A Family Affair

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** At the time of writing, I’m currently 48 years old and divorced for maybe 16 or 17 years. I cant quite remember. This is my attempt to string together some of my past experiences that rightly or wrongly have shaped who I am. I hope you enjoy reading this and please don’t judge me. I’d love to receive comments from my readers too so feel free to say what you want. **

This particular story starts when I was around 19. I was by no means a virgin and had a fair share of experience. Nothing spectacular or to shout about. Just the usual that a 19 year old goes through I guess – blowjobs, handjobs, and yes, sex.

I used to spend a lot of time at my Uncle’s place, my Dad’s brother. Mainly on weekends. I would help out with the cooking and cleaning and basically just keep them company as they didn’t have any kids of their own. Uncle Pete was rather funny and amiable while Aunt Rita was more forceful and demanding. I think she bullied Uncle Pete quite a bit although he never really admitted it.

Rita was a rotund woman who would sweat a lot, especially while cooking and cleaning. It was the kind of sweat the glistened off her and her clothes would often show sweat stains around her neck and armpits. Sometimes even going right down to her breasts. And she smelled whenever she would sweat. When she showered and cleaned up, she was quite pleasant to look at but by no means a beauty. She’d use a lot of deodorant after showering and would now smell very strongly of flowers!

For some reason, Rita wasn’t very nice to me. Pleasant enough but by no means warm. In many ways she treated me like a servant girl. Maybe I reminded her of the fact that she didn’t have kids of her own. Maybe it was my svelte figure that irritated her. I never really knew. Or maybe it was just my own insecurities and imaginaton.

Even though I started spending time there from 16 or so, I noticed that off late, Uncle Pete would stare at me. He would sometimes come into my room just as I had gone to bed and sit there for a while chatting with me. Sometimes his hand would roam to touch my ankle or my calf. Soon he started telling me how Aunt Rita wasn’t attractive to him anymore and how she used to love to fuck when she was younger but now she was more interested in religion and would fuck him maybe once a month at the most.

I felt like an adult hearing him talk to me like that and sharing his feelings.

Soon he started propositioning me and asking to see my body. I always said no and just laughed it off. He became bolder and would say things like how he bet my pussy was sweet and how he envied all the boys that had access to me. He’d even güvenilir bahis ask me how often I had sex and if it was good.

Again, it made me feel like a grown up, sharing sexual stories with him.

Uncle Pete kept pestering me and would whisper in my ear when I was near him. He’d say things like “Your tits look lovely”, “I want to fuck your pussy”, “you’d love my fingers in you”, “my cock would feel so good in you”. Stuff like that. Sometimes he’d plead, especially when he was in my room. “Please Erina, Rita doesn’t like to fuck much anymore, let me fuck you.” Or he’d say “Let me just touch your pussy, let me feel how wet it is.”

His pestering became more and more persuasive and while in many ways it irritated me, in some sick way it kind of made me feel wanted and sexy as well. I knew I was sexy, there were enough boys that wanted me and I was quite happy to flirt and if I liked the guys enough I’d blow them. If I really liked them, I would fuck them. I was certainly no prude and I wasn’t one of those that thought that sex meant love or anything stupid like that.

At 19, I was slim and had long legs and a really flat stomach. My breasts were a 34/36 B or C depending on the bra cut and brand. My tit size also fluctuated a little depending on my weight. Everything seemed to go to my tits rather than my hips which is something I was grateful for. My hips were curvy but not big. I did want bigger tits and smaller hips though.

Looking back, I realise now that I was really hot at that age although I never quite saw it then. I didn’t think I was pretty enough or sexy enough so all the attention Uncle Pete showered on me was exciting. I still never thought of letting him fuck me though.

One night he was in my room doing his usual pleading and passing raunchy comments. For some reason that night, I just felt sorry for him. I especially felt sorry thinking how he had to fuck fat Aunt Rita and I wondered if she got sweaty and smelly when he fucked her too. This time I didn’t laugh off what he said. He seemed to sense it. “Can I just lie with you a while Erina?” He asked. I didn’t reply but just nodded and moved the blanket away, making space for him on the small bed.

Uncle Pete didn’t hesitate and climbed right in. I turned to my side and he pressed himself against my back, pulling me close to him. “You’re so soft sweetie” He whispered in my ear. I could feel his stiffness pressing against me but I made no effort to move away. His hands moved to my breasts and he started squeezing them softy. “Rita had nice, firm big tits when she was younger. Now they are just saggy and floppy. I love how firm your tits are Erina.”

“I güvenilir bahis siteleri wish they were bigger.” I said softly, somehow feeling proud that he liked my smaller tits and knowing that Rita’s tits were all saggy now. His hands moved under my nightie to cup my breasts as he pressed himself harder against me. My hand moved behind me to seek his cock. I could feel his hardness through his pants and I could hear him quickly undo his belt and pulled his pants down. His hand grasped mine and guided it to his cock. It was hot and hard and felt thick in my hand.

I felt him lift my nighty and then pull my panties down over my ass cheeks. His cock nuzzled between my ass cheeks and he moaned softly. I turned to lie on my back as I turned my head to look at him.

“You really want this?” I asked him, matter of factly.

“Of course!” He exclaimed, his eyes dancing with lust. “I’ve told you so many times I want you”

“What about Aunt Rita? Where is she?” I asked softly.

“In her room, probably reading the bible or talking to her mother or maybe even asleep. Who knows and who cares.”

“What if she comes looking for you?” I asked, trying to find a reason not to do what I knew was going to happen anyway.

Uncle Pete laughed. “She’s never come looking for me all these years, why would she do it now?”

“You have a condom?” I asked, knowing this was the last excuse I had, for both me and for him.

He smiled and pulled out his wallet, fishing out a condom. I nodded and I lifted my hips slightly and peeled my panties off. I placed them on the blanket, showing Uncle Pete that I was now naked underneath. “If you want it so bad then just do it.” I said softly.

Uncle Pete rolled over on top of me, pulling his trousers to his ankles. His shirt was still on as he tried to kiss me. I turned away and spread my legs instead. He pushed my nighty up to my neck, baring my naked breasts. His mouth moved to suck on my nipple and I moaned involuntarily.

Uncle Pete fumbled with his clothes, pulling off his pants off one leg and then raised himself up and tore open the condom packet. He put the condom on his cock as I watched. His cock was of average size but probably slightly thicker than others I had seen.

He positioned his cock against my slit. He pressed forward slowly. I felt his cock slowly parting my pussy lips and I hissed as his meat slid into me. My uncle had his cock in me!

Uncle Pete shuddered slightly as he buried his cock deep inside me. “Ooohh… youre so fucking tight” he groaned. He held himself in me for a bit, almost as if he was relishing being inside me. Then iddaa siteleri he started to move slowly in and out. Long strokes that pulled his cock all the way out and then slowly sliding into me again. “Mmmm…so much better than I imagined my dear… so good, oh fuck.”

My uncle’s cock in me made me feel really full and his slow fucking excited me. Most of the men, no boys, I had been with would ram it in hard and fast. This was slow and gentle and it felt really good. I started to thrust my hips against him. He kept that slow pace, increasing the urgency just a little bit as my soft moans began to fill the air. He leant forward to smell my hair and his hands played with my nipples. Bolts of electric jolts shot to my pussy and I gasped loudly. I tightened my pussy muscles, trying to milk his cock for as much as I was enjoying this, I wanted it over quickly as well.

Uncle Pete groaned again. “Oh fuckkk Erina… so fucking tight… so beautiful and so fucking tight…”

His words served to ignite my passion and as much as I was trying to get him off, the tightening of my pussy walls on his cock only served to fuel my passion even more. I could feel an orgasm starting to build inside of me and I thrust harder at his cock. He raised himself up on his hands and started ploughing into me with deep thrusts. I grunted and groaned as I received his cock. My body suddenly tensed and I let out a low guttural moan as my body spasmed in orgasm. I wanted to scream out in pleasure but restrained myself.

Uncle Pete slowed down a little as I shook with orgasm and then started to fuck me again with long strokes. He kept fucking me and would speed up and slow down as my body reacted to his cock. I came again three times before he finally groaned. “Oh fuck… Erina… I.. I’m gonna cum… fucckkk” He started hammering hard and fast in me and his groin made a loud smacking sound as it pounded against my pussy. I could feel another orgasm starting to wash over. “Cummm… Uncle Pete… Cum with me… oh fucckkk!”

I felt his cock throbbing and he held me tight as he came. His cock throbbed so many times as she shot his load as my own body spasmed and my thighs trembled. As we both came down from our orgasms, he smiled at me and I smiled back. I felt his cock slipping out of me and I trembled one last time.

We lay together for a bit before Uncle Pete got up and pulled up his pants, his condom still on. He smiled again. “Thank you darling. You were fabulous.” He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead before leaving my room.

I lay in the dark thinking about what had just happened. My uncle had just fucked me and but to me it didn’t feel wrong. It just felt like another cock and I really didn’t think about it too much.

That was the first time with my uncle and the first time I realised I was multi-orgasmic and could come multiple times in one session.

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