A Helping Hand – The Reprise

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This is a sequel to an earlier story but intended to stand on its own.

It was early morning. Eva had been awake for some time. Her lover stirred beside her in the bed, deep in sleep. She loved early morning sex and the thought occurred that this could very well be the last morning she would have with Art. She struggled to remove her nightie before snuggling up behind him. ‘Ah God’ she thought, she loved to press her breasts against his back as she slipped her one hand under his arm, reaching down along his belly.

She moved carefully, preferring to have him erect before he awakened. She imagined being a seductress as she coaxed his unconscious body into lust for her. His cock was flaccid and curled upwards along his belly, but she felt it pulse at the touch of her fingers. She rubbed her mound on the cheek of his ass, moaning softly to herself.

His cock stiffened, he began to stir. She kissed and licked his neck and behind his ears. He rolled back towards her, spreading his legs as she slowly stroked his hardening cock. A little moan as he rolled completely to his back, wallowing in the delicious feeling of her insistent hand. She rose up and over him until one tit rubbed his chest.

“Back for more are you. Don’t you ever sleep in?” Art groaned, his arms above his head in abject surrender.

“Keep quiet and enjoy,” Eva said in mock anger, while climbing up his body enough to slip one nipple into his mouth. He clamped hard on it, holding it in his lips as he ran his tongue around the aureole. “Ah God Art, you suck so well.”

Art rolled to his side facing her, she lifting one leg up over his hip in an invitation to use her however he wished. She reached down between them and held his cock while he slipped a hand behind her and back between her spread legs, dragging his fingertips along her wet swollen pussy. They kissed with mounting passion, tongues swirling and exploring as they pleasured each other with their hands.

Art hooked two fingers into her slit, running the tips along the inside of her pussy, her clit massaged between his active fingers. Eva pulled back to allow him room, clamping her pussy tight on the fingers. He bent and sucked a nipple in as he took her to the edge. Eva was lost in passion, just waiting for him to either get her off with his fingers, or put his cock in her, she didn’t care, she just wanted to come.

He pulled his fingers out and slid them back along her crease to her butt hole, rimming and teasing it. “Does it matter where I put it lover?” Art teased.

“Art, you know where I want it, mornings are for pussies,” Eva demanded.

His cock tip was already brushing the slit, so he eased it into her slowly. They both groaned at the pure pleasure as it slid up inside her, parting the velvet folds of her pussy. They began a slow grind, he first, his hips the driving force behind each short stroke. Then Eva took over as he held his cock stiff and still. She twisted and pulled at his cock, sliding back and forth along its full length in a corkscrew simulation.

Then, as if a switch of some sort had flicked on, they repeated their ballet of passion at higher speed and need in complete unison. Their bellies slapped together with force as they competed to be the most aggressive. He could feel her pussy pulsing wildly until he erupted in a toe-curling shout. She kept at him, her hips never stopping until her pussy squeezed his softening cock out to her lips.

They rolled apart, arms spread in exhaustion. This had been more than just an average fuck. There were implications swirling around their minds about what would follow.

Art wanted a permanent arrangement, preferably marriage. Eva was content to meet frequently but not continuously, and wanted no part of marrying again. She enjoyed sex with Art, but was not ready for anything more permanent. This night had been Art’s final offer, so to speak. He wanted a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Art rose and went to the bathroom, returning to see Eva still spread naked on the bed. He began to dress, no words spoken as they pleaded with their eyes. There did not seem to be a compromise and Art bent to kiss her softly, “Bye Eva,” he murmured and left.

Eva heard his car start up and pull away. She had regrets, but she just knew that she did not want a 24-hour soul mate. She needed space and could not imagine marrying again.

Eva had been married for over twenty years, her husband Eddie dying when they had just turned fifty. She had been in shock for several years, not wanting to go out in public, her day’s just dreary events that she somehow struggled through. Her best friends, Mike and Alice along with their son Jim, had gradually convinced her to emerge from her shell and start to live again. In fact Jim, about twenty years old at the time had unknowingly become her savior.

He had reawakened her interest in sex. They had always enjoyed each other, exchanging thoughts and ideas freely, and as he grew into a young man, sex problems became isveçbahis an issue for him in particular. He confided in her on one occasion, that he had problems with premature ejaculation and could never consummate sexual encounters with his various girl friends. This provided an opening for Eva to offer some advice and practical assistance in the form of ‘lessons’.

The lessons began with erotic chat, touching, manual sex and ended up with them fucking every chance they could get, while maintaining secrecy from his parents and the community at large. Eva had loved the feel of his hard young body on her and in her. The lessons were successful and Jim gained confidence in making love with Eva, ultimately performing very well.

There was no way a 20 year old male would ever give up regular sex so it was necessary for Eva to make a move. She had brought an end to the meetings, deciding to get on with her own life.

Art had been her lover before she married Eddy. He was a widower and had been calling her regularly for a date and the hope of rekindling their romance of twenty years previous. She had told Jim that while she loved sex, she was basically a one-woman man and would be concentrating on someone other than he.

That had all happened three years previous to this last encounter in bed with Art. She was despondent. She liked Art, almost to the point of loving him, and had enjoyed their dates and walks together. They had even spent a very pleasant week together in Hawaii. But he wanted all of her, all of the time, and she was just not ready to surrender herself totally, and doubted that she ever would.

She had not heard much from Jim in the past year, but her friend Alice, Jim’s mother, kept her generally informed of his activities. He had left town to attend graduate school at a high end University and was now within a few months of graduation.

Alice had also kept Eva aware of Jim’s affairs of the heart. She had reported that he had enjoyed a number of romance’s and had even brought two of the young ladies home on separate occasions to meet her and Mike. Eva smiled to herself as she considered her lesson’s being used to pleasure others. She closed her legs tightly as her pussy squirmed at the memory of his young stiff cock. She wondered if he ever thought of her now.

She was to find out several months later. Jim was scheduled to come home for a few weeks before leaving for a job outside of the country. One afternoon Alice called her to come over to help greet him home. Eva was as jittery as a virginal bride on her wedding night. She stood in the background with a few other friends as Jim hugged his parents. But his eyes soon focused on Eva, and when the niceties were done with his parents, he gathered her into his arms for a kiss.

He murmured in her ear, “Christ, you look good enough to eat, you are gorgeous.” And then he was on to the next friend.

Eva’s heart was pounding. She had dressed in a light summer skirt and sheer blouse for the occasion. In fact, Alice had raised her eyes with a questioning smile when she arrived. “Got a hot date somewhere Eva?” she had said.

Eva had blushed a little and said, “No, just wanted to look nice for your son.”

There had been a short reception, with a few drinks and snacks. As Eva left, Jim escorted her to the door and said in a low voice, “Can I call you? I understand that you have broke up with Art.”

Eva wondered if she had pushed the envelope too much with her provocative appearance, but she squeezed his hand and said, “Any time for you Jim, anytime.”

Jim’s thoughts remained on Eva the rest of that day. He had pretty well blocked sex with her from his mind once she had started the romance with Art. His mother had brought him up to date about Eva and Art before he arrived home. He had thought of little else but the possibility of another round of hot sex. Her response had confirmed that she might be thinking that herself. He had this feeling that he might bring her something unique in repayment for her kindness several years prior. It was really not that noble a thought; he wanted her again, no question and it was not in any manner a question of ‘repayment’.

Eva was excited at the thought of being alone again with Jim. To be truthful, she was not at all surprised that despite the younger women now in his life that he still desired her. What they had enjoyed a few years previous had been quite special. She waited for his call that evening, but it did not happen, or the next day, or the next.

Her nights were fitful with fantasies and memories of his hard body on her and in her. He was probably chasing after one of the young women from his earlier days. Those days when he could not keep it up for them; the days before she coaxed him and trained him how to treat a woman and how to fuck properly! She felt betrayed, a martyr, after all she had done for him. She had given him her body for his pleasure. Then she caught herself and smiled, she had probably got more isveçbahis giriş pleasure out of it then he had!

There was a knock on her door one morning. She had been cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and was still in her morning robe. She had not fixed her hair or applied makeup. She was a mess but presumed it would be a courier or a tradesman of some sort. She pulled the door open enough to peek out.

Jim stood there in shorts, sandals and tank top; he looked delicious. He had filled out, his chest and arms were thicker than she remembered, and his thighs still bulged in the manner that could almost make her come.

Jim smiled, “How’s your lawn, your garden, your fence? Need any work done?”

The kind of work that Eva wanted done would not be done outdoors. But she played it cool now that he was there. “I look awful, but come in and I will think of something for you to do.” She clutched her robe more tightly to her and opened the door. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘I don’t have bra or panties on. What would he think?’

“I was just having a coffee, would you like a cup,” she murmured as she turned and headed for the kitchen.

Jim caught her from behind by the arm and pulled her back into him. He bent and kissed the back of her neck as his arms slid under hers and his hands fondled her breasts through the robe. There was nothing tentative about him; he was a man who knew what she was thinking and confident enough to take what he wanted.

He whispered in her ear, “My mind has been filled with thoughts of you since I touched you the other day. I want to make love to you again Eva. You are so damn beautiful and desirable.”

Eva had no doubt that he wanted her, his hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass was enough of a clue. It was she who was tentative. ‘Why had he not called sooner? Had he been with one of his former girlfriends?’ But then she thought, ‘who cares. I don’t plan on marrying him. This is for sex only, enjoy for God’s sake.’

She turned her head enough that there lips could meet, a soft lingering kiss of former pleasures. She untied her robe, he pulled it open and turned her towards him and slipped his arms under the robe and around her naked back. She trembled at his firm handling of her. She melted in his arms as his hungry tongue and lips meshed with hers. He pulled the robe off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He stepped backwards to allow himself a full view of her naked body while he dropped his shorts and pulled off his tank top.

‘Ah God,’ she thought, ‘his body is even harder than it was, he must be working out, God I want him in me.’ He pulled off his boxer shorts, bending to remove them. Eva almost melted at the sight of his hard ass and prominent cock. ‘Damn, it looks bigger than I remember. Is that possible?’

Jim was not thinking of the slim and firm young women he had been screwing regularly these past few years. It was not possible for any of them to compare with the erotic appeal of this mature naked woman standing in front of him. She knew what was coming her way and was ready to play, no uncertainties or reluctance in her eyes. She wanted pleasure and she wanted him.

The scene was incongruous to Eva’s mind, a fifty five year old woman, standing naked in her living room at ten in the morning in front of a twenty four year old naked man with a cock so stiff it was bowed upwards. Eva would not need a photo of it in order to remember the rest of her life.

They came together smoothly, full open mouthed kisses, her hard nipples scraping the chest hairs of Jim’s muscular chest, his cock sliding easily between her legs and along the length of her already juicy slit. She clasped her arms around his neck as he played her body like a violin, burning fingertips tracing the outline of her back and butt.

He was calm and unhurried, just as she had cautioned him during her instructions a few years previous. ‘Wait for her response, don’t rush things’ she had warned him. Strange thing now was that it was she that longed for the next step more quickly and began to slide her pussy back and forth along the top of his hard bone.

He eased her back slowly against a wall, not losing contact as he moved her. The intensity of their kisses increased, his hand slid down her leg to the back of her knee. He caressed the silky skin before lifting her one leg up until she hooked her heel behind this powerful thigh. He bent his knees to allow the knob of his cock to press firmly up against her pussy.

“Oh Jim, please, don’t tease me,” she moaned as she moved her hips, positioning her body to receive his thrust. When he did not respond, she pressed firmly down until the big knob slipped between her tense pussy lips. “Jim, now please, for God’s sake,” she demanded.

Jim eased his cock up into her, a long slow push that elicited gasps of pleasure from both of them. He felt her clench around it, as she buried her tongue in his mouth. He withdrew until his knob caressed her isveçbahis yeni giriş lips and clit and then thrust back into her. He continued with increasing speed and force until their pubic bones banged together like a trip hammer. Eva tightened her arms around him, he could sense her need to get off so he lifted her other leg up as he pressed her back against the wall and stroked her relentlessly until she stiffened and cried out.

He held her in his arms in that position pressing her back to the wall, still stroking her trembling pussy until he felt her recover some. He pulled his cock out and carried her to a bedroom, kissing and nuzzling her all the way.

He laid her gently on the bed, her eyes still glazed with passion, her body still heaving as her breath returned to normal.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world Eva. You make love like no other,” he smiled at her as he moved slowly up on the bed, settling on his knees between her legs. He leaned over her; his hands planted each side of her head.

Eva looked up at this gorgeous hunk of man, his eyes intent on hers. She reached for the big cock, glistening in the morning light as he lifted her butt upwards. She rubbed the knob in her slippery pussy lips and lay back, surrendering her body to him. His cock slipped in easily and he thrust at her repeatedly, their eyes fixed on the others.

Eva groaned, “Come for me Jim, don’t hold back now, I want to feel you fill me.” She relaxed and spread, allowing him free reign to use her.

Finally, he lowered himself down on her, his arms sliding up under her and hooking around her shoulders. She clenched her legs around his back, her heels digging into the back of his thighs as they fucked. He felt her loose pussy begin to tighten around him giving him the feeling that she was trying to stop him, which had the opposite effect as he forced his cock through until with a final desperate stroke he exploded within her.

They remained stuck together in that position, trembling and shaking from the sudden release of passion, until he finally rolled off of her to lie on his back beside her.

Eventually, they rolled to face each other, propped up on elbows with huge grins on their faces.

“Wow,” Jim said, “that was all I could have wanted, and even better than I have imagined.”

“Wow, wow,” grinned Eva, “You have been practicing I see. You are teaching the teacher now. That was beautiful.”

They leaned in and kissed lightly at first, and then with a little more heat. Eva teased, “Any thing else you can teach me?”

Just then the phone beside the bed rang. Eva answered, “Oh hi Alice,” and mouthed ‘your mother’ to Jim.

“Yes, he is here, trimming my lawn in the back yard right now, want to talk to him?”

After a minute, “Oh, okay, I’ll tell him then. Yes he looks great, he must have enjoyed himself at that University.”

As Eva continued to chat, Jim got up and went into the bathroom, returning with a towel and warm wet cloth. He lifted her butt up and slipped the towel beneath. She peered down with a questioning look as he sat beside her and spread her legs.

“Oh goodness,” she murmured as he proceeded to clean her pussy with the warm cloth. “Oh nothing Alice, something just fell off the table.”

What a strange kick it was for both of them. Jim delicately continued to wash out the pussy as Eva lay back with clenched lips as her friend Alice prattled on. Tossing the cloth to one side, he smiled up at her as he circled a fingertip around her still engorged clit while teasing a nipple with the tip of his tongue.

She hung up and said, “She wants you to pick up some charcoal for the barbeque on your way home.”

She lay back and smiled, “What now? Still more lawn work? Or is there some other work more pressing? And where did that last bit develop, you must have had more instruction since you left my class.”

He moved in over her and sucked the other nipple and rubbed her wet mound with his fingertips. Finally he said, “We need a shower now. I remember our first one together. I wonder if we can remember all that we did that time, and repeat it. Hmm, one other thing, have you ever let a man shave your pussy?”

Eva shivered, “Oh God, what have you been learning at that school? Would you really want to do that? How about I shave your bush as well. Ah damn, that would really feel naked wouldn’t it. I mean if we made love after shaving. Oh God, you have made a mess out of my mind now.”

Their banter had aroused them once more; she could feel his hard bone rubbing on her. Art had never recovered this quickly. Jim pulled her on top of him; she settled on her knees each side of his torso, her pussy hovering over the engorged knob of his cock. He reached up and rolled her nipples in his fingers and smiled, “You be boss this time.”

She settled down on it, her upper body erect, glaring down at him as he continued squeezing her nipples, bracing herself with her hands on his shoulders. She still had a few tricks that those young sluts had not yet learned. She twisted her hips with each up and down stroke, eliciting yelps of passion from her young lover. She bent lower and jammed her tits on his chest and humped him frantically.

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