A Gentle Submission

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Being woken up by something I slowly return from my deep slumber. I don’t remember what exactly I was dreaming about but I still do feel very nice because of it. I also notice that my dream has left me quite aroused.

After wallowing in that feeling for a while, I realize what has woken me up. It was you who was snuggling up on me! With that realization I shuffle back a bit to properly embrace the feeling of you against me. Only that with us all close to each other now, I can feel your rock-hard member pressed tightly against my butt, arousing me even more.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

I hear you say from behind of me.

“Good morning.”

I reply. Still feeling sleepy indeed. And now, feeling you pressed against me like that, also a bit horny.

We lie there taking in the sensation of feeling each other like this for a long time. Until I feel you moving behind me.

“I really do have to go to the toilet, but I will be right back with you!”

I hear you say softly. Giving me a playful kiss on the neck right afterwards. Making me grin.

“I too need to go though.”

I reply.

So, we both get up to deal with “morning business”, as I like to call it. You go in first since you were faster than I was. Also, you said you needed to go first, so I wait patiently in front of the bathroom.

We only don’t go in together since we just recently started living together and simply aren’t quite at that point yet. Well, to be fair it is rather me who is not. Being just a tad bit too shy for sharing the bathroom while one does their morning business.

You already told me that you are perfectly fine with that. But that is not surprising, since you are way more open minded when it comes to the human body overall. Which is something I envy you for. As for women, society always makes sure to make you feel gross about normal bodily functions, like hair in certain places or flatulence.

But since you reassure me repeatedly that you don’t find these things gross, I just might manage to fully open up one day. Just not quite right now.

After you are done, I now get to have my turn attending my morning businesses. Which is when I rediscover me being quite horny. As I pull down my slip, I can feel my juices forming strings. As when I am horny, I do get VERY moist down there. Also, a dark spot has formed in my panties from all the leaking juices of me. What can I say? I guess I just get excited easily.

Upon returning quite lustful to your bedroom. Or rather our bedroom. I see you had lay down in bed again. Lying over the sheets on your back I can’t help but notice your hard-on is now gone. Much to my disappointment it must have been just “morning wood” and you weren’t horny at all.

But since I am stimulated right now, I am not going to give up that easily. Instead, I decide to tease you into becoming horny! And I already do have an idea of how to do so.

Since I am still in my sleepwear, which simply consists of a slip and a comfy but very short shirt, my lower body is exposed pretty much all of the time. So, I decide I am going to use that to my advantage. I start acting as if I was cleaning up the bedroom a bit.

I pick something up from the ground with my rear facing you, taking my sweet time so you can take a nice long look, just to tease you. Also because I enjoy doing so. adiosbet yeni giriş But when I get back up to look over my shoulder to see your reaction, I see you not looking at me.

Irritated I still act as if I was continuing to clean up, walking over to your side of the bed. Standing at your head’s height, again bending over. I am making sure my shirt is as lifted as it needs to be, for you to be able to take a good look. Thinking to myself that this time you have no other choice but to notice me and that naughty wet spot on my panties. Since my lower body is basically right next to your face!

Only that this time I suddenly feel your hand first trailing up my leg, swiftly sliding under my slip and cupping my cheek. Giving it a nice firm squeeze and me some shivers. Excited to finish my act, I quickly get up to act all insulted and telling you off. But as I am back up and facing you, you simply lie there as if nothing happened at all! The only thing giving you away is your fat grin.

At that moment it dawned on me. You were only acting as if you didn’t notice my teasing. You waited patiently to tease me back!

“Why are you bullying me like that!”

I say, acting all sulky.

“Why don’t you come over here already. With that sexy outfit of yours.”

You reply.

“Why would I when you are being so mean?”

I ask, still kind of acting. Knowing already that you are seeing straight through it.

Finally, you look at me, still with that stupid, self-confident grin.

“We both know that you want to, you naughty girl!”

With that said I quit the act and comply, since, well I do absolutely want that. That, what only you can give me right now. So, I climb on the bed, slowly crawling onto you. Placing one leg to the left of you and one to the right.

Placing your hands on my hips and pushing me against your lower body in a suggestive manner. You make me feel how hard I made you with that action.

While you are pulling down your shorts, filling me with even more anticipation of what is about to come. I give you a deep kiss, while also making sure that both my boobs and my lower body is firmly pressed against you, teasing you even more.

With that sassy gesture you simply tear my slip from my lower body, ripping it apart in the process. Surprised of that powerful move I yelp in shock of what you just did. How dare you ruining my cute panties like that!

I don’t get much time being surprised though, as you are positioning me right over your cock. I am looking at you with a longing gaze now, anticipating that what hopefully is following now.

Keeping one hand on my hip, you instead reach in between my legs with the other, while looking me right in my eyes. Your fingers softly brushing your way upwards on the inside of my thigh. Slowly trailing all the way, so very close to my most private place, which makes me gasp first out of surprise and then arousal.

You keep switching sides on which leg you are caressing at random sometimes pausing and grabbing the inside of my thighs. Making sure to keeping me unaware of your next touch. Giving me goosebumps all over.

I also notice that you, much to my frustration, are making very sure to not touch my most private place.

Continuing like that for quite some time, my anticipation keeps multiplying. As you can’t adiosbet giriş seriously only want to tease me. Or can you?

Until suddenly, you don’t stop in front of my womanhood anymore. Instead, you ever so slowly move your hand in between of my spread legs, lightly stroking my lips with your fingers. Making my breathing go funny for a moment.

After a while of touching me like that, you let your fingers slide further in between my lips, though still not penetrating me. While you are feeling for how wet I’ve become down there. Making me even hornier in the process.

At some point during your teasing, I notice myself rocking my hips to some imaginary rhythm. Basically, grinding myself against your hand. It is only now that I become aware of how much exactly I was enjoying myself there. Before that, lust took over my body and made me move uncontrollably.

Looking down at you, I can tell how much you are enjoying studying my every reaction, by how big of a grin you’ve got on your face.

I feel your fingers moving again, exploring the warmth of in between my pussylips some more. Sometimes trailing the rim of my entrance, other times caressing my clit. Making me go crazy with all the teasing and my legs becoming all shaky.

Upon which I feel you swiftly spreading my lips apart.

I feel the air hitting my exposed pussy as you hold me open. With your other hand now no longer resting on my hip, instead holding your stiff cock. Next thing I feel is the tip of you being placed right at my entrance, still not quite penetrating me yet.

I am now looking at you with pure lust, basically begging you to do it already.

Putting both of your hands on my hips once more, you hold me there. Making sure I cannot move. Neither away, which, you know, I would never want. But also, not being able to sink down onto you and finally feel you inside of me.

No, you simply hold me there, knowing that I know what you like hearing so much:


“… fuck me…”

You raise your eyebrows in anticipation. I do so very well know what it is you would like to hear from me, and I too do want to go there and become that naughty. I only hesitate since I am quite simply not used to saying such things.

“… Sir.”

I add shily and with reluctance in my voice.

And with that and a big proud smile, you slowly push me down onto you. Pushing yourself into me.

With your cock finally entering me I let out a single quiet moan that I simply couldn’t contain anymore. Barely more than a breath yet clearly showing how much I have been craving to get penetrated.

And since you told me that you enjoy my cute moans, which are really just heavy breathing, much more than some acted screams. I can simply concentrate on enjoying the feeling.

While I feel you slowly entering me deeper and deeper, pushing the walls of my canal apart. I enjoy you stretching me more and more from the inside. Still lowering me further until I am completely sat down on your lap. Upon which I close my eyes grinning, embracing the sensation of that moment and feeling.

In a flash I feel being toppled over, falling to the side. My impact being softened by the sheets and our bed.

With my eyes widened in surprise and a yelp I am now the one to lay on my back. With you on top of me and still inside. I adiosbet güvenilirmi don’t even know how you managed to stay inside me like that. But honestly, I don’t really care since I enjoy that dominating position. And also, I know that I am going to enjoy a lot what is going to happen next.

“Please, have your way with me, Sir!”

I proclaim in a submissive manner, biting my lower lip again afterwards. Knowing that my words turn you on so much.

Finally, I can feel you starting to pull out slowly a bit only to slide right back into me again. Making me moan in that cute way that excites you so much.

You keep penetrating me like that slowly picking up the pace. Driving my lust through the roof. Only to get slower again and pull out of me entirely. Rubbing the tip of your cock on my pussy and in between my pussylips. Teasing my clit and my entrance like that. I am not surprised since that is how you usually delay your orgasm, while still being so considerate as to stimulating me so I don’t cool down from you stopping.

Knowing that you do this to help me reaching for that sweet orgasm, makes me feel all the more special. Knowing that you don’t just fuck for your own pleasure.

Plus, I don’t care about having control over that. In fact, I like submitting to your rhythms and teasing.

Soon I feel you sliding into me again to continue your work of pleasure on me. That constant stimulation in between the fucking, the friction of your cock inside of me now and the feeling your strong thrusting rocking me up and down, soon have me close to orgasm as well.

“I am so very close…”

You inform me after some time. Knowing that we both very much enjoy the sensation of you finishing inside of me. And yes, so am I. So very close to find that sweet relief that it means to orgasm.

“Please cum…”

I manage to say in between my moans. Concentrating on saying those words instead of just mumbling out of sheer pleasure. With my mind being this overwhelmed by being so close to orgasm I don’t even care about the nature of those words anymore. Instead, I am so into the moment, I even cherish the words and the meaning they convey, since, how is wanting to have sex like this not natural.

“… inside of me!”

I add with yet another moan. Upon which, not being able to hold back yourself anymore, you do cum inside of me.

I can feel you twitching while you are holding me down firmly. Feeling the gushes of semen hitting my walls. With your member pulsating inside of me, I know that every twitch means more of your cum is flowing into me. Feeling the heat and the wetness of it spreading inside my pussy. Knowing that my most inner parts are being coated in white, I too am sent over the edge, cumming myself from this overwhelming sensation.

With my pussy twitching and tightening around you, basically milking you, we both cannot stop cumming from how good this feels. This of course happens only in a short amount of time, mere seconds even. But to us it feels like an eternity of bliss happening in this single moment.

Exhausted I let myself sink down onto your chest. Breathing heavily, we both lie there for a while enjoying the feeling of one another.

With us lying like that we calm down and relax from that intense experience.

After some time has passed, you give me a soft playful spank on my butt cheek.

“You didn’t say Sir by the way, when asking for that cum!”

You say jokingly.

Pushing my lower lip forward in a regretful manner. I say:

“I am so very sorry… “

“…my good Sir!”

And give you a deep kiss.

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