A Full Nest Ch. 06

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Author’s Note: I wanted to thank those of you that have commented/messaged me about my story. They make me smile and give me the encouragement to keep writing. Even the ones that are hateful since they motivate me to do better.


I woke up the next morning and heard noises come from the kitchen and the smell of pancakes. I got up and stretched, yawning as I shuffled to the kitchen. To my surprise, it was Belle cooking. Belle never cooked.

“Night went well I’m guessing?” I sat up on the counter next to her.

“Oh it went amazing.” Belle was beaming. She looked at me and cradled my cheek. “Thank you, Rye.”

“For what? I didn’t do anything.”

“You made it happen.” She flipped the pancake over.

“Would’ve happened eventually.”

“You made it happen sooner.” She persisted. “Rye just say ‘you’re welcome’ like a normal person.”

“Fine. You’re welcome. Glad I could be your wingman.”

“Wingman? Nah. Wingboy.” She smirked. “You don’t get to be a man until you ask Toon out.”

I scowled then hopped off the counter. I stood behind her and pulled her close, hands squeezing her waist. I pushed my morning wood up against her butt, enjoying how it felt. “Not a man, huh?”

She ignored me. “Not a man.” She grinded her ass against in my crotch. “Yep. All I can feel is a little boy.”

“Little? Come on that’s just mean.”

She laughed while turning the stove off. She turned around and pulled me into a kiss. “Fine.” She kissed me again. “Not little. Perfect.” She bit my lip. “I think you deserve a reward.”

“For being a wingman?”

“For being a wingboy.” She said sternly as she turned around again. She leaned over the part of the counter that didn’t have a hot stove. “Come here.”

What was she up to? I guess I’d find out. I stood behind her and she pushed her ass against me. She rocked her butt back and forth, rubbing it against my bulge. My cock rubbed against the material of my boxers and I humped her faster to make it feel better than it already did. So close to actually fucking her. In the middle of the kitchen. Aunt April and Bethany were the only ones home but it would be hot to risk being caught by even them.

“Feel good, perv?”

“Yes…” It did. There was cloth between us, but it still felt amazing to be grinding up against her like an animal.

“Yea you like humping my ass like a sick pervert?”

Why did I like her abuse so much? Is this masochism? I just grunted in response. I wished she would tear our clothes away and let me grind against her directly. My cock would feel incredible wedged between her ass cheeks. I buried my face in her neck and kissed it.

“Well..” She suddenly pushed me away and grabbed the plate of pancakes. “Too bad. I promised Beth breakfast in bed.”

“Huh? But…”

“No buts.” She shook her head, evil smirk plastered on her face. “I said you deserve a reward. Didn’t say it would be right now.”

“Ah Belle come on.” She was terrible. The worst woman on the planet.

“Nope.” She kissed me on the lips. “You get it later. Bye!” She shook her ass at me to taunt me some more then rushed away. I could do nothing but stare in frustration. Then I had an idea. I grabbed my phone then rushed up to my bathroom, it finally being finished. It had been broken so long that I had forgotten about it.


“Those smell so good.” Bethany was sitting up on the bed now. “Gimme.”

Belle pouted. “Why are you wearing clothes?”

“Because if you saw me naked you’d want to jump me.” Bethany took the plate eagerly. “And I’m hungry.”

“I wanted breakfast and a show.”

“Too bad.” Bethany smiled. “Mmm. Belle these are so good. You should cook more often.”

“Ha no thanks.” Belle shook her head vigorously. “Too lazy. I’ll do it for you on special occasions though.” She grabbed a strawberry and held it out for Bethany, who quickly took a bite out of it.

“I’m honored.”

Before Belle could respond, her phone vibrated. She glanced at it and saw that it was a text from Rye. “Why’s Rye texting me?” She raised an eyebrow and opened the message. Then an extremely sly grin appeared on her face.

“What? What’s it say?”

“See for yourself.” Belle showed Bethany the phone screen. Rye’s cock was filling it along with the caption “Finish what you started”

“Oh my god!” Bethany laughed. “What’d you do to him?”

“Just teased him a little!” Bethany said. Then she responded to Rye “Girls don’t like dick pics as much as guys think they do.”

“I figured you were the exception.” Rye responded. “Was I right?”

“Only cuz it’s you, perv.” Belle rolled her eyes.

“So you gonna help?”

“Nah. I’ve got something better to do.” Belle sent that then turned to Belle. “Quick take your shirt off.”

“No. Food.”

“Beeeethhhhh. Help me tease our brother.”

“Ugh fine.” Bethany sighed and took her shirt off as requested. Belle put their plates to the side then kissed Bethany’s breast. Then while grandbetting giriş sucking on it, she took a picture.

“Thanks, Beth.” Belle grabbed Bethany’s shirt and tossed it before she could put it back on.

“We have to make sure he deletes that picture.” Bethany said as she started eating again. “Obviously.”

“Mhm.” Belle said, distracted. “Oh my god this perv.”

“What’d he say?”

“Thanks for the help.” Belle read. She frowned. “I wanted to tease him more not help him.”

“Did you really think he wouldn’t jerk it to that picture?”

“Why would he jerk off when the both of us are here and willing?”

“He doesn’t know that we’re willing right now.” Bethany said simply. “If you want him so bad, invite him up here.”

Belle sighed. “Fine.” She picked her phone up again. “Come to our room.” Then. “Bitch.”

“I’ll come if you apologize for calling me a bitch.”

Belle raised an eyebrow. “What? You’ve got a spine now? You’re real brave over text.”

“That’s a weird apology.”

“Ughhhhh fine. I’m sorry for calling you bitch. Come to our room, PERV.”

“Swiggity swooty.”

“Don’t you dare finish that.”

“I’m coming for that booty.”

“I hate you.” Belle deleted the picture she had received and the one she had sent. Moments later Ryan arrived.

“Hey.” He said with a smile and took a seat at desk near the girls. “Good morning, Beth.”

“Morning, Rye.” She saluted with her fork and returned to her food. “Sleep well?”

“Probably not as well as you two.” Ryan rested his feet on the bed. “You lovebirds sure you want me here? I’m fine with just the picture you sent.”

“We want you here.” Bethany winked. “Gotta thank you.”

“Like actually thank me or tease me like Belle did earlier?”

“Actually thank you.” Bethany finished her breakfast and set the plates aside. “Delete the picture first.”


“Rye.” Bethany said, adopting her “Mom” voice. She was way too good at it.

“Fine.” He pulled his phone out and deleted the picture as ordered.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Bethany smiled.

“Yea. Thanks swe-” Belle made a gagging noise. “Thanks sweet-” She coughed. “Thanks, perv.”

“Ha ha very funny.” Ryan scowled.

“Come.” Bethany got off the bed and patted the spot where she had been sitting. “Sit.”

Ryan got up and sat down on the bed obediently. Bethany got back on the bed, and straddled him. She wiggled around until he grew hard and then adjusted his bulge so it was nestled right against her crotch. She leaned forward and began grinding up and down on his cock, the legs of her boxers spreading.

“Fuck.” Ryan said.

“Mhmm…” Bethany smirked. “You like how that feels, baby?”


“Good.” She nibbled on his ear then began kissing his neck. “You could probably cum from just this huh?”

“Mmm.” Ryan managed a grunt. Her scent. How she felt. The way she was kissing and biting his neck. It all had way too much power over him.

“Well we can’t have that… Flip a coin, Belle.” Bethany said.

Ryan watched with confusion as Belle rummaged through her purse until she found a quarter. “Coin flip?” He wished Bethany would resume her grinding. Were both his sisters going to start something and not finish?

“To see who gets to fuck you first.” Bethany smiled. “That is… if you don’t mind losing your virginity to one of us.”

Ryan grew pale. “Are you serious?”


“Heads or tails, Beth?” Belle asked.

She kissed Ryan. “Tails.”

“Ha! It’s heads.” Belle jumped excitedly. “Virgin killing time.”

“This is happening.” Ryan looked from sister to sister. “Oh God.”

“Calm down.” Bethany kissed him again. “There’s no pressure, sweetie.” She smiled as she kissed him again. “We don’t expect you to be good at it right off the bat.”

“Okay.” Ryan nodded quickly. He had briefly thought about wanting to lose his virginity to Toon. He was a virgin, might as well lose it to Toon if they ever started dating. But then he thought it would be better to get some experience first so that he didn’t ruin things with Toon.

“We’ll do it the boring, vanilla way for now.” Belle said as Ryan got off the bed so she could lie down. Ryan stared wide-eyed at her naked body. He had seen it plenty of times by now and it was amazing every time. “Strip and get over here, perv.” She smirked. Bethany took a seat at the desk. Not one of them thought about how bizarre the situation was. Hard to do any thinking when overcome by lust.

Ryan stripped in record time and got on top of Belle. “Uhm. Hello.”

“Hello.” Belle rolled her eyes and laugh. “Definitely a good idea for you to lose your virginity to me or Beth. You won’t make an idiot out of yourself with Toon.”

“Shut up.” Ryan’s ears turned red.

“Take it easy on him, Belle.” Bethany said.

“Fine fine.” Belle put both hands on Ryan’s face and kissed him. “Put it in, perv.”

Ryan tried. grandbetting yeni giriş He truly did. But he kept bumping into her clit or outer lips or even her thigh.


Still nothing.

“Lower…WHOA Tooo low.” Belle clenched as Ryan’s cock pushed up against her asshole. “Easy tiger. That ain’t happening today.”

“Sorry sorry.” Ryan’s ears got more red. Why was this so hard? He finally pushed it into her and moaned. “Fuck.”

“Mmm… finally.” Belle wrapped her legs around Ryan. “Take it slow.”

“Mmm.” Ryan managed to say. Warm. Wet. Tight. But there was more. Feeling Belle’s breasts against his chest, her lips on his, and her legs wrapped around him. All that contributed to his pleasure. He moved slowly in and out and Belle moaned softly with each thrust.

“Get… faster…” Belle bit his bottom lip.

Ryan listened. He sped up and Belle began moaning more. And that was too much. “Fuck…Belle…” He moaned as he came inside her.

“Oh?” Belle’s eyes opened when she felt his cum fill her up. “Wow. You lasted what… thirty seconds? Stud.”

“Kill me.”

Belle laughed. “I’m just messing with you Rye.” She kissed him. “I expected 10 seconds out of you. You did way better.” She kissed him again then looked at Bethany. “That doesn’t count right? I got nothing out of it.”

Bethany smirked. “Oh it counts. Get off her, Rye.” She stood and pushed her boxer shorts down. “Let’s get you ready for me.”

“Dammit.” Belle scowled. “Fine. But I’m fucking him after you. Until I cum.”

“You guys want me to cum three times in a row?”

“You’re young. You can manage it.” Bethany smiled as she got on all fours.

She was right. He just came but Ryan was ready to go again after Bethany rubbed her ass against him for a few moments. He kneeled behind Bethany and put his hands on her waist. He pulled and she allowed him to push his cock into her. Feeling a little bit more confident, Ryan smacked her ass.

“Whoa!” Bethany let out a yelp. “Again…” She moaned when Ryan listened.

Ryan plowed into his sister from behind and slapped her ass whenever his hand felt like it and squeezed it in between spanks. It was now a lovely shade of pink. Bethany had buried her face in a pillow, her muffled moans urging Ryan on. He looked to Belle and saw her masturbating. She bit her lip when she noticed him watching.

“What? You expect me to just watch?” Ryan’s cum was leaking out of Belle’s pussy as she fingered herself. “You two look hot.”

“You’re not too bad yourself.” Ryan smirked. Bethany’s moaning had given him his confidence back. He still didn’t feel like a ‘sex god’ or anything. But when the girl you were fucking was biting her pillow, that was a good sign right?

Belle got up and kneeled behind Ryan, biting his neck. She rubbed at his chest as he fucked her twin. “A big part of sex is the dirty talk.”

Ryan grunted in response. Like he’d know how to dirty talk… “Hey!” He yelped when Belle pinched his ass.

“That’s it, perv.” She said huskily into his ear. “Fuck your sister. Shove your big cock into her and make her cum.” Belle went back to fingering herself but kept one arm wrapped around Ryan. “She’s wanted it for so long so give it to her. Make her yours.” She got close to cumming several times but she held back so that she could cum when Ryan fucked her. “You can cum inside her like you did with me. She’ll take it. Won’t you Beth?”

“Mmm…yes…” Bethany moaned out. “Cum inside me, Rye. I need it.”

Ryan collapsed onto his sister, driving his cock deeper inside her. Bethany moaned out loud in surprise then her legs began to quiver as an orgasm took her. Ryan came with her as her pussy squeezed around him. “Fuck…Beth…” He kept thrusting as he came. He needed to get every drop into her. Fill her up.

“Just… like… that…” Bethany panted as Ryan stayed on top of her, both of their bodies still experiencing the after effects of a strong orgasm.

Ryan sat up, squeezed his cock so the rest of his cum would come out onto her ass, then sat back. Belle had returned to the desk. “Not bad.” Belle smirked. “My turn.”

“Wait…” Ryan breathed. “Jesus, Belle. I just came.”

“Your cock can use some cleaning up until then. Get up, Beth.”

Bethany took her time in getting up. She began to get dressed. “I’m gonna take a shower. Need to get all this cum cleaned up.”

“Have fun.” Belle smacked her sisters butt then laid down on her belly between Ryan’s legs as he leaned against the headboard. His cock was partially hard and covered in everyone’s cum. She licked her lips then took the head of his cock into her mouth. “Mmm…” Ryan gasped as the vibrations from her moaning pleasantly stimulated his cock.

“God I love your dick.” Belle murmured before taking all of it into her mouth and against her throat. “Whenever you want me, Rye. Just tell me.” She deep throated him. “I don’t think I can ever give up your cock.”

Ryan put his hand grandbetting güvenilirmi on the back of her head. “You’re being nice.”

“Because you’ve got a nice dick.” Belle said bluntly. She sucked him off for a few more moments until she was satisfied he was clean, and hard, enough. “Lay down properly.”

Ryan obeyed immediately and then Belle straddled him. He watched as her pussy easily swallowed his cock down to the base. He put his hands on her waist. “I love your body…”

“We know.” Belle smirked and began grinding. Her clit was stimulated this way and she could keep his cock completely inside her for as long as she wanted. “You’re not allowed to jerk off anymore.”

“What?” Ryan grunted as Belle began using him. That’s what it felt like, at least. After all he was just laying there as Belle kept her hands on his chest and grinded on his cock.

“You heard me.” Belle dug her nails into his chest and smiled when he moaned in pleasure and pain. “I don’t want you wasting your cum. Bethany and I will need it when we decide to use you.”

“Use me?”

“That’s right.” Belle moaned. “You’re our fuck toy remember?” She began grinding faster. “And we’re going to milk every bit of cum out of you.” She took his hands and placed each one on her breasts, biting her lip as she looked down at him. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all.” Ryan said, faintly. Belle’s body glistened with a thin layer of sweat, accentuating her toned belly. Her breasts rose and fell with each grind, her pink nipples hard and pointing outward. She moved her hips expertly as if she knew instinctively what Ryan wanted.

Belle spread her legs and leaned back so she had to ride on and off his cock. The angle pushed his cock right against her g-spot and increased the pleasure she was feeling. Even with Ryan having no clue what he was doing, Belle felt that this was the best sex – with a guy – she’d ever had. She thought about what it’d be like after he got more experience and… “Fuck… fuck… mmm…” She collapsed on top of him so she could ride her orgasm out with ease, forcing Ryan into swallowing her moans. Ryan, having cum 2 times already, managed to hold back on cumming. When he felt that she was done quivering, Ryan flipped her onto her back while keeping his cock inside her.

“My turn.”

“Wait a second.” Belle panted. “Still a bit sensitive… Oh!” Her eyes rolled back and she writhed as Ryan began plowing into her. “Rye… slow… down…” She moaned.

“No.” He put his hands under her ass to hold her too him and squeezed it.

“Rye…” She wrapped her legs around his back, watching through hooded eyes the animal expression on his face. Right then, Ryan did not look or feel like her little brother. He was a man. A man that was using her for his pleasure. “Fuck.”

Ryan grunted as he thrust into Belle. The need to cum was there again. But it was taking its time in actually happening so Ryan increased his pace. He needed to cum. The pressure was too much by this point. He needed to fill Belle up, watch her try to hold back her moans as he gave her a second load of cum. He imagined her getting up afterwards and having it drip out of her. Over and over he rutted into her until he finally got over the edge. With an almost animal groan, Ryan came inside his sister. His cock throbbed with each spurt of cum and forced him to keep thrusting even after he stopped shooting. When his cock finished, Ryan pulled out. “That was…” He struggled to catch his breath. “Was awesome.”

“Uh-huh.” Belle laid with her arms spread eagle, staring up at the ceiling. Her whole body was feeling the effects of an orgasm as she had cum from Ryan filling her up.

“I’m really sleepy.” Ryan got off the bed. “Gonna take a nap…” He mumbled, then promptly dropped onto Bethany’s bed.


Belle woke up and saw that Bethany was working and Ryan was still asleep. She regretted just lying in bed after Ryan came inside her because now she felt gross. She took a quick shower to get rid of that feeling then came back, sitting down at the edge of Bethany’s bed and stroking Ryan’s hair. She looked down at the long, thin scars that ran along his arms and part of his neck. With hesitation she felt the scar of his bullet wound.

Bethany looked up from her work to see tears streaming down Belle’s face. “Hey… What’s wrong?”

Belle sniffed and wiped at her eyes. “His scars.” The tears kept running anyway. “Remember when we used to be jealous of him having perfect skin? I’ve ruined it.”

“You didn’t do anything.” Bethany squeezed Belle’s free hand. “It’s that creepy bastard’s fault, not yours.”

“He’s been wearing long sleeve shirts or jackets when we go out. It’s hot as hell outside.”

“Because he doesn’t want to deal with people asking questions not because he’s insecure about them. You know Rye doesn’t give a shit about things like that.”

“But still… Beth.” She tenderly held his hand up. The back of it looked like a wild animal had gotten ahold of it.

Bethany stayed quiet. She didn’t blame Belle for Ryan’s injuries. But she could sympathize with the guilt that Belle was feeling since she herself felt it. In her mind, she should have stopped Ryan from acting so rashly. She’d been too slow and now he was permanently scarred. He nearly died from her inaction.

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