A few short stories

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i was in the hot tub with two incredible girls. they both sat across from me. one was ashlyn and the other was abby. ashlyn had a great tan,shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes. she had an amazing ass and great tits. she was wearing a neon blue bikini. abby was white, blone hair down to her shoulder blades, and blue eyes. she had a decent chest and a firm ass. she was wearing a green bikini with sparkles on it. ashlyn used to have a crush on me but is now dating a guy named leif. abby kinda flirts with me but i think she likes my friend. anyway i was only here with them because they like hot tubs and i had one. i wasnt ugly but i wasnt good looking. i was making them laugh and smile which made us all happy. i scooted closer to ashlyn as i made them laugh. i put my arm around her stomach and she actually didnt care! she looked a little uncomfortable but she didnt pull away.
“hey no fair,” abby complained.
she swam to my other side and put my arm around her. she scooted closer to me and smiled. i slowly moved my hands up their stomachs. ashlyn moved my hand just under her top and looked at abby as if challenging her. abby pushed my hand lower just above her bottoms. she pushed her hips up for ashlyn to see. ashlyn stared at abby and stood up. her bottoms matched her top. she stood infront of me and turned around. she bent over and pulled her bottoms up. she looked back and blew me a kiss. i nodded my approval and she sat back down next to me. i kissed her cheek and she smiled. she looked over at abby and winked.
“so were playing like that now are we?” she said.
she stood and sat in my lap. she wrapped her arms around my neck and i put my hands on her stomach. she scooted foward and breathed on my neck. she smiled got up and sat down next to me.
“check it out,” she said pointing to my crotch. ashlyn stradled my crotch. she smiled and said,” someones a big boy.” i laughed and put my hands on her hips. she started to slowly grind on my crotch. she bit her lip and groaned. she put her hands on my chest and started moving faster.
“ashlyn dont go to hard cause i want some fun.” said abby.
ashlyn ignored her and grinded faster. abby pouted so i leaned over and whispered in her ear. she smiled and nodded. she stood up and sat down infront of ashlyn so that her back was to my chest. abby wrapped her legs around ashlyns waist.

i left home feeling pretty horny. i got on the bus and sat down in thr back. we went to the next stop and my friends got on. they came to the back and sat on either side of me. to my left was a girl who was half my height,had black hair,brown eyes and a light tan.she had a small chest but a perky ass that i drooled over. her name was arely. she was wearing her cheerleader uniform and a white bow in her hair. on my right was her best friend catherine,or cat. she had blonde hair,crystal clear blue eyes,and she was white, she was a little shorter then me and. she had a great ass and a decent chest. she was wearing a white columbia jacket,skinny jeans,a beanie,and toms.they loved teasing me with their looks. they would give me hugs and try to put my face in their chests or bend over infront of me. i loved it but i always got really embarressed but today was different. i felt more confident. i put my arms behind them and wrap my arms around their stomachs. they both smiled and so did i. i had an amazing girl on each arm. they looked at each other and then they bothed kissed me on the cheek. i pulled them in closer to me and they blushed. arely leaned head on my chest and cat layed her head on my shoulder. i smiled and my dick started to get hard.we rode this way till we got to school and then we got up. arely held my left hand and cat held my right. we walked into the school holding hands.i walked them to their lockers and i gave them each a hug. arely insisted that i pick her up so i lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. i put my hands under her ass to keep her up and my dick grew harder. i flipped it up with my hand. when i flipped it up it hit her ass. she smiled at me and lowered her ass a little bit. i flinched and squeezed her ass.she jumped down and kissed my cheek. next was cats turn. i wrapped my arms around her and put my hands in her back pockets.she smiled and layed her head on my shoulder. thats when i felt her warm breath on my neck. this made me groan and squeeze her ass. she moved her lips to my neck and started sucking. i fell back against the wall and she fell with me. she put her hands on my izmit escort bayan chest and kept sucking.i groaned but she just kept going. the only reason she stopped was because a teacher told us to stop. i kissed cat on the cheek and we all walked to class. cat and arely went to a different class so i had to suffer with out them. its really hard to focus when you have a boner and blue balls. i practically ran out of the class and to my next one cause arely sits next to me. i sat down and waited. she finally came right before the bell rang.she sat down and smiled at me. i put my hand on her thigh and rubbed her soft skin. we were watching a movie this class so we could fool around all we wanted. she put her hand on mine and smiled at me. i sat next to a wall so she climbed into my lap. she smiled at me and wrapped her arms around my neck. i put my hands on her ass and she came in closer. i smelled her intoxicating perfume and which made my dick grow. she noted this and started bouncing up and down on my lap. at first it hurt but onece i moved into a comfortable position it felt wonderful. i put my hands up the back of her skirt and squeezed her ass. i leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. she slipped her tongue into my mouth and i sucked on it. we made out for a few minutes and then i started pulling her skirt down. she lifted herself up and i pulled her skirt down to her thighs. she smiled and rubbed my neck. i put my hands in her spandex shorts. she groaned and put her hands on my chest. i put my finger between her ass cheeks. i pinched her ass and she moaned. i started pulling her shorts down but she stopped me. “not yet,” she said winking. i smiled and leaned in and kissed her. she plunged her tongue in my mouth and i sucked on it. she groaned and grabbed my dick through my pants with her left hand and rubbed my face with her right. i pulled her skirt up and she pulled her lips from mine but no before biting my lip. she started bouncing up and down on me again and boy did it feel amazing. i rubbed the front of her spandex and she fell foward.i ripped a little hole in her spandex and wiggled my finger inside of them. i felt her satin panties and she squirmed around. i held her still and kept wiggling my finger around. she looked like she was going to scream so i slipped my to tongue into her mouth. she moaned in my mouth which made my dick twitch.i squeezed her ass with one hand and wiggled my finger in her spandex with the other. she squirmed around a lot but i kept her still. she put her hands on her chest and then the bell rang. she looked around confused and jumped off me. i stood up and held her hand. on the way out i let go of her hand and slapped her ass. she looked at me and smiled. we left and i had to go two periods without seeing either of them. it was a long and boring time. i ended up trying to jack off but i stopped cause i got some weird looks. when i left 4th period i went to cats locker. i saw her opening her locker. i decided to walk up behind her. i pushed my dick into her ass and she turned around with a shocked look on her face. “who the hell…” she started but smiled when she saw me. she pushed her ass further into my dick and moaned. i pushed her foward so she could get her things. i put my hands on her hips and pulled her back. she closed her locker and i stepped out from behind her. i pushed her up against the locker and put my hands on her hips. she wrappes her arms around my neck and we started kissing. i let go of her hips and pinned her arms above her head. she started grinding her crotch into me. i started dry humping her and thats when she let go of my hands and started running them through my hair. i put my hands on her ass. she groaned in my mouth and i pulled away while biting her lip. “follow me,” she whispered sexualy in my ear. i grabbed her ass with one hand and followed her. we went into an old closet and locked the door. i pushed her against the door and started kissing her. she started unzipping her jacket. she through it off and put it on the floor. i cupped her tits and pulled on her nipples. she moaned and pushed her chest foward. i pulled her shirt over her head and through it to the floor. she was wearing a neon pink bra. “sexy bra cat,” i said. she nodded and pushed my head into her chest. she unclipped her bra and i got to see her great tits. i grabbed a handful and started sucking on her nipples. she groaned and pushed my head farther into her chest. i gobbled on her tits and grabbed her ass. she pulled at my hair and moaned izmit eve gelen escort my name. she started bucking her hips and pushing my head into her chest. i pulled my head from her chest and pushed her against the wall. she smiled and bit her lip. i pressed my lips to hers and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. i held het hands and put them above her head. she tried pushing
me foward and it worked. she pushed me to the other side and bit my lip. “lets have some fun,” she said giving me a sexy grin. she let go of my hands and played with the bottom of my shirt. she lifted it off of me and checked me out. “damn john,” she said running her finger up my abs. she smiled and kissed me on the lips real quick. i hooked my fingers into the sides of her pants and started tugging at them. she wiggled her hips and helped me pull them down. she kicked her shoes and pants off. her panties were bright pink like her bra.she looked at me and raised an eyebrow. i unbuckled and my pants and kicked them off. my dick stood out of my boxers. she smiled and pulled my boxers down. i was now completely naked. i pulled her close and cupped her ass. i gave it a quick spank and pulled her panties down. she kicked them off and i saw her hairless wet pussy. i smiled and she spun in a small circle to show off her body. i moved closer to her and rubbed her pussy with my hand. she cringed and started buckling her knees. i fell with her and then she completely layed on the ground. i layed on top of her and rubbed my dick at her entrance. she put her hands on my back and pushed me inside her. she lifted her head and moaned.

something ive always wanted to do is kiss someone during school. i knew exactly who too. a girl named sarah. she was white,with blonde hair,light freckles,brown eyes,a nice ass but a small chest. we have never liked each other. everytime we talk we usually end up mad at each other but i thought she was hot. it was third period and the class door was open. i was looking out of it bored out of my mind. thats when i saw sarah at her locker. i quickly asked to go to the bathroom. i booked out of the class and walked towards her. she was wearing skinny jeans,boots,a white shirt, and a columbia jacket. “sarah,” i yelled. she looked at me and closed her locker. “hey come here,” i said. she walked to where i was. i was hiding behind some lockers so no one could see us. she turned the corner and stood there. i grabbed her stuff and put it on the ground. “what are…?” i grabbed her hands and pinned her to the wall. “what..what..are…” i moved my lips to her and planted a soft kiss. she relaxed against the wall. i kicked her legs wider and stepped between them. i bit her lip and put my hands on her hips. she moved her hands and wrapped them around my neck. she started to grind on me. my dick started to get hard and rub against her. she moaned in my mouth.she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed. i broke our kiss and smiled. “john..” she said looking at me confused. i pushed her harder into the lockers. “sarah i want you..” i said with a smile. she looked worried but i didnt care. i grabbed her hand and she grabbed her stuff. we ran to the handicapped bathroom and locked the door. she dropped her stuff and i pinned her face to the door. i rubbed my tent in to her ass and groaned. “do you have any idea how much i want you?” i grabbed her hands and put them above her head. i grinded my dick hard into her ass. i kissed her neck and kicked her legs aparft. i moved my hands to her breasts and gave them a squeeze. she groaned and pushed her ass into my dick. i unzipped her jacket and played with her tits. she took her jacket off and slid her shirt off too. she was wearing a blue bra with a black trim. i flipped her around and put my hands in her back pockets. she wrapped her arms around me and i looked down at her smiling. she blushed and i kissed her. i squeezed her butt and she grinded on me. she lifted my shirt off and ran her finger up my absf smiling. i pinned her against the door and said,” like what you see?” she nodded and bit her lip while squeezing her legs. i smiled at her and she blushed. i bent her over and grinded on her ass. she squirmed but i held her still. she moaned and pushed her ass farther on to my dick. i let her go and went to her binder. i opened it up and found some scissors. i walked back over to her and smiled. i wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her pants down with the other. “what are you doing” she glared izmit otele gelen escort at me. i looked at her panties and they matched her bra. i dropped the scissors and dropped to my knees. i faced her ass to my face and squeezed her ass. she arched her back and moaned. i stood up and unclipped her bra. she dropped it and pulled her panties down. i pushed her against the door and grinded my dick into her ass. i pushed into her ass and she moaned my name. i pulled her arms back and kept thrusting in and out of her. she kept saying “fuck fuck fuck!” i let go of her arms and cupped her tits. i played with them and theusted harder and harder. i started kissing her neck and she started bending her knees. i let go of one of her tits and cupped her pussy to keep her up. i decided to stick a finger in her cunt and finger fuck her. she moved all around and it was starting to get hard to hold her still. i wrapped my knees around hers and held her still. i felt her wetness seep into my hands and then i exploded in her ass. i pulled out of her and she fell to the ground. i stood above and looked at her pretty little body. i flipped her over and sat on her hips. i put my hands on her tits and rubbed them hard. she squeeled and liftee her head. i pulled her nipples out all they way. she lifted off the ground and then i let go. i repeated this process until i had to pee. i stood over her and held my dick in my hand. i showered her with my golden water. she drank some and rolled around in the rest. i watched my little whore splash in the puddle. while she did this i hid her clothes with mine. i also decided to flush the paper towels and toilet paper so she couldnt dry off. i got dressed and looked at her. she stared at me with her cute little eyes. i walked over to her and rubbed my crotch in her face. my length slowly rubbing against her face. she groaned and panted like a dog.

emily was a very close friend of mine and i usually told her everything but it took me awhile before i told her my dark little secret. it was during school and i pulled her to my locker.she was wearing white skinny jeans,toms, and a tight black shirt. i told her that i needed to talk to her after school and she said ok. it was after school and i called her over. we got in my truck and i drove us to my house. we got out and walked inside my house. i told her to take a seat and sit down and thatd id be right back. i ran downstairs and into my room. i grabbed the box that i had hidden under my bed and opened it. inside was a pair of panties,a bra, leggings, a bikini, and a blue ambercrombie shirt. i put the panties and leggings on and the bra. i grabbed an extra pair of sols and stuffed them in the bra. then i slipped the shirt on and ran upstairs.
“john what are you doing dressed like that?”
“well i wanted to tell you that im a crossdresser.”
her jaw dropped and she just stared. i sat next to her and she just stared.
“why though?”
“im not gay or anything i just love the feel of the material on my skin.”
“why are you telling me this though?”
“well because i trust you and because…”
“i wanted to borrow some of your clothes!”
she shot out of her chair and stared at me. i waited for her to answer. she paced infront of me and finally she spoke.
“i will lend you some of my clothes but only if i get to see you in them.”
i was struck by her answer but quickly nodded my head. emily was about my height and always wore cute clothes. she had pretty brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes.
“wanna go to my place and try some stuff on?”
i nodded and i ran downstairs to change. we got in my truck and drove to her house. we ran into her house and upstairs into her room. she locked the door and i opened her closet. it was a gold mine.
“you ready,” she asked.
“yeah,” i said awe struck.
she lifted my shirt over my head and i unbuckled my pants. she looked me up and down and smiled.
“man i should have said yes when you asked me out.”
i laughed and struck the generic muscle pose. she laughed and moved closer to me. she put her hands on my bare chest and leaned in. i followed her lead and wrapped my arms around her waist. she stood on her toes and kissed me hard on the lips. i picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. we played with each others tongues and fell back on her bed. she rolled me so that she was on top. she stretched her legs out and i my hands on her ass. she pulled her lips from mine and smiled. i leaned up to try and kiss her again but she leaned farther back. i smiled and pinned her down. i started kissing her neck and moved my way down to her shoulder. she closed her eyes and moaned. she ran her fingers through my jet black hair. i

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