A Great Day For A Swim

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The soft morning rain was soaking into my shirt as I made my customary morning jog through the neighborhood. The sun had just come over the horizon and combination of morning sun and water conspired to bring her memory back to me.

It was a similar morning when we created one of my favorite memories. Alys was a beautiful woman. She was full of life and lovely beyond words. The morning began with me gazing at her sleeping face before kissing her lightly on the cheek, rousing her from her slumber.

“Good morning beautiful” I sang to her when her eyes fluttered open. “I have a wonderfully exciting morning planned for us, you need to get up and get ready to go!”

“Mmmmmm, it’s so early though” she responded.

“We need to be out and on the road before the sun comes up and that isn’t much longer.”

“Kiss me first” Alys demanded. I lowered my lips to hers and gently kissed her. Our kiss slowly increased in intensity as the passion of the night before began returning. I caressed her side and brought my hand up to firmly stroke her breasts. I could feel her nipples start to harden while our tongues began dancing together.

“Up, up” I said, backing away. “If we continue this we’ll never get going!”

“Spoilsport” was Alys’ response, followed by a lovely raspberry.

“Don’t make me come in there after you with tickling fingers.”

“Alright, peace, I’m going!”

We swiftly went about our morning rituals, touching and smiling the whole time. When the time came to get dressed I stopped Alys as she was picking out a pair of panties.

“You don’t need those” I told her

“What? I thought we were going out.”

“We are, but you don’t need those. We’re going to watch the sunrise on the beach, get your suit on instead.”

“Oh, that’s rather romantic of you, where did the sex starved lunatic I saw yesterday go?”

“He’s still here, just you wait.” I smiled at her before slipping my hand between Alys’ legs as she stepped into her isveçbahis suit bottom. I could easily feel the she was damp when my fingers slid over her shaved mound.

“I thought we were going out!”

We eventually got our suits on and collected a pair of extra large beach towels before jumping into my pickup and heading to the beach. When we arrived the parking lot was empty and the sky was starting to lighten. We swiftly made our way down to the shoreline where we spread our towels out. We sat next to each other in the cool predawn light. Our hands were clasped and her head was resting on my shoulder. The feel of her body next to mine and the firm touch of her hand made me want to just cuddle forever.

The sun began to peak over the surface of the Pacific as we watched. The tropical plants around us began to take on more color under the rays of the sun. I can not remember having such a magical moment with someone so special before.

As the sun slipped higher into the sky I touched Alys’ chin with my finger, turning her head towards me and lost myself in her kiss once more. The sun was much higher by the time I returned to myself and asked “care to jump in the water?”

“Sure” Alys said getting to her feet. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” Alys began running towards the water.

She made it there before I did but I exacted my revenge by wrapping my arms around her and carrying her deeper into the gentle surf.

“You’re taller than me, I can’t reach the bottom” Alys squeeled.

“Well, you should have thought of that before you let me capture you!”

“You villain” she said before grabbing my head and pulling it down to hers for another kiss. An indescribable time later I let go of Alys and we gently swam towards shallower water.

I lay on my back and started floating, bobbing gently up and down. Looking over at Alys I saw her take a deep breath and dive under the surface. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of the morning sun on my face.

Suddenly isveçbahis giriş I felt a tug on my shorts and before I could recover they had be pulled all the way off my legs. I opened my eyes to find Alys grinning at me holding my shorts in her hands for a second before she started madly swimming towards shore.

I quickly took off after her yelling “hey, those are mine!”

“You should have thought of that before you let me take them!”

I laughed as she said that before howling in triumph as a got a hold on one of her ankles. “Ha! I’ve got you now” I exclaimed.

“Mercy, mercy” Alys said.

“No quarter for thieving pirates” was my response. I reeled her in and once more wrapped my arms around her.

“Here, you can have them back.”

“I will take them back but first I have a better idea!” I pulled on the knot of her suit behind her neck, letting Alys’ beautiful breasts free.

“Just what do you think you’re doing” Alys asked?

“I’m not done yet!” I moved my hands down and started pulling on her suit bottom. She squirmed and resisted and we started wrestling in the water. Eventually I had her suit in my hands and she had mine in hers.

We were face to face in the warm water and once more our lips sought out the lips of the other in a wonderful kiss. My arms slid around her, pulling her body into mine. I could feel her hard nipples press against my chest and her fingers in my hair. My hard cock pressed against her like a spear keeping our lower bodies apart.

I moved my hands down to her luscious ass and lifted her up to me. Her legs quickly wrapped themselves around me as my hands massaged her. I could feel my cock pressing length wise against her slit and the heat that she was giving off between her legs.

A swift shift of her hips and I sank all the way into Alys. She let out a sultry moan and said “that’s just what I needed.”

“You’re so incredibly hot!” I started kissing her neck and earlobe as she isveçbahis yeni giriş tossed her head back. I was bouncing in the water, fully buried inside her. Each bounce pressing her clit against me and bringing out a lovely new gasp.

I slowly built up the speed of our bouncing and Alys’ gasps turned into one continuous lustful call. I could feel her tightening around me before she let out a shriek as her orgasm hit.

“Oh god Tom, that was awesome.” Alys said as she started to calm down. I lay her back and let her float on the surface of the water, still fully erect inside her.

“Ah, not done quite yet” I said. I reached one hand behind her lower back and held her up and against me. I pressed the palm of my other hand down on top of her mound and let my thumb slide over her clit.

Holding her in my hands, suspended in the water I began pounding into her. Each push of my pelvis was firmer than the last, my cock a piston within her. My thumb making circles on her clit combined with my thrusting to send Alys straight back up.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh.” The sweetest morning call I had ever heard came throatily from her lips. It wasn’t long before I could feel my climax approaching and I redoubled my efforts. As I erupted within her I was rewarded with another orgasm from Alys. She pulled herself up against me and plastered her lips against mine.

As we slowly came down from our shared joy I savored the smile in her eyes as we gazed at one another.

“How about some breakfast” I asked.

“Sounds perfect” she answered.

“Uh-oh” I said “Um, I think that I let go of your suit while we were swimming”

“Eeeeek, me too!”

We quickly scanned the surface of the water but there was no sign of either my trunks or her bikini.

“It’s a good thing we’re alone here” I said when we gave up the search and quickly scampered to our towels.

“It’s good that these towels are so big too” she replied.

We quickly wrapped ourselves in our towels and started walking back to my truck hand in hand. Along the path we came across another couple walking towards the beach we had just vacated.

“Good morning” the other man said.

“Good morning! It’s a great day for a swim” I said.

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