A Family Journey

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This is my entry in the 2019 Halloween Story Contest. Please vote if you like it.


I was sitting quietly in my room when I heard my grandfather come home. He would also come directly to my room and say hello, checking on me, making sure I was safe at home.

“Hello Sofia,” he greeted me as he usually did. “How were your classes today?” he asked.

“Fine, normal,” I responded. “Calculus always kicks my butt, Papi” I added.

“You need to learn that well if you’re going to be an architect,” he would always say regardless of whatever subject it was I was struggling with.

I called my grandfather my daddy since he and my grandmother raised me since I was a small child. Mama passed away four years ago from cancer. Since then it’s been Papi and myself. I was three years old when my parents died in a car accident. They were hit by a truck rushing to the hospital, my mother giving birth to my sister.

“What should we have for dinner?” Papi asked.

“I can heat up the albondigas,” I suggested.

“That sounds good,” Papi replied.

Papi worked hard as a welder. He would come home dirty and sweaty from a long arduous day. He was very strong, a lean and muscular body for his sixty-four years of age. I regarded him as one of the most handsome men I ever met. Sharing this house with him matured me beyond my twenty-one years. I was spoiled so much that I did not regard the young men my age as real men compared to Papi.

Papi would always ask me why I didn’t date. I always answered him that I was committed to becoming an architect, a builder, and I needed to focus on my work. That pleased him very much but the reality was that no man measured up to Papi in my eyes.

Papi was also intriguing. He was steeped in folklore from both his Mexican and Pasqua-Yaqui heritage. He would tell stories of Spirits and tales of the afterlife. When Mama died she was ceremoniously guided into the afterlife by some elders of the tribe after her traditional Catholic funeral. It was a strange mixture of beliefs but Papi seemed at ease with it all.

I did take a class at the University last year on the culture of the indigenous tribes here in the Southwest of which by virtue of my heritage, I was a member. My blood was mostly Mexican but as Papi reminded me, Native Americans were intertwined with Hispanics for hundreds of years.

Papi’s favorite celebration was El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead which was fast approaching. It is a three day celebration that starts on Halloween. It is a time to celebrate those who have passed on to heaven, hopefully, or to another not so desirable afterlife. Papi, however, believed more in the Yaqui tradition that life continues its journey after death, he conjures up the spirits of the departed and celebrates with them.

“This year is a very special celebration Dia de los Muertos,” Papi said to me sitting at the kitchen table after dinner. “We need to make a special altar for your sister,” he explained. “She must be guided into womanhood.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but I trusted his knowledge of the spirits and the rituals he carried out each year to celebrate our lost family members.

“We will build it in the guest room,” Papi told, “instead of the living room.”

That seemed a little unusual. ‘Why would we not want it on display in the living room?’ I thought. We had never actually made an altar for my sister. She was always implied in the altar for my mother and father. We prayed for her along with prayers for my parents.

“We will make the usual altars in the living room for your parents and my wife,” Papi explained. “But we need a special one for your sister and the ritual for her journey.”

I was very intrigued but I didn’t want to ask too much. I knew Papi wouldn’t answer anyway, he felt that ritual must be experienced. He told me to never try to understand, spirits existed in another plane of reality.

Papi gave me a list of things to get for my sister’s altar. The objects included articles of clothing, a pure white dress, lace, a scarf, a woman’s hat. Other things he requested were feminine soaps and perfumes. I also needed to get fresh rose petals on Halloween so they would still be fresh on the first of November, the day we celebrate our departed adult family members.

He took a day off work and made a trip south of the border where he said he could acquire certain special blankets, vessels and a statue or painting of the goddess Chimalman. I couldn’t resist finding out about this particular goddess from Aztecan mythology so I looked her up on my computer. There are several versions of how she became pregnant but the most prominent one was that she swallowed a precious stone, presumably jade.

I had pulled a flyer for a Halloween costume contest and dance out of my bag to through away. It was an event planned by the Student Union at the University. Being a Thursday night I didn’t plan to attend anyway. Papi, betsobet yeni giriş however, asked me what it was for and insisted I go.

“It would be good for you to socialize a little,” he said. “Besides, it will give me some privacy preparing for our celebration on Friday.”

I called my friend Anita and we agreed to go together. We decided we would both dress up as evil clowns. That way the boys wouldn’t be eager to hit on us, or the girls. I didn’t date but I did fool around with Anita occasionally. We weren’t lesbians, we weren’t really attracted to each other sexually, just friends helping each other get some release.

Thursday evening came around. Papi took off work early so I helped him with the altars for my parents and my grandmother before Anita came by to pick me up to go to the dance. I confided in my friend that there was something special and secretive going on with Papi.

“He’s always so serious about the Day of the Dead celebrations,” I told my friend.

“That’s because he wants to preserve the elements of the ancient culture,” explained my friend who was studying Anthropology. “The ancient Aztec culture from which the Yaquis descended believed heavily in a spirit world,” she told me with authority.

“Do you know anything about a goddess Chimalman?” I asked Anita hoping she could give me more insight into Papi’s altar preparations.

“Not really much except I do know she was impregnated by swallowing a precious stone,” my friend answered. That much I already knew from my sparse research.

“I’m wondering what that has to do with my sister. She was born at the moment of the accident and supposedly died instantly. She was still connected to my mother. They were crushed by the truck,” I tried to explain. “I can’t figure out what this all means.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Anita consoled me. “Your grandfather loves you very much and I’m sure he has something enlightening to have you experience tomorrow,” she assured me.

“You’re right,” I replied. “Let’s have fun tonight.”

We were invited to an after dance party where there was plenty of alcohol flowing. Anita and I had one drink and observed the drunk boys making asses out of themselves trying to get in the pants of the drunk girls.

“I don’t get it,” I said commenting on the drunken antics we saw. “They’re probably too drunk to get their dicks up anyway,” I chided.

“It’s so unappealing,” Anita agreed. “That’s why I stick to older men,” she confessed. I knew she was seeing one of the professors who was on his forties. He was also married.

“You better be careful with the married men,” I admonished my friend.

“I am,” she insisted. “The sex is good and I’m not getting involved beyond that,” my friend stated casually.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said and we left.


Papi had invited family friends over early Friday evening to celebrate. I helped prepare tamales for our guests to enjoy while we bought sugar skulls to be used as offerings.

“I don’t see the little baby’s name here,” our neighbor and close friend commented to me. “Your grandmother had named her. Elena, the light of life.”

“Sofia and I are having a special ritual for her later,” Papi interjected. “We have a special offering for her,” he explained.

The guests left around eight. Papi and I cleaned up the living room and kitchen. We sat down for a moment when he told me it was time to make our offering to Elena, my sister. I went to grab a sugar skull to place on her altar.

“You won’t need that,” Papi said taking my hand and leading me to the guest bedroom. Outside the door Papi had placed a chair.

“We must enter the spiritual world pure, the way we came into this world,” he said solemnly. Papi began to unbutton my blouse. He slid it off my shoulders and neatly folded it and placed it on the chair. Then he removed my bra.

My skirt fell to the floor. Papi pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them and then out of my shoes. I was strangely aroused, my vagina becoming wet, standing naked in front of my grandfather who was undressing himself.

I looked in awe as he exposed his penis. It was long and thick, its dark brown skin popping with veins. I looked over his chiseled muscular body, my fluid poured out of me running down my leg, I felt hot.

Papi unlocked the door and ushered me into the candle lit room. The white dress was draped over the headboard. There was a sketch of the naked goddess Chimalman in a frame leaning against it. The woman’s hat I purchased hung on the bed post, lace underwear scattered on the pillows at the head of the bed.

The bed, I reasoned, was the altar. It was draped in pure white woven blankets with rose petals scattered about. In the middle was a stone chalice, an ancient vessel.

“Drink,” Papi said as he picked up the chalice and offered it to me. I drank the thick liquid that tasted of herbs I wasn’t accustomed to.

“Lie down,” betsobet güvenilirmi he ordered. Papi helped position my naked body on the bed, my legs were spread open.

“Close your eyes and see,” was the next instruction. Papi began beating a drum like an ancient Shaman. My body felt light now as my mind slowed down. I slipped into an altered state of consciousness.

“Sofia,” called a soft woman’s voice. In front of me was a beautiful brown skinned woman with perfectly rounded breasts, her hips wide, her vulva shining. I reached out and touched her breast, her large brown protruding nipples.

“Sister,” she said. “Thank you for your offering.” Her body melded into mine. We were one. We were on a journey together, my sister and me. “Thank you for lending me your body,” she said.

I woke up from the trance. Papi was sitting on the bed beside me lightly stroking my thick black hair.

“Papi,” I started to say to him. “Elena and I need you.” I reached over and took my grandfather’s cock in my hand.

“I know,” he said. “Your sister came to me in a vision, asking for my help.”

“Her journey needs to be in this world now,” I told my grandfather. Papi gently mounted me. I gasped as the girth of his penis stretch my vagina when he entered me. The initial pain quickly turned to pleasure as I felt his penis penetrate me deeply.

Papi breathed heavily on me. My own heart raced along with my breath. I could feel an orgasm, like no other one I ever experienced, begin to grow, shooting pleasure throughout my body. I cried out when I felt Papi’s sperm shoot deep inside me.

I relaxed in bliss after coming down from that amazing sensual high. Papi laid in bed next to me looking content, he had pleased the spirits of our family.

“Did Elena come to you first?” I asked.

“No, actually your mother and father,” he said. “They came to me last year on Dia de los Muertos. They were afraid Elena couldn’t pass into womanhood and grow.”

I kissed Papi and thanked him. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


I started to show after three months. The doctors assured me that Elena was going to be a healthy baby. I felt her spirit like I felt her body grow inside me. I didn’t tell any of my friends about the circumstance of my pregnancy, not even Anita, joking that it must have been the Immaculate Conception.

I took care of my health and by the time the University ended for the summer I was very big. So were my breasts as they filled with milk. It was uncomfortable to wear a bra because my nipples became sensitive. I was sitting at home reading a very hot day in May when my life was shattered.

My phone was blowing up with calls and texts. I waddled, as pregnant women do, over to the table where I left my phone. I picked it up and timidly answered, “Hello?”

“Sofia, your grandfather had a heart attack,” Johnny, Papi’s boss informed me. “They’re taking him to St. Mary’s.”

I collapsed and a spirit took over me.

“Sofia,” it was the voice of Papi. “I’ve come to join the family in the spirit world,” he told me. “Please don’t cry or be sad,” he said. “You are strong and so is Elena.”

“Papi,” I cried. “I love you, please don’t leave me.”

“I’m always with you,” he said. “I am a part of you as you are part of me. My spirit lives inside you.”

I was in the emergency room when I woke up being attended to nurses and a doctor.

“You are fine and you’re baby is fine,” the doctor informed me.

The paramedic firefighter was in the room. He came over to console me.

“You must have passed out when your grandfather’s boss called you,” he started to explain. “I’m sorry but your grandfather passed away,” he told me. I already knew.

Anita stayed at the house with me that summer after Papi passed away. Elena was born the end of June, a healthy girl. I was a happy mother. I didn’t go back to school that next semester, finishing my degree after Elena was old enough to be left in daycare. Anita stayed with me, had her affairs with married men as we grew closer sexually.


“Mom, what’s so special about Day of the Dead this year?” Elena asked me.

“You are a woman now,” I told my grown daughter. “It was nineteen years ago your spirit entered me,” I tried to explain.

“So why are you not making an altar for Papi?” she asked. “You always told me how much you loved Papi, that he raised you after your parents died.”

“Oh, but I am going to make an altar for Papi,” I told my beautiful young daughter. “I can’t explain it but you will know when you experience our celebration,” I assured her.

“I know you and Anita study the ancient cultural stuff but do you really believe in spirits and a spirit world?” Elena asked.

“It’s not so much a belief for me as it is a part of my being,” I tried to tell her. “You will find out tomorrow. Now go out with your friends and have fun tonight and be careful, betsobet giriş the police are always out looking on Halloween so no drinking.”

I took the old box out of the closet in the guest room and made the altar the same as it was that night long ago except that I put pictures of our mother and father, Papi and Mama in place of the goddess Chimalman. Anita had studied the ancient rituals with me and wanted to participate in the ceremony. I knew in my heart it was right to have her there because she helped me grow so much spiritually and she has been an important part of Elena’s life. She would understand and help me cope with the possible outcomes.

I sat down and prayed.

“Don’t be afraid,” Papi said to me. “Elena will be free and happy however she chooses.”

“I know, Papi,” I replied. “I’m not afraid. I’m sad selfishly for me.”

“It is her journey, always has been hers. Be strong for her,” he advised me.

“I will, Papi. I will.”

I opened my eyes and came out of my deep meditative state to see Anita in front of me holding my hands.

“Are you alright?” Anita asked wiping a tear from my face.

“I will be. I have to be strong for Elena,” I assured myself.

“Let’s go to bed,” Anita suggested. “Get our minds off of tomorrow and have a little fun. I’m kinda horny thinking about all this,” she chuckled.

“I’m not sure I can relax enough,” I responded.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you there,” she said. We went to my bedroom. Anita kissed me gently, softly parted my lips and slid her tongue in to touch mine. She had a way of tenderly breaking down my fears.

I closed my eyes and focused on Anita’s warm touch on my breasts. She gently sucked on my hardened nipples, her fingers penetrating my moistening pussy. She went down on me, her warm wet mouth engulfed by vulva, her tongue danced around my clit sending me into a realm of sensual pleasure.

“Oh, Oh,” I cried out as I came to an orgasm. I opened my eyes and stared into Elena’s standing in the doorway.

“It’s OK, Mom. You two are beautiful together,” she said smiling and walked off to her room.

“We should remember to close the door,” Anita said to me. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes, and a little embarrassed,” I answered.

“I’m sure Elena already knew about us,” Anita said. “Besides, now that she’s seen us both naked it won’t come as a shock to her tomorrow night.”

We kissed a while longer and fell asleep.


Friends and neighbors came by early in the evening to make their offerings and have a bite to eat. I decided to put up an altar in the living room for Papi and Mama so there wouldn’t be a lot of questions, though I knew their spirits would join us later in the altar-bed in the guest bedroom.

I sat Elena down with Anita to prepare her for the ceremony.

“We are going to enter into a different plane, a different realm than this physical world,” I started to explain. “Once we are there you will realize many things about yourself,” I told her.

“I will be there with you as well,” Anita assured Elena.

“We can only enter that realm in purity,” I said going over to Elena, I started to undress her. She was calm and understanding, her beautiful body shined like a beacon to the world.

The three of us, naked, entered the bedroom. I took the stone chalice from the middle of the bed and handed it to Elena. “Drink,” I commanded her. Anita and I drank from another bowl the mixture that would help us into the other world. I laid Elena on the bed, Anita and I sitting beside her.

“Mother? Father?” Elena spoke softly as the spirits of our parents entered the room. “Where have I been?”

“You have taken on a physical form,” Mother explained. “You have been with your sister Sofia.”

Elena looked at me. She put her hand on my breast.

“It is time on your journey for you to pass into womanhood,” Mother said.

“Who will help with that passage?” Elena asked.

“Your grandfather, whose seed gave you physical form,” Father told her.

“Where will my journey take me then?” she asked.

“You will be free to choose your journey,” Mother said. “You will be free to continue in either world.”

The spirit of Papi began to take physical form. He had the same physical attributes as before, a body like steel. I spread Elena’s legs to give Papi access to her sex. He aligned his long thick penis at her virgin vaginal opening.

“Ah,” Elena cried out as Papi penetrated her. I sensed her pain that would soon turn to pleasure. Elena’s young body writhed as she came to orgasmic climax. She screamed with joy, her sexual energy filling both the spirit and physical world. Her passage complete.

“Papi,” I said to my grandfather. “Finish in me. Let me feel your power again,” I pleaded. I spread my legs and begged him to enter me, fill me up again with his strong hard cock. He thrust his manhood deep inside me forcibly. I surrendered to him, I let myself go to feel the ecstasy. He unleashed his spirit seed in me sending me to a powerful orgasm.

I felt myself slipping back into consciousness in the physical world. Elena was on top of me kissing me, fondling my breasts. Anita sat on the bed beside us, smiling.

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