my wife and I talked about fantasies and one that had been on my mind was the idea of her fucking another guy. Not an open marriage, just if the moment arose and she was turned on enough, she had a ‘hall pass’, no strings attached, as long as she told me all about it. No secrets. I don’t want to go into the moral and ethical questions this may bring up in your mind, or the multitude of ways that this could go wrong, I get it. Just accept the fact that it turns me on, and we’re ok with it.

So, back to a few months ago (The Prequel) when during a “girls’ weekend”, Jaime had a moment with a guy and acted on her “hall pass”. She was actively in the middle of “having said moment” with the guy when my sister, cousin and their very drunk friend stumbled in on her riding him. Except for their friend, they had all known about the hall pass, but I think something about actually watching my wife fuck another guy, knowing I was ok with it, somehow opened a closed sexual door in my sister’s head.

She had been, or still is, living in what amounts to a sexless marriage with her older husband. As Val describes it, they seemed to have just grown as just great friends and sex became less important for them, to the point where it had been well over a year since they were last intimate. My sister had seemingly convinced herself that she was fine with the situation and instead turned inward and became very conservative, even more so then she was over the past years.

Look, to be honest, my sister is hot, still has a great body and is in her sexual prime, but she wasn’t engaging in her own desires. That night, after they walked in on my wife, my sister and my cousin, who has had her own share of relationship dramas, had a hot lesbian encounter for the first time since they were younger. My wife happened to hear them together and even watched a little.

Jaime probably won’t admit this, but I think the incest and the taboo nature of what she observed was a huge turn on for her, and somewhere in her mind her own sexual doors started opening. Being with me, if you open a sexual door, I will most likely let you walk through it.

The next morning, my sister talked more openly with Jaime about the sexless nature of her relationship with her husband and admitted that she isn’t as ok with the whole celibacy thing as she thought. My wife and Val talked about how you can’t just grab a substitute off the street because you never know what you get with a one-night stand. They hiltonbet giriş had agreed Jaime had gotten lucky with this guy as he wasn’t acting like a creep, yet.

Jaime had decided then that she was probably done with the whole random guy thing because while it is a huge turn on, it was a bit too risky. Val told her she wasn’t looking to just hook up, and that she doesn’t want to necessarily ‘cheat’ on her husband, but she does have strong needs that have been repressed for a long time now.

It was at this moment where things totally changed for the three of us. I don’t know who brought it up first, but the concept of “keeping it in the family” was discussed. My sister was already committing incest with my cousin, but a brother is a big step up that ladder. I am still shocked that my wife was leading that whole discussion, but as I said, somewhere in both their heads new doors were opened, and they were both able to rationalize and make some sense of their desires. After talking through the details, my wife and sister launched a plan for my sister to seduce, and ultimately fuck me.

Over the next couple of months, we have had several sexual encounters, individually and threesomes, that ultimately led to my wife’s first pure lesbian tryst with my sister, which she never would have considered before. That specific evening ended with me walking in on them and ultimately cumming in my sister’s ass while my wife was penetrating her with a strap-on (HSN 4). My wife and I DP’d my sister. Like I said, a long, strange trip.

Now that I have brought you up to speed, I think we can move on and get back to where my sister is currently gently sucking on my balls.

“Jesus Val, this is fucking amazing!” I whispered, not wanting to wake Jaime. Not because I didn’t want her to see, but she was very tired and needed some sleep. I am very thoughtful that way.

“I’d like to think a sister knows what her brother needs,” she whispered back. I couldn’t see her face, as I was looking at the back of Val’s head bobbing up and down, but I could feel her run her tongue up my shaft and slide my cock back between her lips and swallowing as much of me as she could. Val was working me slowly up and down, moving her tongue all over my cock in her mouth with each head bob. My moaning and Val’s slurping was eventually too much noise for Jaime, and she stirred.

“Make him cum already Val, you’re keeping me up,” my wife Jaime grumbled as she rolled over, pressing her ass against my hip.

I suppressed a laugh, but Val giggled with my dick in her mouth and then silently went to work. She had already expertly gotten me close a few times before, so it only took a minute or so of her focused blowjob on the head of my cock before I started shaking as I exploded in her mouth. I tried to moan quietly but I wasn’t having much success as my body shuddered a few times with each spurt of my cum into my sister’s mouth. Val was making these super cute “Mmmm” sounds with each burst as she kept her lips locked down on my cock, swallowing my seed and trying not to spill a single drop.

When I finished unloading into her, she turned over pressing her breasts into my chest and kissed me on the mouth, slipping her tongue inside so I could taste what was left of my own cum. She seemed to like to do that a lot, and I didn’t mind the taste honestly. It was very erotic.

“Finally,” Jaime murmured as I finished. Val smiled as she laid her head on my shoulder and we both wordlessly drifted off to sleep, one arm around my sister, the other was draped over my wife. Not a bad life, from my perspective.

When I awoke a while later, the bed was empty, and I could hear the shower going. Soft giggling echoed out from the bathroom like morning songbirds, and my imagination painted several beautiful pictures of what could be happening. Slipping out of bed, I walked quietly to the bathroom door, hoping I would catch the girls in a moment. The steam from the shower had obscured most of the shower glass, but I could make out someone on their knees, head between the legs of the other who was using the wall for balance. I thought I could spot my sister’s blond hair on the one that was standing. I moved closer and when I pushed the shower door open, I was greeted with an erotic sight.

First, the hot water of the shower running over my sister’s big tits, and huge erect nipples, sent blood straight to my cock. Second, my wife’s face was buried in my sister’s pussy, tongue eagerly lapping at her clit. I never thought I would ever see my wife eating another woman’s pussy, but now she seemed as if she was quite comfortable in the task. The past few weeks have really had changed her. She gave me a quick smile when she stopped for a moment and turned her head to look at me. I noticed she had a few fingers buried inside my sister as well, still sliding in and out as she smiled. I was instantly hard and started to enter the shower, when Val put up her hand in a sign to stop. hiltonbet yeni giriş

“Nope, girls only. Your wife is paying me back for your blowjob, so stay out,” Val adjusted her position leaning against the wall and used her free hand to pull Jaime’s face back into her pussy by the back of her head. Jaime went quickly back to work.

I reluctantly stepped out of the shower, respecting the request, allowing the door to close to my sister’s pleasurable moans. I peed and used the sink to wipe the dried cum off my leg that had dripped out from earlier. I left the girls to their activities in the shower and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Val came into the kitchen first a little while later seeking out some coffee, having been freshly showered and presumably satisfied. When she spotted me, she smiled, “Good morning sunshine. Rested from your morning exertion?”

Val walked up to me, pressed her soft, warm breasts into my body as she leaned up and gave me soft, loving, wet kiss. She was only wearing a t-shirt, so her ample breasts were moving at the whims of gravity and physics. Both the girls know how much of a juvenile I am when it comes to breasts and the sight of them freely swaying under her shirt started my motor running again. She gave me a knowing smile as if reading my mind and turned to the fridge for some milk for her coffee.

“I have to say Val, as blowjobs go, that was top shelf,” I commented as I scooped up a spoonful of cereal and shoveled it into my mouth.

“Well, I have to admit it was a bit self-serving, though your wife was kind enough to fulfill that payback quite nicely,” she smiled over the cup of her coffee.

“Jaime seems to be diving right in, as it were, when it comes to that,” I added with a touch of surprise in my voice.

“She’s a natural,” my sister chuckled. “Look, it’s not like I am an expert, Julie was the only other girl I ever really fooled around with. I have kissed several girls, but that was all just innocent stuff. It has been easier, and more natural, with Julie and Jaime,” Val clarified.

Val moved over to the kitchen sink and rinsed her cup, reaching across the counter and giving me full view of her breasts as the hung down, forming a deep cleavage. She stood back up giving me a “caught you” look with both hands on her hips, putting her bust on prominent display.

“My eyes are up here,” she mocked, knowing full well she was playing me. “You are so predictable.”

“What can I say, I am a breast man all the way,” I shrugged in reply.

“Speaking of breasts, Julie and Geoff are going with us to the house in Mexico the week of 4th of July,” Val began.

“That’s and interesting segue,” I mumbled through my cereal.

“Well, between the three of us, she has the biggest breasts, even after her reduction,” Val commented. “I figured you might want another set around.”

“What are you trying to do Val, create a harem?” I asked, finishing off my cereal and moving past her to rinse off my bowl in the sink. Val moved away and leaned against the counter to continue.

“As I was saying, Julie and Geoff are going to the house, and I figured that might provide some opportunities,” Val continued not even trying to hide the veiled plan behind her words. To clarify, “the house” is my sister’s vacation house in Mexico. We had planned the trip a while back, and recent events have made the prospects much more interesting.

I think it’s important to also add some context here. As I mentioned above, Val has been very conservative, even submissive, up to this point in her marriage, both in her mannerisms and her dress. Over the last month or so since we started having sex, she has changed completely, at least around us. I am pretty sure things haven’t changed with her husband. What has changed dramatically around Jaime and I, or me in particular, is she has become much more dominant, taking more control in situations, dressing sexy to the point of revealing.

Val has enjoyed being sexually playful, and even sometimes demanding, like the situation this morning. It’s very hot, honestly, as it lets me tap into some of my sexually progressive aspects, such as being a little submissive at times or the snowballing she does with me, and I think she is keying off these feelings. Val has come out of her sexual shell that was dormant for a very long time and I don’t think she wants to go back.

“What’s going on in that head of yours, Val?” I asked with some bemusement.

“What? It’s not like I didn’t mention this before,” she mocked offense.

“It’s one thing that we are the way we are Val, but quite another when it comes to including our cousins,” I added seriously. “It’s not like this is a normal, socially accepted thing we are doing. To try and bring in someone else could really upset the balance here,” I argued, but not really trying to convince her.

“First, there is no one else I know that has a wicked, naughty mind like you. hiltonbet güvenilirmi But if there was a close second, it would be Julie. And, it’s not like Julie and I haven’t fooled around,” Val began her argument. “So, she clearly isn’t opposed to some incestuous ideas. Besides, she wasn’t what I was thinking about, at least not primarily,” Val added

“What do you mean? I can’t even imagine Julie having such a dirty mind,” I asked.

“Believe me, she is very quiet outwardly, but when you get her comfortable, she has some pretty interesting things rolling around in her head,” she began.” Besides, it’s not like you or I are sexually normal, considering recent events. And, I know that you are very turned on by your wife fucking another man, or even a woman now. When Jaime and I last spoke about it, she wasn’t happy with just random encounters, too much of a risk, so that was kind of put on the shelf. So, I thought, what about Geoff?””

I was just stunned for the moment, and looked at Val, not exactly sure what to say in response. So, Val just continued.

“If rumors are true, Geoff is packing quite the beast,” she looked me knowingly raising an eyebrow. “And for as much as it turns you on thinking of Jaime fucking a hot guy, having her fuck a hot guy with a nice big dick is that much better. But the right guy with the right equipment and right attitude is hard to find, impossible even. Geoff is hot, safe, in the family so no drama, and supposedly packing a nice…big…cock,” Val emphasized those last words seductively.

“So, you are doing this all for me, is that what you are saying? Are you sure you don’t to take his dick for a spin, Val?” I asked accusingly, giving me some time to process her words by deflecting.

“Maybe I do,” she answered matter of fact. “Jealous?”

I must admit in that moment I was a little, but that passed quickly, understanding the situation.

“Maybe,” I mocked in answer.

I am not sure if it showed something different on my face, but she came over to me, cupped my cock in her hands, kissed me gently on the lips before adding, “You know I love my big brother, right?”

We had told each other we loved each other before, but that was always the more automatic responses a family gives. Now, I actually felt the words for their deeper intent.

I pulled my sister against me a kissed her deeply, softly French kissing her for a few moments. Breaking the kiss, I responded, “I love you, too.”

“Good. So, back to the topic,” Val continued, not missing a beat. “Julie is still single, and to be honest, she hasn’t been with a guy since she left her boyfriend last year. She doesn’t get into too many details, but he was apparently very abusive, more mentally and emotionally. She hasn’t really worked up the desire or need to be with another guy. But, when you talk to her, you know that girl needs to get laid.”

“So, what? You think a tumble with her cousin would just do the trick?” I asked.

“Well, you are a nice guy, good in the sack, won’t abuse her and won’t be an added drama burden. If she is just looking for a guy to fuck, you certainly would be a good first choice,” Val went on.

Not sure what to say, I changed the topic. “What about Geoff? How do you know he is packing?” I asked.

“Well, apparently, when Julie was babysitting Geoff’s son, who was I guess seven or eight at the time. He had him jump in the shower, as normal, but when she saw him drying off, she noticed that the kid was apparently quite impressive for his age, if you follow.”

“Really?” was all I could manage.

“And, Julie told her mother, who made the comment to our mother “Just like his father”, Val concluded.

“That’s what you are basing this on?” I asked, a bit un-impressed.

“Like the size really matters anyway, right?” Val tried to cover.

I must admit, I was warming to the idea and was secretly hoping the rumors were true.

Val kept going, “Geoff has been divorced for, it must be 8 months now, so I know there isn’t that complication. I don’t know what he would think about us or the whole idea, to be honest. Julie might have a dirty mind, but she doesn’t even know we fuck, for that matter,” she mused.

“You really haven’t told her?” I asked.

“No, I am not sure what she would think. We have fooled around, so kissing cousins isn’t a problem but my brother fucking me in the ass? I don’t know,” she continued, with a wry smile.

“I think it would be fun to find out though,” and a deep, mischievous grin crossed her face. “Besides, I am pretty sure you have thought about having Julie’s big tits in your hands,” she went in for the kill.

It’s true, I have always tried catching glimpses of her tits, and I wondered what they looked like under her typically bulky, flowing attire. Julie is slightly on the heavier side, and when she was a teenager, was basically all breast. She had to have a reduction just to be able to have a normal figure, but even after the operation, she still has very large, heavy breasts. She has always been is a little on the shy side when it comes to her body, so she always wore bulky, or flowing Bo-Ho style clothing. She is a natural beauty though, not one to wear makeup, so the idea was really starting to really turn me on.

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