A Hank’n for a Spank’n

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It was a summer day in Arlen, Texas. The weather was hot, but the beers were cool. Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhower were sitting by the sidewalk as they usually do on a weekend day like this. There was nobody on the street, no cars or anything. All there was, was Bobby on the far end of the road riding his bike, his fat ass hanging over the seat, looking juicier than a bowl of peaches.

Hank stared on, only now he realized that Bobby was thicc as fuck. The bulge in Hank’s pants grew larger as Bobby pedaled his way home. Bobby puts his bike in the garage and goes inside. “Hold on fellas, I gotta go to the bathroom.” Hank says to his friends.

Hank makes his way to his front door, looking inside to see if his sexy ass son was on the couch watching TV. No, he must have went to his room. Hank makes his way inside, heading to the bathroom as he previously stated.

He pulls down his jeans, his throbbing erection ready to release its hot, sticky load. He runs his hand down his massive, 12 inch shaft. He starts stroking his long solid cock, going slow at first, but getting more vigorous as the seconds passed.

The door creaks open without any warning. Hank betist giriş looks over at Bobby’s sexy ass face, and blows gallons of his man mayonnaise. Bobby looks on in horror, but found the interaction somewhat arousing.

Bobby began to feel the bulge increasing in size, stretching his cargo shorts and tighty whities. Hank takes notice of Bobby’s increasingly large package, and his flaccid penis quickly grew hard again. Bobby, without thinking, pulled down his pants, his huge, throbbing man lance protruding past his underwear.

“Bwahhh Bobby, I didn’t know your dick was so fucking huge.” Says Hank to his fully erect son. He approaches him, with lust in his eyes.

Bobby leans in close, and Hank closes the gap. Bobby’s lips felt so soft on Hanks moist mouth, and he couldn’t help but release a groan of pure bliss. Hank’s hand slowly reaches for Bobby’s huge cock, taking in the warmth of his hot shaft. “Father, that feels so good.” Says Bobby.

Hank gets onto his knees, looking into Bobby’s deep urethra. He slides Bobby’s meat rod deep down his throat. He felt suffocated, but enjoyed every second. Bobby’s cock tasted perfect, the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.

Before Bobby could betist yeni giriş protest, he shot his ginormous load down his fathers throat.

Coughing, Hank looked down at his dick, precum dripping down his big shaft. “It’s mah turn Bobby.” Hank rushes Bobby into his room, and throws him down on his bed. Bobby gets on all fours, preparing his ass for the pounding of a life time.

Hank spits on his throbbing cock, and slams his love staff into Bobby’s tight virgin asshole. Hank pounds Bobby’s ass vigorously. He pounds so hard that his dick escapes Bobby’s tight grip, and slams hard into his moist boy pussy.

“What the hell Bobby? You’re a hermaphrodite?” Said the shocked father. “This was better than I expected.” He says. He wraps his strong hands around Bobby’s mouth, and proceeds to thrust his big meaty cock, nearly touching Bobby’s uterus. Hank whispers into Bobby’s ear, “I’m gonna turn you in to a hollowed out meat sock.”

Bobby, his tight virgin man pussy being pounded by his father, screams in both pain and bliss. Hank, his cock twitching, veins bulging off his dick, pounds Bobby’s pussy harder and harder. He knew the feeling. He’s felt it thousands of times before. He was about betist güvenilirmi to cum.

Hank cums on Bobby’s feet, a weird fetish he’s had since childhood. He then proceeds to lick the cum from Bobby’s feet, taking his time to suck on all of Bobby’s toes.

Bobby’s dick hardens again at the feeling of Hank’s tongue running between all of his toes.

Bobby slams Hank onto the bed, spreading his legs into the air and exposing Hank’s tight hairy cornhole. Without any lube, Bobby rams his ginormous love muscle into Hank’s ass.

Hank does not protest. He bites his tongue and takes it, just like he took Bobby’s virginity. He didn’t know it, but this is the feeling he’s needed all of his life. His asshole growing wider, he savors the feeling of Bobby’s member going in and out, rubbing against the paper-thin tissue separating his asshole from his organs.

Bobby, ready to blow his load for the last time, removes his cock swiftly from his fathers asshole, and shoves it in to his own manshaft. Not thinking about the consequences it may bring, he releases his load into himself.

After a few minutes of sensational spit swapping, the door bursts open with a bang. “What the hell?” Says Dale His friends and Peggy gathering around the door in astonishment, looking not only at Hank and Bobby lying naked in bed, but also the fact that Bobby is a hermaphrodite.


Or not, I don’t know. Just kinda threw this together in one night for the memes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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