A Fallen Angel Ch. 1

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Peter strolled along the beach. ‘Life sucks,’ he thought to himself. Loneliness had really begun to get to him over the last three or four months, and it was taking it’s toll on his happiness. The sun had begun to dip. It was getting late, and Peter had dinner to cook. He signed and headed back towards home.

Pete lived on his own in an apartment near the sea – lucky for him, a friend owned it and was renting it out to him for practically nothing. 2 bedroom, balcony, ocean views and a nice kitchen – well decorated too. These days though it was feeling increasingly emptier. He worked from home as a web designer for a leading firm, which didn’t help. The only people he seemed to associate with were his few net contacts, which he had been keeping contact with for a fairly long stretch, who he saw occasionally but not frequently enough to consider friends and a few old school buddies that he caught up with a few times a year.

Peter sighed as he sat down at his computer, with his steak and chips and a glass of beer. He wasn’t a bad looking bloke – at 5’11” with a long, dark brown hair (usually in a ponytail) slim but reasonably toned build and a pretty well looked-after skin, even Pete could see he wasn’t an unattractive guy. He just didn’t seem to have any luck meeting people. He ate his dinner, checked his email and decided to head out for another walk, this time to the local marina.

Pete strolled along the boardwalks, sucking in the night life and the open sea air. It was a fairly quiet evening for the marina, and he’d only seen one or two people strolling around since he’d gotten there. Pete lit up a cigarette, and as he was putting his pack away, noticed a young lady standing some thirty meters down the boardwalk. She was blonde, with short hair, about 5’9″ he guessed, and she was looking at him. He decided to take a risk he never seemed to take, and began to walk over to her.

As he came closer too her she turned around so she was leaning against the boardwalk’s railing. Pete almost stopped dead. She was absolutely breathtaking… Face of an angel, body of a succubus and eyes that seemed like the opening to two huge blue pools of immeasurable depth. What the HELL was he doing? But she was smiling at him. She hadn’t noticed him falter, so he could still get though this without embarrassment. “Hey,” he managed to say. “Hello,” she replied cheerfully. She was either glad he came over or trying not to piss herself laughing, he couldn’t decide. “Nice night huh.,” he continued his stunted attempt at conversation. She was still smiling. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he didn’t know what the fuck he was supposed to do with it.

“I’m Belinda, by the way.” She had obviously decided he needed help. “Hi, Peter. Sorry to intrude, but I saw you over here by yourself and well…” Pete realised he didn’t know what he was going to say… “No, it’s fine, I could use some company,” she replied. She was still smiling. Was she checking him out? Good Lord, she was. “So, Peter, what do you do?” she inquired. “I work from home, mostly web design, some graphics work. Pretty boring actually. And yourself?”

“I’m a student of law right now. And I disagree with your usage of the word ‘Boring’. Come spend a week in my shoes!” she laughed. Peter chuckled along with her.

They walked together for the better part of an hour, making random conversation and stealing glances at each other. “She’s really hot!” He was thinking to himself. “Why’s she bothering with me?” Little did she know the same thing was running through her mind at the same time.


Belinda had been down on her luck lately. Her last exhibit had attracted absolutely bugger-all attention and she was starting to think she’d lost her talent, or at least her inspiration. She’d come to the marina to do some thinking – and maybe some drinking. When she saw him standing there her heart jumped. Whoa. He was cute. At least, she thought so. She was often told she has a really abstract taste in men, but hey. She liked what she liked. When he’d approached her she couldn’t believe her luck.

They walked together for some time, laughing at weird looking people, favourite television shows and life in general. They stopped by the water’s side to have a cigarette. Peter looked at his new friend. Strikingly beautiful in all aspects, he found himself staring into her eyes. He would normally be embarrassed by this behaviour, except that she was doing the same. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality about a minute or two. Belinda looked down at his cigarette. He followed her gaze, realising that it was coming dangerously close to burning his hand. He dropped it into the ocean before it could do so and laughed. Belinda chuckled along with him, and they found themselves staring at each other and smiling.

Belinda shivered. Peter noticed. “Are you cold? Shit, I wish I had a coat or something to offer you…”

“That’s ok, hey, how bout we get out of this cold anyway?” Belinda replied. Pete considered isveçbahis the implications of this remark. Well, nothing ventured… “My apartment isn’t far from here… Would you like to come over for a hot beverage of your choosing?” he remarked, jokingly. “Sounds like a plan.” Belinda replied. “Did you drive?”

“Nah I’m within walking distance. How about you?”

“Yes, I guess I’ll drive then.” Belinda smiled.

The ride home was pretty uneventful… Also short. Peter let them in and led Belinda to the couch. “Nice place,” Belinda remarked. “I’m jealous.”

“Heh.” Pete replied. “I got lucky. A friend owns it and rents it out to me quite cheaply. Tea or Coffee?”

“Oh, Tea please.” Belinda replied.

The pair sat on the couch in his well furnished living area laughing for about an hour before they both came to a halt in conversation. Peter looked at her again and remarked quietly “If I may be so bold, you are probably the most strikingly beautiful woman to ever inhabit this couch.”

“Belinda blushed and left his gaze for a moment, then returning, she half mumbled “Thankyou…” She looked deep into his blue-green eyes and moved slightly closer to him. Her hand brushed his thigh as her face moved towards his… Then their lips met.

It started out as a light, ever so anticipated but altogether innocent kiss. Then, as Belinda’s hand began to slide up his leg, angled towards her as it was as they made out on the couch, and towards his ass, the passion intensified. Their lips caressed each other as Peter’s hand caressed her shoulder and upper arm, sliding down to her slim waist. They reluctantly broke off, only to find themselves staring at one other in wonder. “You know, you’re not so bad yourself.” She remarked with a sly grin.

Pete just gazed at his house guest. Slim, but not a stick figure, she was beautifully proportioned. Short blonde hair that framed her pale, angelic face perfectly, her low cut top hinting breasts that he guessed were about a D-cup… generously sized, but not massive… a slim waist and perfect ass, long, milky-white legs partially covered by a silky mid-thigh length black skirt, ending in a pair of black heels. As his eyes devoured her, hers did the same to him.

Peter was wearing a fairly tight black muscle T, with a pair of white chinos and black Italian leather dress shoes. His firm upper body was quite apparent, although not intimidating so… Belinda wasn’t a fan of muscly men, but not an opponent of fitness. He obviously worked out somehow but didn’t take it to extremes. She knew one thing though. She wanted him. Bad. She was normally a little more subtle about her desires, but something about this seemed different. She’d never connected like this before.

Peter leaned in to kiss Belinda once more, and this time she practically attacked him in return. As their lips worked together, Peter introduced his tongue to the foray, and hers joined it in short order. Both of them were now extremely aroused by this point. Peter’s underwear seemed to be restraining his erection somewhat, but it was beginning to cause him discomfort. Belinda and Pete made out on the couch for a solid five minutes before they broke off for air.

Belinda decided there was nothing else for it, and remarked between heavy breaths “How bout you show me your bedroom now.,” quite matter-of-factly. Peter silently stood up, helping his quest stand also. Silently, he lead her down the wood-floored hallway, into his bedroom. Peter flicked the light on, and turned around, to see Belinda smiling at him, breathing heavily and with a devilish look in her eyes. She pushed him backwards onto his queen-sized bed, slipping off her shoes and climbing on top of him, straddling him. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and knelt, grinning down at him. Peter smiled back, still barely able to accept that this beautiful woman seemed intent to have sex with him.

Belinda slowly leant forward, giving him a tantalizing view of her milky-white cleavage and kissed him sensuously on the lips. He returned her kiss, his hands rubbing her sides, sliding up under her top as she raised her arms to allow his hands access to her breasts. His palms brushed over her bra and he felt her nipples through the material. She groaned in reply, and climbed off of him, and lay on her side, gazing at him. He ran his hands over her breasts again, and helped her remove her top. He sighed. Before him was the sexiest black bra, containing the most perfect pair of breasts he had ever seen. She smiled at him, seeming completely relaxed. She helped him out of his shirt and smiled satisfyingly at his bare chest. Slightly muscled, with very little hair to mar it’s features. Yummy.

Belinda leaned forward to kiss his neck, and he used the opportunity to unclip her bra. It had been a while, and his attempts resulted in laughter from both. Eventually he got it, and she allowed him to release her firm, round breasts. She lay back on the bed, topless, and smiled at him.

Peter couldn’t believe his eyes. Before him were the isveçbahis giriş most perfect pair of breasts he had ever seen… Adequately sized, but with the shape and firmness usually attributed to smaller tits. Peter was a real sucker for a nice pair of norks, and these two were perfect for his tastes. He leant forward, and kissed her neck, pausing to lightly bite and kiss her earlobe. This seemed to drive her wild. He remembered that for later and carried on down towards her breasts. As his left hand found her right breast he gasped. They really were as firm as they had appeared. Peter kissed down Belinda’s neck and reached her left breast, making a line straight for one of her perfect pink nipples.

Belinda gasped. His assault on her earlobe and neck had gotten her damn hot, but this new attack on her breasts was making her randier than she ever remembered being. She could feel herself getting wetter, and wanted him NOW. She pushed him off her, and back onto the bed. He complied, and she looked him in the eye as her hands went to his belt buckle. She quickly gained entry to his pants and stripped him of them. A reassuring bulge greeted her vision. She decided to go whole hog, and slid his underpants down as he raised his hips into the air in compliance. Belinda sighed out loud. That’s what she wanted. His cock sat on his belly, nothing huge but by far adequately sized for the job. She smiled at him and rolled onto her back, so he could relieve her of the rest of her clothes.

The now naked Peter slid Belinda’s skirt and panties down to her ankles in one sweep, and allowed her to kick them away. He surveyed the naked female before him, and felt his cock jump. Her pussy wasn’t completely shaven, but it was tidy. He let his hand trail down her belly, running over the small patch of downy hair. Her legs opened wider as his hand dipped between them, and her head lolled to the side as he slid his finger between her damp folds. Peter stroked up and down, feeling the entrance to her vagina and the small lump of her clit as Belinda breathed heavily. Pete found her clit, and began to attend to it. As he rubbed and stroked her little love button she began to writhe and moan, clutching his wrist as he frigged her. Her orgasm came at a blinding speed, enveloping and consuming her as he frantically masturbated her. As soon as she regained control of her body, Belinda grabbed his hand and pushed it down, practically impaling herself on his finger. Peter bent his index finger and felt for the lumpy mass of nerve endings that was her g-spot. He has barely found it when she was ascending a new wave of pleasure only to come crashing down again in a new more massive climax.

Peter fingered her even harder, using his thumb occasionally to rub her clit. Belinda began to convulse and shake, slipping between consecutive multiple orgasms, each one more intense than the next. As one wave of pleasure ebbed, another waxed and took over her body as she breathed and moaned, trying extremely hard not to scream. “Oh, GOD! Fuck…” She moaned. Belinda had never in her life been manipulated this well… She was cumming pretty much as hard as she ever had, even during intercourse. She looked into his eyes and reached out to his face, brushing it lightly as yet another orgasm overtook her and she screamed his name.

Peter eased his ministrations as she seemed to be fighting for breath. “Oh my god.. I have never cum that hard in my life…” With that she leant forward and kissed him, deeply and tenderly. Their crotches ground together as they embraced, and both began to sigh and groan. Belinda pulled away and began to kiss his neck, but Peter had other ideas. He lightly guided her back to the pillow, and began to kiss her earlobe, nibbling and biting, then slowly drifting down to the erogenous zones on her neck, then to her chest. Pausing in his descent a while to attend to her left nipple, Peter sucked on it and flicked at it with his tongue, before biting it tenderly, which resulted in a groan from Belinda. All the while his fingers softly caressed her pussy, making her tingle in anticipation.

Peter resumed his descent, kissing down her belly, making her jolt and writhe, much to his delight. She shivered as his tongue and lips sent waves of sensations she could not begin to describe in words through her body. It was as if he was wired to her spinal chord… Belinda lifted her head and smiled at Pete as he reached her pubic region, he returned her gaze and winked at her, making her giggle. Pete moved south, but boycotted her pussy, to attack her inner thigh. This teasing mad her moan, but also made her want him more every second. Finally, he gave in to desire and began to devour her.

Starting at her wet opening, he stuck his tongue hard into her, tasting her abundant juices and making her exhale sharply. Pete used his thumb to pull back her clitoral hood, allowing him a perfect view of her little love button. His tongue darted out he began to pleasure her.

Belinda couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Pete had just begun to isveçbahis yeni giriş go down on her, and already she was teetering on the peak of orgasm. As his tongue began to flick her clit, she grasped the fitted sheet bellow her and held on to it for dear life. She found herself holding back, allowing the orgasm to build – and building it was, until she could barely handle it… Pete began to apply more pressure with his tongue, and Belinda thought she was going to lose control. Then, not to be outdone, he slowly slid a finger inside her. Belinda had to grab the pillow next to her to keep from screaming as her orgasm finally took over. Pete had other ideas. He threw the pillow aside with his free hand, leaving Belinda screaming and flailing under his oral efforts. The young blonde bucked and writhed as she panted and moaned. She was unable to form any words, in her head or in reality… just…”hrmphaahhhmmmmmmmm!” Peter ran his tongue around her clit like it was some sort of exotic candy. True, she was delicious to taste but that was not his motivation for this exercise. Belinda rode her wave or pleasure time and time again as Pete ate her pussy, floating in a hedonistic bubble. Her multiple orgasms assailed her body over and over and she became a slave to her endorphins. She was still nowhere near spent, but she felt it was time to turn the tables.

Belinda took Petes face in her hands and reluctantly separated him from her dripping organs. Drawing him up level with her own face, she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, like she was kissing her own snatch. Belinda rolled her tongue around in his mouth, causing his already swollen cock to jump against her leg. Belinda smiled to herself and broke off their kiss, rolling him onto his back and taking his member into her hand. Slowly stroking Pete, she kissed down his body, nibbling his nipples, blowing warm air over his belly and running her tongue momentarily over the base of his penis. Kneeling alongside his calves, Belinda looked into his eyes seductively as she lowered her face towards his cock. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, as she pulled back his foreskin with her right hand and licked the head of his cock like a lollypop. Pete’s cock jumped on it’s own accord as she came into contact with the sensitive skin at the base of his head. She pulled the foreskin all the way back and ran her tongue over the entire area of his cockhead. Pete gasped as he felt her mouth engulf his manhood. As her mouth devoured a good portion of his shaft, her tongue worked his head, swirling around it and massaging it. She was obviously experienced.

Pete groaned as she teased him. He’d never dreamed four hours ago that he would be spending the night in this way – having his cock sucked by this beautiful, charming and exciting woman. He would have to be careful, he had plans for that hard-on and it would not pay to come in her mouth. He still had a while to go yet though, so he lay back and relaxed. As her mouth worked his magic, Pere just cleared his mind, relaxing and revelling in the feelings starting at his cock and washing over his body. Her tongue danced over his cockhead as she sucked it into her mouth, always managing to find “that spot” on the base. As she began to take him deeper, Peter took her head in his hand and motioned for her to stop. Belinda took one last long lick of his head on the way back up, licked her own lips and smiled.

Belinda flipped over onto her back as Peter paused to catch his breath. Wow! Pete had had a number of experiences with oral sex, but compared to what he had just experienced, they were both mediocre and forgettable. Never before had he experienced such amazing sensations… Several girls had tried to make him cum in their mouths before – all of them had failed. But if he’d stayed in Belinda’s mouth for another minute he would have lost his load then and there.

Pete regained his composure and propped himself up, running his eyes over this glorious creature. Gentle curves, milky-white skin, beautiful breasts and a face that made him weak in the knees, this girl was heaven to his eyes. Belinda’s hand was drifting between her legs, absentmindedly touching herself as she listened to him come down. Her head sank back into the pillow as her fingertip trailed over her damp entrance and then her clit. Her eyes opened as Pete leaned over to kiss her sensuously on the lips. Her hands went around his waist as their tongues met, caressing and lightly rubbing one another. Belinda broke off their kiss, and whispered into his ear “Do me.”

Turned on by her blunt and colourful language, Peter moved between her legs, smelling her scent as he kneeled between them. The smell of her arousal was almost intoxicating, and he would have eaten her again had he not been desperate to feel her around him. Pete guided his cock to her wet, begging entrance as Belinda gazed on in anticipation. He knew that she was tight from his previous violations with his hands, and he definitely didn’t want to hurt this delicate creature. Belinda gasped as she began to feel him entering her, a millimetre at a time. She was really tight down there, She knew that much from past experience. She had even had her doctor comment on the virility of her pelvic floor muscles the last time she had had a pap test.

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